Morons.... Sing at your own risk

Thursday, April 20th

You're off key!


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It's more on the news yesterday when I was going through these stories I may I make no excuse myself put moron. Or drunken morons. Palm my notes on this first story is complete moron. But 21 year old guy from Travers city Michigan. It was in the card with his 41 year old mother seventeen year old sister. And seventy year old grandmother last Saturday when Justin Bieber song came on the radio. Obviously the seventeen year old systems controlling your radio right she's unfortunately we don't know what the song. Was what we do know the guy and his mom. Started arguing over the lyrics. They wound up pulling over as the argument got more heated and then the guy. Actually choked his own mother over the lyrics of a Justin Bieber saw it cops came and he was arrested for domestic assault. First of that you can. And secondly don't you realize it's over Justin Bieber lyric I was driving home on yesterday afternoon with my daughter and we were listening to. DJ sneak in Justin beaver lake and I Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber late thirty out did you vote Justin's Justin Bieber is let me love you I turned my youngest child. And says I don't care what you think about this I really like Justin Bieber is voice I could listen these are some interesting stuff all day long yeah. And he was she says she was like help mom he's so like I know I know he's so any Sony sells its. But this I really like listening to Justin Bieber sang and I also love Justin Timberlake and she goes we'll. Everyone loves Justin Timberlake that's allowed to please don't tell anyone you like Justin Bieber I'm on with the your daughter. I would show my own self. I just there's I think I mean the guy asked her his talent he is I'm gonna beat and he often go to jail over just to do for today's moron of today is one girl. Lynn Diana lean Dion Logan she lives in Queens 31 years old she was arrested for drunk driving comes she's she hit a parked car. In union gala chair is a little village in Nassau County. When police arrived at the scene she began screaming cursing at them like you do. After a brief struggle she was handcuffed and placed into a police cruiser. No yesterday's mourn of the day do you remember yesterday's more on of the day from Woodstock Connecticut men wearing a T shirt that says hold my beer and watch this. Jintao for a in the bug should. Today's market today in my girl life Deion is wearing a tank top that says support your local bartender. Oh here and she was looted. Tea. Spent time. I think that if you put on a T shirt like that and leave the house and here destinies to get flu daily I don't know and you get a mug shot I don't know what else you know what. You know blows my mind. You'll still see your car every once in awhile and it's got a bumper sticker that says something like this. We do is good for something like that. And I'm just saying I'm not getting into and marijuana argument here. But if you're cop you're just looking for you know define something again ever the practical wind picked up because I don't know. What the odds are that a couple pull up behind you at a traffic like entered the third barely our road to. Hi this afternoon Newfoundland and rural Newfoundland constabulary. Stopped a vehicle. Because it was being held together by rope. And it turns out that's not believe. Yeah alone in the car the things we can access the vehicle frame to the suspension support system that carries the real Xena. Phoenix like you care the body of the Carolina on me on the chair axles yeah. That was broke there was the with a heart was tirade of suspension without ropes. They pulled this person over they pulled this person over and because there Canadian may revert collate these red. Now you know fifth. Just any idea this is dangerous but it wasn't against the law you would still gets a lot of we did this isn't red rock corner of the Flintstones this year that's your car held together by rote. That is morons believe.