Morons - Gator eyes tasty kitty

Tuesday, December 5th

Just a little snack!


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It's more on good news archive a quickie to start out there. You know what what MIA if nothing else what would you say what MIA gives nothing else to germ phobic. It's self aware. So for Arabs and that was like about my neck. Do you have any candidate they taught us. Yeah you have to be self aware especially if you're up to nefarious things. Two guys in Milwaukee showed up for a court date this. And they got caught with drugs you know how they caught got caught with drugs. At the court date they parked in the chief of police's parking spot. Previews you've I don't I don't I don't really exploded at road hundred. Amid in Travers city Michigan woke up in the middle of the night he use the bathroom. He noticed but toilet seat was down he was suspicious. Because this guy lives alone and he leaves the toilet seat up. My name started searching his I guess my attention gas. And he was right he found some of his cookies and prescription drugs were missing. And a 26 year old stranger was passed out in his garage he called the cops the guy was arrested at all because. He puts the toilet seat. Today. We have had such an uptick. In the number of goldilocks crimes I noticed that aren't your rice you're right about that aren't that at least is Americans that we can't even finish robbing the house before we have to -- we don't sleep I think this is ridiculous he's in jail. I'm always delayed it really have a more on in the news that is not from Florida distance from Nevada now. Nevada police arrested this woman 27 year old sub review is on suspicion. Of drunk driving. What made the Pope close suspicious that's Abra. Couldn't pinpoint that they spotted her driving her SUVs the wrong way down a highway and it's and that would make holder. She got on top of video started dancing in and then she attempted to flee police on a child's scooter thing. Total for three and police say we. Should treat every under the influence. So they're the computer nobody got hurt going the wrong way people can get killed that way hello listen. They arrested her they took her in the hospital before they booked her because she was really really wasted. They charge surely suspicion of a controlled substance trafficking Ecstasy. Destruction of property and resisting our brand new. He's Smart and let's go to my soul brother in China now the this man what he did is wrong and he got he got signed by the police but I understand his pain is something I would do myself he was so frustrated. Despite his daily use. Six shout hi who's 28 years old. Got a bucket of white paint and free pain at the broad arrows. To make his commute more efficient. Have you ever heard of anybody can help coming up when that can't sell it appears as though because like ethnic. I pondered this for a long time varies in amount to remove. I said the quote I saw the history lane was always packed the cars clog the lane that turns left because a lot of space. But changing the signs would make my commute smoother and didn't did police say yeah Abbott shall. It's very dangerous to let the cars crashing into each other. Credit I mean I give that's crap that's the first thing I give him full credit now I must take heed to sunshine state but this time it's not a person that's in trouble. It's an alligator you all know how I love the big gators stories. A Florida resident heard I know he's coming from the back to work. And went to check it out and an alligator. Standing if your idea. Having just staring contest. With the owner's cat and I knew. And Kelly yeah. And it's. On the other side of the he can't look at just stared at each other games like. What more do you mean and the cats are doing. I'm continues. We'll catch you. If mom Cindy get under opponents right.