Morons: The noisy neighbors

Thursday, August 10th

Early rising morons.


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It's more on good news there is a woman in Michigan who posted a photo of her new Brewster. On FaceBook. And she realized that it it's crows at 5 PM every day and so now she would like somebody else to take the rooster the tell you I am not just educated me and that and I. What I'm sickened cats financially and they might like to have a rooster and I didn't know what the rooster is gonna Crowe who knew this is the second get itself. I'd seen it in cartoonish. We're I've learned to. It's true. Hello how come it removed from reality are you could do so happily vote getter rooster and I hope it's a quite went. Asian man so. I didn't really I letters to. I am never going should get over but whenever the Olympics. The I've I've spent nights and farms where did you grow so and I know it's not just the something cartoons. I have I have seen them crow and I hit half a dozen cartoon this. It's it's a standard right. Also like cool. Link the mascot for corn flakes first circuit now I do I know her know it. This is the only woman in the world that says I would like to have their rooster and I know it's going to be a nice quiet pet. I don't understand where in America we jumped off the learning the book learning training I don't know where became cool to just be just waiting period. Because your ignorance trips you up. Jason read a Brewster makes a bad head and around if you are not early risers to watch him work cartoons. I stumbled on a link headphone. At this is just so change caged heat for whatever the New York Daily News for some reason this ran an article about. Hot leading mug shots. And they they fell only the most beautiful women who have been arrested and this one was actually. Miss Miami leaks 2017. Her name is burns Vanessa Bartolo the she's 27 years old. And here's why she got a respite let's she's drew holiday party and invited some people over to her place ms. Miami lakes beautiful woman. And she attacked one of her on the desk of the baseball bat well one. Love. Yeah it's another one I'm Rachel Glendale Fisher. Very pretty girl great stimulus. I'm she was arrested for kicking DJ in the face who is dressed like a clown at a Halloween party in Marietta Georgia let her go free. She does not like clowns or DJ. You let her go for it. A fun Cindy's I'm not really analyze our female teachers ferocious but the story having relationships. I saw a picture you know the one of the lines he asked. From not long ago I ask sugar forget where was on line and what. Wow what a really beautiful girl and that's what's. Spectacularly gorgeous in middle school teacher in Texas. Confessed to have being. I'm a relationship on a daily with a thirteen year old Steven. The third and thirteenth. Oh. You know I spent a lot of time. Volunteering for him to feel my girls were in elementary and middle school and and you're just 11 awful. That I look at and Tomlin paid nearly flew him. I just didn't rocky road for her children parents children. Her children. Another one of day here in these are New Year's daily news it's a blind. Teacher and probably one of the more in this morning. But a lot of them of course are on the wild party drunk girls that were arrested for public intoxication. But their ground there have been several that we're just really classy. Beautiful looking women and yet they've gotten that kind of trouble. That it's so surprising. Because you look at it and when you say you know this is human too and probably a pretty good college she's a teacher. You know she's very attractive. I'm sure a lot of no the male teachers were elected leader in that the convulsion something. Something else I noticed looking at this we're still using. Mug shots are not what they used to be if you're a 22 year old fellow woman who's arrested for attacking your clown. You're so used to take himself he's. Are you I don't work and camera. Max just pulled up miss my area makes suggestions you. Beat somebody with a baseball bat an early Christmas party elbow as I say that out loud. How many of your own party's have you. No on myself and myself upstairs and myself today.