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Monday, June 19th

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Top serie. Yeah okay. Is Fred Hillary go 45 year old man whose name is Andrew Cheadle was at a wal greens of Modesto California. Three days ago he went into the bathroom. But somehow he couldn't get his underwear down. It's never happened Q country and in fact. I didn't I Clorox commercial with the little boy he says my. This is that this remains a grown man he's 45 years old so he couldn't get his underwear down these of the bathroom and I guess I needed them. He's the only logical thing you could do he tried to burn the more. He says his underwear on fire like I do yeah. I mean who hasn't done that in that situation. This it's uncomfortable but you gotta do it right what was seen on. Do we don't know. He threw his underwear into the toilet which put up the flames but the smoke filled up the bathroom and the Walgreens was evacuated. I I would hate to be known as the men who went into the bathroom and had to evacuate Walgreens and this is what happens Bob they sent to pick up a prescription for Hampton's strep throat. And then he's evacuated because another menace that is under pants on fire in the past I'm now joined here or dissent. Fincher wasn't charged with arson because apparently the police believe the I needed to burn my stock underwear off story. But it turned out he had two outstanding felony warrants and he was arrested because of them. I don't wanna have to explain that to the guy a minute cell with tweeting baby's mouth and run for the judge there's a 63 year old guy in Bradenton Florida his name is Nicole listen dribble and he has been having issues with his neighbors. He claims the guy across the street is a drug dealer and that the woman next story is running a brothel out of her house. It's only your good neighborhood. It's not clear if any of that is true but one thing he's really worried about is his mail. He claims somebody has been stealing his mail so he decided to catch them in the act by putting a mousetrap. In his mailbox. But his plan backfires. He was planning to tell his mailman about it but she came at a different time than usual and she got her hands caught in the miles stressed. So she picked up her phone and called the police she could determine arrested for battery should decided not to press charges knight's personal. But the US Postal Service was not as nice they won't deliver any of his mail to his house. Serena has to pick it up the post office he says I have no way to get there it's a huge inconvenience. They don't care they say you're just gonna have to figured out. Please lord. At some point in my life out of character will play ages. Never make it possible that I can't get to the post office. Somebody has got to be able to drive me right yes bicycle or something. I simply you're not adding and also. Never make it impossible for me to get my entire eighties off Sudan accept a much higher yes I want both of those things I know it's asking a lot. The wash on Wisconsin police department posted a photo on their FaceBook. Of a note that parking control officer Tim Helder count on a card that have been left overnight in a meter plot and the meter yard run out and so. The person who's gonna get a ticket and fine but there was a note on the card it said. Please take pity on me I walked home. Safe choices. And there was little drawing of a smiley face so officer homered to left his own note on the car which said it's pity granted this is just a warning. You know that's pretty good yeah I gave both of them credit. 'cause obviously the guy was drinking and yet because I know people in Wisconsin are just so darn friendly and are trying to return for one you're. If it's a really quick one. Okay this happened in Texas. A cat a regular old cat house cat. Tried to challenge a lion and an animal sanctuary. The cat's name is baggy and he was attempting to intimidate you know we don't lion through the bars of the lion's cage at the center for animal research and education. And Bridgeport Texas. And Anderson they rolled the start rolling video on and you hear off camera. On the owner's cat say baggy oh my gosh you'll lose Peggy takes multiple runs toward the lion while striking aggressive poses. Put the lion is completely underwhelmed. The lion is not even come to the Miami barely libsyn eyebrow and after awhile bag yeah I guess feels like she made his employees. And Lisa Lyon alone does a nice lion and we get the video post it will posted up that BO VAN DS HER I dot com that is morons in the NBA.