The ODD speak out.

Wednesday, February 15th

Today on the Bob and Sheri show:

Hour 1:

The little general gets knocked off.
Know your national anthems.
Scar Jo thinks marriage is not natural.
Morons in the news.

Hour 2:

Diatri celebrated love at the Waffle House.
Guys that end up at Darker Shades.
The Odd unite on the Bob and Sheri show.
Kelsey is living without any running water.

Hour 3:

Alexandra is odd because of her obsession.
The man in the woods is odd.
Greg is odd because he numbers his socks.
Kelly is chowing down on the pig snoot.

Hour 4:

Alanis is ripped off again.
That's no runway.
World's most honest obituary.
Who's your favorite comic?


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Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought chief today by USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter 299537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. Leave it there football player you're torturing me I'm just a man and sharing so you've proven big boy it really is so much about. Broadcasting from the palatial Bobby Jerry studio. Spotting Shari. Already nice to be here this morning I thought this was so bizarre when I heard this news yesterday. The evil dictator of North Korea king Kim Jong new. His half brother. Was murdered just fight to win them. Who evidently worked agents from North Korea. He was waiting to fly to Macau which it is but gambling urea in China. And a series in the airport in these two women came up and it's. Something in his face that killed him. I didn't even know we have this half brother. Guys been described as a Playboy. Kind of a Playboy. And has nothing to do with the evil dictator and evidently Kim Kim Jong knew the evil dictator. Was worried. That's some people. In North Korea would get sick of him and then call upon. The half brother Kim Jong Nam. To takeover. But the guys did now. And you know that the brother Kris dictator is responsible totally responsible for. And it was something like it was a cross between. And James Bond and Austin Powers kind of yeah assassination women just came up I don't know if they had some poison on a on clay or. This arrangement and it was in a syringe with Soto us that was what is that what you saw yesterday that's our site. The play clock thought there was a cloth over the resources toward I always that they shot something out of a syringe Adam and I thought my god this is like out of darkness hoping I know hole. That's the DM to stay civil so he went down in the airport and they took him to. Let up like a clinic area and he was still alive and then they called for an ambulance and I think on the way to the hospital you don't it. Com. So there aren't goal was fed to wild dogs sultan and now that sent to a family to be end. Talk about a guy I was some insecurity. They cease connect because their brother was very critical of Kim John yeah from the bit that the brother loves to gamble and loves the ladies. And he drinks quite a bit too he just goes he goes so all over the world mostly Malaysia Macau. Forget where LC and Saudi more cannot and does or doesn't make you want Singapore to what's going on why now. This vicious amnesty rift has been between them for a long time so why it what's the new paranoia. Will there is new paranoia there have been rumors that. The some of the high ranking officials there about had it. With little Kim and they wanna change didn't but he still he's run an anomaly and test the missiles. That could turn of sensibly down the road of California. I come. International government and politics and all that sort stuff. Has always been a little bit cart TV if you think about it I mean Putin who writing pare back on horse on the beach it's. There's some cars truly unusual that there's some cartooning ass next to it Castro in some ways yeah that's true if a cartoon figure in the warlords and Africa and and Marcia died and we fed it's not like we have an had play any of cart teeny characters. Moammar Gadhafi Gadhafi he's the ray with the beret but look what. What happened with this man's with. Come John's brother is right out of a James Bond it is it is tough that's eggs you know that's exactly what I thought about. I thought about there were two female characters. In this one James Bond movie. And thumper and forget what the other ones. A nickname was. And he worked hole. Statue ask women who were evil list can be and they get in a big fight with James Bond citizen her two women came up the murdered and a photo. The other one that's she saw on cash. Eight it my shirt when this story hit my niece she ended up our enemy number yeah when Spitzer wouldn't. This story here I lose speed I had under her effectiveness I'm looking than I am reading the news on my phone and came across and they. I backed up and I read it twice and because the first pass I thought oh million eat eat it sounds like to. Ninja girl assassins took him on an airport and kept you right then I went back and ready to chemist exactly what app and it it. Actually is more Austin Powers because the guy's an international Playboy it is under a Moeller and there's two women to take him out he was once known as the little general when he was a child now has mother was a huge 1960s. Career in film star that's that's the them. Chris I'll go with that arm but one of the assassins one of the ladies was wearing a T shirt that said. And I'm so I mean it. LOL. Oh. They closed circuit TV camera that the Daily Mail has pictures from now she's steaming at the terminal and on the T shirt in big black old letters. It says LOL. On the planet earth has just jumped the shark completion. Lunatic are lunatic somebody to talk to Saddam or somebody posts it on my FaceBook while. OK that's it I'm ready for the alien overlord to come back home week we show we can't be you know in the did you hear what happened with the young German and American. Tennis teams in Hawaii. I got I got some about it next hour bug us enact this is obvious share. Audio clips I guess all I thought it was Jerry dot com I was getting some new site yesterday afternoon. I just couldn't believe his story the women's US national tennis team was hosting the German. National women's team in Hawaii one of the islands in Hawaii. And so be introduced the Americans you know with the the star spangled banner. And then they introduce the German team and as they walked out they heard the German National. Anthem from. The Hitler you're. Yeah. Yeah the Nazis area era and 01 of one of the players said. I was so stunned because it says things like Jordan and use the best no country managers of Germany is the best. And she said this has shaken me to my roots I don't know what happened to one or whatever but. How does something like that happened that's that that is sixty years old that piece of music. This is the appointment conversation more right inner Jack that the Internet is amazing but you can use it for more than to figure out how to give yourself a smoky eye shadow of a community IA. I am not saying that that was deliberate. I think I look really Q how did goes on to get that song. Maybe it was an American who didn't speak at five German old and I Google German National Anthem. Do German national and analysts who comes up. I think due do you like Jeff Skilling added. He had to go feud down in the Google search to get to that will if you wanted to throw your competitors off I mean that would be one way to do it. We don't have anything that even resembles something like that I don't think somebody was that. I don't diabolical elbow or die out I don't think so we either I think they did speak German indeed they found. Possibly on the Internet that's so I'm the point in the development of our species were I'm not sure Max which is worse. That you did it on purpose. Or that you're that stupid if you know is if you did on purpose there's some there's turf for brain cells crashing into each other Macon sparked fears that but if you are that stupid. I don't know the result is the same either way. It took votes stupid some woman in Texas tried to bring back 22 pounds of raw meat in her luggage from a trip to Vietnam. Everywhere. I don't know superhero comedian in your purse you know I concede that you know she had tasty Asian food but. Sweetheart that's a long flight you can have that in your in your suitcase which you find about the German National Anthem was there anything and. Well if you do YouTube search you can if you type in German National Anthem the first three videos all are the German National Anthem today but a bolts they say this. Right underneath it says German National Anthem in parentheses 1822 through 1945. Present a person's first career contemporary first three art contemporary and as a matter fact. The first one has it where it has subtitles so you concede. In English what the whole with the lyrics are are still showing like this was a mistake of sheer stupidity the first the first three you can see the lyrics yeah what a well one of the first the very first one it has it has subtitles on so you tricycle and I don't know first read our contemporary and the fourth I. One down is clearly mark now let's let's let's be out I have listened to the quality so I mean that could be the issue too they probably could want gunned down a couple of people don't. Know anything about history these days you know and that's working out for in the I think and that's how something like this happen to work now I mean there are some folks you know they find it to be more than I do iPhone to be very uninteresting but all of Bush's stump you get somebody who's. I had no connection or interest in learning about world war two and they see that it's all the same to them didn't notice not see it is. My my one daughter she's trying to decide whether she wants to take a class called a push its AP US history. And that the end of very if you pass the AP Sammy get college credit for great nice and she's like ice. I've heard that they've pushed so hard it was just so art link well sweetie I am an important look look at it this way. It's country's only been around few hundred years how hard can you've beaten I mean a lot of that you know. No okay could you grew up here it's not like it's what's offensive. And it's it's knowledge come again only got I took I took a year of European history in college. Those folks have been around for quite a while there's little nod to memory because you're so much alert went unbeaten team surprising how much more interest in the world does if you have some context and some background no I don't. Gary NAFTA was so much more adjusting if you know lick of difference between. German National Anthem in the notch well oh here's the thing the guy that played determine National Anthem he didn't heed him play he saying it. He's saying that he got the wrong lyrics he looked up the wrong he was our. Carlo opera singer to quite a bit of effort winning here won't you know let's go stupid discovered a better heat and who wish this expression is all he's doing alert I'm going stupid. We'll score still oh my word of and that's sings at the net and that's where we are we're relieved when someone's just stupid confessed. This. Think that's true though. Paul thank god there was still OK there was no evil intent yeah at least you and good and stupid yeah yeah relief Rondo. Plants love election night I can't. The world are waking up there. Sherri good. It is so much for listening to the. Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I say. I'm sorry I thought so you know how when sports teams served. Have a big championship very often the mayor of one team will bet the mayor the mayor one town well but they're gonna tell right. Well armed. In Georgia on. The Georgia zoo Atlanta had a bet against Rhode island's Roger Williams park zoo or been there even know Roger Williams sparks who. Welcome Georgia is Georgia zoo Atlanta loss to bat because Tom Brady and the patriots won the Super Bowl and the bet was. If the patriots win the Super Bowl zoo Atlanta Haston name and baby animal after Tom Brady and if the falcons were in the Super Bowl Roger Williams park zoo would have to name a baby on the left to their quarterback well. We all know that the patriots won the Super Bowl. And so George zoo Atlanta had a cough up on their back and they did make good on F. They named a brand new baby Madagascar are hissing cockroach. After Tom Brady Camilla hall. The other. You are really in the spirit of the vet the country's us these things slipped two to five years and they're gigantic and they're loud they're Russa oh my god there's so we're fine. So there was a family approaches so they named the first or roach Tom Brady. And then they named the other roaches Mike Carroll Gregg Marshall Peter John and Cindy and Bob country. That's the Brady drives. Also in in the news is pretty good Scarlett Johansson is getting divorce from her husband French term journalists I think is Siemens. Our Roman dar reacting or that she gave an interview Playboy she said my monogamy is unnatural. Did you hear about those you said this morning actual should quote I think idea of marriage is very run manic it's a beautiful idea and the practice of the can be beautiful thing. But I don't think it's natural to be a monogamous person. I might be skewered for that I think it's work it's a lot of work and the fact that it's so much work for so many people for every one. The fact of that proves that it's not a natural thing. Well amended does take work to keep emerged going for years that I chose a path for apple to be monogamous. You can don't think I I think you have to work you can't take anything for granted I don't. OK these are two different things I don't Tietmeyer relationship for granted but I have no problem being monogamous to my has been like I've known interest in -- angry I know I agree with. Now you have to work at the relationship you and when people say work is he you have to work mining coal. You have to pay attention to and make it a priority. Feels better to meet the same work but you have to guard you have to water it and realized yeah. You wanna have a garden but the idea that every single day I'm like can still go to that tipper and still you could go to zipper elements struggle with at all. Then well I've never had a problem with monogamy either Chris I don't look like to male version Scarlett Johansson. I mean she just walks into a restaurant and every guy there wants to be quicker maybe yeah maybe it is harder when everybody that you come across is throwing themselves down two and a and that's what I was thinking about when I read that article is it because she knows I mean she is famous rich and she's very very very beautiful. Is it because she knows that you know there's always someone else out there. While there you know even if you're sugar burn mama Jean there's something else out there. As they have both amply demonstrate its sugar bear got married last week. And momma you smell it decides to teach you know better shoe size for a camp for amber or. You have you seen any pictures. It's it's going to be hard it's going to be a big reveal on the mama Jeane TV show winners that come on mommy June from not. Tell high is the name of the show February the end of the month. Irish and it came as government where bad things she. Does she have surgery I don't even know but I think the premiere of momma Jews from not to hire teachers sugar bears wedding I'm just gonna be on some more action. Stick to your it's you know. First of all mama June into and a size four plus sugar Burress when he hit it's far ridge. If you go watch that you know what can we tell you something out there. You were not a true America gets this Super Bowl video I could sit at its surprising is after she was involved with a child molester. That you as any career at all which is why on the promo they're very careful to say I'd say good bye to bad food embed men. So they're doing that I'd try to help soften that you yeah. We live in a world where. Mommy June. Can do pretty much anything. And be paid to be on TV I thought momma June's ride was totally over like two years ago. But she'd be you know what. Take this that came up with a way to repackage her and she America's dirt land of second B and third and fourth chances and. And a pan I agree with Tito I think. It's it's a lot to ask people to not to need for that 2 fisted when am Tom Watson. To momma June Jewish I completely yet she didn't want to sugars were digger servers writing months months now. And just. You know why she went to shocker burst whining because she got paid to go to server there's writing yeah that's true. Because they based and I think that sugar prayer sugar bear had only been OK the fact that I know what I'm about to say. Is the source of so much you know for me that I have. I'm gonna have to go home. Sugar reared his new wife Jennifer were only dating for ten months before they got married and I think their wedding was accelerated by this. The offer of a paycheck to be on TV. Get married a momma juice from not to hide and we'll pay you and I'm. I'm almost certain that that's how went down do you disagree. The sugar bears seem like kind of a minute returns and ask yourself. Nobody is aged she hit her for sure sure burqa and shutting down there. Laura is in the news is next and we are no one to talk obviously gets prime minister. But scary good. Card and here we go on 27 year old guy was driving through you talk. On Sunday. And he thought two cars were following him so we pulled over at a rest stop and he called the cops when they showed up they can tell he was on something so they searched his truck. And the ended up finding some pride and 36 pounds of nephew that he was hauling. Apparently he'd ever been smoking potter doing met Willie was driving and that's what got paranoid. It's not clear if anybody really was following him or not. When they ask for resides even gave them a passport or turned out to be fake. There's still try to figure out what the guy's real main news and of course he's face and a lot of charges he was so stoned he's got 36 pounds of meth in the car nieces. I'm a little bit and get the police and little paranoid. But the solutions only. Hold to the police to calm. And that's when you can't structure and forget there is real. Are more on the big day today it's 52 point year old Daniel mark Casey so let me tell you what happened with Daniel. I'm Daniel got into his pickup truck. And he was wearing a pair sweat pants. And so sassy pink lingerie underneath that and he got real real real drawn. And he drove into an intersection. In Pittsburgh. Plead his pants and sweat pants pulled halfway down his leg and. Parked in the middle of the intersections. Roth and then when she parked willing hashed out in the middle of the intersection. He people called 911 the police came. They found him passed out with his sweat pants halfway down his size women's pink lingerie. His hands and not in the ten in two if you know what I can own it over oh and by the way this vehicle was stole hooked up. So to police. Police whoa ha ha mr. Markey seat and asked him if he had some identification you to which mr. mark Casey replied. How about to leave you your mother's cell believed we believed being bleeping bleep you sing this to the police. The police report notes that events quote went downhill from there Coca ha ha ha ha ha. The way they well. A police search of these stolen vehicle strong turned up two handguns and an open bottle of Jack Daniel's whiskey which was found wedged between mr. mark Casey's left leg in the driver's side door. There's no explanation about the women's underwear that he was wearing underneath his sweatpants good but I have a mug shots but if you'd like to see amid GOP AMD SAT RI dot com to listen. I want to read you his rap sheet and because it's been uninteresting go ahead and and take another blade that admit mustn't you'll have time here we go on for this wind. He was charged with aggravated assault indecent exposure drunk driving receiving stolen property firearms possession making terroristic threats he's been arrested in the past Burke. Drug possession. Endangering the welfare of the child possession of drug paraphernalia assault disorderly conduct harassment public drunkenness. That's trespass and more receiving improper but it is the result is something. He looks like a normal guy though if this guy showed up to your house yeah. To fix the electricity your whatever day you would say yes did you like Jack come on in damned thing looks like normal feeling disk. But he is. He's not a bad news because none of them got on a normal here's. The band hum Frazier. That's the one location not even though. Remember the horrifying story last week about the woman in India while she was sleeping a cockroach crawled up her nose and took residents between her brain in her skull. If well a doctor in China performed surgery on his channel man who bomb had a dead cockroach inside easier now than the man was sleeping the roach crawled into easier and and when the man woke up he could hear a walking around our but he couldn't get it out so he took himself a big goal camera freed. And east created Hindu is here he's pretty great this year. Doctors say don't do that no coach welcome. Back. She knows. And people are. You're right people are getting more stupid don't do that the doctors say Mel he did succeed in killing the rush this. Then you couldn't skidded out at me and have surgery in new. The bottom line is kids in the ten minutes you know don't jury don't steal. And don't story reading your ears a recession so it's more on the menu thank you Sherri and I would like to have Valentine's Day at the Waffle House. And if you don't know waffle houses. Grow through this. 24/7. Records all day long. Smothered him. It's up next. She went. I can there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. I really expensive proposition. Especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox. Stocks small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as twenty to fifty a month and if you own your own business and you are ready to save on insurance call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. Yeah sorry dot com. Yesterday on the show we were talking about Valentine's Day and ninety actually called him. She said they had reservations of Waffle House let's explain to people. In certain parts of the country this until only one more hour it's a very small 24 hour diner that. Yeah serve spread its surface itself besides breakfast but it's famous for serving breakfast in their their hash browns which can be smack scattered smothered coverage on. And a few other things. And it's not everywhere but it's on the side of the road and a lot and a lot of interstates there. Different parts of the country are getting pork chop there it's pretty fantastic and Google goes there are a lot of Waffle House can get really busy in the middle of the night after the bars most rumors often some exciting more runs in the news tonight. If it never happens but imagine the action because she had reservations. Her romantic Valentine's Day dinner Waffle House good morning judging how to pick out. And my name is doing it well. A great night actually. You know we saw we saw. How we saw a picture they had a nice red table Russia. Yeah I'm Lynn end Aaron a nap can men and not Kim. And again and then there's. On the table but I had. Ninety get beat K bill Fuller flower. The big east for a few they are. In a Mason jar so was there a special Valentine's Day. Menu it and LaFalce. I can't thank you can't I can't making it that's different and the where I can alert crease feet plastic because I didn't know that I really had a good. So good so you weren't have you scrambled eggs and Kurds Chile okay. Now now diet are at the bottom up they if they stay at the regular menu available so. What'd you get what did you have for Valentine's day of the lawful. I had collaborate with cheap album fresh ground. 82 inch and walk faults. Man I'm a poet he. I want walking was long through a very nice. Journalist and enjoy it. TI he has he's sound stage. And you know he did you know there's like. It adds what you would expect Kyra well can't. That we don't we finished our meal I didn't finish my awful excited are all very. Elaine. I'm looking at Scher of the soon he looks so happy in the end though Waffle House in person in the background as we're special team cat. Was it crowded and there are lots of other people there. Yeah yeah and they're a very bad couple I know there are when you look at price very excited that she followed it. At a nearby a walk or how to know they list of its and she can expect him to actually. Take care and then and he would she was excited. Yeah how long had the Ku out of prison it. The current. Talk. I'm sorry I'm. You know I. I think that this was fine and I bet it was way more funding if you do need a super expensive fancy restaurant you rise there were some still only mission bomb us yeah iPhone I'd like to. Our room and what I. You know it's very casual immediate community who. There's not formality to it and in your how do the trade we know what to expect Q so an actual. You mentioned and what are that you are walk out or not people are. There was an ambulance sitting in front of they would go right on top spot amid. Hey that's just that's your number ERS our hosts here and now. The judge for yourself don't joy to order what he had. I'm looking at your picture and you're so pretty you such a happy smile on his picture how long have you been married. No we're not married that we haven't you ever it. I don't know we never really Pete Carroll other openly I don't think it's better that way for the club at yeah yeah they walk yeah. It's long you both looked at just you know whether you can we post your got here I'm Waffle House picture up on our FaceBook. It's not uptight we're gonna do that the archery thank you so much for being a listener and we're so glad you had a wonderful Valentine's that the waffled. Oh sure they're thinking right OK I don't take care pastry and head home I saw some funny online we wizard before reason. Have you ever known anyone who it's kinda like to know how long they've been with the judges juices are the same as someone know how old is your daughter. He don't know shots you know I don't for awhile until I might not you know put a woman always there always seem to know. You know she's just really chew stuff so she's she's just a more important things that's exactly road so anyway I'm so some online. Yesterday I mean we left it's that type of guys is. Who get dragged to fifty shades darker why do their. Tiger doesn't ever guys yeah are able do that next I'm sharing. I met Bob sorry dot com. I was on the websites like yesterday postscript problems and they had a thing about fifty shades darker green and laughed so hard. On the guys that when you go to the movie fifty shades darker which is the people's movie critic said is awesome if you're shady. I'm not so much if you're not. The son track is number ones who. Rotten tomatoes gave it would save 6% reading which I mean Serbs there aren't there I BS commercials with higher res can sometimes lead us. Arms. These are the guys that he's seen that the fifty shades darker screening. I'm the guy who's obviously try do make up for drunk fight he came home drunk. Young got into an argument said stupid things now you must pay he's got to go you gotta pay him. The second guy you'll see there is the husband who is now really paying very dearly since football season's over. You can hold four policies and in your woman's like. He can go to one thing with the need to supply and now we can do what I wanted to do older couples looking for a spark and actually when I went to see fifty seats grade the first movie they're alive he saw her a little bit of applications that is that right yet. These guys who's swayed too early in the relationship to be doing minutes. He's a guy who's looking around kind of nervously just make sure there isn't anybody he knows is there an ethanol is also. And nervous wreck about what may be coming up now proof. Is Jackson all right we're movie that's 200 I'm going to do and when your feet when you're just ratings ever seen I'm that's crazy. It's okay and China Manson. Either. As a woman if I just thank you recommend you online music. One that we grab some dinner go to a movie and then you show up we still want oh yeah. And it's fifty shades darker just I am identify music tour. The guy is just way too excited to be there. He's too says he just wants to see something like them he's just really into it and what ever reason he's really into it it after all that's not good should. It. And finally. That kind of weird dude you saw by himself in his sweatpants. Is an eighty. And he signaled by himself mode. And he's really glad to be in the Keenan now this hood but sometimes self and that turn. We wanna win why this is there that much nudity and sex and then those who have never seen one are really really. At least while I can't speak for fifty shades darker Kazaa haven't been forced to CEO pay fifty shades Craig. Was the most un sexy thing I can tell I'm telling you Shelden in Amy's first time hook him up on Big Bang was harder. But nonetheless this thing is Killian of the box office he asked me to over hundred million dollars or yeah I don't get it either. So mean the people who went to the first one they like to be enough to go to this run. And here's all I can say I'm pretty sure Underwood doubled him spin around since World War I unknowing beats it to him there's. This. Current games ago this didn't do very very well on their success on my last week you don't you don't know anybody. Go lose or does. Or use this yeah that's true that's true. There's there's a lot of food we were talking about like grandma candies the other day. And pick candy enough. I don't over the necco wafers how did he stay in business they taste so horrible sleep eating chalk name one time in your life when you've seen someone. Sitting there with a box of Boston baked beans EB I've never seen that Macs every CNET. Now you gated Halloween you some people which is negated a whole week there are certain products that I think are made for the honest. You know I mean who they're made for an end and another bush stood on the. The world then you are you on no I'm not hug community is gonna I did all you know what concerns us. Yeah yeah yeah sir scary. Thing. They do much. You know what I mean. I love Macs. Gun god makes all times. Including people whose taste buds go Mick a waitress there I never they must be here like it's unlikely subject all the good. Leaders necco wafers scratch is that it's that we all sometimes have to eat a piece it's a true. I think it's. A certain type of person there must be enough from the Moody's Boston baked beans Wednesday were not talk about actual beans on the. Real Mary just age possibly as we've stated did not marry. Are you there that are. Do you have a box of Boston baked bean candy. A couple Mladic finished 100 no little tiny box and yeah. Have a lot to get remembering our. Simon and I went. And did some good yes I opened in the war on our own Robin. I will tell you that even with everything that's going on in the world I haven't been this shocked and while I know it. And every night. Bob what's next someone's gonna call up and tell us they buy goober Greek and I've never seen it anybody's house for somebody must marry drive carefully okay. At Lawrence Reid and you sneakers Mary the newspaper delivery. And beyond just. These things going. They don't catch this version I know. I know I'm running behind her every bit as deserving. Listen nobody else recalling beyond. Design it's. Even the word. It's his body. You really EI died inside he's. No word and I. OK this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. I don't feel. So I mean no offense but we're just saying you know oh. Pod people. Keep certain products go. The Boston big scenes and TNT we think it is one of them budgets commented on that it's made for the all right Andrea there's nothing wrong with being paid it is now. Slick you're making your peace something wrong with being up but I nourish you mean. It's just it's interesting because since we talked about as I had to punch it heaped all blew up to going to and I like necco wafers are loved Boston beat Pete are you kidding so we know they're out there weakness we've never actually seen anyone need these things right front right you see. I have to I have to fess up I have to put myself in the odd category I like to say eccentric but is there a difference between eccentric an odd. That's the same thing now I think there is a difference between eccentric and I were you do it maybe there's hope for me yet. Like I go to the same park almost every day with my dog. And I don't have to put on sunscreen every every day you know so I have this golf hat. That is it's like a bucket hat but it has a wide brim yeah. My daughter Alex's we got Shura Tom Sawyer had on today. It's got a big it's white and it has a wide brim all the way around. And anybody's at that park. Look probably looks at me and goes to that's an odd man I've never seen him without that hat. Extension. Okay is that eccentric or extension. It to me. Tom Franciscan priest is soft of home literature great works of literature eccentric is almost always harmless. It odd. Can make you put the lotion on it's gained heat so I think I that's really gonna get the calls and I can go dark on and you think Max. It is oh look he's wearing my goofy he had his pants are on inside I always thought eccentric meant you had enough money to indulge when every year and what do you care yeah. I don't care as you have the money. It it was a guy used to work for the newspaper in the style and he would we're. If the weather was warm he would frequently Wear a white suit. With a straw. Of food or. Old school likes likes like a businessman in Central America Ole miss eccentric. But when you if you're describes someone as old the people on the street and the butterfly collection together and they're nice they're a little eccentric. But if I were to say do you other people on the street who never turn their lights Sandra little iron. T see how it can go gaga go but you can't say earlier all odd people are. Up to shenanigans. No I'm single bit odd you're asking what is the difference eccentric and I yeah. Immediate differences eccentric always harmless I'd could go the other way or if you are among the odd welcome. Please call please call we will we will not. Implied that you have buried a cousin in the cellar or something like that. Eighty Dade POB. A chance for sure that you are hearing capable of it. 888 BO BS OU Ciara I'd go on about you the course I'd food do you eater the odd hobby that you have what is odd way she looked what is it that you go yeah I do that resembled that I had to lifestyles of the this morning. Let's meet Amber's she's joining us and you think you're one of the odd logic there are. I really like doesn't make noise very current and lost leaned. I. She. Exudes a fourth person would come across in the past hour that big East Boston begins we've never seen anyone by memory and. You know what's funny is either talk employee feel that the cash extension delivered newspapers got a letter mail letters. Maybe there's some doubt buy you a little hook up you need to the routine. We're exhaust nuts ray Austin and gives you. Other peanut that we met there in a box so there each theater and their. Self contained say he can beat them why here. Yeah but there's no excuse for necco wafers are sorry why do you want to know all on a licorice flavored disk of chock. Not don't like the workers went and I don't like to think when ticket like that that it won't. What is about the texture of the vibe of necco wafers what is it about the many like. I don't know maybe I am not a kid about a dollar like don't. The only time we ate them as kids was when we were playing on. Massive they would begin the QUA force we will give other mean there's no show loading mean there's no fun lake Catholic school for. What would you Wear your character do you none I was always in not my mom had this crush she'd ponchos thing. And I would put over my head in Macon in my habit. And nom we would think if we were just took her home playing mass we knew like all good Catholic school kids we could do the masts from a heart. All of the apostles creed. You are the litter Gina all of that she's got a different habit now it's cold vodka it's a very different have a. Let's world so it kind of works drive carefully amber. And you see that none of you go yeah definitely blame mass generated by secretly wanted to be an altar boy though. We would literally. Hold up the medical wing first. This. It's my body who could do we could do all liturgy for martyr oh my god so sacrilegious to who don't Obama. Yeah you said you were censoring what I never pretended I was anything other than a weird your owning god I'm an odd number here. Hum hum weird I hate gay people DS HCR I 888. To 67. Tortured every year. Weird Kenya hull of a sudden descendant 055. Gallon drums of assets with body parts of decaying inside them you're. Eccentric. High it is normal new Macs and weirder well we're gonna meet the odd. No that's straight ahead right here and Robin share. Hello my straight top serie dot com Bob based on what's coming in palm via email and our FaceBook. The common share the audience is keeping the boss should PP you can come for me and the black people are looking. Are you keep hitting all loans busted big greens we've never seen it. Maybe either eating them and see career lore we need to get out more to look at. These are the people litter talking eating them. As a kid you're only way that I would be busting big beams or necco wafers. Would be there's nothing else in the house that's key anti bittersweet good advice seed them then I say the I got no choice you've Ernie licked the last item as his putter exactly. Exactly under busted big cards organ meats and people who describe themselves as god I just throughout of people are rob Henry Paulson victories put. Where we got into talking about the odds and we have odd people and self admitted odd people calling him this morning now. Free to talk to a couple of them. And the plus fifteen minutes from now. I'm gonna tell you about someone. Kind of went bad. Our. He's lied can go that way god can go to. Where there was some mitts in central Maine in the woods that some sort of a man who are permanent. I didn't know what it was preferred decades. There has dismissed a that he lived somewhere in the Maine woods but nobody could ever find. All of a sudden they're propane disappear officer porch. All the sudden some clothing that was being hung up somewhere he's gone. Strangers in the woods and he's been captured. And you spare. More and thirty years. As he didn't just check your cousins on my head could be a Shawn disappeared into the mainland united didn't seem tense it's not Sean it's not shot. Your guy's name is what we call on the north plundered. John changed his name is the mob was after him you know maybe that could be you know what it wouldn't be something if that was your cousins on does not know. Exciting let's go to Kelsey LTD HBO BS THE RIA Kelsey Kelsey. Hey Harry I'll. You little you little odd. Well. How are out there and I bet he'd had Belo. How would it be delayed if they're bank did Eliot I had. Little bit of where you know already water like I have acquired Mike we get drilled a well about. Three years ago that I'd tell all locker. Top. Out with a book. But that should tell us that's not usually a choice should tell us why. Well I don't know whenever that aren't as the outfitting your fidelity liquidity or would now or in the water because. I would look. Out there with Libya and I'll put it based out of the Baywatch I'm taking advantage and are buried your key hit they grab and it we act and you know black paint and our daughter out my cool and it NBA again hitting it really where I'm worried that they don't our brand out there are water better finale battle at all. Who would have blood taken a bath or shower. Apparently they're actually I have I would hope that they cannot complete it would come off and nobody could put the bar fairly big. But I did my bit and are able to warm up any little bit out about it and Annika. Or how popular they opened at that point that out. You take a big bucket I mean what do what you know and cops think were cups of hot water or cups of hot water on himself. I have beauty and it kind of know what else I think at that point. Let's just ask him I'm good I'm just seems like a lot of work with my hair it would take me the whole weekend shampoo. Oh I'm Harry edit an outfit like what I doubt I'd. Brit in the horn and it is caught elaborate it I know it is elegant that they give my. I'm mark LAK bit wait and edit and I get where they're able I want that I liked it and I can't but I Olivia and it Dolly like pretend he is not where big so people are very good trip out on it. You are gonna survive whatever just do things I agree. Whatever the future I'm not sure my Dick Kelsey somewhat freer going oh my god cabin or out of LeCroy wander the I am the week Kelsey. And you are the strong you you worry into a time out you're into tiny houses before they became popular. Yes where you're that I help the before they were cool program. They do you have but I guess where's the toilet. Billion pounds when America. Why are up in the windy everywhere in the very very everything went bad. Okay that's how god would live facilities and they end. But I have a great day here that I'll always got to leave them is always real ball. And by the house work. Grade decided to house our little. That's living. It. He should just. She can stand the bottom insurance podcast is brought to you by scandals the world's leading all the time. Luce accompanied his eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. Doesn't a vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazing yeah. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. It's 65%. Opera sandals to. Call 88891251596889125159. Back for the podcast. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps and monastery dot com. Thank god and Greg hang out we're going to be reviewed just a minute to talk to people who admit they're still a little bit on the odd side bears. And speaking of which are Downey's magazines since Jimmy by a friend Vicki in Maine. Every month or. And there was a story that I recall the about a guy named Christopher Knight. Or 27 years Christopher Knight lived alone and the Clinton's stunning wooded can and tiny room named undiscovered. And an edict. He would break into camps camps in other words captains are the people we used during the summer for plenty nurture. Boating or whatever and they're left all alone all the weird war. He would break in and steal what he needed to survive. Somebody would come home to their captain and all of a sudden in one of the bedrooms there's no mattresses. Or the propane is gone. Or there or scratches by the window. And you grew over to check it out. And the latch has been. It's just lying there somebody has been inside your house or erode his mysteriously gone and there were rooms but book permit. People would say I think somebody saw some guy in the woods last week. But then he disappears kind of heat it was kind of like an urgent attention he was like it's real foot he was real. Finally the police went in and did after 27 years did this massive hunt now mean woods are thick. This guy had not seen any talk to anyone and 27 years and they got them. And vigorous attempt and the name of the book is stranger in the woods and down east this month they have an excerpt so that's a guy who is odd but took it. Right to visually she should talk to anyone in twenty she's nine years soon as I remember the story remember when they got him. Is he it was literally like big foot he was a rumor people would see a guy in the woods and then he disappeared. And he had a little lean to and means wigs like great and others to have fetus known me. The manager wind turns. Firewood bewitched or are known him. So she's an oft agreed for 2727. Years she you imagine trying dukes to leave public used to Graham to him and now. And the other things that he would still would be things like clothing and books when they found his camp if on a lot of books people would say we're. That book gun outdoor cooking it's gone it's cool and it was Christopher Knight. Is that something. Each I was looking in my class this morning for the structure and a happy kid trying to do. Christopher Knight and thinking and he would not talk to any media except this one altar and your interest. Yeah his biographer and a lot of support for talking we're celebrating the allied community everybody has something about commits a little allied militia meet Max and we're just straight up weird. They gained eight PO PS HER I 8088 to 67. For 37 what is it about you dogs and four. Are you don't do your. Talking about I'm. A lot about her that I am. Where. Arial color map her. Elect you to meet her director. Max the same thing really good start for you. And I'm contract remember. And I were certainly might. They're old. And reading chair crime orient. And calling you up. Blockbuster and getting movie iron and I'd Batman when you walk around. She. Just I think bill going. Every good and I mean how they. Like every contact. Neal won it and make a promptly out of Parker then you're you're on the brain and then check ever there. Blue in there at that. Commit an act or green ring and he didn't know I have. That order. That ever are whatever without them I think happened. He did yes you not remember the idea how old are now would he know how did you do that that's almost like something somebody brought to. He definitely is experimenting. In new. Yes I say yeah he get wanna kill anybody. Yeah he'll let it is Bobbie that it would air ambulance are continuing our people. Syracuse. Are. Very intelligent. And very common and I knew that aren't making it prudent thing. I'm looking in the mirror because I've loved. And this back to when you're six years old dudes too wouldn't we did Dahmer ever get any kind of success drilling in the somebody's head and putting some sort of Yankee. Then they would live char how you know four or five days but an hour in diet all. Though. How many people did you kill. Our warmest day. Ever he did and it really given number. But. Without the bodies and stuff that he found in the one place he can best Jew before. Number I don't you fill that ballot when he something's. Well you know you're not are you just have this interest in the minds of the criminal aliens sort. We're at twelve people about it but the look at a big help. I knew it didn't talk to live and go. What's really funny about that is doing when you write if you say that you liked it then they assumed that do something seriously wrong with Q now. And whenever I talked about it I get emails or get notes on FaceBook Bebo can. I didn't think I can tell anybody about this but I mean to this too is certainly there are a lot of people because they sell a lot of books and there's a lot of TV shows about the stuff the idea that so our. Captain. Well very happy hump day grew up all listening this morning. And now I know Alexander then I very much I didn't warn you that odd tango darn hidden. We have two husbands that are on. Coming up next to your beat him on the boat and Jerry show but enough about Mary Lacy can't videotape is UB ESP GR I eighty and we're still bringing the odd today would sign about you spartans here. Sheri and Tracy how you deal. Very good this is a butcher husbands. Well I might have impacts we expect here. Up and are on they let there be a bit. Only your kidding what are you Sarah. How well he bat car. Really are trying to I bet you rent the art of Eric in a belt buckle but I don't. If you just joining us she's referring to the camp of this hermit. Who stole stuff from just the things that he needed for 27 years there was a rumor that he was there and nobody could find him. So was was it still intact when your husband found the place. It quickly not that we can't try to tore up our I'm gonna stop was there. It was Jeff bell entered big topic but there currently are I pulled himself out of car it's. Just play here pick up and said you could tell that date and track act over here. And he had. Eric don't matter if there are a bit here put it. What bill Baer. You bet he'd gotten about interest and where. He bit the air base here typically it's pretty accurate delicate yet. He he was leaving here but twenties depth that we permit and turn back around the fact that you could begin. So it was that well CO2 is that his. It repeat that it was unbelievable how big cat. We're pretty much the area where quiet and say they're in. Trouble on the moon because you couldn't see it but is there. The stranger in the woods that's the name. How many. So I can't because I can't every hour with daughter. Is able to fix it or. And Albert fact or any new so we heard all of the story out there are. And back here. Yeah particular account bury it is there. What are their way to start it here. Not there yet there it is spared if I have it here. Are you ready in error here at one point. And he went in robot when you're in a lot. But got to see it drop that the cabinet negotiate that you've got out in Erica I aura. You actually got your record in. Eric I'm air Hubert emerged yet that he took it. He was cookie releasing using her power. Yeah it somebody. Though Eric helping it keep your. That's at apple are you happy helped build it out. Yeah aka our listener Becky who lives there posted an article from local media and they said that some of the people here. He had stolen from some of these camps in cabins repeatedly over the years you know the people got so frustrated that they would leave groceries out for him with a note saying please don't take our other stuff are you kidding. That's so. Rare so hospitable as an added I know some people put out so put cameras up. Do get a game camera did they ever did they ever find him on tape yes they did yeah yeah you can see him some people with the game cameras you can see him peeking through their windows and looking in the refrigerators and stuff at us how spooky is that that your husband. He's he's at that camping he walks twenty feet turns around and it's not there anymore. That was unbelievable he couldn't believe that it. Completely that the. Hear it boom boom that we're really a big would assume would look kind of punishment today going to. Com but I guarantee an Arctic jail a lot of people aren't at target. Even at rainbow bar and I can't pick your Colbert appeared. Dole so many think about what he thought yeah I know. At trying to get it felt there where it cocaine thing. That pet crate it gets labeled offer is that right. Yeah and after it's complete attribute for all like hospitals are battered this but do you think it does here yeah you know score story. This kid ain't got none here. Now dummies magazines got it this this month. All right we're gonna get back to our callers what an interesting story that is tailored to our callers. Well speaking divide and warrants in the news he had this story of the woman bringing in raw meat from Vietnam yeah tell you what was in that. Hey this is Cheri take so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Audio clips I guess your office RE dot com earlier anymore Anthony's father had a story of this woman who. Mom was stopped by customs agents in Texas and traveling into the United States from Vietnam. She was transporting 22 pounds of raw meet you. In her lug it don't like you did how. Let me tell you what that 22 pounds of Romney can't Schumer picturing like pork chops and plastic wrapped an hour now. The heads of pigs chickens seem callous no. You weren't making that up he heads she has big heads inured to it sooner road. Prize that would want you pig had by itself doesn't wait when you do know of anyway the heads of pigs chickens and cows. Meet brains hearts and homes. So. And this public museum of pigs that means on what we last night we were watching bizarre foods with tensions simmered on the Travel Channel. And he was saying that the best part of a pig is its face. Critics okay what ever he was at this one place he was all over there's all over the place eating normally do you believe what you see and faces and stuff. But he went to this one restaurant in Kansas City and anywhere is a serial from Kansas City may notice in which. It's famous for the Kansas ABC news sandwich. And let me tell you what that is all I know what that is they taped the snow out of the pig. And named Dick Cook couldn't pressure cooker and then they boil it they don't chalked it up or anything it's full on snout. Great. And then they put it on like hamburger barn and they slather it with spared custom blend of hot sauce mustard and horseradish. And and then you he you're supposed to eat it but the nose facing basing your first. He'd play in Cuba yeah. Sir all the and answers there instead if you do it right the condiment so come out of the non job. You always. The stop and these other demonize some bizarre cruise last night though I'm still chuckling about. All he was out and I can't remember Georgia maybe. And it was all while it was a bus failed a wild game this family's been eating off the land for generations. And he goes there the cameras tracking down the buffet table and describing this is Redick free V. And this is dear all these other things and gets to this one hand he says this is a sweet potatoes and roast or raccoon. Because. Nothing goes with raccoon like sweet potatoes and the fifth up at my high school yearbook that'd be my senior. Artwork could actually odd now we had to Wear this I Greg welcome to our show and thank you for waiting Greg cowardice music Sandra. Hurt her or the other or we're dual yes you can you deserve we're doing okay are you I encourage you think your eyes. Martin the third waited like good Kurt. We 84 caught my adept. Do we share is it to pursue a. We definitely lieutenant Wilde put up. We have been married five years. Not dated or a year Arctic getting Harry yeah. And probably for our our data our host getting it all out out. Work changing get called auto and Eric are bigger order. Go over the next few months getting married are called targeting low or she bought artwork Kurt. And secretly. Strickland in our eighty oak orchard. You have your. And now being caught in the middle. No I. Sure. We are arbitrary way aren't into it. And there are you sure the guy you Borneo got older and yet very ROO. Related eager. The audio important call what they regret. Your socks. I let her and numbered them like 3083. We know there are on the bottom and she can't ever Peter but it took a look into it got Mary and compartment. As. Such why Greg. I'll Wear ankle gut. Why are you can X and Y the bottom don't go out and do in this year. On the bottom of the vote up or L one. LUR treatment or. Because chi chi and it literally Riordan talks boring. Up could be Elena are our mayor. Eight what is right but it all on the left or right are there are you that it go why in the corner a little Oprah. I just got a great. And I put the numbers are mayor. Are are are a year ago or coming out Omar or organ in the garden. My talks earned their current cherry or not they're no longer together or oracle he. Court. I don't know were up with my socks I I think I could put us a pair of socks on either one of my cheat my wrong. I did you never had the problem that Greg is describing not Greg god doesn't mean it isn't real free and big toes so and you know what you have sent. Little oh yeah that would just drop me you know I did a number keep shapes together after a bit laundry had a bear bit or art or he. Traded you know darker lead wherever they are getting their curry or even though going. Order to keep Russia together. You know I know I will or one of her sisters one of resistor Soledad Elena are on your socks and went. Tutors sister heat heat and those left from right. I know that happened to you Greg behind her back greater use super sensitive to other things like tags in your clues and. That's art. Sure yeah you don't like them seeing ads and in the back and act Garrett. Yeah I hear you under our problem. You should only go really nice pursue and you're not asking anybody else to letters numbers Sox you not impressing anyone does so you go Greg that's fine guard. Didn't expect to dart at batters in our actress Margaret are under bottom area there are below or data recovery. You know and. All our tolerate any criticism of view you didn't try to smuggle a dead pigs head into the country you were breaking in to be okay Gavin you're not breaking into Chapman's you're not turning people Linda zombies as red as a hobby right you all we care about is what little she feel like. This still America Greg I I defend you you know are very different if you ever if you ever get long socks get those tube socks and you know because our orders. Well he doesn't like that sensation on display oh yeah. Yeah thank you Greg. Did you hit the G. As Shea CR IV coming up Kelly loves that pigs cheese sandwich we're gonna talk to her home W. It's tough it's everything yeah. They analyze previews at La serie dot com I know you're more in my ear on the slick and can. Singing classic excuses like I didn't know you Amir I I don't think I can he did that Kelly is here Kelly loves it. Kelly yeah. All that part of the pig she is sandwiched lake on bizarre seuss like the pig snout looking that you're from outside the hamburger bun. Are the picks that look up that you're on the putt out of Abu black African American men. Yeah I grew up on that no I'm not a Kansas City I'm mad at the fairly familiar with that now when it's. But it takes no ads. Had in my life that I can remember our new C. KL ears. How unaware about the texture of when you OK so I've Sheen on bizarre foods are seemed to snoop floating in the pot look you know about I'm. And I seems robbery is sort of looks like it's gonna be dealt it Ferris said it's meaty but I don't know Kelly. I'm eighty I'm not try to put it and I all have pressure cooker because you have that break down again. How how how does it smell. Great. Don't I mean depending everybody's nose. Even bet in now is not out it never have a that would do it imaginative. But they're. I'm lack of bad or burger Mel Bennett as the united this is is not qualified bash is at. Or the black community. Act like a normal game how we make south meager hock it see that a bit. Either way crap. Her father bless all every honestly I don't know all averaging only Buick how high is should. Is ahem what is should have recommended Serb precisely one snow per person. What went out but I had a out of the Allah Allah younger you know I have to out of make it now. But yet you wouldn't cut it that spoke as a kid I would have a now that said I'm up late they were cut it. You know they may have to Xperia bottom in the past swapped bodies in the and I many people any jet you know cut it at -- battle ahead. Of the pig is pretty because nobody wants it and that they backed you know slavery had a woman you know that. Man yeah well that's out a way to make it great actually use and was painless thing on this episode that the most delicious part of the pig is it's you know it's strange. It's just a few have fan hat if you haven't experienced that Alex you do so cultural right it's it is I'm doing what you grow up playing this early exit where you know I had had shipments yes hi I have had tiger I went to the chip and festivals. Once our mind that they have etc. are all yes Salley South Carolina. Lauer. Do you now we cared nothing you're a grown up Kelly now on to the world have you kept beyond old Stanley ways like do you cook. Snouts and in years and stuff. I dot net daily cooks snout and ears. How much does not Africa at a benefit but. What I have I'd definitely have tickets we just had a virus that he's out alive and I actually live in North Dakota and I sell them here flea market has. Although young violence and drew and I see now got tight I can get next to that off Olympia zero hocker whenever I'm with green beads. But if I'm according here aura so clock at lick its ankle. A pig ain't a 60 yeah I can't have green these are Veltroni EM market cannot fly yet you know you can elect girl. Helen Keller he can't have emitted by Fortis now and in your home one of my daughters please. Well that could be a way to get him out get your own place she's heard. Really thank you get out Louisiana have stopped by Leno I've sat side yes I have I've bobbled it affects everything on the ballot. It develop hand to hand. We have the most we have the most interest. Listen maybe not you know like a little rest have a great day today. He's familiar ground. Grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where help markets insurance comes in and they can show a small business owners group health insurance options and they're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings and employees may receive better Elton financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 85575. Mode 3537. Helped markets insurance. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps and Bob sorry Doug. Really surprised to hear that. Thieves broke into Alanis Morissette house yeah and sold two million dollars worth of Torrey. Most of because Alanis Morissette doesn't strike me as someone that would where that kind of jewelry. Will you should not only wears it she wears it and posts a lot of pictures on social mean he's socially and ask the police think the reason she was targeted just like Kim Kardashian and is because of that. And in fact that's what cops are saying that Alanis Morissette and Kim Kardashian and a bunch of other social media are and celebrities. Have turned their social media accounts into browsing sites for Steve's. Now they're just making themselves sitting ducks. Think I just don't do you think Alanis Morissette is someone who would have two million dollars Joan I wish wealthy got out the issue bit. Think you would have to two billion dollars for instance or oh it was two million dollars worth of jewelry can. Doesn't she know lake. If you have let's. He knew you can you can come up with a million dollars or two million dollars in jewelry pretty easily be just to have the right number of really expensive ones that it's not a bunch juries see what I mean I think I guess if you have a couple of really. Expensive rings and a handful. Well you you take me awhile to get to a million picnic you can get a watched its diamond encrusted that would be. 50000 dollars. But that's still look you've still got a long way to go to get to a million you still have a long way to go let's say you have a 150000 dollar engagement ring and a couple of diamond encrusted watches were still not and a half from the you're right. You gotta really clocked it to get to two million dollar I don't picture her as a jewelry person like that no more so we've only been with her what would you say three hours. In person when she did a little concert and our music studio here. It's like she's seeing on it doesn't enough I've never seen a photograph of her worst she looked like she was wearing you know any thing other than I'm. Friendship bracelet I was shocked are there worse than any idea who did the Clinton now. Now. Just that this is how they're being targeted here here's another a strange story Kansas City Royals pitcher Brian Flynn. Fell through the roof of his barn in Oklahoma. He suffered a broken rib and three fractures. In his vertebrae. He will miss eight weeks of spring training but then he'll be back I mean you never know how that's gonna affect you long term. I have to tell you if I was a highly paid pitcher for a Major League Baseball to any player. And on a Major League Baseball team or football or basketball. I would stay away from pitchforks and Barnes. And ATV. Ski mobiles. Any thing that could danger in my career until my career is over and then I can just. Feel like a mad man and people you can go ahead and believed him because we want spent five years not talking to management on the grounds her protecting her voice so right exactly yeah. I'm serious about him a liar I'm very very sexy about a year at this funeral home in Memphis that is offering drive through viewing these. Own words. You know hello my words. DR Bernard funeral home in Memphis. Has shown offered distrust your service to make this more convenient for families. And the guy who owns the funeral home said he got the idea from a funeral home in California. He said I thought it was something new Adobe need to add to the Memphis series something unique to our funeral home. So the drive your viewing surveil ball for no extra charge for families to purchase a funeral package. And here's how he says it works let's have family hasn't visitation from four to 6 PM we put their loved one in the drive through viewing area around 1 o'clock. And then they can ever drive through viewing from one to 230. He said the four families have used this strive to auction it off defeat backs them positive he said we have read for geez. People actually just pull up to the drive through out of curiosity didn't even know the person who passed here's how works he pull up to a window you sign into an iPad. And then you get up to three minutes of viewing time. It's horrible. If I he'll spend your life you know is part of the family and they won't even get their ass out of our car. I would get I not only would I get out of my car to look EU. I'd make my kids get out of things aren't looking you and I would say to them no you cannot have Fries with that. I don't want her to pay your respects instead that. I don't want your kids stay consultant who I'm not gonna allow. Then in the new yeah. I do that was the most disgusting thing the sky's grand mixer recombinant open casket and he's and his face he's all lit up. Any any took a self imposed ended on FaceBook it's tumor Cobb for me. And I you know it's a matter with few nobody loved me mom more than nine day and I wouldn't disrespect turned out way. Just like I will not let the kids. Overall we have tried to you after everything chit chat is stone for you teacher sound of the cars keyed in there. You make it sound like a mama last slick. Like you forty play and so. No I'm just telling you that my kids will not be allowed to look at you in the drive through they won't go in and paid their recent Oscar persons could. And my step kids they haven't looked to me in three years. So I don't know I'm OK there. This'll be the one time thought yeah after the death but I surely looks like kind of. That's not true. He season leaders come and what's the matter is. Feel sorry is did he can't even get eight iron a famous guy crashed his plane and its snacks and sponge her. Probably Cher's show. Are talking about Harrison Ford who is in the news thank goodness he's OK. He was. Flying. Into the John Wayne airport in California soon enough Orange County. And he was bringing his brother play in for a landing you got cleared but one of the runways. Are. It landed on a taxiway. That was parallel to the runway. Was seeing right over a Boeing 737. That was weakened to take off. Sources say Harrison was even recorded by air traffic control saying quote was that airliner meant to be underneath me. Landing on a taxiway is a violation of bed BAA rules and they are investigating if there's punishment could range from warning letter to a suspension of his license. So but I thought good story that I read was that they gave him the clearance and he repeated the clearance back. So it's not use this thing though is that right they directed them to a different gad they had him on tape. They gave him that clearance in the coordinates and he repeated them word for word and then he went where they told him to go whose mistake is that. Yeah I don't have that in this report here that's interest ago did you he's regarded as an excellent pilot although he's had a few scary incidents including. Remember that pretty bad crash in Santa Monica yeah you had to make an emergency landing on the gulf. Course after the engine quit on his World War II era plane that he was flying. Suffered a broken I got this he suffered a broken pelvis and a broken ankle those two other injuries. How freaky would that be there you are you got a nine iron in your hand all of a sudden in comes not only a World War II vintage airplane. But Indiana Jones pilot area Han Solo or well at the home now Ritchie would that be you know that there were golfers there at the Croats and over to help him. I mean I figure who knows how this story will eventually shake down the minute the way it went down was they gave they gave him the periods he repeated clearance back it's on tape. He landed. So this business about the fines and everything. It doesn't sound like it was his error I don't know two different reports. Because he had the he had clearance Clarence the yeah yeah. And a teenager in England went to see the British band to assure Lux I don't know them you know with a Sherlock Sar. Sure looks last Friday. This is very clever it's thumb probably somewhat illegal but it's very clever so we wanted to get better seats to see the sure lots. And so he changed their Wikipedia page to make it look like he was the singer's cousin. And then he told security he was family showed them the Wikipedia page to prove it and they put him right in the VIP section. That. Blow us pull hurt others are really clever. I mean how does he bright at Coke is usually don't seek and Bob's cousin Shawn. You know wouldn't be funny if that's exactly what lies that's probably what he batted in the judges sit then you're in your new Wikipedia. I get urban driving down the highway and then the wind is so strong that it off fits your car you feel like oh my gosh another gust like that could give me like an umbrage as happened in Wyoming. On the wind the wind was so strong a gust of wind blew a semi truck in two a police car. Luckily the police car was unoccupied. It happened on interstate eighty near elk mountain. The semis come and upped the roadway and the wind is so extreme that the wind blows the semi overt love it lands on its side directly on top of the luckily unoccupied police on the this semi I was only going between thirty and 35 miles an hour that's how strong Mac gust of wind once I guess the police car was parked on the side of the road yeah I was parked on the side of the road. The Highway Patrol. I didn't dare because there have been other accidents and they were assisting drivers with other accidents even in the state trooper when a state trooper parked this car he was out of bitten and here comes the semi own right on top of it. This is gonna strange year for weather and it really has. What do Becky seven sail up and made bogeys let's say she said dom. Under FaceBook posts today she said it's like I live in a snow globe and some mutant keep shaking it. What are they helplessly to may have seen Johansson and I think they were getting more today via. Everything every second guy you mean has snowplow fell. But Becky doesn't and she is dioxin and upon ago. And this can mama it's kind of hard up America docs the ducks in a Pug she tries to kick him out and the ducks implode look at each other. Looked down at the size of their legs look at her and determine how to go back compounds known ahead of allergy and we were we re had a snowstorm once and. It's very typical this their legs are only like four and cheeks. Energy Smart. Smart man. All right. Eleven Sheri show we got Wednesday morning the people's moving really. Would this once again on Friday and you know what I have now I'm coming up free nexus to. He meant was that scientists have found the gene that makes us those three. The music turning off. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast. Dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I feel great I guess it's. More advice Jerry Donohue. Oh I'm let me to do this other game we didn't always get to a sixteen most honest obituary ever but first. Scientists have discovered the gene that makes you feel like your full and stops you from over eating our children. And nom. It it's great news for anyone you struggles to be a healthy eater and get to a healthy weight because they're hungry men. You know there who are overweight is there hundred is their bodies don't have this trigger in hand this gene controls the signal between your brain and your intestines. And it tells you when your full. And so if you knew that you were full you wouldn't appropriately Q would be satisfied with two cookies instead of the whole bag meteor. You know I don't even know late one handful of French Fries instead of you know two large orders. Whatever so it were a long ways away from. Having like a treatment or a pillar and injection can make people stop overeating but that's pretty exciting don't you think yeah so there's some people that benching is not very strong on turn on. So the content may not be switched on. Oh yeah are let's go to Texas I meant to do this the other day this happened in Galveston. On the less sleep raid chart being. Published an obituary. After mr. Scharping died at the age of 75. It's the world's most. Honest obituary I'm gonna re eighteen now ready. Let's hobbies included being abusive to his family expediting trips to heaven for the beloved family pets and fish seemed. When she was less skilled with than the previously mentioned. Less things like serve no other obvious purpose he's not contribute to society your source community. Any concession no redeeming qualities besides quick wit sarcasm which was amusing during his celebrities. With less passing he will be missed only for what he never did be loving husband father and good friend. No services will be held to bring a prayers for internal peace settlement no apologies to the family he tortured. Lesson is remains will be cremated and kept in the barn until re the family donkeys wood shavings run out. Presley's passing. That he's all. Presley's passing proves that evil doesn't fact die and hopefully marks a time of safety and healing for assault wow. Yeah that's harsh that's his harshest jets. Yeah he must he must have been physically abusive to the people he was he had a family says at a young age Leisle quickly became a model example of bad parenting. Many complete commitment to drinking drugs womanizing being generally offensive he was surprisingly intelligent but still defiant professional success. Due to a lack of any ambition or motivation. I wonder if that was the wife. It's adult family the whole family he and they said that. He died at the age of 75. Which was 29 years longer than expected and much longer than he deserved to include. He leaves behind much. You're relieved children six grandchildren and countless other victims including an ex wife relatives friends and neighbors doctors nurses and random strangers. All of whom tried to help them when where the other. And that's I've never heard of anything like that I'm surprised newspaper columns I have seen some funny obituaries and I've seen some obituaries where he went oh. Wow I never heard one like that I've ever seen you know brings. Really sort of before well I mean obviously the whole family was abused by this guy they were all on the same page sometimes you know the kids will feel that way toward an abusive parent but the the wife you know as my husband's in let's just try to think of him when he you know had good days. We saw what I jolt when my father died in May and did we struggled to find songs being. Your coach said in the paper the week I am trying to pitch wearing you didn't turn now know the best I can say for him as I hope he's at peace now. Because you never knew a second on that while he was a lie hidden. But we did struggle. Yeah and and what to say lake. Tip. To leave this world. And that everyone is just like in this case ever what society and clank on and announce. Or no one shows up for the funeral which was the case with my your father. But that isn't black easing moves to end was far away from the people he'd known he he didn't hum keep up we is that. Any of his family members. His sisters. His his brother he never told me that nobody came to his funeral it was in me my sister my brother and my mother that was soon. And yet your dad was an Utah I was not a bad man he was said Myers I tell all my ex wife went through his troubled man. Yeah you know he he had some demons but he was not a bad you know he was in a bad person but he was it difficult man he was just very very difficult. And he drank too much and smoked too much and but he had dreams and he can he tried. And he could be charming I mean what what your father could be charmed run. Never to his family he can be charming to two people that weren't Hispano OK he and he had a very exciting when it right to verify yeah. Your dad I will say this for your dad. He. He may have struggled. And he may have not been. Great maintaining relationships. But he had dreams and he took a shot and took a shot a couple of different times. And ended at the end user proud of me. Because I think maybe couldn't turn out too cheap to do too much and he has so many struggles and business. And I has surpassed him at a very rich and you surprised Tanzania Jim the terms. He surprised his critics even paying more attention it would have been all that surprising now you turn out. He was just caught up for his own views and choices on an alarming trend spotting Sherry. Aren't so. Rolling Stone magazine. Tony funniest stand up comedians of all time. And there's one thing on here that's a little bit disturbing actually but. I'm gonna read them starting with number twenty and it's somebody named you might know this person I don't Max Mitch Hedberg. Yes Mitch Hedberg. Was he he was kind of the comedian's comedian and he was very revolutionary bonds suffered from heroin problem always Sarah GAAP. Albert Brooks is number nineteen who Albert came. An actor more than a cut thicker comedian as the years went on Kevin Hart. Is number eighteen build bird every good bill Berle and I think we have. I don't remember when I don't know Billy Connelly I don't know Billy Billy is Sam. He Irish Scottish Scottish yeah audition and he and he ended up in TV at some camp along the line to run on sitcom Steven Wright. Is number fifteen and I know people love Stephen he's a Boston comedian I never really got him. For some reason that that whole activity has never really can I think she's that kind of performer yes it's it's one or the other I think it is Andy Kaufman the late in the coffin was number fourteen. Bill hicks number thirteen. Robin Williams the twelfth funniest stand up comedian. Number eleven is Steve Martin's. I energy Steve Martin once at a theme park that had a on. Eleven thousands. Seat theater this who's when he was at his peak. And it had a giant tower at that people can get it in the tower and it would go up and you could seat you know for fifty miles. So he's on stage in east through his jokes the audience and he looks over. And the towers going up and you could see the faces of people behind glass in this tower that's going up and he said to the 111000 people. All right hey let's give them all the finger yeah of up. It has produced on a number ten is Mort Saul who's a very cerebral. Comic I guess in the fifties and sixties. I still don't actually. A number eight is bill Cosby's. Number seven is Jerry signed felt. You know I thought maybe he'd be a little higher on the list number six is Joan Rivers I'd surprise Robin Williams wasn't higher on the list. Yeah. Yeah him era. Number five is Chris Rock. Number four is Louis CK. Louis CK is my jam he is he's so he's really great. Number three is Lenny Bruce who Brooke a lot of barriers with language. Number two is George Carlin and he certainly deserves to be. Very very high you know on our lives and are ushered twice when he was alive that's right prefix number one. Number one net is that Rodney Dangerfield now he's not in the top twenty. Because a lot of those young comedians even though he was sort of an old style still Revere him death and Hershey. It's not on the list that's really surprising my weakness when he was when he was it is harming us the hottest thing going yes absolutely and it's it's it's it's not it's probably not Jeff Dunham now it is Richard Pryor. I had so we as we've lost him we sometimes had about how absolutely incredible he was I was surprised Eddie Murphy's not on their. I mean I don't know where I mean he's nowhere on that nothing against Bill Conley your you know even Andy Kaufman but. I would say I agree with Max min when he was how would those HBO specials. We're what was said in the nineties that have been in the nineties. Lastly. Last spring when I had pneumonia and I was home sick for a couple of days I was watching Louis CK comedy specials on demand and on Netflix. And at one point I started laughing so hard that I had to get my Nabil lies are out the window like a kind of attack. The thing about so unique thing about comedy is ever pretty has different taste some deep down like like a joke and a one minor children one thing and some people X storytelling. Right some people like comedy that's silly improper Marino like Gallagher. And some people like comedy that his dark. In challenging and that's Louis UK and that is like my comedy darkest downs. And Chris Rock. You know from the I would put. Chris Rock in the top through. A distinctive UIC Bryant left and wanna lose so. Natural. You can't argue Richard Pryor you can argue. Played Bruce is way before Indy of two runways hilarious. When Roseanne Barr was a stand up yell you couldn't catch your breath yeah. But I mean if it's twenty less praised so your own and pick Tony I am surprised Eddie Murphy. You can yeah I am shocked to probably lose one.