Morons: It's my party!

Thursday, June 15th

Every cat needs a party!


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It's moron is planning is everything. A 29 year old guy in Alabama. Still Lou delivery truck yesterday. And they try to get away with a high speed chase from the police. But it ended up being a low speed chase because it's not figure out how to get the truck out of first gear. You know anything. The times have we shed learn how to drive a stick I know I don't. Now we touched on this I think yesterday the day before back in September 7 when you're there's more details or a 71 year old guy whose name's Lawrence ripple. Robbed a bank in Kansas City, Kansas and then he says down in the lobby and wait for the cops to arrest. What's he was in custody he explained. He wanted to go to jail again he's 71 years old she wanted to go to jail because going to jail and being in jail will be better than living with his wife. He actually wrote a robbery notes in front of her before he left the house talk to hammer home how miserable. She made hill. But his entire plan backfired big time because on Tuesday a federal judge sentenced him to fifty hours of community service. And six months. Of house arrest. So instead of getting away from his wife and going to jail you'll have to stay at home and not be away from his wife 24/7. He could've gotten three years in prison but he's never been in trouble before and he told the judge he was himself that day because he was depressed after recent bypass surgery his wife was in court with him on Tuesday so apparently they work things out. But if they haven't. The next six months he's going to be rough for him until sturdy good about myself as a life has. None of mine have done I don't that's right you know are you not reminded chosen prison over my sweet compassion should we feel awful though if you were disposed would you feel awful that somebody would rather good she'll compete with you. He would if that was the case he would he would be said that he was in jail and think the theory that house or spirit I want to salute the all of very family. Who just recently through I can't Sierra for their fifteen year old cat. This is not accusing Harris a Latin American condition a tradition it's just it's a party that celebrates a girl's fifteenth birthday to her entrance into womanhood in well Luna turned fifteen. And so the family ordered capsized dress for Lou and online and bought a crown shaped Christmas ornament on Wal-Mart to service your Sierra. And then they took many many off photos from the event showing Luna and her kids Sierra dress surrounded by balloons decorations food and guess. Honestly here's what's awesome about this there's my favorite means because are on the Internet is this picture of this angry looking cat in a ball gowns. And and they there caption this. How dare you call me crazy let the cat lady on this day of my tax kids should narrow. I. Congratulations. Atlanta. That's true it's my favorite movie or do then that's great. OK a woman in Florida lost control of her car he crashed into a concrete light posts. And the reason it happened. It was us later landed on her leg had brought discuss do you remember last week we're talking about. They're not sure how many like random unexplainable accidents are caused by bugs but they think it's why it yeah roads. I'm the public information officer for the Broward sheriff fire and rescue says dad. The 27 year old driver lost control that Honda Civic right around 9 o'clock in the morning told the concrete post out cynics are good cars. She told the officers and there was a spider and web insider car and and which dropped down and landed on her leg she freaked out. Meanwhile because law enforcement in Florida is completely out of she gives benefit. Took a picture of the crash scene and caption did not itchy bitchy and you know are looking for sympathy at Florida anymore you know and also hey lady if you could it's fighter that's. Been in their lucky enough to build the way you want to have your card please do something right now beyond the officers also said. The seatbelt and the airbags saved her life she hit it hard she hit it hard enough to take out a concrete post stand. And they said that she not to Wear your seat held this outcome could have been very very different so we'll come not easy to cease fire her money where your seatbelts that's more on some of these.