Morons: Duct tape holds anything.

Friday, April 21st

Look out below!


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I say yeah. Yeah. I think this guy probably Wednesday morning drive radio personalities. Some guy broke into preschool in New Orleans and this week. And it was called clearer as little lamps and he broke in the clearest little lambs he wandered around for awhile I was about 11 o'clock. No one was there was pretty dark for a security camera get a shot of his base we'll break in and he's probably in his early twenties. After he checked the place out he went to the kitchen. Hecklers lose limbs and he made himself a nice little snack and Eddie piled up a bunch of stuffed animals took for a makeshift bed. He laid down for now. It turns out it was a long nap he did not leave until quarter to 7 the next morning. He stole two bags of stuff he climbed up the same window he came in they still have not found him. He just wanted to have been little snack and a little nap and go to sleep it clears little lambs. To understand that if I were a criminal this will be my crime we hope that's perfect when you said and then he made a little nest of stuffed animals. Might my hardly grew and I thought wondered could play him no hope of 31 year old Oscar Carlo from a desk Texas called the cops. To report that he'd been kidnapped at gunpoint he told the cops the kidnappers made him drive his car to an open area once they got there the kidnappers separate parents fire. And took off running. Tell the police said it's very strange that a car or checkered. Since the car bonfires. Because if you have the card you would just. Keep the car ideally it ideally. Oscars was set to be repossessed. Because he owed 3200 dollars and he was gonna burn around her words rather than. Daddy's leg you had Betty here and if I let's go to Houston where police respond to multiple 911 calls from people saying armed. There's demand docked TE two to yield sign on my street plus yes. Police responded to an intersection in northeast Houston. Multiple drivers who called damage said I can't nursing guide duct tape to shine sure enough. So when the police arrived yes there was a man duct tape to be yield sign law and then they looked and there is a second man. Approaching the duct taped individual wielding a knife clutch and an officer shouted demand dropped an eyebrow today's youth. Wealthy turned out that the man with a knife was attempting to cut down his friend who'd been duct taped to the sign as punishment for losing a back. Mr. Rick well aren't my pictures are there any pictures like big time might be able finds a mr. we go to advanced. Told the police say be bad on the Houston Rockets Golden State Warriors game and you lost it. And his punishment was to either allow herself to be duct taped to a street sign her car so we flipped a coin. And he told the cops heads is the pole and tells us the car you know landed on heads and everything went from there he knew what this proves. The reason boys Sports Radio exists on this is. This is all I could take this to the bank and get a loan to buy a Sports Radio station up enough. The police in Houston where some nice. They aren't they cut mister Chavis down from the coal act and they did not taser rest his friend and I get from a ride home public. This is saying hell mister Jeffers well no it doesn't but Todd looking for a mature outlook for her on the bed of the maneuver out. JD FW TV okay. Talk about the police little bit more and I'm gonna hop from Texas to Arizona. Where the police department in pat Lendale Arizona. Swore in their latest drug sniffing animal assistant. It's a bearded dragon. And I have a picture. Of the bearded dragon being sworn in as a drug sniffing dragons and if you're if you're like really high. And the police show up. With an appear to drug sniffing dragon you're never gonna be right heel and or you'll never did drugs again and it's true I wanna marry other so let me tell you here don't count Felix seriously look at bearded dragon shut up yes research has shown that reptiles have a strong sense of smell. And their ability to detect certain illegal drugs. Is more accurate and canine dogs really the Evan hill Arizona police said our pilot program drug sniffing bearded dragon will be assisting officers in the city please welcome. He wrote. And you can follow him on FaceBook and Twitter at hash tag hero adventures. And you too you could see in my province Terry dot com you two will be able to see heroes the drug sniffing bearded dragon of Glendale Arizona. Not going to be honest. When I hear the words your dragon and and plus fourteen again it sounds like Philly slang for some years old Methodist. System Larry. Click the best. He missed some days he and I wish my period to send him off. So even I recognize that George school my nine been the worst thing for this girl yeah. We were on a thread and Max and taught a group attacks yesterday and when Sherri wouldn't respond to read. I can't even I can announce which she was there's no way to do his very funny but I can't announce. I had just put and that's much girl she hopes. Even cleanup and Jose record tech.