Morons:Stop.. Don't Spray.

Wednesday, February 15th

Morons in the news:

Meth is not for everyone.. especially the police.
Pink panties cruiser.
Tip of the day.. Don't spray Raid in your ear.


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And is tired and here we go on 27 year old guy was driving through you talk. On Sunday. And he thought two cars were following him so we pulled over at a rest stop and he called the cops. But when they showed up they can tell he was on something silly searched his truck. And the ended up finding some putts and 36 pounds of meth and that he was hauling. Apparently he'd ever been smoke can potter doing meth Willie was driving and that's what got paranoid. It's not clear if anybody really was following him or not when they ask for his ID he gave them a passport that turned out to be fake. There's still try to figure out what the guy's real main news and of course he's face and a lot of charges and he was so stoned he's got 36 pounds of meth in the car nieces. A little bit and get the police and little paranoid. Go to excellence and only. Hold to the police to calm. And that's when you've got to trucks are free their real. Are more on a big day today it's 52 point year old Daniel mark Casey so let me tell you what happened with Daniel. I'm Daniel got into his pickup truck and he was wearing a pair of sweatpants. And some sassy pink lingerie underneath that we got. Real real real drawn. And he drove into an intersection. In Pittsburg. Played his pants and sweat pants pulled halfway down the flag. Parked in the middle of the intersections. Twelfth and then once you parked morally hashed out in the middle of the intersection. Few people called 911 the police came they found him passed out with his sweat pants halfway down his size. Women's pink lingerie. His hands are not independent you if you know what to whom own arm over. Oh and by the way the vehicle was stole it hook a couple so to police. Police woke up mr. Markey seat time and asked him if he had some identification you to which mr. mark Casey replied. How about to leave youth your mother's a bleed we believe dream bleeping bleep this and this to the police. The police report notes that had this quote went downhill from there. The way they well. A police search of these stolen vehicle strong turned up two handguns and an open bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey which was found wedged deep. Between mr. mark Casey's left leg in the driver's side door. There's no explanation about the women's underwear that he was wearing underneath his sweat pants good but I have a mug shots and if you'd like to see amid GOP AMD SAT RI dot com to listen. I wanna read you his rap sheet and because it's and interest and go ahead and and take another bite that admit mustn't you'll have time here we go on from this wind. He was charged with aggravated assault indecent exposure drunk driving receiving stolen property firearms possession. Making terroristic threats he's been arrested in the past her. Drug possession and endangering the offer of a child possession of drug paraphernalia assault disorderly conduct harassment public drunkenness. That's trespass and more receiving Shane Crawford I think this. The result is something. He looks like a normal guy you know if this guy showed up for your house yeah. To fix the electricity here whenever a guy you would say yes did you like Jack come on in damned thing looks like a normal feeling this guy but he is. He's not a bad news because none of them got on normal here's the band hmmm strange. That's the one okay and yeah even though. Remember the horrifying story last week about the woman in Indiana while she was sleeping a cockroach crawled up her nose and took residents between her brain and her skull. Well a doctor in China performed surgery and a gentleman just. Who bomb had a dead cockroach inside easier now than the man was sleeping the roach crawled into easier new. And when the man woke up he could hear walking around I asked but he couldn't get it out so he took himself a big goal camera freed. And he still created into his ear piece pretty great this year. Doctors say don't do that no hotel. Room. She knows. From the hey listen people. You're right people are getting more stupid don't do that the doctors say Mel he did succeed in killing the rush this. Then we couldn't kid did tell me and a search screen. The bottom line is kids in the ten minutes you know don't insuring don't steal and don't story reading your ears a recession so it's more I didn't new.