Morons: Jailbreak edition.

Wednesday, August 9th

The greatest failed jail breaks.


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It's more on news. And weaker so go we had that fantastic story of the Alabama jail break where a dozen inmates escaped by using. Presumes a sandwich Peta butter sandwich good stuff. To change the number on the door and they church in new employees opening the door to be outside oh yeah yeah that's right I was laughing about the idea came in he said. He said you wanna hear some other really amazing jailbreak it. She won here a couple of these this afternoon Brazil a guy named Renaldo are still. This funeral for the plan and his girlfriend. And the plan was speaking with a sneak out imprisoned dressed up as a woman after she visited him. So he put his girlfriend's clothes on and no wind. And should make dog and tried to walk out of the prison like he was just another visitor yeah he made it passed a few guards yeah Hannity get caught. One guard noticed that this particular Levy. Was really struggling to walk in this high yields didn't. Stop terror struck up a conversation and food that's how we're now that I should've worn flags. I have been okay but you know in Brazil the standards of heeding your very different events so tacky to beyond. Well maybe so I've got another Brazilians appear jailbreak this captain Don. Went for Brazilian gangsters. Decided to bust out of the penitentiary they were caged in the like knocking a hole in the prison shower and making a tunnel kind of like Shawshank redemption right right. But what they didn't stop to think about lessons. You can escape prison through a tunnel if you need to make sure that tunnel is big enough to fit through. The first escape being managed to squeeze through. But the second one got stuck it to waste trapping the other two prisoners inside to guard. And that's when guards found them screaming and crying for help. And instead of immediately freeing the man. They called the fire department and they stood around and took self into the latter half. So the little one got away the little one got away. Burnham tried to escape from a jail in upstate New York by posing as another inmate that was scheduled to be released. Everything was going green except candidate missed on a tiny detail. The guy that was scheduled for it would release was black. Kenneth white hope what we know them. Yeah you know yeah. Yes she did do. And when numb us. And eagle eye color vision not a concern so facility noticed ray discrepancy. Slaps Kenneth Burnham with additional criminal charges. For the failed escape. You know oh you know it's funny that he did this because if you imprisoned and you're sitting in the cell for so many hours. You should be planning and you should be saying what could go wrong with this. Can you show your love so much time for planning. This was so obvious yeah. I'm thankful that can McChrystal locked up because I don't think he's fit to be among the true. Repeat everything you should be killed an obvious you know I'm pretty campaign movies when prisoners conspired together to make a break. It's it's very nicely choreographed right all right here's a great story this happened in New Zealand. Two prisoners decided that they were gonna make an escape attempt fleeing a courthouse. They were handcuffed together and as they were grinding away from the courthouse together handcuffed. It's chain linking them snagged on a poll put the morale and smash the Iraq. Each other. Right out. It's totally out of a cartoon it's wily coyote style you know you guys to have that on video. Right that's more runs.