Morons: I see you

Friday, February 17th

Today on Morons in the news:

Explosive Valentine's love.
Peeping droners.
Keep that tat to yourself.


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Yes that is on its morons in the new. Did you have a hard time finding something to buy for Valentine's Day for you lovers this year. No matter what she got its did better than this guy's a fifty year old guy in Toronto was trying to make a net necklace for his girlfriend. Out of twelve bullets on Tuesday. Which is you know really what every girl lives most bulletin necklace. Unfortunately he was not careful enough when he was pulling it apart was his vice grips. The vice grips made the bullets explode. And shot himself accidentally in the leg with a necklace and the bullet and some of the basics correct its. Side. And they have to have surgery to remove them and thank god he'll be OK but you guys sometimes to step away and say pollute the necklace but how sweet kitty great to meet her against him are your eyes your own about the 34 year old woman knee injury showed leave Norville. From full read what you've taught and her 39 year old boyfriend errant foot. I like his name's Kerry in foot and we're just arrested for using their drone of supply and several people in their bedrooms and bathrooms. Their plans started falling apart in December when a guy spotted the drone outside his bathroom window and decided to chase it down. He grabbed it when it landed in the church you know this is such a stupid idea I don't want to see a guy in his bathroom. I just I don't wanna see it. He grabbed it and and the church parking lot he checked the SD card what's that what's the SD card. It's a little memory card but I don't know what are your idea yes and he found a bunch of videos of other people I'm. The cup started investigating. Based on the drones serial number and eventually they connected it to this nutty couple they're both looking at misdemeanor for your recent charges. And to read a little more intrigue to this three shot has six kids. And she still married to somebody else they're in the process of getting a divorce. Like how nasty hikes sometimes Jerry's best if not would that be freaky though you're in your bathroom you look out and there's a drone writing your window. It's a really funny commercial I don't even know what it's for. But this kid dislodged just last on the couch slick. Play any game or whatever come home and suddenly into the shot constant drone on how many jurors later. And the journey is not has a piece of paper attached to it it says do your homework. That's pretty good kind of got a bullhorn now strong. Are you knew going in patriots set a New England Patriots super fan and I do mean a super fans. Has gotten a tattoo in honor of his team's latest Super Bowl victory. He decided the night before. That he was gonna get this one done so what should spur of the moment he had almost a whole mamma think about it all right. And he came man and he had Tom Brady's face tattooed on his life. Home no relief he had and I don't know how this kind of a picture Todd might be able to find one. The poem and no word on who was it tattooed on one cheek and or Diddy had to tattooed on the whole thing's so that it would look like freebies smelter would move if he gives movement it's an interest accident are again and I'm not a 100% of their own. And we just want. Joining anybody's face canteen there. No but I do feel like. Somebody's what's been there yeah I sometimes feel that my face assault on somebody else inside and our way out Tom Brady feels thought that. You have somebody had. Much respect me and had my command tattooed on his hands. Amid a man who didn't just do it on the spur of the moment. He came up with the idea last night and had some times think about an owner Tom is in uniform or it's just there's you know it's just this is just just thickness. This just isn't legal changes. Right there we even if you go into a sports bar in Boston. You can drop your chance it's not always gonna turn out we'll show yeah I mean you're moving people I know that. You formulate. Sent Tom Brady's right. More action news.