Morons: Stopped by the door.

Tuesday, February 14th

Today on Morons in the news:

Lizard hops a ride on a dog.
Fled the gas station in shame.
Fan fakes injury to see game.
Customs catch lime bandits.


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And you start the day of few clouds this afternoon and high of 65 it is 39 mid day parade. And yeah. This story is one of those things she'd wait your whole lifetime to sea ice where he happened in Australia. This woman's dog in erupted. A girl wanna lizard and I could not an iguana a goal on a loser. Stealing eggs from her chicken coop. And so that the dog and it's Staffordshire Bull Terrier named bella. And the dog spots single want to trying to steal the yanks and I know this is beginning to sound like a Bugs Bunny episode and that the dog spot did that go wanting getting the yanks. And the dog goes after the Tawana. And the goal wanted jumped on to the dogs back. And ended up riding the dog with a rodeo cowboy for more than ten million new hope. You B owner said she whipped out her phone to record to see when she realized. That fellow the dog. Didn't seem really all that bothered by having a lizard cowgirl on her back and then the owner said L Lewis com the loser wasn't hurting your she said she tried to move their lizard with a bamboo stick. But the lizard was clinging on native wasn't until bella finally like sat down got tired of the game sat down that the loser. Petered off from her back into across from Norris online you're suited this nothing through Warren's views but it was so touching. Somebody posted. Some pictures. Of this pit bull. It was a mixed pit bull and something else and at the end of the dog was risky it was in an abusive. Home and somehow it's rescue and the woman rescued. Just loves this animal this animal will not leave her alone. She sits on the couch this animal just wants to be on crew were on her shoulder. Fork in him that the pit bulls putting his all around her. I'm so grateful. That he was taken from horrible place and is now in a wonderful play our rescue dogs you're leave absolutely touch attendant. Rescue dogs its own means I you know let's go to Florida where we have a couple of burglars who porch he. Lucy where Alex. Really in the water in port saint Lucie would they do cops were investigating a burglary attempt at a Mobil gas station. And they discovered that the key suspects. Had been cleaning themselves against this shatter resistant glass window. And gave up after they realized they would not be successful and how to cops noticed that. They've got surveillance footage stupid I mean in the morning you see did you guys their faces or conceal. They approached the store they start throwing themselves out of that one of the start hammering it with a hammer. And they they try more hammers with and in the rim with the body. And then they've finally the police say quote lead this scene in shame after cursing at the window to hook up. What was the story they were trying to boost gas station just EST yeah yeah. And of course there weren't realizing that the cameras catching this whole. America's funniest videos moment on the you mention this FC. Who is a big soccer Fannie Italy. Took a soccer fan and to a whole new level. His favorite team. On how to match that was sold out and he couldn't get tickets so. He meant just faked a medical emergency beacon into a highrise hospital. Which has previews of the nearby stadium though. Hospitals figured out he was speaking antenna on earth website and pets of fan though hooked you up. And finally this morning customs officers in Texas looking at a shipment of Q climbs discovered 4000 pounds of marijuana. Shaped like online games and put in the packaging. They can Preston the lion shaped balls and went into the packaging. 4000 pounds. Were thousand pounds. Low. Looked like lions. The color of line I was just getting the minds of customs officers how to him expected it come. Reagan there it is more runs in the news we celebrate Valentine's Day next. 1079. Delay can. Yeah. It's. Mean. Maybe. Yeah. I mean. Here. And it's.