Morons: The Legend of Barry Larry Terry

Friday, June 16th

This can't be true.


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Yeah it's gone it's more on in the news broad. Graves is not take your name please. On how many details on this for check it out of 36 year old woman in Florida. Was arrested the other day. For chucking coins and another driver during your road rage incidents you know what happened. The other driver did something to her horror she did something in the other driver Jaber the bubbly she salute. She was so man. She was so angry she just looks around the car and on the seat next to her recent coins she was so mad she serves throwing anything that she could reach I guarantee you. If there was a McDonald's bag next to work that would have been the thing that came out there. Several quarters in pennies. It's just not a good thing. Now we call it morons in the news and this is a perfect example of why don't. Of all the things the steal these guys took the one product that was designed to get them rented out. Two thieves broke into a tech company in Santa Clara California. They stole some fear hug the fridge. And then they took about 181000. Dollars worth. Of little devices. They thought a lot of them but most of them were cell phone chargers. But they weren't cell phone chargers. They were GPS trackers. So when the company realized what was missing they said to the police these guys have our tractors and the police say it. Braves won't know exactly where they are and they were rescued by a true culprit just look at each. Trek Turks. You know. You have thought that he five days explosion in technology would have made cops jobs harder and lots cigarette advertising for crowd and FaceBook makes German so basically listen even I would know we've we stealing don't take detractors right. Hardest play at a mug shot in front of you today and ladies owed to be single again when you see this and I'm sure you dot com. I'd I can't believe this is true I can't believe this is in the stunt for a minute report what some trying to meet I'm gonna post a mug shot. And you do years. Com on May ninth the very Larry Carrey was arrested. For a lot of hard work puts this in the very Larry Terry. Very Laird. He was arrested and com fingerprinted and had his mug shot taken for. Unlawful possession. Of a wild direction. And no head lamp on his bicycle. And I do not know if the wild raccoon was riding shotgun on the might confuse investors but when I look at this mug shots. Old body and I've. Here I you Larry that Kerry that is the most disturbing mug shot I have ever seen no I don't wanna be unkind because none of this can help a genetic lottery dad lands on his work with what we've got a little. He and his eyes are. Really close together in his ears are enormous in two different. There are hung differently on his head or a symmetrical nevermind that his eyes looked like you don't lecture Putin looks like he's tweaking. He has this huge neck and a tiny head again I feel terrible because you know it's only got some reading eighty. Palm. But this this votes this breeds this walks among us when his wild raccoon unlawfully possessing very leery Terry. This can't be right this is got to be like. And I joke that I commission is legitimate time. Put this sub two bodies are dot com and if this turns. Just know that I'm warning you I don't believe. Think this is real I don't believe we have a human being walking among us. With this facial expressions and an unlawful reckon if I'm the judge when we used to say the guy's name and he has to. Rise earlier Terry Larry terror I have to let him go. I can't let go until I looked at him and then I'd have to lock a lot because look at him he looks like he's on a five day tweaks you know he does with. But yeah no I'm like you know lawyer let me just. As Bob Leeson would say good luck to you look to you very very rare very very. And remember that wild raccoon skin carry rabies and that's nothing to tangle with that's why it's unlawful to possess one. And also you're gonna ride your bike on the interstate in nineteen had Clinton cut too that's more runs in the news.