Morons: Hold this please!

Wednesday, April 19th

Who's says you can't take your beer with you?


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Commissary and news all right technically this woman is a criminal goods. He's got a lot of back story a 25 year old woman named Kerry Marine Corps win. He lives in Florida in the pool a match till Florida. She was drinking wizard I like for Neiman I don't crew Wetteland utility. She was drinking -- boyfriend's. A few days ago when he did the unthinkable. He called her fat. And she has. My reaction. She grabbed a tire iron and smash the hell out of his truck. By the time the cops got there truck was brash and she was arrested for criminal mischief there is no new information about whether or not. He's apologized they're back together there are done how long she's gonna go to jail or whatever but what. I just gotta tell you think afterward he's about would you think it is guys. The F word FKT and you never use it. There used to be a restaurant called the near us called Fabricio Bob would even say that out loud I couldn't do it. He was like that garrido is just big bow and yeah that's right it's a tall tall burrito that's what they should change their name to carry don't looks beautiful. Hey listen I've learned the over the years and this show that's a curfew below it isn't going to go right. Are today's more on the today is a 25 year old Connecticut man. And down when he was arrested his name is Harrison wooten. But of course it is because it's long Connecticut that you have a pretentious he begged me. Harrison. This is really strong it's and he was arrested no it doesn't actually doesn't have a party candidate he was arrested. For drunk driving after he crashed his car into a wall. No his Woodstock town. It was a he crashed his car into a wall outside graveyards. Near. Woodstock and some assumed he lives in Woodstock Connecticut I see others of Woodstock New York yeah my season and the Virginia. He's paerson who remember Woodstock movie. I'm when he was arrested when he was wearing a T shirt. Of course she was. And I don't look on this face and I have his mug shot for your publisher dot com the T shirt says. Told my beer and watch this. Thank you Christians who. Brick wall at a graveyard. Nursing wounds of the Woodstock moose are right now we go to Australia where. A guy goes out to dinner and it's an extravagant. Dinner feel Marist brother seafood restaurant yeah. He's name is Kerry pack he's 33 years old he had to lobsters and a baby octopus. 21 blog called oyster shot and a number of rudeness. The cat came to 620. Dollar over. And rather than paying for it this lead oh there restaurant is right on the C generate a beach rather than paying forward. He bolted out of the restaurant ran down the beach jumped in the ocean and swam out to sea truck. And many refuse to come back to shore up the two police officers were called to the scene and they kind of cherry tree came using their police jet ski. Terry snack refused to get on the jet ski and dove underwater to evade the authorities could cook cook. He's scheduled to appear in court next Monday to face charges of stealing and assaulting a cop. Twenty years Oilers to shock tears his defense Terry peck said. Don't tell me this sounds like anyone else we know this morning excuse me to loves a reserve for. And also my martini was served in one glass so no I'm not paying her to stop but I OK I that is more us in the news.