Morons - the hot mugshot

Tuesday, October 31st

Say Cheese!!!!


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Commentary. Yeah. It is okay this guy's 52 he has a pretty sweet name Talib K Mon dragon. Is that not a name Talib K mommy try on your mind dragging yeah that's why do you morons and then because these are superb. He was on the subway in New York City a few days ago during rush hour this and this this this is sweet and instant justice. Philippe de Mon dragging his on the subway and the subways very crowded. And starts pressing up against the woman and rubbing himself unhurt. She was an undercover cop but she took him right now she took believed Jamont dragon right down. She said fed dragon away and the sheer risk. There are specific when I I thank you thank you. There you and good there's a trend going on right now with hot mug shots have you heard about this. Like like a woman gets a rest or guy gets arrested. But but they're really good looking northern really hot sexy looking fell one guy became a model viral ad that went viral trying to. I saw a twenty year old female gang member name morello Ponce say. Was arrested on Monday in Fresno California. She had a stolen gun at her car. So she was arrested on two felony weapons charges Fresno police department putter mode showed up. On FaceBook and it got thousands of likes and comments including a bunch from dudes. Who fell in love with Motorola had first signs. Here's one. The only crime she committed we stealing my heart yeah. There's another aren't beautiful and super dangerous. Look increasingly. Plus she's gorgeous buddy don't love them crazy. And finally. I will just go deal with her freeze this hot gangster chick. And while some may know not finder gorgeous she definitely looks dangerous there's a look at her face that says. Future products. But the issue really good looking she's really W sure Max just showed me she's a beautiful and she's exotic. See now as she is but I got Italian here's a look at Leon is a look at the guys use. Hard today's moron every day irresistible. And. For some than it is they're crazy those crazy guys are irresistible for some girls. Today's moron of these days a man who dressed up as a care bear. Care bears were on edge if you remember created by the American greetings screening cars line up. Any spare had a little message on his tongue oh you and they were all about friendship and love and sharing goodness. What we're not about was getting real real liquor dumped in going to tell you know panic though no. He would tell you what else to care bears weren't about that's your haircut and real she can listen more on directly to your phone he was drunk and on a remote and an old dressed as secure as secure bear any members like songs in the mountains. Extort more on 2888262743780. GB UBS HE RI just next thing could happen. I happen to any hassle period and it happened in Portland Maine. As I was shopping at the grocery store when he realized he grabbed the wrong car. And the reason he knew it was the wrong cart was because the cars that he grabbed how to sleeping. Baby in hand. And in a penny key abandonment cars in the bread IO it's. They love this story down officers rushed to the scene. They viewed this surveillance video and police determined the man was not trying to abducted two month old sleeping baby who was safely returned to his own dad okay you're not gonna charge and whether crimes. They told the Bangor daily news it was terrifying to the parents but there's no criminal action it was a mistake and here's and here's the thing if you accidentally glanced down. And there's an infant in the shopping cart that doesn't belong do you. Don't abandon the infineon the bread aisle to it. You go right to customers are -- customer service get a manager over there that's right we're not grocery store professionals to write this that's the things I do copy jets currently leads to yell cleanup on aisle five something's something's a guy who is in charge of the baby or is wasted utility vehicle that's very true do anything yeah these guys don't wanna. Did abandon guided abandoned the baby's getting it. Big guys get misplaced the Levys getting. And their excuses. The same. And boom you run millions. Of very serious. Issues news news and bulletin editor I look better when they're older. Blue moon.