Morons: Smile... we snapped you.

Friday, August 11th

Speeding and photography only works for the Police.


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Ever see the movie dumb and dumber. You Russian worst I have two guys that are their cousins. Nor is this morning no Janikowski. And Zachary pillar row left. They're thrown Cromwell Connecticut Cromwell Connecticut is of Dylan show they're nickname should be yanked it into the hill and yes that's right. That's exactly right Cromwell Connecticut he's like just a beautiful picturesque little New England town right next named after Cromwell. Course anyway these idiots were trying to score some cocaine. Drugs are everywhere. In America and now unfortunately. 2:15. In the morning on Sunday they're trying to score some Coke and apparently they thought the best place to do that. It was dark side of the Cromwell Connecticut police station. The second timing genetic in the mail each. So they ask the guy who do very do you have any Coke and of course it turned out to be an off duty cop who was ready to go into the police station. But that wasn't even their dumbest move now has that happened when the undercover cop told them. He could sell them some for sixty dollars and if they needed cash there is an ATM right across the street in the front lobby of the police station. Conflict there. Should go only extension then got better caress it may not I'm reading. Wish you guys are and I got Gleason George a year they stop demand for driving a 112 miles an hour. And this is an alpha had a Georgia a copy was using one of those stationary radar guns and when they saw the black Tony fifteen Dodge Charger zips by and a 112. Miles an hour we had some muscle car and the officer said that the vehicle was changing lanes accelerating leading all traffic behind. Police stopped the Dodge Charger. And the driver 24 year old guy from Alpharetta and told the cops CI know I was going over a hundred miles an hour. And I was doing this because I was attempting to take a picture using the snap Chad speed filter on my phone. As though the cops and down excuse yeah you alarmed as I said that. Because snap Chad has had a filter on it. The prince the speed. That the snap check users traveling on top of the picture that they saw. We're and we're a nation of idiots we are we have to be calm the land of morons I'm on the seriousness so you explain that to the cops and hums like all oh yeah I want the days I was and they arrested and charged with reckless driving speeding and and writing or sending text based communications while driving. On the police department and send out a tweet and said serious sleep. So look good on snap Chad is never a reason to engage the public at a 112 miles and a 112 miles an hour and she you can damage you can do like. Same league full of people if you lose control multiple hits to show us multiple T also people. Let's go to Massachusetts and Florida is saying thank you pick it let's go to Massachusetts where another 23 year old guy was arrested after driving. Buck naked in this blindly drone through highway construction site at more than a hundred miles an hour. His name is Alexander is some way and and he pleaded not guilty to charges including. My butt naked drunk driving underneath we not guilty Juli your body may get a pretty good going under I'm see our Brooke. Police says that when they arrived at has seen his pickup truck was pulled over. The driver was sitting naked put his hands folded across his lap classy move there Alexander. They've found empty and full beer bottles as a driver and his parents back home before performing feel too. We'll sobriety test. But he could not get his pants on or pets of field sobriety test for blood alcohol more than twice the legal limit. And he had depressed to stand in front of the judge. Got to not kill. You know most of the people who drive around in doing nefarious things naked are high and some sort of drugs not alcohol fears good old fashioned here in America didn't know and you're still well as far as I mean placed next. Oh yeah and I'm here yeah well zero business that's true too that's right. I drinkers so that is more unsung. News let's slow down out there. I don't even voice chat that's your respond shelter totally responsible. That is total cost much.