Morons: Haters are gonna hate.

Thursday, May 18th

Portland is for haters.


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This area I like to see them. Yeah it's Donna it's morons in the news. Check this out of 35 year old dead from Cleveland whose name is Brian homestead was at Disney World. But his family last Sunday. And he took their young son back to their resort I don't know which one it was but one of the resorts there and a stroller while his wife stayed to hang out. There once he was back at the resort he proceeded to get wasted. At a poolside bar and he left his kids sitting in the sun. The hotel got at least eleven complaints about him. People also said he was pushing the stroller through the lobby and ramming people with the with the Kittin. And he was shouting racial slurs. So manager escorted him back to his room. But that he showed up in the food court and started threatening people once police got there they realize the kid was pretty badly sunburned. He'd also been sitting at a dirty diaper for several hours. The dad at that point threatened the police on his way to jail saying he'd get Donald Trump to kill them. You know some people just can't handle a crowd theme park while. It's good to have these police and a company for a beach Florida tried to pull over 35 year old woman whose name is Christine so are Argo a few weeks ago because she was not wearing a seatbelt. Eventually she pulled into the driveway. And she went into damage control. Which means she spit out every lies that she could think of when the cops came to her window she said this is my grandmother's house. Well it wasn't meant she said my name is holly Smith. It's Christina. I'm pregnant but she isn't. But she says she couldn't talk peace because she had to go to the bathroom we cannot confirm that the there with a cups figured out that she had three warrants under when they searched her and they found messing and her broad and took her to jail. His bad news. Speaking of men. Carrie Lee's injury sentenced 59. Is that today's moron of the day he got busted in Portland Oregon. Now he was signed using math. And he decided that he absolutely hates Portland's. Don't want it's I don't know Sicilian Linda's great bomb threat there. You know if you've ever watched the TV show port land DO Portland is its own place. And Kerry relief. Wouldn't have been it anymore so Jerry Lee disguised call an outpour of the best thing to do to deal with his hatred of Portland could be to get arrested this. And so he got real high on mash anyway now in public in broad daylight. And was arrested for vigorously taking care of his own business in front of people and tear gas. And we don't tell Caroline. And where and again downtown Portland and when the officers who arrested him and the public was this was on a sidewalk and outside of social services agency in. In Portland the largest city in the state of Oregon and whenever when the police officer said to him. No sir why are you doing and it's got this bigger self pleasure in public Kerry said because I bleeping heat Portland. And so they arrested him. He's been arrested before Republican decency theft assault writing bad checks. How when you look at his mug side you'll be looking at the face of demand. Who she just realized he got arrested for doing what I just described while he's so he's like an old dog he's 59 only needs 59 missing night. Liquor which is proof that you know. For every young at heart but he's never learned. Are able. A 37 year old guy in Austin, Texas name brand and as Smart. Is suing woman for texting during their movie day last week he suing her for seventeen dollars and 31 cents which is how much a ticket. To a treaty screening of guardians of the galaxy volume to cost me. He says this was the quote first date from hell. She started texting fifteen minutes into the movie she texted her and I at least ten to twenty times until Yasser stops. When she wouldn't stop pieces just that she'd go outside the tax. She left the movie altogether. And left him without a ride home stranded him at the theater then refused to reimburse him for the ticket. His lawsuit describes her behavior as quote. It threat to civilized society. Quote I love the guys side that is so rude B Dustin newspaper the American statesman reached out to the woman. And asked her what she thought of the lawsuit and she says. Oh my god this is crazy. You know what's interesting she drove him to the movies gaffe. Didn't see that very often the first and well keynote more and more on first states you don't want like as a woman I don't want to be alone in your car live yet though but she said in the story that she looked him straight yes so obvious she drove because you wanna have some control no I totally agree I mean I think women should meeting guys at the restaurant or wherever just might I'm. Even let Jeffrey Dahmer and in my car that we value there. Yes she left to Madonna ride cells that is really the guys right he paid for the movie seventeen dollars whatever was and she's their texting through the movie come. What attracts a civilized society gosh I don't know I did and I think it's not Portland man who. Creating this maybe he's more of a threat to civilized society you can check him out above insure dot com that is more on the menu.