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Wednesday, May 17th

I'm ready for my close-up!


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I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there but it can also be. I really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox and gas stocks small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. Welcome to the Bob and Jerry show and win ball. On the right and Gerri it's going to be a long day. Broadcasting from the palatial bomb Sherry studios if mom and sharing. For me you can bet. There is a show in the works called the redneck housewives of Alabama. Our words. Politician from Alabama I'd wanna save a few things about. The redneck housewives though. Going after that honey do group suites by. I guess. Maybe if I live in Alabama I'm not looking at all. Barn doors opened its. Accrued pop pop pop I. It looks so nice. Didn't you guys do a CD cover one time yes that. I was I was I was in a tuxedo and I pulled the shirt through the does super yet you look really dashing and handsome except for that. Interest thing that you noticed the well and it's the first place my eyes Goer performing hey honey you're during the Stanton desk or to keep the I think the standing up doing the show actually is hope the are pensioners thing that I have are keeping that sexy thing going for you the Smart. Arm. I never understood that expression I mean it's at the ticker really juvenile thing barn doors open. I guess because there's a bowler stallion or animals and animal. It could be chip keeps. ABC has a new show coming on anyone hear about it. To me it's called the bachelor winter games. And will air in February next year opposite the actual Winter Olympics and NBC. It'll have former contestants from the bachelor and the bachelorette. Hanging out at or listen to this this is this is almost enough to make you barks when you hear with the publicity people said. Still have the bachelorette and bachelor people hanging out in a winner resort where they quote. Go heads ahead in winners named athletic challenges like hot tub breath holding limit let me let me finish including the toughest sport evolve. Love. Who Hoch yeah how good a all make it stop an awful. There's C a football player for the Seattle Seahawks. And his name is Eddie lacy he's very good he's a big guy to. He had to get in at under 255. Pounds. And if he did he would get 55000. Dollars if you came in under. 255. Pounds. He came in at 253. So he dropped two pounds and they gave him 55000. Dollars how much to do way before. Relative positions sinks play running back. That's absurd I mean like this that is big for running back is an honest to fishing 53. Yeah he needs to he needs to be a little bit faster. So I guess it was over 250 funding was 260 or something like that Leeson might have been 300 you don't know all I mean that's that's a good manager somebody who gets shoot you you've gone over. Which are suppose the way you're not in shape to do the job. But if you just get under you get 55000 dollars we could give the CEO and kidney and not get 55 I Nolan is seriously. Simply asleep but it is can we gave him a kidney they would say all right we'll give you two more weeks. Two more weeks exactly what you have now and miss ceramic mug with our logo on exactly yeah. It. It's good to be professional athlete or yes. I'll own it for this couple carries some of those guys would then defensive players. They are over 300 pounds aren't they some of the Mark Penn but they're also playing on the line I mean in the idea is if you're playing online you wanna be big but the running back is not the running back is running a minute I'm guessing by the name raised. So he needs to be kind of zippy. Yeah you wanna be able to break tackles but at the same time you wanna be fast enough to break for it touched a quarterback like Tom Brady your Cam Newton or Drew Brees late it depends. Like I did in Camden is a big guy. Cink he's like 65. As he weighs like 250 but he runs like the wind yeah that's what's really makes him unique but he's 6586. Thought so bending on cue Tom Brady's numbers have been inflated so I so it's hard now. I have 55000 dollars but to a guy like that give you 5000 dollars since he announced. Not really the biggest fund money its funds nominee might wanna my Brothers wrestled in high school and he wrestled I don't know what it is about wrestlers. They always seem to wanna wrestled down a weight class I guess because they want him. We arrest levers smaller people or whenever current he was constantly doing crazy things to lose. And it was always somewhere between two men and maybe seven pounds and pray you know when you when you're. He wasn't a big guy is so when your at your regular week. Think for you to drop five pounds for a weigh in in three days you know what you have to do you do it isn't sound kind of like stop drinking red line. And stop eating you need them my brother would Wear like five layers of clothes and. He would try to get back doesn't he try to assess the sweated out I was you know he's he's. I'm scared. We are not a political. Show but until they would what's going on with trump in Washington right now it's hard. To go anywhere without people talking about it amend that thing yesterday that the former FBI director. Evidently took notes saying that and that trump asked him to not go after. What's his name the Clinton. Michael Flynn Michael Flynn I mean that is a big deal he's talking obstruction of justice possibly. You know. I think I did tell me if you think I'm right or wrong on this. Donald Trump had an amazing life. Say what you want in an amazingly very much enjoyed that he enjoyed so he's going through all of this. And coming that was shut every day either something new. The Flynt thing that you don't like giving up a secret. The Israelis gave us to the Russians. And next week he's got to get on I know it's Air Force One and it's very luxurious but he's got to fly to meet the Pope. In that the Vatican City he's got to go to Israel and face leaders there and I think there are two or three other locations. He's seventy years old dog should thank. The deep in his heart. As he looks around at what's swirling. If he could he would get in time machine. Go back in June and on Saturday he would play at a beautiful golf course in New Jersey and have a big ol' cheeseburger at the turn. I do I think I mean even said in the interview critic of that interview with Torre said that I loved wildlife Imus said well remember him saying that. Because I mean that is. Seven days a week. Early six days a week it's not a fun job it's not a fun job I think he's sorry I and the other thing is it doesn't run like did it turns out that the country in the government to not run like a business where. He called somebody you're off to see you go hey do me favor you know. Yeah I'm in the business world that kind of thing happens we've seen it diet. So you you've beaten up all doesn't happen in government you're you're beaten up for two weeks in a row and then you've got to get on a plane anybody's ever flown overseas I don't care if it is Air Force One. I'm it'll it'll really. Miss you won't explores. Your timing goes in all you've got to get off the plate and not just get off the plane. And go over and you know take a tour of the Vatican your meeting with the Pope and there're there are reporters and cameras on you then you're going to Tel Aviv and you're gonna have reporters on air Arabia Saudi Arabia and I mean that is a really stressful thing for a forty year old little on somebody this cushion 71. I think he's he's close in his Eisen since. Dance Saturday and Sunday I could be playing golf in New Jersey. There's a rumor that is swirling through DC right now that. Alone he. Is plan mean. To resign for health reasons. I haven't heard the story yet ruined that's going to be historic. Because this this thing is just hot worth it. For him he is not happy he does not like to be aggravated he spent an entire life pretty much doing it the way he wanted to do it right or wrong win or lose. And this is a whole different scene you've got you've got people with a big egos in the house and in the senate and it's it's hard to push them around. That you know they're phrase there's an expression career politician and it is an expression for a reason because there are some people. Who are wired from birth to two going to be in this it and it got. It's a business subjects only it has its own set of skills and rules and everything else and are people who live for held up backroom wrangling in negotiating a deal making in your Mitch McConnell suit is the perfect example of that but refuse if you've been able to. Sit atop an empire in the private sector where you can pick up the phone. And call somebody and use some leverage to get a favor done. He do that companies. Do you look at what just what we've seen a more on the fringes of the power structure in this industry. And look what kind of shady we've seen go to them yeah because you can do that in the private sector you can't do it when the eyes of the entire world are on you and there are laws involved. We can push around the direct the former director of the FBI I mean that those who had those guys are serious as it gets. I just think you know I and I know what a beautiful day it in New Jersey looks like right in the spring. It's gorgeous it's 74 degrees you own the golf course. You're gonna have a big ol' cheeseburger. I think he's promising to himself man I don't ask for something you might get it. There's an article and then you Vanity Fair the woman's three Larsen on the cover about the First Lady which calmed. I thought I would share some of the details of that but average. Send my email we'll fill out. And then I'll get locked out of the system because the company we work shortly after you get Cheney they'll say they don't get too many don't you got you're locked out of the system so. It's really not worth it still read the article for yourself. Like you've you've come away. Feeling like a nothing play puzzlement and compassion for the woman. She's trapped images when it's. Your New York. Clearly she doesn't she's so private so you. You've won a public life. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcasts it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Social media has caused a lot companies. To do kooky things in order to get their name out there. You know they have entire book department checked we go on here. And the whole idea is get your name out there get your name out there and General Mills is just announced they're going to be giving away 101000 boxes. Of marshmallow only lucky charms remained. To win elections there you have to do blocks of regular lucky charms find. Food inside the box and type put on their website to see if you want. This is brilliant because you know you just say. That doesn't boxes of lucky charms marshmallows only and you have some jackass like me talking about it and then the person who wants to win it it's gotta buy the product. If a look inside the products that may have to go to a website where they'll see. Lucky charms and and it's and other products yen and other rogue General Mills program the other brilliant part of this is when you tell me they're giving away 101000 prizes I automatically think I can when that yet you think you have a shot at lunch I had that I that's Trent. Concern my favorite thing is when armed and we talked about best. Jim's vinyl siding follow us on case that. Fits. The actual trophy that it's a place students. Next my car has a FaceBook page and polish some face a ball why it. You look it's a place to inspect the car and the more you do in your Facebook that. You know what what's on our inspection play but I didn't. I did reach out I was so bizarre. Announced. With the EC you know like big companies like General Mills doing that are radio station doing it they figure commenced the way to go. I follow back on Twitter unless you have an egg and the if you if you have an egg Andy I don't that's I don't follow you back what's that. And instead of the your little avatar. Update that Twitter deep fault is an egg is Twitter it's a bird chirp chirp China is okay so it's an egg and until you go to the trouble loading in some sort of at avatar either a picture of yourself for a mixture of stammer captain Amir who whatever men and adding the bio if you just have an -- every I'd. I generally don't seem to lack while. As you don't think you're serious about doing it. You don't know to disband like I don't know food supply and hit a few. If you don't care enough to put a picture down might and a follow you back keep I just until I C a a proper Abby I don't. Generally generally follow back sometimes I'll recognize a listeners name. Links from FaceBook. And LCD egg every cannot delete all your news Twitter you know and others were actually then I'll call you back when they have now it looks like a person it's like it it's it's ahead that floats Seattle. They have now yeah I don't I don't follow those accounts. I'm so I'd I'd do follow most people back including. Think there's a mom. There's heating and air accompanying candidate that files via Twitter and I've followed them back they never tweet. I don't see anything and it paid three because all the candidates can be called good part of the year men's can be once for a few weeks he prior don't even viewing him as an animation you probably don't hold us open up a. And those kind of businesses on social crack me up and. Because those are the ones where I got IRA are your vacuum cleaning repair store in Tuscaloosa I'm finally back on letter. Not quite sure we need to we were maybe they get a special every now and then right H yeah. Well that could do it it's funny because most of the time there's nothing absolutely nothing I got this Twitter hell yeah. But every once in awhile and this is where it gets really bizarre for me every once and a while the vacuum cleaner repair store. Won't tweet something but don't re tweet something that has nothing to do you look at a with not a. Up with anything much less a vacuum it's Taylor swift's new boyfriend yeah I don't or at least some. You won't believe what this doctor took out of believe he's got a rich vacuum cleaners or whether somebody told them you've got to have content comedy on social me you gotta have content and and the guys going. What do you mean content and Amanda I sell three different styles of vacuum cleaners once they put that up there I'm done no no no you have to have content like what. Taylor swift's new boyfriend and goats and go to. Kids keep looking cats get some teams up there. Probably sees wife squirrel people love that so it's just the most random thing ever armed with their car people be inspection place that you followed on FaceBook right now what was on their face a pizza. There's not much event saying I mean. I went to an and it's just kind of blank but they do have lake eight followers. So when they play nice action at the pictures somewhere have to post it. That it says it's it's like this laminated thing that's up on the wallets as follow us on FaceBook auto inspector and I went yard finally have been. Wanna took a they were inspecting the car I had nothing else to do so I went to whip and followed them selves. We should we should put it on the above ensured FaceBook vision just blow up their sea of people get jealous a lot of the load up there with the same day that I took a picture under the DMV did since tipping not allowed. Yet they went are dark and a sharp as a service is over the top take this ten dollar bill OI think what's happening of the DMV is people are coming in to get eight years of fiber can you give me up and logic. Yeah skaters we talked about Tipton before and the tip chart there's a chip charge he gynecologist office and how sorry I mean the attempts are everywhere. So I met this self serve frozen yogurt place and getting for your for the kids and even get you walk in you sanitize your hands you get the cop. You go to the machine you dispensing your yourself than you go to the top and bar and you top pick yourself and you take it and you place it on the scale. Where it's wage and then you get your own spoon and then you pay for and there's a tip jar. You're doing all the rules and should every chanting to myself what are. Our I don't know what. Do you why I want to have breakfast restaurant in Liberia on Saturday and of course you get the bill in a tip the waitress right 20%. That I go up to pay the bill with the cashier and there's a tip jar for the cashier. Is that that it seemed like once step over the line right there I could put away have to do now the dishwasher I. If I'm doing everything. He especially that. And then I swipe my card and I wanted taps creditor dead dead and I signed the keypad right. If you've done a good job as its customer give yourself another 5%. There and work art Moore I'm communities in the next five weeks. It's more on the good news. And here we go taking you out to the beautiful state of origin for our first story this 44 year old woman in origin recently told her husband. She pawned his chainsaw. Possibly to pay for drugs let's. Then when he asked if she got a receipt she bashed him over the head with a piece of bamboo. I just think they the couple's counseling you know I don't have any other than any other information on it but between the chain saw the drugs in the bamboo hit and sometimes interest that. People can love each other not be able to lift another new thing and that's and things didn't actually say there. The little boy enough Portland mean history and an apology letter to the police. It was written on no yellow piece of paper and it was addressed to the cops. Then it said yeah. Dear the cops. I'm sorry I called you enlighten your face and I would never call you again we're really sorry he called 91 when he wanted to cash than 911 system after school one day. And he called and of course you know hung up on them out. And with any time. That you call 911 and hang off it's it's called an abandoned call new. Anything is possible under attack on you've got here they said if you do it by accident call us back consent called mama one by accident then we may still come and check on you but at least we know right now. He made up speed emerged may not be an emergency so this little boy has written his apology. The caller we had on the show. This husband got hurt and hurt his fingers stuck in the doors of my nature my fingers in the door and that's all I can think about with this story. This happened in China she would she was imitating slightly under my burger he was very calm about it might hinder my fingers in the Florida. Honestly he's this commuter four days or almost afford it the wrong train in China and that would have been bad. But the situation is actually worse because the train started pulling out of the station. With his finger caught in the door and he had to run alongside the train while trying to freeze finger. People on the train were shouting and pounding on the window is trying to get the tree this column know. The man was was able to freest fingered just as the train left the platform oh my word can you imagine my finger by finger what are. That's that's really very lucky on his part those things when they pick a fight they can't go or not I NAFTA. From Canton Massachusetts a woman is facing multiple charges I used to work there that was Lisa just brilliant. This kind of 130 in the afternoon issues John is this gonna confuse mom driving drunk. She crashed her vehicle into a tree on someone's front lawn flattened all four of the tires not off the air bags and tore off both bumpers well. That's pretty Joseph go one at a busy afternoon. Her name is Amy rebel army McCarthy she's 39. She was slurring and laughing you drooling when officers found her leaning up against her wrecked Mercedes to. Yet because it was nice blue jet passenger in the car twenty year old guy named Marvin. Kyle along death. He was also under the influence of licked Kerry had an air soft replica handgun tucked into the waste and this pants hit the electoral 101 in the afternoon. Prior to taking the two rims for blocking this. Tom Feeney told the cops. Hang on wait we wait I got a lizard in my Brock. Think she's sure enough did she had a bearded dragon nestled her. For. Have stopped bearded dragon Salmonella urban dictionary slang and else where you're not alone that's poisonous I think he's dead. I don't know a lot about your bearded dragons. That wasn't in good day for the dragon. Tell you that dragons joy riding in a Mercedes and a couple of drunks crashing into trees and I just can't stop thinking about the guy with a year ago and who. Tucked into his hands that's the last place that put a gun yeah. You know it. We didn't so I know it's just an air gun but I wonder at what point yeah. At 130 in the afternoon at an air drying your drunk you got a beard dragging me your cleavage. Hey this they show they were just there was W. I have so evidently everybody until one Massachusetts is gonna vote. Oh yeah that's more you do. You don't inserts can be so confusing. And so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter to shoot 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. The series dot com I can't believe it's. Did it Todd was able to successfully get Sri deferments and who is a wholly more than 200 Guinness book of world records records and a onetime. How the record for the most of records in the Guinness book of world records. But if you remember I read it just landed his latest slightly in the Guinness book. I'm putting out more matches with his tongue and and the other person and curious on the line with us today I sure affirmative welcome. Oh we're very excited to talk Tiananmen. Our aunt and how much you latest record on what made you decide you wanted to hold the record for extinguishing the most matches. Which your own time. Well you know I go through the beginning spoken airwaves say he's just looking for things that I can do it you might say it's my passion in life to break Guinness records. So I mean it you know it's it's it's not DIA admits but you know there's a challenge to it obviously each and Ericsson I mean you bring you sound. They're not so it's actually faster than the other way and that they have the rules set up. You know you have to the director was there he's so it's what every few seconds and so yeah I managed to America ladies 37 in the minutes. I'm cutting juju that I mean how much your strategy yeah how long this new. I immediately get these citizen it's just like a lot of other records that I do I mean you got us. Practice and obviously edit together the fastest way to do it. It's if if I would if I were putting up matches on my tongue I wouldn't practice. And I would. That's because you're not a champion you talk good chat room here right now I know. What I was wondering mistreated is what we were speculating on was I there you have the world's greatest pain tolerance or and I say this with love and not judgment. You're kind of on the police side you know excessive saliva. Is that not the case. Now they had very and I mean I mean I do have a very high pain threshold like you know it's more like. I had I see a goal and I'm into the challenge of heading out study medications haven't kitchen and Chichi and more a huge huge and its. Philosophy of self transcendence here that we haven't asked did dish sort of unlimited power inside of us. I mean I try to use that I mean they know that the match. You know distinguishing it is kind of trade you know dumb. And it's a lot of you know athletic things as well you know I I run marathons judge weighing introduced. Ford rolled continuous storm rolled I mean I'd I'd have to have the record stir. Most jumping jacks and tweet or are there had to climb the highest mountain and still. Yes so it's all part of my passion and yet this is just another way I've got sort of challenging myself. How how has it been a benefit to your life to hold all of these records. I mean it's I mean I would I would say they have benefited in doing it it's in the it's in the practicing it and doing it can the challenge of it. He can put in over in that setting a goal and achieving it. If I mean that it's not like. I walk around thinking you know I'm the guy with the most records so I mean it's sort of like the experience I've read and he's going to the next month. Well we know about the obviously we know about the latest our record mr. matches and we're also we watched the video view extinguishing blowtorch to switch your tong and access. I can agree. That 180 that's. You know what I different level actors say. Because you know that's that's that's a thousand degrees and you know you'd you have to be really careful and quick. How does that work how. How many blow torches did you put out and how did not just burn your gums off. Well I don't think it's 47 and miss the most in the minutes. I mean you need to take me eighteen you've got to sort of re really fast get your tong. Over the flame. And you know don't cut off the oxygen to the flame and you do you know you dirty and clearly I mean it's. Committed technique turnpike you are you do get burned matter what you do get burned. How much does that hurt. Eric Sapp and how long did it feels massive we didn't. I feel very fast. You know I guess it's sort of you know protection that the body has an innovative if you tongue. If you turn the music burned and you can't. Has this how helpful to you meeting women. And now I don't know why are you out here 'cause I got I got it might be so impressed by you. Press play guy got to do going up not the highest mountain in the world and still some putting out blow torch is with your with your aren't. What does a guy I did not immediately. That might go that's not my motivation you know. If I can zooming in the club and said hey they common blowtorch tone I would you got my attention treasury doesn't. You might turn your so they don't some of the other records that you holt just kind of run through him. Irish. I mean there analysts could see I mean actually kind of have to look at a list concern that it I have I have more than 200 content. I haven't fastest marathon skipping without ropes but like kids skipping. It hasn't worked kind of it must have six hours I have I have about. Really try record for the fastest mile topping it can get Shaq. And I did that actually in Mongolia. Region against the U act. If there yet it was really exciting actually beat you act by by just a bit. Now somebody must be that developing a movie about your life. I don't know it's really not that exciting yes. You're. And sec raise your blowtorch is out what your long what is your definition an exciting. Yeah I know I've made I've actually tied America and every continent they give the fastest monopolistic. Antarctica that was really fun. There's the plane landed I get a free flight. They haven't Argentine air force plane. And that we had to do the whole record you know measuring the mile doing their record and getting back on the plane and in Paris perhaps could have you know the same can't stand the ground you do wrong and there is really exciting. So what I I it's like this all pitchers to the movies company and they'd say that's a nice story but does not that many visuals national turning. I don't look at that yeah I seen one yeah well I'm sure firmer and read this sign your life very exciting I would go to bed moved. I kind of whatever happens we're gonna support so good luck with your next record yeah. Luck and thanks for talking to extend these young okay Sharon and have a great day thank you to look. Yes if you don't sag screen shots ninety some sort of television show and stuff. I think he's he's I'm from the bachelor and not only are sky what's god got to do hey maybe somebody listening we'll hear it then don't go away. I'm going to respond to I hope he gets into the U it's god show FaceBook Twitter yeah. Sherri talk. It's just watching TV yesterday and I'm sort commercial comes on for some. I think it's arthritis medicine called and liberal the end PR EO and the spokesperson is the golfer Phil Mickelson. I like public listened very very much I ya I got to shake his hand once he's a fantastic golfer he's done a lot of these medicine commercials though I've noticed a and he's he's had arthritis himself so it's Phil Mickelson. And I got a problem with him being the endorser but here's where I had some problems. It's Phil Mickelson and with him is a woman and she's not a celebrity but they've base they felt they had to have a woman in there too so rather than pay for two celebrities they just people want. And so he say in all you know sometimes my hands they get so stiffed. And in my business that's not good and then she says while mode to go working mother and I just never stopped but I got the arthritis. Gambrel that's what's really helped me and then they go to was shot up her. Holding one of her kids or something and and and at work. So they do the voice over there and they go I'm cinema so other gonna take him like TM offers some like debt than they take the lead they take a shot of Phil. He's raking leaves in his yard. I've I've pure and Phil Mickelson and is not operationally he's in his yard. I think are going for the what is your name just a great arm I had the Packers quarterback. Let cars no Brett Favre Favre Don a new you Mississippi koppers saying while driving his truck on his former miss you know I'd buy that because there's some I mean look at what. He had a yet have a farm in Texas and your doctor Phil Mickelson would rate we now know I choked. But no hole I think he's got a grounds crew. Think the idea is finished it it did not show him golfing because most people aren't golfing most people are raking leaves and they're showing him doing activity that most of the people who reduces medication are doing and I think that's a reason they do that okay if there was a guy that I did not know I would buy it. But I just don't buy that you don't I just an yards somebody. You know Mickelson is not doing yard work in or Arizona I'm glad you brought up these drug things 'cause I would have forgotten where I got home last night Keb was out on the deck watching. The Dick cabin interview of John Lennon and Yoko and because you know we are just two channels yes of famous kick cabin in the that was all buyer is an episode. On so I came in at the very very end and I only solid the last three minutes of John and Yoko on the Dick Catholics but which is all the to do yet. But it right out of that there was an ad for Wendy's law firms. If you are men. Who has had hernia surgery between 2010. And 2016. You may be eligible for a large cash settlement. And then they talk about one of these mesh products. He I've seen that Hillary called the so most of that the TV channels that we get into all the commercials are bought by law firms see that one little piece to a hospital via our via. Well it's a little surge soldier people who are watching those shows and you know she she get hold you're gonna have some more problem here is my take away. Try not to have surgery you know 'cause you're gonna end up having to see the hospital you can and if your doctor comes do you end and uses the word mentioned this sentence going heading back out on the right exactly because I saw four different commercials lessening for four different mash lawsuits. Civic you know you may cost you nothing out of your own pocket for the that's what they said don't gas and here's why does the law firms gonna take 75% of whatever the. And ward is and then right before we turned it off went to bed. All of a commercial for one there's male catheter products can mine all I can watch it. It may we miss you Q how boy they would do the commercial and you're saying he'd sit back and these big cat owners don't hurt marry is much is the only. Yeah I'd a couple of them that's true and advertising. I dog I've got to get Wi-Fi hot. We must get life I didn't. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another pod cast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or were everyday your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. Sorry don't tell. If you're just joining us this morning we had a guy I'm about thirty minutes ago who holds more Guinness book of world records extended to anybody he's got 200 of them. But the one that blew me away was the one that he just in the water. Did you put out lately how many books or just 25. Police put up thirty eases. Some 37 matches this song 37 matches latest on the a couple of blowtorch in his like 25 and look toward as he put her with his god he brace saved Jack Kennedy Tito's Shaq can be academia act and a sack. He doesn't find his own life very anxious and I felt more we and Tim he likes and hard to cut it. Isn't that where the Yakhouba. Was he once and for some reason they're yaks and an agent 00 Logan an art yeah I did a pogo stick thing and an RAM what how werewolves or how long he put a person. It on the pogo stick going it was I would tell you that nature yet and it's that he has broken records on every continent he's it. Holds the record for skipping the fastest during the marathon he skipped all the way I'd like to have seen that actually but that would actually work out. I think though with the blow torches I don't know wideout has grabbed me and I said to him you know he admitted didn't hurt you sit her like well. Said it was the only market and you know what you said. You should. The Tar Heels quickly and he creates a little court. Millions and I was very fast all of us just jump on there and try that. There so people out there who relate Kim though their lives such interesting exciting lives and they don't really think of it that way you. The end. You know sometimes I I think did you and I get to do some things that are really really we're not we're not. But we're not that way I don't think pretty consistently. Were not an interest in a member injured most the gas right yeah once in awhile we take it a snowmobile out and frozen lake in the Dakotas in the middle of the winter and spend it. But there are people who should have linked this guy should have a reality show you should. He was so watch that other rather than the bachelor's something top tide you got some people that should have a reality show. My ex father in law should have his own Sergio. Called cheese and rice with Emmitt because. You never know what's gonna happen with Emmitt thumb one dear rolled up to his house. And he had a bucket truck you know one of those truck she see the electric crews on the edge cherry picker he did yeah it just bought a bucket truck just because he wanted to. In many had a friend that ran a bar for a while and just decided to close the board out and gave him at all the contents of the bar in in the backside of the bark which included three votes. So now we have boats in the yard Q what did he do with the cherry picker. Well he was gonna go ahead and use it for some stuff but it never now which is sits out the form so you never know what you're gonna get with he. Turkey did you stop the guys don't have any of the Turkey which is Turkey gets so big you became too violent that he headed but he had yet to Turkey city race. And dump and the interesting thing is you don't eat candy in the show all the time you just need to candy to periodically pop in and Colin some sort of name that gets me out on TV. I was walked out and the thing is they're entertaining they come to my house like you know for Mother's Day we had to mull over. Think Cheney's infamous for the fort drop you know Mike drops Kinney would call them before drop she comes over dinner dinner better be ready when you get there. And better be good and they will complement or complain about whatever you serve licenses be re at their highest honest honest like M it doesn't eat pasta. He Maloney Boston he hates it and so few make pasta he'll tell you how much he hates it he wouldn't cross the street fort knocks me. He likes meat but yeah McCain becomes over and she eats and as soon as she's done she shall take her dessert to go she does before dropping she's got. Two of the most entertaining piece. To have that cherry picker I've I've got like a spotlight in my house in the second floor that's out oil well every night perfect you can drive up picking you know. They would have bond they would be great honor reality show. They would assess our listeners is there something about your life that could be a television show. Somebody know or somebody they should have a reality show somebody close to Libya Syria cousin whoever disc HBO BS HER I. No it really blew my mind you know during the Guinness guy. He didn't do any of that stuff to impress a woman. Wedge and none in US competitiveness over the Lleyton Hewitt and oh yeah I know I liked what a ridiculous question I know what he said no elect to meditate the only way that I would put out a blowtorch. With my tongue would be too impressive. But hasn't upping your Achilles heal your whole life. Yet but I know me. And I know I'm not doing that just to say that I am I mean some some books somewhere the king is the kind of women that you're interested in. Are not impressed by a guy who know it's a blowtorch out his tongue numb at all of the opposite let's look Holtz who can. Yeah. 8 PM EDS HER. 888 she's six she's a sports series seven who's got an exciting life busy you are there things in your life that are just ripped from. Roaring excited yeah. You catalog order crazy I mean you should have for someone you know should their own reality TV show. AD VT 67 perjury sevens bombs I feel I guess. I'm sorry dot com. Oh there's so you're someone you know really should have their own reality TV show its face or maybe you should be 8088 BO BS HER I 80882627437. Maria. Yeah area high UD ON. Do you think you are good guys Todd says that your family should have its own reality show why is that. Yet on what we Donna restaurant more about it. And for years and I was at a teenager at fourteen I only bring. In Naples Italy. He said it pretty area as. We near Harry. For an hour or instance aren't. Give you have to you have to give us give us an example of the drama the excitement. Well. And are there a lot of you know. Other people sleeping at their people. And I'm so there is one girl in particular and speed. I mean he's he's a liar now tendency. To let let everybody there. Well. She can't really hit the water I hate. I feel like ever on start wearing under. Their tuition work in the restaurant business and every restaurant is its blue and soap opera it is Siena. The food in this business if you lose for a long time you can Wear you down. I guess this is Europe so lead and I guess that's the food is like they're Gordon Ramsey show and are rescued him. And some of the things on Food Network has been restaurant family restaurant reality shows spent. Right a family restaurant would make a good backdrop I think you would it just depends. It's get you right sham the regular restaurant right in Giuliani's all of our. I got a little bit late you know he has third. Yeah I. There are a lot there are brought my my oh I'm every your caddie Ellis. With what. What was it now was he involved with the that woman you're talking about. I know he let them but it. I. Well it's been apparent to all who say it one hour and yeah he was Dublin. I thank you Maria thank you very much let's jump over to Stephanie hi Stephanie. I L aria dude. Who should get a reality show their life is so exciting. Myself and my partner. And what he'll do that will be fascinating TV. We already have settled their bluff. And how firm not pull your. Other things we create you can't make up. So you go to other people's house says they don't bring their pets TO. Correct widowed Elaine boarding up. You know I could see this I could actually see this. As as a TV show. League. Oh yeah I mean. When we country here we should start a blog become what it probably does retire. And you know the bigger. You miss an exam being inside other people's houses. You know there are however that we've been all that we've been doing for years and they may have appeared that we've never even cruel because. The pet in Europe Blair says he's good I'd do it million dollars W out there I didn't elect. They come we never go out there. But one little what are things that happened to us wonder how we're witnessing these two little dogs. And one dog wandered they're the battle and attitude will lead to. This place couldn't but not out got a if we get we can't and we will do that not a big gift you can tell that have occurred. Or get content. I'm. So we take the little dog outside while I start to investigate. This city where where US company may have happened where it may have occurred. While Parker had a triple all the leather slip up. And heck. She. He could spell that thought out fat well they get into investigate. So I settled at worst Obama. They fail to go back laurel were talking about all of that is actually bunker short. Just tell you. My friend frank hot cold front right act arc. See there are. There are cameras there that would be on TV movie hysterical. I must point out though it's it's a little dog that's not an accident that's that's an internal issue that's what they do. Bring your dogs take a letter elk and Tom. But Wheatley but it won't hold our you know how our shores up a little flat. Little clock a lot of room and I look at our own short that's the drama here we can't help but you don't accept. T this is that this this would be a fantastic pro moved hey. Our YouTube partners in life as well as in business. Are on this is gold. This is absolutely honest guy you ought to think about it Stephanie people would watch that it's what's the title of show. Mom. And dog walkers and he knows how some got a lady. It's got to be something involving the words upon its halo we. And ask to be good to their re. So what their relationship. Yeah end their business. Totally yeah and help the team crisscrossing John Eric I clutched the totally watch that. He sure know you're grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where health markets insurance comes and they can show a small business owners group health insurance options they're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better out of financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 85575. Mode 3537. Helped markets insurance and. My previous models every dot com. Larry we got leash on the line in her entire Stanley should be on TV tell us why Lisa yeah. I admire him in the primary but everyone can awhile and they'll. Get it can actually my girl OK perfect big old didn't. That is just went April Fool's Day this year I'd all but I need to do a great spot that they do. And I was at work. Not your daughter watched that a younger. I'd get a call from. Are not when wondered if they're here. A hand by ever narrowed pact calls not 11 scoring and propel the car. I wouldn't daughter correct why didn't eat. I heard that I could get our number on to call me funny if they meet you know occurred emergency. Don't remember hyper mood and could in the bow on a go route armed. Which I. Academic your opponent can call not mine want to know what I'm home on April fools say to not only way to help current. She screamed out one line. The bad blood in my kitchen and my dishwasher. Bank flooded mine articulates with a purple. How did they fled. So none of this was meant to be a prank this is just tell your kids role. They weren't OK okay. I really thought it would look like they do that scared all the time it was when my girl. Arnie how will follow to the girl's 1970 and in what's the other one. And it did a video that could not point oh it at regular dish washer a couple of that it short of the sudden didn't think. Couldn't have a more oil and actually if I came home to that Monday to mood you're we're we're the best that did not. It got taken milk I could actually learn and I dropped my eldest daughter is she's just now learn it's dry up. She has hit two parked cars. This weekend shattered nation yet and other parts Carson her go but are they were both hard and she managed to LA rod into the corn and I. Oh my god that's the third one. What are you sure look all part I don't wanna know you don't tell me don't answer I don't wanna know. Yesterday I get a call from school but I have to go pick up my youngest daughter. Because she had eight popcorn kernel stuck in your ear. You. Otter. I'm daughter come Don from school knew that same day with a black because she was spotting a computer Gardiner. And the keyboard won it sounds like. I don't know I think they're killing me strictly at you or me it's a girl not going to get it girl to do stuff. I your youngest sounds like more fun than honey boo boo yeah. You can never top what picking it up by people rather carried. Where the police there when you add the state police with the state police were there when you arrive with a 911 call. Did they charge you for that or did what what happened. Now like they had to come because the little woman scream for help you do. Freeman trail. Wow well because think about it do you left numbers were you could be reached and her sister set those numbers on fire. That's like. That's some data taken you know you know you're seven year old but the time didn't think there was anybody coming to save her from recessed Lisa why did you wager older girl set the number and fire. Can control all the com. I think you calm all the content they are under a law and order. I'm the daughter and headed umpire. I mean all day long where you want to leak. Darkened apartment want to get to goal target how can thank which we want ate. Dinner. Over. A text from one of my kids Lisa in the middle of the school day saying hey mom. Is it okay if I give post meets to bring me waffles now with the and that is no it's not okay for bush meets to bring waffles tear language arts contest no problem. So Lisa Lisa are you worried about when they get to you know. Interest that in employees and that sort out. I would my oldest daughter she's ready to make about she want to me that you know cheap regulate how coach you want to me about you want to be hurt. But I I worry about her mentality. That you can't take care we're all new you know caught on like she does reflect good play helped him and the lack away. I weren't better bedside manner that we she's truly your sister you know art. Although we don't know why we don't have a good time. The crazy nursing reality show. That's one we should hats and another one and I know he was the sixteen year old who back to nineteen year old night I think now the 66 year old backed into the street cars. Yet but not near the one who Brenda and art are respecting the umpire in the opening into the bar in the yet. I macro way. You know pledge to kick in this simple and you're ready rule helps. Wanna going to be an art of let up on them are alike. Move proved. Well hopefully you know nursery schools very difficult. And very hard you have to learn many many things have to pay attention you have to pay attention maybe nursing school knock some sense into or yeah. I wonder why. Are you like my her there are the best. Snow emergency especially the first. And so she's doing she's you know they veteran nurse and a truck driver no problem powerful. Veteran nurse and a preschool teacher exact you know. I was small kids and. My mantra about a year and a half and I haven't read it I haven't been thinking it's my husband gets mailboxes on street which is yeah. You know what you did to my daughter Alexis isn't a parked car about a comment she thought no hit Yale law. Hey hey Lisa it's his DNA. Well why haven't I incorporated but it is Belmont here. Good are. And again as a thank you good luck today Lisa thank you. Donors. Jerry. FaceBook Twitter sort photo ops and monastery dot com. We're talking about who your legs have their own reality show just so interesting and entertaining and tell us what this now it ABB eight. BO BS HER RIK hello. Yeah I'm here to prepare your need for me nursing reality hell yeah yeah why is not one home ready each. I have no idea we need to be cool rain here. I'm not a night shift nurse and I worked in my inner rocker Chris turn and we have been jailed feeding directly in Iraq. You have sort of jail your you're Jason to the jail. Yeah I think there'll always dreamed they are people who aren't and because the night shift there at. Actually gored and hasn't you know let people watching and it seemed like it and they I didn't bet great to get out of there now. So tell us about the most memorable moment or two. We actually have multiple you went into the rare occurrence. Multiple pink then there's of people shopping things. Yeah now on their now right. It that's what a sweet way to put it shoving things you know another in their mouth. And you know it's everything from the boys the company did do it feel like I would hurt it can't hair. And possibly think he's supposed to go there. Well and partner at night you're fresh. The blue. Own anything where I go home I just can't think of a good place to put it this way I know. Well. When you're alone and had jail now and it's about 1213 hours then you decide you want to be here don't go there anymore yeah I mean you really can't stand. Now I guess I don't like this church ripped out this could not be your reality show because of the lawsuit possibilities. There and that's the and that's why there's no and you're seeing your reality show many disagree if you because what about trauma elation ER and those shows. They get bigger and a sign releases all the time and there is a reality show I think on the we channel with the guys a plastic surgeon doing plastic surgery. It's just a quiet you ever watched trauma election ER which is a fantastic show I think it's on TLC. Back when TLC stood for the Learning Channel but I'm not know what it stands for now. Armed you he's seen the most incredible. Sheets of medicine and emergency medicine and then I don't see any reason why we couldn't have night shift nurses. Which is the name for it and I guess you could if you can just hit. Night shift nurses that's so Cinemax after Daria does actually. I'm pretty sure that have a very K can I ask you. So L if you can get a different type of a gig in nursing would you take it or do you really likes us. Really sure I'm who think month until they let him think his lie everything that was especially crazy for me I think I have a couple more years then. Then you know I would he think that like Al record the normal thing in the life. So it's it's still shop it's shocking to use to think we're all shocked when he went on moon and they come in Asia. Yeah we got that Eaton. You know what I would be I told the assembly this before when I was on their fire were traveling nurse I could you be a traveling nurse one of those nurses that travels. I would love to do that I love the idea travelling has couple months there are different look. Yes like why he beat traveling nurse in Hawaii would that be fantastic. We've got a surfboard injury at that point yes I know this is what you need to help. I normally don't do that casino families they're they're in love with someone and nearly your parents. Q I have no hint you know. Seek yeah I didn't get out of imprisoning go to Hawaii woman. Oh jailhouse nurse would be a very oh that's good that's like a fifties the war. It's movie we had somebody on the show and once that worked as a bench as a imprisoned damaged remember a German us car idea it's. And Deb Deb practice was in it was a big prison and get my degree in an upstate New York anyway a big giant personnel. And this was what she did she was a prison nurse held you've got to get out of the president NS I'm sorry get out of the jail and become a traveling nurse in Hawaii. You've you only ever I don't know that you only on how. You might not right people you only have a few years in your twenties to pull off something like this she needs to get out of the prison don't spend. Don't spend. Your twenties and a prison it's. You put it like that I think about it. You were still dealing with the same affliction it. Cherry pick just so much for listening to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another pod cast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I did at Bob sorry dot com one of our listeners guiding messages some Facebook's sit on an ordained Baptist minister and I am going to Barton school could. My reality show would feature church an embargo the name holy spirit. You're hi welcome to show. I'd Dora. I don't fight who would be a good. Person to put. The reality show. I'm definitely my mother actually. Is this a layup by nature but I have been that C she cool how does for a living in my. And I mean the things that he has told me I wish where Arnold video because I mean people would do I am glad you can't. That looked at Atlanta with the her car broke and she had her friend Jack and then keep that support our husband's pickup firm. From work and so. This guy her husband was in the great AdAware having an issue with in his you know my pets but he has lived in Texas for thirty something years and he doesn't know. The later earned his own town. I mean you look at while going to the EQB on the course which is literally a block service how. And so and UA officially called him and keep trying to guide him it would she is. And be that close to he could get him hurt is attached they can about half a mile a paper left out. A tea Texans are not with the used to be you know and the Texans back in the old days the guy gets up all alone on a horse and he heads up the middle damn nowhere but he finds the count he's going through this guy can't fight his wife he had a. Nobody cat so anyways but even just the beginning and so I really armor mom like you know what it's like if they they do not move I will walk feet. Cocoa leaf started walking you know about a half mile down there. And you know at practice here than a very very rural part which is probably have a Texas but. I'm anyway that he's walking and walking and it has just sprained as the there's puddles everywhere couldn't. And that he has that he tried to jump over land now. Mind you keep that thing. She is a tiny lady. Received so little heavy but it is really short I'm my theory and I'm about a head taller than hurt me and those he is really really well and those YouTube walking down the road. I'm with her little plastic bag or she carried her London and even the jump over the political puddle and humid to thank you file into the huddle and those type thing get up and see all the dead as the heat like literally rolling around in mud hole at a club cruel and he bought copied. And so at this point you similar that I knew that they would get there because you don't all of this is that up with a bit of time with it out so anyways other than keep blocking and a couple cars but I think that but you don't a couple of really bad blood but you know nothing major until one of them up than they said. Paint you need help and by the when you probably like to. Let across the street you know from the Kathmandu but nothing Q I'm fine. And that he keep walking and she realizes that the Cathy can move on isn't even on the right side of the highway it. You are on the opposite side of the highway to get the cart before a lane highway which of course there's going to be you know because it's rural I think golly how car for a highly. I thought I. Okay really comes Cheryl really model she works so garnered. If I could remember what it's bad as you do big yeah yeah I'm spoke I like about the what how well miles. And every week and with you but people think I'm homeless woman because I'm covered in mud. And I am having my name came with I think banking whip elect didn't it can't let you get finally get a bad faith it happened he'd bet that he just wanted to grab him by the hair so bad but the Ricky did it. And release. Please tell me that he has a job please tell me that he will. As he does he does because he does have a W that the things up for about the thirty years but he would do. It's so anyways with the ballad just one of them and I think I could have been let my mom rolling around and to much trying to get out and then locking down all soaking wet you know what you're so that they. What your mom does for a living that which is a reality show all by itself and other people's house is silly to seeing new and I'll tell what you're does for a living is really hard. Think about the last time you clean your own house top to bottom in a single afternoon that's your mom does for other people every day. And what kind of like bless his heart your step dad. Does he not have both only aware of navigation on it right and what was his problem. Because he doesn't know how do you bit. You. Yeah and you don't you don't get so frustrated sometimes but I mean you might even if you could you only in the picked Jerry you know half of what I want to become the work. But he's had I mean like scorpion incident naked man and the then. Bucket and couldn't do it says. So she's cleaning house and Anadarko comes walking through their house naked. No she cleaned the house but the really old guy who's really curling. Iron and sometimes I get her to forget that you're gonna go and he's just sitting at the table eating completely naked. In July and if you just like oh good morning and didn't like how I really cold here appear at what he doesn't even bother to get up and go put anything out like he'd get if there. I was just so happens I wonder if he doesn't on purpose Kazak it's kind of a thrill for him to watch your mom and little teeny tiny mom's reaction you know I actually hope that's the case kissed is that what happens at a certain you start eating I. Just I don't alone I'm gonna hope that he's like a little bit of a permanently attached only a few extra inner. Well you have probably but we know unfortunately it. Be apathy he's he's getting up there and anything is yet a lot of things that I think he forgot to put it and both are under Eric. So it if you want to Bob bomb aimed forty years or whenever Al putter reminder in my phone and every morning I'll text you insane. But I saw sure under which your underwear on Pitt now this morning I can tell you visit your slice so I don't get this if you are tears I'm. I'm heading that way how to keep her opinion here I think they were real estate. Wild west show I would watch tax on other people's houses. So we got like a character like your mom is such suit obviously as she spicy and tiny and she goes and she's got to deal with the other. Or I hope that your stepfather has something going because. A man who can't find each. And this drastic and address where his wife is and in small town that he's lived in June 35 years now when you drop. How old he probably has our third lakers absolutely amazing actually being zero. Am married my mom and I don't know but maybe your mom later in Merida steadiness waiting your theories right now and I really did not Wimbledon there's a program. And luckily it. Better than the first. Star uses his the first attack the net. That felt all right let's doesn't holes. And let me show you right thank you story ADD ODICHERI. Agent Bob I feel I guess I thought they say don't. Let's let's talk about now. What happened on Steven called their last night Brad Pitt was his ghastly call where does this thing called big question is an even bigger stars and it's just really do Sheikh armed they should around and they they have deep philosophical conversations. And Brad Pitt was on very charming. Less land and Calder. Brad is Brad is trying him. Kinda get his life back together the he's getting out there EA skim up there he's got a new movie to promote so here we go. Think humans are basically. Also kind of chilly. CNN was voice. No answers. No meaning. No way to construct coherent some swirling chaos. Announced that cloud kind of looks like Sean Spicer. Do you think mess now. Underlying structure of the universe. I'm not sure. Numbers are the underlying reality the one thing is absolutely. Here's solid day. I wanna seem desperate. All right so you can kill Hitler. Married today and moving. Pass card so we're just about five minutes ago so I can change this season. It's pretty good I let's say had a Bridget shelling favorites that you've been waiting hydrogen. Our somebody in your lights should have a reality show who is and why give us an example. Yes I guess is that I work at a house as a rule and everybody on the street calls it crazy how. And it. How about appearances for closure and and bear arms Ayers is believed to own a house she 45 years old. Mean who lost their hands on I would have been not what. But he's forty I don't know all the raw power kids and her husband and he's now dating a nineteen year old. Yeah the twenty years. We've got my job. And says it has come over there aren't there eating in the is that it is but they've from people who live upstairs. And the they're like few incidents heat over that she really is like they're pressed children but she evidence you eat. Good. But. He. Are there are the people upstairs allowing them to live down there I mean when what are tomorrow. They on the. Her. Attorney says it has been well armed but people who are not here until I work for peace and they have three hit. And. The people or you little bear it seen her boyfriend he nineteen not to fight with her ex boyfriend appeared to be. And that caused a lot of charges and bad cop left and right for the past maybe month and a half now. And I say everybody but now on the street law school and there's been cops that all of your husband who ever again. Or me and it's a reality show it is called. Cops yeah yeah yeah that's true while. I wonder why they are allowed to sleep. I just have so much and fifteen because I'm pretty sure I'm my old house we were known as the crazy how. That's a make almost a hundred put up and sure enough yeah no I'm not cops but one of my neighbors once stopped me on the street instead how many children do you have. There's how many barrels of. Did to each dish. C dish and the bottom insured podcast is brought to you by scandals the world's leading all the time. Elusive company yeah. Eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words. It doesn't vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazing doing great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. And 65%. Off for sandals it. Call 8889125159. That data leading time 125159. Back for the podcasts. I see. It was an unnecessary dot com my Q. You can't get. Didn't. 200 Guinness book of world records are records and onetime top. Tell the record for the lowest on records in the Guinness book broke records yeah. If you remember ash treated just landed his latest spy in the Guinness book. I'm putting out more matches with this tons it's any other person security is on the line with us today and I sure Furman welcome. Oh. We're very excited to talk he NASCAR. And how much your latest record on what made you decide you wanted to hold the record for extinguishing the most matches. Which your own time. Well you know I I'd go through the mcginniss book and their web site just looking for things that I can do. If you might say it's my passion in life to break Guinness records. So any idea how it's negative it's not DIA admits but he noted challenge to it obviously each and married since I mean you during your time. They're not so it actually fastest in the other way and let me have the rules set up. You know you have to the director was there he so it's what every few seconds and so and I managed to take care of the ladies 37 in the minutes. I'm putting juju that I mean how much your strategy yeah how long this new. I immediately did these certain it's just like a lot of other records that I do I mean you got us. Practice has obviously edit together the fastest way to do it. It's if if I would if I were putting up matches on my tongue I wouldn't practice. I would. That's because you're not a champion you're talking even though you're right now I know. What I was wondering mistreated is what we were speculating on who was I there you have the world's greatest pain tolerance or and I say this with love and not judgment. You're kind of on the Julie's side you know excessive saliva. Is that not the case. Now they had very and I mean I mean I do have a very high pain threshold but you know it's more like. I had I see it going am I mean into the challenger Vedeno a study medications have a teacher and teach in more aid to Egypt it's. Not a flashy self transcendence here that we have not skittish sort of unlimited power inside of us. Then you know I try to use that the media know that the match. You know distinguishing it is kind of betrayed you know dumb. I'm gonna go I don't know athletic things as well you know I run marathons just laying against Ford rolled continues toward roles I mean I'd I'd have to have the record stirred. And most jumping jacks and tweet or are there had to climb the highest compliment I still. Yes so it's all part of my passion and then get this is just another way I've got sort of challenging myself. How how has it been a benefit to your life to hold all of these records. I mean it's I mean I would I would say that benefited in doing it it's in the it's in the practicing it and doing it in the challenge haven't beaten in over in that setting a goal in achieving it. If I mean man it's not like. I walk around thinking you know I'm the guy with the most records so I mean it's sort of like the experience I've read and then he's going to the next one. Well we know about the obviously we know about the latest our record with two matches and were also we watched the video review extinguishing blowtorch to switch your tong maxis. I can't really great. That when he showed that he's got a different level actors say. Because you know that's it's that's a thousand degrees and you know you'd you have to be really careful and quick. How does that work how. How many blow torches did you put out and how did not just burn your gums off. Well it's I don't think it's 47 animated motion the minute. I mean you need to technique you know you've got to sort of re really fast get your tong. Over the flame. And you know didn't come off the oxygen to the flame and you do you know you Judy instantly I mean it's. To detect meter and I yeah you do get burned no matter what you do get burned. How much does that hurt. Eric and how long did it feels facet we didn't. I feel very fast. You know I guess it's sort of you know protection that the body has an innovative if you chunks. If you turn the mid bird and then you can. Has this how helpful to you meeting women. And it now I don't know why are you shouldn't out your 'cause I got I got it might be so impressed by you. Press play guy got to do going up not the highest moment in the world on stilts and putting out. Blow torches with your with your opponent what does a guy and that guy did not immediately. That might go that's not my motivation you know. If the guy I'm assuming in the club and said hey they common blowtorch tone I would you've got my attention pressuring you know what did Harry you something. Don't some of the other records that you holt. Just kind of run through them. Irish. I mean there analysts put CME and actually you have to look at a list of some of those attempts to have more than 200 content. I have the fastest marathon skipping without ropes but like kids skipping. If I were behind. That massive six hours I have I have about. Really trying to record for the fastest mile topping your reputation back. And I did that actually in Mongolia. Region against the U act. When we get there yeah there is really exciting actually beat you act but I put it to bed. Now somebody must be that developing a movie about your life. I don't know it's really not that exciting yes. So I praise you blow torch is now what you're told what is your definition an exciting. Yeah I know I read I've actually inside America and every country that they do the fastest monopolistic Antarctica that was really kind. There's the plane landed I get a free flight. They haven't Argentine air force plane. And that we had to do the whole record you know measuring the mile doing the record any getting back on the plane and in Paris half. Could subpoena the pain can't stay on the ground you do wrong and it is really exciting. So what I if I do this all pitchers to the movies company in the aides say that's a nice stored to does not that many visuals national turning. I don't look at yeah I seen one yeah well I'm sure to determine read this sign your lights you very exciting I would go to bed moved. I'm at whatever happens we're gonna support so good. A lot of would you next record. Luck and thanks for talking Joyce and these are okay Sharon got a great hey thank you used to eat. Yes get a video sacked Brees threw ninety some sort of television show stuff. We would say he's he's from the bachelor and not only sky what's gonna tell. Hey maybe somebody's listening we'll hear it then I'll go hey that's blowtorch to do I hope he gets video. It's gotten share. Robin thick. Singer and his brother Brandon. Going to court. 000. Protect these stadiums and don't fix it father I forgot that he passed away he was fairly recently test just a few weeks ago he was he was young. Armed they're trying to protect his state from Alan fix widow. At least that's their side of the story Tonya. Mary Allen in 2005. And she signed to pre nup. But now that he's gone she wants a bigger cut and the thick boys say Tonya has threatened to quote make clear claims father. For a tabloid publicity unless. They meet her demands. So they filed a lawsuit in order to quote honor the memory of their father protect his legacy and prevent. Intentions. From being undermined by Tonya is overreaching. On his lawyers says the fix are the ones causing the problems because the refused to enter into mediation. With her. Well they don't want to go into mediation they want their father's money he. And mediation. Why would you go into mediation if you have a pre nup you know that's that's letter of law all right. What is wrong with people. The man is barely dead then and this is what have benzene and she's been married him for twelve years. And now you're gonna come and do less calm mind. Are are you saying the boys are wrong I don't know who's wrong here but. The fact that you would have this drama and that's your late husband knows his children you know that's the woman that your dad's been married to for the past twelve years com. All I want to what was in the pre nup. I'm wonder what she gets. Guide people are awful one of us to just a little bit of money yen. Well let's throw more than a little bit but still that week OK after you get that money. How does that feel how do you feel about yourself and then was it worth it. Yeah he was whether twelve years so my guess it's a substantial amount of money. Forty million doses this is his estate is a stated it. You know how were split up. Who is a lot of weight you can split it evenly in third so I guess. We don't know the. None and we what portion of that might have been life insurance or whatever and you don't know that they're if there was a writer that went along with a that said. At this point after five years you get gas much after ten to twelve after fifteen. I pushed up tree knobs that had those Hilton on escalators escalators and religious thing because it's kind of linked to marriage version of wheel of fortune or something if you could just hang on to. Sure you're gonna get extra it gets where it's kind of like gay defined benefits program yet we with a retirement program it's you know if you work for company for two years okay here's what you get you were there for thirty years are gonna get a lot more like well I hate this guy but if I can just hang on free cash or months or you don't think it might raise our. No sign that goes on. Without it out there goes yeah yeah. There was there was deviated divvied up it was it was broken thirds. Yes between the kids and the wife told com mom is also report that he's worth it. 400 billion dollars US sounds like a bit much that you know if you look at what he's done a double what he's made a lot of money over in Canada yet. Where's that he was like to the gives a talk show Johnny Carson of candidate years and years ago. So they're not content with the third of forty million dollars don't know she's not she's the one that wants to go into mediation and she wants more. She wants more than a third. The boys the boys are saying no this is the legal documents we're gonna go with this. Boy act he knew. I wouldn't keep those are my husband's children and you know there's no way that I wouldn't I could. Third and scored I don't I don't wanna okay wish I'd be all right with the. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love for you to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Sorry just. The money I guess. I mean we're definitely dividing and on into a society. Of the really big time haves and the really big time have nots. Los Angeles some LEX has just opened a luxury terminal strictly for the rich and famous me tell you about this place. First of all you have to it's a membership thing it costs 7500. Dollars a year to join. And for every flight ET. If it's a domestic flight you pay an additional 3500 dollars per flight. If it's an international slate you pay an additional 4000. So if you were to join nest you're upfront costs right out of the top. Would be on 111000 dollars to fly from Los Angeles to New York is only two cities in America or there could support the so here's some here's what you get. Great you get your own dedicated TSA security line. You get luxury suites three to wait for your flight. You're driven directly to the tarmac in a BMW seven series Sudan. You're guaranteed to never have to take more than seventy steps between getting out of your car and getting onto your flight. Complimentary pre flight massages and hair and makeup services. And all of that I can be yours for 7500 dollars a year and then an additional 3504000. Per flight. Some people with six with a lot of wealth. Will never even have to see the grubby on on wash stage as the rest of us even at the airport you. Know who this is perfect for somebody Jennifer Aniston Nicole Kidman I was going to say. I I was gonna say what is this tool here but but think about this remember when you and I were at that New Jersey airport what's the name of it again. He neck. We were in Teaneck New Jersey New Jersey but the the name of the airport and it doesn't. I forget you know I'm Doug trumps plane was on the O Turkey natural snow was. Got to start CNN. Met Ted Turner and you went over and so looked at all these private jets yeah get go to their fur and then the people going to New York says Peter Borough Peterborough Peterborough. So yet and all of a sudden here comes Nicole Kidman. And and Tom cruises jet in Tom Cruise is jet and she gets off the plane and she is like a bullet straight ahead not looking to decide. And what that's all about is a don't make eye contact with anybody because you're gonna see much they'll like my movie you're the one that autograph or picture whatever she gets into a lack. SUV and all she goes so if you're start and you really hate having to go through LEX because of all the paparazzi. This is perfect maximum suddenly dishes for the rich and the famous. But we really were really really at a point now where. You are one or the other there's not a lot of the middle is not a lot of middle class anymore and not a lot of the mental. There are people who have a private luxury terminal the airport and then there are people who can't afford to get treatment for cancer. He's not alive. Did you. It's change in Americus change for sure I can remember growing up you know I talk about north haven Connecticut like it's this little village but. It's it's not a really quaint. Village there there wasn't much there. But down the road in North Haven there's a giants Sikorsky aircraft facility. And it's 5 o'clock every day you would see just a stream of cars and they were all going to these modest brick houses. But you know these guys they were unionized and they had a retirement plan. And it's 55 they were done and they were taking care of the rest of their life and that is not yours so it doesn't exist anymore. And a lot of those manufacturing kind of jobs like when my pop pop. Retired from the navy he worked briefly for Campbell's soups stuff just because he's Dolly key was too young did not. No work now and then he died very young so he didn't get a chance Stephen experience retirement. But it works for Campbell Soup and the job that he was a supervisor Ross. This job all those people that work there have been replaced by automation you know so don't even those jobs not isn't good job and. With cash benefits and everything I do namely that lived in Philadelphia and they worked for Campbell Soup tuna under a lot of job. Jobs and our jobs out. That there which they put a little more chicken in the chicken noodle soup in them. That's that's like from thirty years ago and that should you be seeing their they're simply Lee yeah its it's a lot better they even in the red and white can. 'cause there's Tina Campbell has like multiple Campbell's like America does have a class decided to the C red white Q and. He's he takes your chance. But circuit not to Campbell's lake home style or men there's one it's sort of like say a gourmet thing it's going to be. And about another one even beyond that yet Campbell's arch is an old kitchen in her whatever. The whole Chucky you know the whole chocolate thing was it's like a you got plenty of media in the if the original one but I. Think maybe semi elected chunky sort of what it is is there's more music what they've taken it up yep. Big thick ended up at odds. I spent two years left on Campbell's chunky soup I lived on Campbell's tomato soup for about a year right out of school does. If they need to chill he was the attraction. Who doesn't remember that was first came out games like this lumberjack. And if I'll assured me was like you've got a hearty appetite and you need all parties Zune and I know I translate hardy. But in Greeley. If you're. Mark Macinnis you defeat ended groaned and it's gotten. That I listing earlier this morning just some of the clips from the reboot of the your Roseanne's show dad's coming back to ABC and what they. They didn't do those weren't the clips of the reboot it was. On some of the greatest moments of the show and oh day oh okay. Are you because I heard some of them while we were he's in a song and I thought it was pretty funny what are they gonna do have you heard what they're gonna do about the problem that John Goodman died. On in the title character died pudge says he's gonna have faked his death. Because we only get to teach channels that the house right now on day 47 know what kind new TV. Hello fellow pioneers she just seemed like the sort of woman that would take you back a few tricks your death well that might be the drama of the show but because we only get those two channels we do I know watching a lot of reruns rivers and linking don't come home late at night watch and ups sober for a crash. That's show. Was so. So good. The episode I watched last night I know it's nice thing no it's not that is just the the whole fake the death thing that is the episode I watched last night Dan numbers and Jackie baby sat the kids in Dan and Roseanne went out to dinner. At a pretty fancy restaurant for Lankford where they left right and here they were a little bit dressed up and they ran into. A woman. Like I am a a friend a couple that they knew except the couple had gotten divorced and the woman was found on a date. And this triggered Dan and Roseanne talking about their own marriage and would anything ever leave them to get divorced. And it was. Very slimy but. Such rich room looking into a marriage can and and there are they were on the deed and because they don't get to go out very much much less without the kids. There was that little bit of awkwardness she but at the end of the episode. You what you felt lies. These two people I have made a commitment to each other and it has been anything but easy but they genuinely really do. I just love each other they've really like each other in this marriage is gonna go the distance in heat and watching it I Shia. This is about as good as a sitcom gets it and break here all of the characters is so clearly defined the writing is a plus plus. But even beyond that there's a depth to it. That that makes it and here's the. Well I mean it just goes to show you apparently it's a center right on his career writing angry characters and on those actors are what made those characters may be may be gullible his faking his death could go like this she agrees. That he should fake his staff. And maybe it's for insurance money there broker whatever won the lottery though it won the lottery and I don't know I mean if you just took off because he didn't wanna be with her. I don't I don't see how you bring him back into I don't think it's that he didn't wanna be with her arm in the lottery episodes which I've also seen just recently. Thank you. He's Dan is lost without his job as hard as his job was and as difficult as it was to keep food on the table. His work gave him a sense of purpose seems bizarre advertising or a Dennis Dennehy and it still does ours and he's. His age he's uncomfortable in these episodes after the lottery when he's uncomfortably pull being big guy at the card game with the money. He's uncomfortable giving work to his friends. He's he doesn't know what to do to Phyllis to east OK so lost his sense of self select remember when Marie Osmond after she had a baby became very depressed and just went off season and nobody could find her body was so worried about her may be it's one of those things exactly yeah that see that maybe maybe. That would be maybe a little harder for what may divers and shows so epic wise. You could find yourself for your family in those character Susan in some fashion it it's a little harder to relate to. Oh you have to zillions and you're you're sad. General sense of purpose it's gonna Alter the harder I think it's gonna Kamal downtown writing you know speaking of writing. Martin family wraps up. This week. On the most there season from a few episodes behind yeah so you are infants from. The Eagles this is so also show business news. It's this kind of venture sing it's happening more and more the Eagles are going to be touring. Fans. They are going to be doing. A gig we is deacon fried who is Oakland tries son. He's replacing his father. On this tour there was tension still doing it to weaken gig this summer fifty classic quest at Dodger Stadium. And also appearing will be Fleetwood Mac Steely Dan the QB Brothers journey and earth wind and fire. That'll be interesting is right you wonder if he's got a voice that similar to his father like Julian Lennon sounded just like John Glenn Kenny played guitar I have. Can you imagine they would be happy marriage she didn't I think so too yes not a publicity stunt Eagles fans whenever a bunch of that's true. Threatening message.