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Thursday, August 10th

Don't be serving any wet food.


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Sure sure there were those who know that's how our kids then the guy especially good morning and welcome to the Bob and Jerry show when Bob Hartley were like jell O. I feel and share. We actually kinda. Okay here's every now broadcasting live from the palatial Bob and Jerry studio. Jerry happy feeling. That I considered true that I do not want to now. Obama got no idea what I away. I had not known what I way since I was pregnant. Where they way you with the kind of cheerful. Great humor that I associated with livestock at a four H fair no roll early oh. When you go to the doctor Saunders also if you go just keep your shoes on keep your phone in there Jim Carrey and bricks in an era in your pants. The bricks and there. We committed to get some of this stuff off I did doctor's appointment the other day and she says if you step over here to get your way. I said I will do that in a minute closed my eyes please don't tell me. She licks your message seriously I haven't known since I I got weighed when I was pregnant. And that was like a fun time at the fair and OK getting way why your pregnant. Because you know you step on the scales and they go yeah. You acted on the pounds. And I just known that some mess up on the scale. And arm and I even you don't clicking those borders outings in the east I know they start sliding that's a life and the kids sledding lighting redesigning our work. As you said OK got it. And she said I didn't tell you that you weigh awesome I was you know why you should be no levels aren't scale and every don't there was a really nice so just one of the things. In this world that I do not wanna know the oh I don't wanna know and I accidentally. Saw it and I hate myself. How much it really takes burn the calories off of foods that are delicious but they're not healthy assets and other ones that Drupal and a I'm a bag of potato Texan. You have to run for sixteen minutes or walk for 31. Of the whole bag if you eat no single serving back. Now. A single serving bag of of potato chips although if you get delays it's mostly the year. In the single serving have you noticed that they he says oh I have five chips you've got to walk for 31 minutes early run for sixteen miles yeah. How about that chocolate bar I'm not talking about a Snickers terminal QA I'm talking about just the street Hershey bar just chocolate and a rapper. You will be running for 22 minutes. I'm walking for 42 what were you telling us this this is his I don't once it's a lone bomber don't want suffer alone what else. I'm a small bottle of flight Coke. Thirteen minutes of running 26 minutes of walking he's so Coke well you know that you had a potato chips with it's why she just wanting to die here. That's triple X yeah I know it's not. An ice cinnamon bun. This is not a similar bonds cinnamon bun a similar bond cinnamon bun is the size of the new born baby is okay need it purely bad you near the airport and you ain't gonna send a bond jumped out of the plane skipped a plane and walked just since then you go to try to kill yourself. But a regular non Senna bond. If to run for forty minutes now are you have to to walk or 77. Some. You slices of pizza and I don't wanna hear. Don't do that when it's not too bad what is it it's not too bad it's here only walking for 83 minutes. EU three minutes it's cheap pieces of pizza is worth it. But I need to work. Do you have a high metabolism so for you works out. If you're going to find. You and your fine. Did you sing and I know you really do have a high metabolism and all you do is you talk but he didn't think about media conduct practice like things are than that but it's. I moved around a lot. You are and fishing is good they say that fidgety people. And did not have this big initially the way on the eve did you DG did you c.'s Bob moves around a lot at that sounds graceful. You know Smart to do healthful but it's a lot of words is there one word description of Bob until he didn't sit fidgety. Which she's not gonna where she's not good active. Act Bob is active. Now outnumber us us. And deaf act is a positive way of saying restless when he's active he's an active man. Like the sound of that. You do have some time. Yeah active inactive one. What is the worst thing that you eat on a fairly regular basis that's worse let's say let's roundup to two hours of walking my own words just look at. A. The worst thing that I wanna honest fairly regular basis and you know that you got to walk for T Solio walk the dog for ten solid hours. Then. I would say it's probably the some form. Of heavy cost. Like lasagna. Liz and Mary mix of fantastic lasagna. Red believe you know something like that. Is from the real car hobby real carbon. Because I don't I really don't between meals. Don't believe are so many meals you know 280 between numerous history and you don't have Charlotte and he does he each regular meals he doesn't Schneck. I gotta tell you notes I don't like when Boston team about that because what he's doing is how he maintains his weight he's active yeah. He's active and sensible. Say he's the active ones usually active we'll put it. Larry can help intimacy can really appreciate it isn't certain can you tell me about Bob. He's the active work out. Billy and I like the way that sounds as I sit well it's inspiring for other people. Which is I think why I'm here to inspire a 100%. The after one can. Click here to inspire not just by your level that's employee tighter here humility also that you never forget what it whatever you wanna pick up. I'm Sharon. Please don't Twitter Smartphone apps and Obama is Sherry dot com. I was reading about Ryan Reynolds she was interviewed in Men's Health Magazine and he says it's the best joke you ever played in a friend. I'll just read it. When he was gone I repeated his entire office goose PUC neat piece use the kind of like this muddy ugly sort of red. And done I didn't just paid his off suspect color we painted everything in his entire office I color. The inside of his desk every pencil every pin everything in the office was painted that ugly ugly red. I don't have that gene. And by the way if I was his friend I would be so ticks off. To congress you know I feel I have to go through it's an ugly color that is it really is. On my wife is good with things like that like school's about to start right. Last year I think she does this every year and they always forget. She goes out and she buys these stick on Google the guys who lose and she puts the Google the eyes on every single thing that's in the refrigerator. So the two of them get up to get their milk hurting get you orange juice or whatever in the morning and they opened the refrigerator on the only if you just look at them and marry is over there should just howling at it and I just realized we were just a few days away from Google the eye opening and it came to me. That Madison will not be either. She the dad in a freshman college dorm. Yup I am not. Looking forward to the snow and the stepfather and yet I have been thinking about this all the time no you and mean she's she's been in my life for eight years now. Seven years in my house. You know I've watched your going from a little girl. To an eighteen year old college student. And I and I don't bring it up to marry very much. Because I was kidding they pretty soon we can get craziness out Madison will be gone she looked over at me and I mean the look on her face weeks. Is it to remember very tight and you're with your girls to us sometimes you know grossed just a wanna be around their mother that that much. Edison likes being around her mother. Yeah I'm it's going to be a low for me though is both a minus going to be such a blow I'm trying to figure it Hampton is so good on the computer he goes into his room and he's back there. I even know he's back there anymore but you know there'd be a little more action would with medicine because she's coming or going with girlfriends getting your car and taking him somewhere whatever. And and marry boys some on new things for Madison's a room to make it more adult like after she moved Sasha what Jim was some pillows. And a few other things to clean up the room. Clean up the bathroom. It's just weird. This has been a long time since my girls went to college. When nine Zain when the twins graduated high school I just was like in the low because we had all these things that we. We do it first so we went on you know we wound road trips as a family yeah. And on Friday nights we would watch slink you know planet of the apes or whatever end. We did machine roller derby recent goofy stuff as a family and I knew that once they went off to school without would really and now really had to now. And I am tourists to readying captain perhaps just reading this with Olympian Kara mean Anthony has been with me half of his life now. It just blows my mind yeah if you don't see that if you know when you're younger you do once you don't see the possibility that you might have. Step children. Coming into your life. And how much are you in your house not mean not everybody enjoys being a parent like I am concerned me. Well I got lucky with two kids in my family my own did not seem to originally there were okay. Come I really love daily guy love love love having houseful of kids and it's going to be strange pin and I am trying to practice by Guinean. My daughter's like some in more independence in tiny getting used to the idea that wealth. You know. I'm not gonna Stephen today because they're out doing other things but it's hard yeah I'm practicing to every time a series drew little money. Well that's the that's one thing your bureau wallet grabbing reflects a serious. Link is as sociedad articulate quick drama grow while it is so bad with kids. But the change. It's exciting for. She's got you. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. And we talked spot in the past about how we you. You know I personally the two of us personally could not home school our kids because. We just don't feel qualified. Yeah I my girls have a very lopsided education. You know I knew what you knew they could read and right and down to a shift if the math involved cooking bacon and they can do math but. But aren't any illusions about being able to really do a great job of home schooling my kids and as reading about this family in Australia. And they are. They are under schooling their kids and this is an actual seeing that was developed back in the seventies ice approves. And what are involve mrs. Hugh your kids don't go to school. And you don't home schooled amended the traditional way that you think of home schooling. On the home schooling are under schooling works by letting children. Decide for themselves why and when and how they want to learn things. And it's completely up to the children I've heard of this on schooling and this is asserted saying that when I was battling geometry. Would have just struck. BS it's this is the way to go like it might pick one day to go on a tour of the police department. Are they totally up to its end it's up to the kids or they may want to go out in the forest and collect. A different ferns. Or whatever aura as the Stanley in Australia says their own schooling their four kids. You know still want to play video games there's value to. And I thought oh OK I mean. Okay seems like a big gamble to me and a is there any kind of statistical research that says these children can become successful in this world. Go this route I was reading about this one family in Australia so I didn't do a ton of research on a but it didn't even. Remember a data dead guy in college. Whose. There was this very experimental school until now few he was child's. And his mom put him minute. And it wasn't on schooling environment known as SARS syndrome while he was in for like two years in Samoa just his parents for these awesome just completely off stickers hippie types. Very wonderful people I've got to know than straight people but he's in the school for a couple of years. So what did you know what you do all day because you know every one in the drive days are just sit and read some days I paint an open classroom. But even beyond that there was no curriculum and there were no assignments no tests. No no. The only group activity is if you felt like participating in something he got some other kids involved and I just didn't always know structured the way we think of structure and you have done. I I don't I don't see as a kid you. You know what if I was home schooled. There were be very little learning because my parents would try it for what they will be my mother. And how she would try for a little while. And then. She'd start letting it slide a little bit because I'll be pushing to do something else she would do acquiesced. And what would have happened is that I'd be spend a lot of time working in the restaurant. Or you would've definitely learned things I would have learned things yeah. There's some things should probably better left on learns. I think I would have read a lot. But don't you I didn't do well math anyway and it would have been even worse. If I had been allowed to be on schooled. I would have read all day long. But the subjects that I struggle with Matt being the big one yeah I would have found ways to avoid doing I would do to this day. I mean I'm Noah I'm no math wizard. As it is but I'm afraid I would barely be able to do basic arithmetic if I had been allowed to choose from my eye. I I think you have to do you know arithmetic I mean you do everybody has not obviously to YouTube you know. Go through the world of wood banking and all that sort of think however there is C. School of thought that says if a kid is terrible that. Joseph punish them where there SATs. And their college chances are making them do something they hate. Let them replace that was something you're very good at perhaps it's. Diagram sentences in English or what degree in history or whatever it may be however the people were against that say. If you do that. You are a limb and teen there cognitive skills with the analysis. Another words even if they're not committed algebra it's it's the thought process that you learned. And I can see both weeks I I don't know which is the right thing to do obviously if as a kid I take no let me study what I wanna study. Critical is this really just mainly just stop and think like wow I age. I'm to blame. Because in my kooky ideas of how they can be educated I think what would. If I did on schooled I live being Cara Mia they would be readers. Newton and and then why it means what and they would maybe have a passion for science 'cause I do book look tired or could ever really properly taught don't. I'll never forget highways and school that was a lot of stuff and ignored it might ever gonna use this do with those math word problems and I'll never forget my hero was working in a warehouse. With a certain number of cubic feet of space and two different size cartons that word. A different sciences that I had to figure out how many tickets that can be cubic feet of space and I went to slip a word problems. I am doing word problems in my real life I'd have to get another job. Yeah. I did and that's what is this she would have learned yeah sure it's flexible. These are far more runs in the news is next for its content sharing. Top serie a classic hey it's more good news. There is a woman in Michigan who posted a photo of her new Brewster. On FaceBook. And she realized that it it throws at 5 PM every day in hell so now she would like so my nose and take rooster. Tell you I am not just educated grinned and what I'm sickened pets financially and might like to have a rooster and I didn't know what rooster is gonna Crowe who knows this is the sun gets up. I'm seated in cartoon. We're I've learned to. It's true. Hello how come you are removed from reality are you did you so happily vote getter rooster and I hope it's a quite went. Ratings and so. And I didn't really I letters. It's like you never know it's a good book but not completely. I've I've spent nights and forms where did you grow so and I know it's not just the it's up for cartoons. I have I have seen them crow and I hit half a dozen cartoon this. It's it's a standard right. Also like galore and lift the mascot for corn flakes first service and now I can do I know her know it. This is the only woman in the world that says I would like to have their rooster and I know it's going to be a nice quiet ahead. I don't understand where in America we jumped off the learning the book learning training I don't know where became cool to just because Jolie Harrington. Because you're angry strip she loves to chase him swinging a Brewster makes a bad head and in case you are not early riser to watch him work cartoons. I stumbled on a link headphones. At this stuff soda machine caged heat for whatever. New York Daily News for some reason this ran an article about. Hot Levy bug shots. And they they fell only the most beautiful women who have been arrested and that's one was actually. Miss Miami lakes 2017. Her name is Bernard Vanessa Bartolo. She's 27 years old. And here's why she got a respite. She's through holiday party in invited some people over to her place ms. Miami lakes beautiful woman. And she attacked tour member on the gas for the baseball bat well. Love and yeah it's another woman and I'm Rachel Glenn Fisher. Very pretty girl great stimulus. I'm she was arrested for kicking it DJ in the face who is dressed like a clown at a Halloween party in Marietta Georgia let her go free. She does not like clowns or DJ. They let her go straight. A bunch of these I'm not really analyze our female teachers I was just about a story I mean relationships. I saw a picture you know the wonder blunt he asked. Or not long ago I added sugar forget where was online and what. Wow what a really beautiful girl and that's what's. A spectacularly gorgeous in middle school teacher in Texas. Confessed to have me. I'm a relationship on the daily with a thirteen year old student at thirteen thirteen. Oh. You know I spent a lot of time. Volunteering health and human growth story and this elementary and middle school I am and you're just 110. That I look at and I'm I paid nearly flew lose. Just didn't rush your good parents aren't parents children. Your children it's dump another one of here in these are New Year's daily news. It's a blind. Teacher and probably one of the more infamous line. But a lot of them of course sir on the wild party John Carlson. That were arrested for public intoxication. Putting their founder Ben several that were just really classy. Beautiful looking women and yet begun in the back kind of trouble. It's so surprising because you look at it and when you say you know this is she went to probably a pretty good college she's a teacher. You know she's very attractive. I'm sure a lot of no the male teachers collected Dieter can that the convulsion something. Something else I noticed looking at this year deal you say. Mug shots are not what they used to be its fury but 22 year old woman who's arrested for attacking your clown. Here's a used to treat myself please. It is not a word that camera. Max just pulled up miss my area lakes she's due to. Beat somebody with a baseball bat an early Christmas party elbow as I say that out loud I. How many of your own parties and using. Go on myself. Myself upstairs and myself from the. So easy and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought cheap today by USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to follow and see what they can do for. 84 quarter she's 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. Audio clips I guess your body is very dot com. So I have a new product that our female listeners may be interest it and when I was online I was on this news site. And they had a sidebar story about a new product. And I have pictures that I can show you you can help me describe this product and perhaps our listeners would enjoy buying. It's called the tot tot towel talk Kurdish send this is. How would you describe it this is what it looks like it's a towel that goes around your neck. Sure scar schtick comes around your neck and cup senior girls. On to keep them. Cover covered while you're getting ready to go out right. And there is you do wanna lounge here's another picture of this young lady she's got a green one on and it if it's it's cut so that it does doesn't. Flay you all over the place. It underneath. It's an interesting design and I wonder I mean you couldn't go swimming in it now. Great idea for Sunday evening Sunday they were and it actually is a describe once again it is like a towel around your necks in one house shows are on your neck it's all one piece and then the dead ends and beach towel are alas decides to copy and hold your girls. What can we made out of Terry cloth so that you know it's it's so that you don't sweat it. Right so you get out of the shower and lets you got kids you got kids in the house right and so we you're you're you're still old. A glowing from being in the shower whatever you when your warm your purse firing. And the Dodgers since that night before held I have to say that if five strolled into the Linear while my kids have friends over in that they'd still die a thousand. And eggs are really. Why what is it that makes it more provocative. It's a parent club to bolster publisher is part of the day. It did it kids let's just cut it let's just call it what it is harder it's true or not because her friends were not care if her friends were not there I think most Truman was feel comfortable walking around the house with if she their friends are not there this is what it would sound like. Her I was she'd a shown surreptitiously come up. Mom can you tell me what it is here where you and I Dioner snatch. It's I'm I'm surprised it took this long for somebody to come up to decide that they're gonna make a fortune with a slick how do you know why. There there it's designed it's designed as our perspiration. Of prevention tool. Cindy Higgins and I summit's host would you would you Wear that though just binge let's say your loan your bingeing on and on Sunday night show. Why not the I and you wanna be a little modest but you don't wanna I should have a T shirt with no real hot. I guess you getting me for secret Santa and you're just trying to. Finish. The feeling that your fishing this year just to make it you know how I got I was I was thinking I don't think my wife knows about it though mourners to be kind of a fun gift. To give sooner. It's this sort of thing that you get as a gag gift. You're like I hope I hope I have should not judge our and then you end up putting it in yard sale mean or using it I knew I could see your toe getting it in the show are putting them on and then doing her makeup. This is if I had dash it would go the way of my hand towels I haven't told you guys what happened to my hand towels I love my husband he is not. He is not a home. He's not a man who was meant to be civilized he's a man you really was meant to live by his wits. In a cabin somewhere in all there and she is not. He's just not meant for civilized life so. I went to I Kia they have these task and I kid towels com with loops on them. So they can hang them on hooks instead of abortion his arm let me tell dollars and my house but these IQ hand towels and they hang on a little look in the bathroom though that's kind of cool it's a really good idea. And expensive the psyche okay so it's like there's some big investment. There's specifically meant to hang on I bought two of them for the powder room where you call that bathroom that. People use when they rising guess the guest after. So the other day he's home mini kitchen making dinner and I hear this no he said and it sounds like best. Scott Scott Scott Scott. So I I'm I wash your hands dry them and I walk out into the room and my husband sitting in the chair and I can't see what he's doing. But he's sitting in the chair and he's watching aerial America. Iowa Linda splendor for pay. And I walk around to see what he's got going on and he's sitting in the chair watching Linda splendor. And he has one of my new hand towels which I specifically purchase for the bail out the powder room. And spread across his lap any sharpening enacts a truck. Really mirror and stuff menu and tell all watching aerial America now. In the laundry room I have a basket of drags. Old towels and none that I've caught up Jesus ranks mean didn't we going there and get a hand towel to sharpen the action now to our. Personally you know I Joba axis. On this the first husband iPad where you sharply actually bigger did lead me calling I. And I'm so there's this a little lower a lovely woman I knew that the axis. And actual work he's working outside doing things. And he's slipped Adam and I thought I'd now's a good time to save baby why did you go to the bathroom and get a new hand towel. Sharpton your acts. But I musician would even understand that shouldn't season Brady he would be like its towel why is this tell different from any other tell all channels are equal right Tinny to waste my breath. Which brings me back to. If that was in the laundry room. I'd find you wiping his boots when bit sharpening is actually a bit washing the dog with it. Content you know applying when I when I brought up in the beginning of this these Tut Tut towel I didn't think who would end this way for the next. So they're not gonna listen to guess none of us there you go you never see your tax com you know five point you're right it's obvious there. Our street sat on the series dot com email I've follow a lot of police departments on social media because I find that police departments have the fast paced a could trigger and they really do a lot of times you know you have to wade through a lot of road closure today. To get to the story of naked man with lamp shade on his head but you do get to those stories and what you like is the sarcasm of the officer drives writing you don't they're so dry cap on so the California Highway Patrol. The chips. As kids in the seventy's we'll know them. They have agreed Twitter and FaceBook and I meant to talk to you about this the other day and I forgot. Because you know we're always focusing on all the interest in things he won't talk about her forgot to tell you this is happening in San Francisco Bay Area. A punch or refer hardly hear words put aside from notre it's. A punch of motorists. May number 11 calls. And said there's a road kill kangaroo on interstate 580 now we'll get that'll get police attention in California because. Broad you know kangaroos are not of course indigenous grass over there. Now what I'm about to tell you is proof that as Americans. There's only one way to say it's gonna hurt commandeered the band aid off fall once. Yelled we are getting stupid. Chips got good looks pretty stiff. How does the circus yeah. Italians in the kangaroo I know where I'm where I'm sorry but there's not only one way to enjoy and that cell lines where did it come from. You're up to resurrect him it was a rack cool now the chip up nothing I can the ship's officers who found dead said. It sure why is the biggest raccoon I've ever seen that ties. But it was a raccoon it was not a key anger. That what you know kangaroo is one of the most easy to identify animals right. He's got the big tale it's got the big feet right. I'm good also in my hand at raccoon with their little masks yeah striped tales are also very iconic I mean you. Except for the giraffes. May be busy for. The general rule is like in the top three or four a easily identifiable. And thank you like I said band paid off follow ones in America regain stupid. Here's the deal. If you don't know the difference between. Mole and all. Either how to search you have one in each hand I would be able to take one apart from the other I think that it's also fair. That you know eight Tressel isn't roku perspective. You might not know your must scratch from your Bieber. You might not if you're not a westerner you might not really know the difference she needs deer and an elk. But if you can't differentiate to treat it can't get through. Can direct. Cheering. You need to be exposed to more of the world in some way shape or form whether it's book learn enough before the Internet I don't even wanna make it painful I'm gonna require yelled watch a little bit of Nat geo on the cable. I should get your face in this of nature documentaries. You know that the stories that hung with me. More than any other thing we did last week and this ties into what you just said about how stupid we are now. Out of everything we sent the woman who took out these little pad and Facebook that says hey you all. I have a pet rooster. And I need to get rid of it goes I didn't realize. That they crow every morning car actually vital journey. Now. All you have to do is see cartoons are. About her alive and mom no dad when the sun comes up he's gonna do some crowing. How could you how could she say you know I believe I'll take a rooster is pat and there were pretty problems whatsoever how look how could she not know that the crew. Catches. I asked me what I think about all the important life's lessons I learned from children's programming. Including about the rooster cock A do doodles doing. May I never yeah. Is my life in the desert and I understand what a road runners. He shoots over the border okay and I've never lived in Australia. But I know many. Hey you're my interact. You haven't seen a lot of coyotes but I know there are a little bit sneaky. Sorry America. If we don't face the facts of our own stupidity head on how could ever get to. We've got to start reading more fun to own a watch Animal Planet. Writing this. Sony's. And each dish. She did Shanda Bob thanks Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Luce accompanied yeah eighteen years in a row motive I world travel words. Doesn't a vacation because he is all inclusive sound amazing to. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. And 65%. Off for sandals. Call 88891. She's 515968889125159. Back for the podcasts. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps and Sherry dot com and I'm debating whether or not to talk about this guy than I have here. Which you could get stuck with mean it really stuck crawled all over me and I couldn't stop thinking about it so we aren't talk about it and one assailant go ahead because I've been Hoggan if you're Michael and humor when it's a few minutes ago we. As a people were becoming stupid you know we don't the difference reaching direct route into. And it kangaroo important roosters crow in the morning and again I'm just I'm sorry there she is different. Are. Educating true you don't have to call jokes. Here but there Christian industry directors and kangaroo. This guy in Daytona Beach. 73 years old. You blow not only are we stupid but we're not refusing to grow up and act like adults at some point in your life that I can seventy three's the radiates. You have got to recognize that you are 73 years old and you need actually can adult tigris. Richard on and you may have heard about the sky Richard passer rob. He's retired she's a widow or. And he spends his days walking up and down Daytona Beach flirting with younger women. Now there's a lot of younger women up and down the beaches at Daytona Beach I know the guy you're talking he's been banned from the beaches is back guy can help because he had a card turned out that he would hand out to women. And he got busted handing his card to three teenage girls one of whom was only sixteen years old. On the card it says sugar daddy seeking his sugar baby. There's his email. And that and attacks that reads quote ask me about your monthly allowance. And he has a T shirt with the same lesson over to say that ask me about monthly allowance. And he said that most women. Find arms his stick malaria yes. He hasn't brought pad that he holds up to it certainly these chests to see if they're big enough form hi Larry yes. And he's and he's been banned though by this he's been banned he needed to cause he gave C card to a sixteen year old girl. And after he ogle her and she said. Thank god and I only sixteen he says. You've seen this one here calmly when you're eighteen. If somebody approached one of my daughters this way it doesn't I would regularly in Neeson in taken hand half I would be agency the most relentless and terrifying mom ever. Seventy through and each. Don't you think Kia. Don't think it's some we and I don't know what it is what age do you think it is where you have to force yourself to accept it's time to have a little tiny bit. Dick Cheney in judgment. You know it's funny because I just read this article is has nothing to do we try to get a sugar behavior whatever he was calling them. But there was a discussion online. What is the age where you should stop. Club and and by clubbing obviously yeah going out either by yourself to with a couple your buddies and hit in the bars maybe didn't several bars dancing try to pick up women. What is the age where it becomes unattractive. To go clubbing what do you think the answer was you know that my father was clubbing. Come into his word peace. So high. I would have to say. That and 313131. I thought that was a little you don't. But evidently that's what most of the people they had in several hundred people they asked younger people. Tennis at 31 starts to look a little tacky grew up club and so when you put that can go to court kept up a skeptic. Selling out your monthly allow whole week. Well what who wore a sleaze ball can you imagine what did you it was like when he was forty. I don't want to wanna know what he was like I had a dog once that we didn't fix that comes to mind. I just I was in a play one time and do work. Women who were in the in the show they were younger cast members and they were all going out afterwards and he smoked my dance with us and went fine time alone OK fine so I ended up going. And I Witten and I surveyed the scene and I realized. I was the oldest person there save one person. A guy who was probably about eighty years old who is getting tons of attention and he just came there any was like the club mascot. This there's something about that it could be a little bit enduring if he's another did Leo since you have to be eighty morality Delaware that's the thing that's because he's so harmless he's become cute. But I did Terry it's a weird feeling when you're looking around and you're going or homer off I'd really wish. Pete you know I know which is saying now that I've done that but I went to a party when I was in television and everybody at the party was from the television station. And everybody was either hinder twenties or. Up to 35. All right so it's Saturday night and I want to know the parties are headed day. And there was the senior anchor. For one of these TV shows. Who is about. Fifty meters sixty. Just kind of dance along with the and he was married. We've the got 23 year old. Technical staff people and I just I looked over and went. Why now what's going on here what's going on in your life they're pal. I don't know I can't you people he should live your place yeah. Alms but we're too we're talking about when is it went isn't quite as time to stop partying we have people who were just barely out of college junior you're approaching sixty. Because you know not every club is still with people that are just barely out of college racist what you know of this house. It's interesting that DH that you brought was 31 which is right about the age were you can't cope with the hangover anymore. It's pure athletes are you financing for a DA. The night of partying. Three days of not feeling you know our new true go to work the next day euros. However old you are you shouldn't be blocking happened on the beach hitting on teenage girls now and and holding up Brock top size or she needed to be stuff. It's fun and shared by Bob Sherry yeah. You know that's been so hot that I haven't been able to take Sam my dog he best friend. Not to ride around with me like I usually do he spends about nine months out of the year riding around do you stand with me. And it's been too hot for it even if I'm not gonna be out of the car race too hot for him to be out there. Let the other night I had to go pick up Bolivia's she was at her youth group on cook out or whatever so I think Samuel go for progress in the car. Broke my heart. He heard me say it because for the past several months. When I pick up my key east he would spin like she was going which meet. Then he would realize that he wasn't. And he would do this really Isa should drama queen he's the Mariah Carey of dogs. He would give us some really dramatic thing where he would stop. Anywhere and hang his head. Check out round. And he would walk really slowly pushed out Ed Wood on the dog I would expect to meet British shin on the edge of letting go like this. It wasn't any good to already. Mine does the same thing. She's so dramatic fight defy them by changing my shoes right to come home from work. And usually the routine is a takeoff for whatever shoes I order work and a formula take amount I put on some hiking shoes but sometimes it just put on you know just moved her sneakers so I sit down and he's he knows him in the place where it changed my issues he immediately comes over all right now he's been asleep for the last seven hours to rush please don't fall well he's he's hopeful and east and he just stands there. And job. Sometimes. We're not going. To us the exact same thing. I walked by the place where the keys are he knows were the keys are. And also where his cholera super snapped a caller were going in that's that's the sound that triggers a were alive somewhere up. But if I start walking toward the bedroom. And I'm going to I don't know use the computer something and then taken out. He goes over to his bed. It utilize it there's Shaq didn't walk a mixture yes despair and ray good to walk a disappointment. He puts his head just like you said over the top of the dog bed. And let's out. Well this of the other smaller card should be other none of them I shady cab I'm gonna go get a Libya to cook out it's a much exam went to decency hasn't been on the car for awhile. So I standoff and I get to keys. And Sam stands up to he's got the multitude blazing he and NB Florida usually had a chance to shape do you wanna go buy a nice in the car Sam. I'd add that she's I'd look at him. He should looks to. A look at Andre I can't. Did this year. Trying to mold that's sad. The saddest thing ever so I let him get halfway there anomaly case Sam you wanna go for by dice lost his mind yes now get in the minivan. We drive to the neighborhood where the cookout this. And I parked on the street and he's in the spreadsheet next week and he's. You don't wanna dog has the happy his face they ever have yet he's so happy that I two liar I couldn't Baird and partied there again secures what I did and made a living you week. I Texan has said I'm not there yet. I get out the car at what seems leash on and we walk ten feet. Got back in the car started the car up Bennett turn the car off to come out of the car I did at least four times so that in his little crazy rattled Sam head. She got like five bye byes in the car or in the car around the car breaking the corporate look and an art and I say simply at this point. But that it is crazy that is not enough alone it restrict your kid. Well yeah. Yeah yeah. On the ship gas I do I get back in the car I'm like midnight sham what an adventure and I text to Libya on here. And as I text it hit send I glanced over at the house and there's so much standing in the window and I realize there's a 5050 shot there were watching. The usual crazy series the whole time. Why you preach just not welcome around. One time because that drill is getting in the car and how do engines start and seafood for Mike dog gets a leg. Course so much she dislikes we're going to the park. And your dog is so small you can see of the window tinted just thrilled he's like really slick reincarnated New York cab drivers for the thrill of hearing the engine. You can come down. Getting them back we're about to talk to. She hides Brothers Eric Floyd had a trade. What Eric guys he's gone Oscars. All right straight ahead you meet Eric touched brother is our special guest straight ahead here. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be okay. I really expensive proposition. Especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox. Stocks small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as twenty to fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. These are. Source as well Sherry just. This is a roomful of people who are a little bit not swear they're animals are concerned and I don't know how we got talking about this place. World weird about pet sitting. I am very weird about it because if anything were to happen in my Keating best friend I would find it bearable as you know you've lived through it right. And I was saying oh that's nothing you should talk to my brother Eric so we called him up and he's joining us right now. And nom. Aired Todd said that where Oscar is concerned you're looney tunes. I. Extremely protective but he is basically marks in my trials and nobody really takes care on the way to week you know even though we try week to trial where we are. All this hatred and especially god well what you especially stock what pretty legs or what I Kurt we created a monster. There's not much we can it change your potential and continue on court. Boylan yes tell us what Oscar requires Eric in order to feel completely so shelled in his life as well. I want to mention is basically cheese garden and in her. You know sometimes to mcdonalds or to double cheat Kirk or at least after after the French cook breakfast but they're pretty good getting a little do they really got that out. You we're making this up. No we're not doing your husband are feeding this Stalin look at she's dug for lunch at McDonald's for dinner. Not every day and every day. Credit the captain Chris we cut out I read if I'm Oklahoma Saturday you know while Lamar hospital working. So you're it was OK okay you cutting out the Captain Crunch but perfectly fine with the double cheeseburger at McDonald's. You know he thinks she gets sick he thinks she get to orange chicken breast calling for dinner. You know because we don't confess every day. So to me wanna make sure my understanding this right that Oscar does not eat dog food. Nobody can. Now. It around the country are actually didn't teach them. Yeah here's anywhere when I was up there from my dad's funeral we were ordering pizza because we had the whole family over at the house Eric made sure that we got extra pizza to make sure that Oscar was included as well. I mean that's the way it is and as soon as he comes home he grabs the slice it's piping hot in the box. Any clear he puts in a plate and content into little pieces while those things like sweltering hot and gives it to the dog he doesn't want the pizza be called for the dog dog is Oscar. Asia Jack Russell Terrier or they would search him and Jack Russell Parrish got. A Perry is I thought what I want ask Eric yeah I golfed out so I have elaborate doodle but I love very much Erica and let me let me see if it started the same way for you as it did for me. You put the dry dog food down one day and he came over looked at it and went. I don't think so and then you started agonizing that he would starve to death unless you came up with some sort of a plan. I. Yeah well we took it to shelter and on the way home we adopt. And got a bite to eat and local what are we gonna deal not to let the dog secure well he you know well or even got a cheeseburger and basically restarted before we even got. I'm global. I'm Eric we did try we did try to dog truth you know what that's like Qatar and Detroit are down he will no longer well he didn't eat or perhaps today. That's what drives me crazy I yeah I know so he was triggered to go hungry I got a question you're so Smart I mean you. You work you travel internationally for your job and your verse to ski demand. Where. On what short circuit meaning your brain where you say Captain Crunch Jack Russell Terrier now there's a match made in more. If I'm eating and sitting right there watching the side and portable and down on the floor and G-8. And I tried it again the next morning and he ate it. I know I did I I have all of alleged extortion morale have kept French political pros and there's not one thing that he will be we have tried yeah we haven't found anything that he won't you accept perk you know look vegetable. Common touch Cindy you have assembled a like most Americans I'm Todd said that you have an unusual way of disciplining. Or Oscar. This this some animus of shame. The potential I I I. I'm not quite sure what I'm talking about they're both agreed we'd actually came a hard terrible wishing this dog can get this poor dog. Is body shamed and remember cocoa. All I know could go hug IDC is Coco our body seven days. Are you guys you knew a body seeming cocoa. I know you know I did because here's the thing I have to every time I take the dog to the bed. The it's it's like going to the dentist and you know the Denis always says she did you flush your trailer and say yes which you know you really lying to the desk kitchen all right glossy regularly. Everytime I go to the vet that dog. It then looks at me like I'm beating the dog you know hamburger and these guys actually trials I guess what I'm not that poured dog is getting like three quarters of cup the dog food once today. Except when uncle Eric shake machine with my own I have actually had I've had to take the keys from Erik because Erik is said to the dog when he comes to visit let's take a ride to sonic can get a burger. And I'm like no the dog can not because I cannot take beat the accusing it looks in a glances from everybody at the bed every time I go in the. I got those looks over at the supermarket the other day I didn't realize what I was sent CN won't beat the dog food Elisa is a little bit in median net. So I get like some roast beef all right at the deli and then I have to cut and up and that I have to microwave and then mix it and by the way if I don't microwave what he storied. Home so I'm standing at the Delhi and there are three people waiting behind me. And the U person says what can I get shoot myself I wanna quarter pound of really good Boris head roast beef. And she said to OK she's a slice would you like to try it I know it's for my dog. Our. And I god I just felt like you know Richie Rich do you see here and look even Eric's judging you because he's so. I've seen Fruity Pebbles not a horse and biggest TV news. So I don't know Bob I don't I don't specifically go to the deli counter Oscar yeah happened again when a majority. She is spiral my. No well I don't know how you market relieve the house because this is well I mean it's huge. Well we can you that was the problem when we used what my father was around east what else can we had a manual first time electable my dad's. And it would everything that Oscar likes to do from getting up to the army were. And where it's. That I love them better idea a good blue eyes very thank you so mired. Morgan dogs are well normally we're gonna talk distant learning more about near ridiculous high maintenance and exceeding needs Islam and sharing. Bob Sheri dodge all the. This morning we are talking about our heads and what we go through especially when we have to leave them would sell more. And odds brother was just on where this he has some manual and I'm very very lucky. That Mary's former husband Tim. Loves sins so much. That he always takes stand when we go way situation haven't had a producer Emanuel not only that he'd look at sins so much he bought fins. A half brother of the two of them hang out together you better be glad because. I'm Liane is joining us right now and she posted a story on FaceBook about what happened with her pet sitting nightmare. And I was like curl you must tell this story to the Bob insure universally and welcome. And I don't care what was it would help didn't. Okay well I have an Australian Shepherd and she's very very dear to me. And my name is didn't telling and last year. I went to my mom and dad's house and she can. Pulled her ACLI and and we ended up having surgery in June of last year. After surgery she had a lot of complications. Permanent complications included. Lower spying issue issue is not playing on the top of her paws. And that we couldn't help but maybe she had some nerve damage but she couldn't tell us and he is now. And show any other trips that I took last year I had to make sure that I can kick her wit me 'cause I'm. I was like ha I on her I had to make sure she wasn't sure and a pie issue is wearing socks he was wearing Arab nations colors he had. She had everything that she needed so that she could continue to recover. From our ACL surgery. So. Last year with my fifty my parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary and my brother was paid for us to go on this cat ambulance once in a lifetime trip. Train trip through that Canadian Rockies. Let's go to Bob's dream as you ask which I did not only would she want Maxi in order so what did you. To Dolly. I can't tell sheet she was doing since physical therapy at a local animal hospital. And so and I think he would going on the strip I have so much indeed importing and they are like yes we do warn you I'm like this is going to be perfect. Because you've been getting physical therapy with care you know her limitations she you know when she can do which can't do. She can continued physical therapy while I'm on vacation this is perfect. So I leave it there. And I go on vacation and on my serves at night after we got off to training gut check in her hotel. Had a voicemail. From the animal hospital. And they want me to call them back as soon as I could attack. So when I was able to again Patrick and the next morning they told me it. That she hadn't felt removed and toe. And that she would. Require amputation. Oh my god and you're in the Canadian wilderness he's personable and well talk about some consultant speak Noonan. Well actually my wording into. And I and did you lose your mind Liane I. In my mind what did you Julian. Well I'll I couldn't do is think she's attacked and Cox and myself. And it's. Anybody in the whole world does and they ought to know how to care. Are you that was the best thing to do see you continued on the true. You don't return. An anomaly an iPod and that is that is he would tell me about what an alien until it has she says but this decision can't wait till you get back. So. I just went there. Porn but what are you suggesting a smaller than me how this year and that's just noticed I don't move more OJJ Harry who. I hope you're actually as good dogma now are. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. It's scary to. Yeah if you're nuts about who takes care of your head leaving your pet with people when you have to go out of town you are in the right place today. Hope we get another toes story is so unbelievable global money can happen so hitting this rate now is Whitney and Whitney story involves a play Costa misty know what that is seen I'm gonna live when you tell you and a house party gone wrong and things did not go well at all for Whitney welcome to the show welcome to describe it well who the worst start telling Bob free tellem. It happened explained Bob what do put constant basis. OK I have to cover things like winners big bottom Peter checkered finish. My hundred tiny bit thin client and be a particularly about a long we have a pretty big change. Uh huh and they clean the walls of tankan self starter I see no I've seen fish do that he path. Got a pretty that a lot of people don't realize they're rapidly they actually looked at about the action they eat proper they're really not. It's more you know anything. I want you could. When you talk. The whole thing was over the line the. I'm team cheering the myth of the whole outlook cluster is Artest or go to admonition. How now we are we winning Q&A corporate wedding a couple of Alps and I thought a great book that I of the art we were living in my negative to try our luck. Ornament on the group had a daughter who would have been eighteen Shia or sludge. And so we can only need to doctrine should actually have done it one week and the slow so we thought we want it I haven't. And a little bit extra long day you're gonna turn on each and I need. It turned out that she found where we had hidden the alcohol and how. Good and she had children younger and they all got cloned animals or any imperial at all over her living room. Yeah. She tried to clean it up I did not do an exceptional job and a Coke. They also apparently we're having that kind of rowdy party can they had curb it and I'm here and a total picture printed on the wall and I got to turn that girl. Appreciate it we train companies like. Oh they don't plurality in the county and knocked up pops a lot better right well that you wouldn't weird really weird do you concur. So we got only realized that the year has been punched or you would definitely. Obviously damaged not quite dark and I. I went Kelly I ate my baby down on her pillow on the floor that we had to Kirk should not comment though. That coalition called American bomber now. I just like what well have been ears by text it very patient like who we are all well and I got really big for Chicago the good and I think she noted. I don't terrible events. At a Taco Bell rallied dawn is my broken mirrors. How we're how old was this dog suitor. She recovered absentee. Yeah it. You did what I figured out what had happened slowly realized that. You rockaholic but it turned into water magically it was like that are urged G does what. Yeah. We hadn't. We had contract and her mother would be I'm happy. The other thing about it delighted that the car to this guy he won't go to actually what do I think you deal. Except he died early in the each because. If you know anything about tropical fish tanks they're they're out like seven teaching degree that it fish. What do riding in 72 degree water and how true each and now the light. Well and you know any. So I wrote it was a saw mommy drying on the floor and you're riding play cost miss what is knee jerk what was your not. God even riding plus concept of manslaughter. Our help me in the house smelled like you know that's seen in prince of tides were they put a turtle in the knowing. Two. Obviously I'm gonna finish god he waited any like we he has never been on vacation since. No actually we haven't popped. And we which I don't sleep and we can take protected. Predator and tell her a couple of plays but yeah yeah I mean you want a wedding so we had to leave them behind. The outskirts. In a trial where it. You can never trust this semi. Your old girl. Well we have come shoring she'd done brie so I really gorilla that. Only mean one. The worst experiences I have with a pet sitter didn't involve a dog or cat although I had a bad one involved in my cat. We had we had a tropical fish tank this is a million years ago we had a plug costs in the senate and we had a great big Oscar. I got Billy why don't straight out as they can get and I went numb I went to Philly for a wedding to sleep he did. And when I came home the house smelled funny. And the Oscar had allegedly. Gang. Allegedly jumped out of the tank and died on the dining room floor where I was trying to endorse fossil. And and the first. I'm happy Q I don't know why they do have nearly. An Oscar will do discus at first I was like these whoever was taking care of our house. Got drunk and played badminton with fish but apparently you're Oscar's can have an existential crisis or wherever just come on entertaining. Yeah I just blasting. Off. Well skies nearby airport I think so what is it with teenage parties we're mirrors and art were always get damaged and why. Just wait till you leave the wall alone. And do it told Steve just sit quietly amber rose call ring yeah exactly they cry and it's all others horse player and I probably wouldn't cry and I and I'm I'm definitely some vomiting from what I toll yeah. Whitney god bless thank you very much are they are under no guiding. Buffalo suicides it's more common than you think all right it's straight ahead. A hundred chance. Annualized rate is up this series dot com we've been talking about had seen today and didn't help. Some dogs or cats are so high maintenance that you really cannot have relief and Housley times runner. And it reminded me of. Pet sitting story that I saw while back con credit. And it was just pet sitter who said that I don't know I'll read your post. I dog except for house tonight she is she now serves a fat yellow old lab any cash for an entire month. Qaeda people were very well she wrote they just moved into this big beautiful home hunt she said one of the schnauzer is older and the mom of the other schnauzer. Younger schnauzer is diabetic blind and walks into the walls a lot I had defeat him tee times today and give them an insulin shot thirty minutes later. And then I had to watch him for the next thirty minutes to make sure the insulin was working. And they had just moved into this hugely expensive house. And there was no doggie door and they didn't want me let the cat outside because it was a new neighborhood and they have way too many coyotes. Everything's gone good diabetic dog hasn't had an attacker walked into the walls. When I got to let the dogs out though catch slipped by and ran out at their previous home we would've come back a few hours later so I wasn't too worried. And Knight comes around and there's no cat. No cat no cat so I opened the door to let the dogs go outside and the diabetic dog is why Clinton is the first to run out. I turn on the back late. Do you they're really eye contact. Though. And has no idea because he's blind she runs the coyote I don't know. Me. Under way to slaughter those. It hard to say look I know why is she wears the hurdle the blind she knows or smacking into the coyote startled to coyote and the continuity random way. Coyote I assume all know the cat instead what I do enjoy until the owners do I weighed. Dog sitter stays up all night in a cold sweat and know what to do yeah and the next morning here's his speed pawing at the door opens it up. Cats like with salt. Catching back checking back or coyote did not do you think Kyra to share not only her parents are gone. I don't know Nelson editor you can suddenly a bloody shoot out cause Erin added. Are great at speaking of cats. I know you can like this. Cats are on the rise with the men. It's just surprising 17%. Of men have a cat now and it was last year 14%. Of men at a capped an exercise in surprises me is surprise there's only one person one male I know who has a cat. And that is my son in law Ramsey he had a cap as he named princess jasmine too. Now he had princess jasmine prior to marrying land and my daughter and all right so I don't know princess jasmine is like. Four election four years old fibers or something like that mean she's she stays in their apartment she should never goes outside. So Linda was telling me he had to take princess jasmine to the vet the other day. And you know. All sorts of animals come into the bonus restaurant had Ramsey is tall dark and handsome and actually looks like a letter and he's he looks. He's not show looking guy kinda works. So he's in line and waiting further receptionist to. Get a bid to c'mon take princess jasmine for the New York. Project come check up. Two guys come in behind him one guy's got a bull dog food and the other guy's got a Colley computer standing behind. So she's taken Ramsey's name managed and a and how he's gonna pay and all and she says what is the cat's name because Princeton. I saw was two guys in there and just kind there watching the white you brushed a guy like your gross things to imprison them. I'm sorry I search and here you princess Chessman. Princess jasmine and all of. What are you mirror and you didn't. Did you go to be in a position like their rhetoric before I left your house today to come to work Kevin's in his chair. And in his lap this tied to your ears and he's heading images. You coolest. Smartest you're the best Q did he bring a dozen of them. Kevin has to catch you up for the cat coaching Chris has ahead and and these are currently but don't have to make excuses like I use my voice okay they own those cats plus Albert Einstein music out of the room. Well Noel where guns. You find myself for the first time unable to argue if you. We will learn how how much do I have to be sued over age. My own my own trucks now. What's wrong mixture of good. I know you're grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where health markets insurance comes into. They can show a small business owners group health insurance options there and help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better out of financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 8557503537. Helped markets insurance. Yes good morning Robin Jerry dot com. You said the other day that. When you had a story about somebody who identifies and dead raccoon on the side of the road as soon kangaroo yeah we're getting stupid my fears that you're only getting sued city. You know I think we are changing I don't know what I mean we've always had nutty people. But there seemed to be more naked crazy people and and just people doing things. Violently. For no apparent reason or very little reason let me give you the example look at the drunks. Do you think that's what I don't think they have these kind of drugs I am I'm pretty sure we didn't have like Ecstasy back in the twenties very and a you people in Jacksonville Florida the other day trashed a chick fully dining room. Because there chicken nuggets were cold. They took out the entire dining room of the chick filet. Because the nuggets were called that is not the spirit of chick filet is not in the spirit of chick filet and I've never had called nuggets which actually I want understate got a nuggets in because they were waste that they shut their scary not until they got cold then that's a must or cold and they went not and the people are always so nice they're you know. So I'm on drugs your. For changing as a society. There's a guy named James Cayne. Who broke into a 21 year old woman's home and Hackensack, New Jersey. And tried to get in the shower with her. She was in the shower. And he tried to get in there with her apparently he got through an open window in the house. Or sixteen year old sister was in the other room watching the woman who we Sharif's child when it happened. And the sixteen year old sister Sid get out oral called the cops will let me tell you what I say get out and I'm calling the cops at that point he left the bedroom but he did not leave the house. When police got there. He was standing in the kitsch. Totally naked doing the dishes. Now what else could that be but which some sort of drugs. I think it's drugs and I think its own. Like I don't shop pod and even Jack Daniels special asserted stimulant don't you think. It's what I think Jimmy as a stimulant they wanna take your clothes off add something about it which which stimulant makes like crystal mess Chris yeah I think that's what it was a week. Did you mention straightened these demands is trying to get in the shot or would you he's Mencken. Wrote this guy is. Of course I mean. Ignored amazes me as many of us are armed did you teach. It more intruders aren't shot on sight and and you're she don't go into the shower heavy gas and that's your. That's. Oh there are going Ambien a practical but you could pressure you can push your gun and holster on the tall. Rack trend may should be. I don't forget there are no. And here's the both the third 1 this morning a yacht thirty year old woman in Florida got arrested last Friday. She was the getaway driver for an armed robbery. And she. Brought along her ten year old kid. It's so hard to find babysitters are I guess it is and they cost so much money aiming almost have to rob the bank just to pay for one. When Kidd Carlos for a little. Baby sitter and the sugar would be a fourteen year old from the neighborhood ruined it click O Americans thank you for green BB secure Meehan now what do you charge. Fifteen dollars an hour. Fifty. Or okay. Where did that I'm rob the bank. Where did the fifteen dollars an hour shrewd baby sitter gets started I don't know but I missed it I just missed it is nice to baby sit I missed like fifteen dollars a day I missed it by the au length of yacht. I can remember babysitting we lived in this crappy apartment house after really you we lost the restaurant we moved back to Hamden Connecticut. And we lived in this really crappy apartment house and had one room to live and had two small bedrooms small bathroom. At a kitchen net area I mean it was tight I'm talking 750 square chief for the four of us brother. Mother father and make. Can run across the hallway was a woman who was a single mom and she had a little girl who is I don't know two or three years salt. And Scioscia thought our teenage boy who over their perfect. I guess so would you babysit. So I can remember going over there when she would grow their girlfriends or whatever. And I think that I was in New England a sweet. Dollar an hour. Show sorry. I think it was a buck in our. She's she'd go out for three hours and it's it's three dollars that how much would that cost us 45 bucks. When I was a junior high school I got my first job working in a restaurant. I was a busboy on the graveyard shift at her Tony for our diner. And one of the waitresses who work there was single working mom shed a beautiful little boy named Jesse guys is crazy about used to Newton. And so. Line in the during the summer Unser on summer days I'm out of school break. She would bring Jesse to my house to McDermott tell us who dropped Jesse off at like 11 in the morning right because she would work from noon until about 8 PM. And I would I'd get paid 3035 dollars I thought. I thought I was like a drug lord. I had so much cash yeah per kid that is that's a lot of money it and bring you more I mean listen and I literally now that's why I have kids so much later because I learned early that two year old will Wear you out but here's the thing today he. To pay somebody. Let's say ten dollars an hour X eighty dollars a day she would have had to donate yeah that's pressure tips and up his solo works. Tantamount to get a green sturgeon can't start to lose the first Christmas and we can get fifty. One release terrifying teenage girls and the Israeli army recruits. Yeah somebody like her name was MacKenzie yeah. Then she made it clear that you're not getting out of that house without paying that free it's always it's. How. I use the series and I'm fascinated by the mystery of the floating abandon mermaid shed have you heard about this still. It's so interesting on live pictures I can I can give tied to post up. It came under resting grand isle Louisiana but here's a disk it's a tiny. Shed its pain with the image of a mermaid and it's been at lake. Balloon green and lavender it's adorable and it's attached to. A floating dock in each teeny tiny. And the Coast Guard says it's a derelict vessel if floated all the way from Florida where was first spotted. Choose south Louisiana. It's skewed his conviction Darlington paint looks wonderful on a the Coast Guard one Coast Guard officer officer mean geez shed several people reported seeing an in Key West. And then I tropical storm came and it broke loose from its Maurice. And it has been. Bobbing across the Gulf of Mexico more than 200 miles that's the way it looks like something that was created in Key West it has winner's circle sort of q.s slowed once cited data has a mermaid pain in on an amnesty turtle knocked opponents in their zone that little adorable blue door. On and it's been floating for more than 200. Miles which tell it's kind of amazing because they attracted a little bit that you can't miss slaughtered because it started out in Key West now so it's been bobbing around. The Gulf of Mexico for a couple hundred miles. The Coast Guard authorities said. That we are not trying to find the owner we've given up end. We're not gonna tow it to shore. They're just in Politico which means that the mystery mermaid show and I guess it's just gonna keep Bob Bob Bob and along. A true legend turned up pullen and then I don't know why. Just to see where we had opened with a well when you when you think about what happens with ocean currents and ignited I can't remember if it was on Nat geo or one of the channels the Catholics the Watson. They did this story of we talked about it on the air when it happened the giant commercial tanker that was carrying thousands of rubber dot peace. Remember and there was a terrible storm at sea and the containers containing the rubber duck he's a vaguely remember swept off the the deck of this commercial. So where they end up. Everywhere. They ducks broke out of their container that was holding them. And they've been traveling around the world and oceanography percent. That the rubber ducky phenomenon and gave scientists an unbelievable opportunity do you study ocean currents. Because they were able to watch the way the current carried the dot should do the ducks kind of stay together because they were huge spot some them to do after because they were all traveling in the right road producing currents it's so interesting. She wonder when you look at this Little Mermaid shed on the dock. How long can it survive waves and storms and how Long Will this thing just float. The the shed is on some sort of floating. Docks like elect a little floating dock or pier with a fence around a real I mean you just barely could is bigger than the actual mermaid. Building. But it's it's it's up high so it's a way not real high but a couple of feet so it's away from the ocean a picnic or go while my guess is that the owner. Now that this in the Coast Guard is on broken the story. The owner is aware that dishes what is happening Newton but the expense of getting it towed and and then be the owner just said. Sales streamer vis a similar it's that I'm not impose. If there's something in it it's illegal have they poured into Arabic so that they boarded and all of it but if there's something illegal and there the donor might be going. Well well I know and I that's because six drills and marijuana are. And when you look at the photo closely there's a sign above the door and it says clubs shed. So you know that whoever Boone this. Was one of these Key West free spirit types oh yeah. And if you're free spirit distracted storm took tears shed didn't send out to Z. Thanks becomes part of your ongoing laid back life story right yeah you're not enough IE not peacefully we are where you can call me to get arrested for my head. Well it's probably not worth that much anyhow I mean it looks like. Crazy stuff floating dock here's what you should pay. He goes says. Also ahead you. I do wonders what is behind. OK this is cherry pick. So much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another pod cast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. They saw a yes or else Sherry. Okay I give you choice here now to. Two sides which. Subjects we're gonna talk about would you like to hear the seventies to a successful marriage. Or Bruce Willis. As a new movie out soon. And it's based. On a really really infamous Charles Bronson movie. Hi Sean the trailer for the Bruce Willis movies so as important as the seven keys to successful marriage are let's talk about the death wish. He goes all vigilante on the streets of Chicago in death wish a remake of the 1974. Charles Bronson classic. I don't know that I I didn't cede to the Charles Bronson death wish movie when it was in the theaters. I saw it on a movie channel not long ago. And I have to tell you it was one of the most ridiculous. And I know it's a classic in some people's minds ridiculous. Stupid and racist movies that I have ever seen in my life in the 1970s when it was out New York City was a lot rougher place than it is now and you have to give some credit to Giuliani he was mayor took over as mayor and he cleaned up a lot of New York City and the mayor since then have done a pretty good job keeping it stayed fairly safe big city to beat them. I've never seen the movie but I understand that Charles Bronson is ticked off and goes after somebody that if there were firebombed a car there was a death wish you up. Death wish to. Death wish three. Death wish for there crackdowns and death wish five to the face of death. When he would talk out into the streets. We had a handgun. A bad guy would appear doubt and these were these were cartoon character bad guys the motorcycle game in New York City. And then the drug dealers I mean really really cartoon character bad guys. He would just popping one after another also the roofs. Of these apartment these brown stones throughout New York City it was just a blood fest. So they're gonna do a remake in the Bronson character is Bruce Willis who has had his share of movies that are pretty bloody. An isolated interest in them instead of a New York City either using Chicago. Obviously Chicago has the reputation now of being more Grady agreed beard more dangerous place in the murder rate is far higher. So it'll be interesting to see if this one is in any way shape a little bit you know better than the Bronson movies. A butcher in NORTHERN IRELAND Talking Heads up is selling gin and tonics flavored sausage. And I say why why is it taken so locked. Why she shouldn't tonic flavored ice cream. Or cookies put straw stuff. Kindred sausage. Speaking of drug cocktails what was the first drink ever described as a cocktail and what was the date that it would need it is you're gonna get the date. But roughly what do you think he was introduced. What was the first cocktail and above what we see here than it was in either sink the first cut Tillis somewhere in the eighteen hundreds. And it probably involved to wish Qi an egg whites for you are on the money I was gonna say 189018. No six. And it was called the old fashioned. And that's a whiskey journals or whiskey drinker you know it's amazing EC you know six a few years earlier. The old fashioned would have been in the seventeen hundreds. If it's called the old fashioned to be referring to the seventeen hundreds from coroner again I don't know Mike cocktail lure you 200 very very impressed. Let's see what else we have going on here. Was like this in your house. Did your did your. Beilin an impoverished yes pitcher to tell us how your grandmother. At the end of the summer say are just cannot wait. Until she goes back tune into school till I hear her Brothers go back to Stallone and that in the end of the year. I just can't wait till they get out of school because I know you didn't have any of that at all and that's what's going on in in a lot of houses and it's generally a couple of weeks before his go back to school or get out of school parents are saying I have just had so much of these kids the summer. And then the same thing I have had so much of these kids at school driving them at all their school work. Dead there. The thing for me since my girls have been in kindergarten is school lunches 'cause they won't need to school lunch I have to pack school wanton and at what they will eat. No I think I made compact their own lunches but I still have to supervise because if I don't supervise. Jeremy is school lunch looks like the desert spread in hell yeah and so he actually a supervisor grade. A high school lunches are unhappy when it and I'm sad when he begins again. You know what it's not so much the fact of my kids won't eat what they serve at school it's because of it'll cost me like my son is going to shop and a burrito place and because they do see you put money on a card and then they can just take ala carte Ali and call I just can't write checks and writing checks and writing checks in I would get a call from the high school they would say. On the yeah you guys are about twenty dollars in your son and X minerals sink and I did I just wrote a check of nearly can't we now Smith and I said oh can you put a block or maybe he can only one I script source the source sir that's not our jobs. You know what's happening for me this year Madison using college so I guess he's going to be doing some of the picking up. We've Hampton does he doesn't drive you or I would be mean it's. Three days tweet up you just have to put sale. Got to do it. Welcome to carpool help desk teaching children. Welcome to carpool now and let me recommending he keeps up we'll leave your car. Yeah you can take a little careful next nearest irises which can do real early. Hootie and it's a good idea times. And this pretty interesting and maybe even a little bit depressed seeing but we'll see where you come down on it. Mathematicians and scientists decided that they would try to figure out. If you love is a numbers game and if you just leave it up to shave what are your chances of finding true love and if you make. Just not much of an effort you know you're not out there online dating you're not really out putting yourself out the world you're just trusting me and that stage has a plan for you mean. Well be one in 562. That's richer odds are created these mathematicians finds. Trouble finding love yeah if you just leave it to fade the odds are one in 562. So let's take away the Internet the other ways to go find that I guess. Are to join the club and bar errors mutual friends for earns CIA and you and you would have to I guess you have to tell your friends you know. I talked to meet somebody so that they heard meaning Tamara yeah rent an and here's what's even really scary if you're between the ages of eighteen and twenty could work. Your chances of meeting your Lohse if you just leave it up to fate are one in the. In 1024. Between the ages of what. Eighteen and 24. You would think that has to be locked you listening to it it's just the opposite why your best chance of finding love is to be between the ages of 65 and 74 where you have a one in 300 for a chance. Because there's big slow down and you can catch him now this is the one that really got my attention. The the mathematical number of mutual attraction. So what is the rate at which we are mutually attracted to each other. And in north and Minsk. Meaning lake. What percentage of times are mutually attracted to each other. So we Walken dorm room and you'll find someone who your very attracted to who's also attracted Tebow. What percentage of time he Obama walking into a social situation ego all I am so attracted to her and she miraculously feels. Oh I'm so attract to him briefly to the read a limited immunity you're heavy discouraged side may deem to press but I. Braced for bad and it beat its. I'm going to just make it a given that that she's going to be at least moderately attractive to me okay. But just pretend like you Pepperidge something all right. It's solo. Show Hewitt show low one in 2000. It was a percentage. This is what I wish that this will. Okay it's 18% it's 18% that's impact to it I would've thought opening higher than that 18%. Not 18% chances that your attractive. An 18% chance. That we are attracted to each other in my walking into like a biker bar rule where I'm walking and Sue Bird so low this way forever one. Mean think about your odds are astronomically against finding love according to these mathematicians. But it DT percent chance that the person you're attracted to. Feels that same life nor does she really could look in. That is those odds go way out that's called the Clooney equation that's exact would reduce but think about it. How many times in your life be honest I mean I'll tell you how many times in my life I've been like. That guy's harder not dog and he felt the same way it's gonna 18%. No bout if alcohol is involved this number go up another big body your goggles could hunt I'm your only about 80% I take time in the night. I think that's what happened. You know I've I've worked all my life in broadcasting and so. You know you're going to find some attractive people in broadcast your surrounded by attractive interest staying you know and. But let me let me put achieve this way. There are a lot of attractive people is in the building where we work how many of them are you attracted to DC the difference. Understand I'm not a talk and let me answer that because I don't want people move into the other side of the hall when it comes out and. But understand the difference yeah click I can look at even go that is a very attractive man many feel no attraction for you. Personally didn't. Yeah because I mean the type of person you are comes into play in chemistry that you have your sense of humor everything comes and plays that sometimes you just wildly attracted to someone and you can't even really put into words what the what is this news. Eighteen purse he's a wooden to. You got a web what these scientists and mathematicians say. You have got to work harder just saying yes it's it's the people he worked with say hey what did you come our best for drinks after work. They said if you say yes just to back. You'll increase your chances of finding someone by 16%. And then got to work your when your I wouldn't you gotta say yes to more things you guys sort of people you gotta get out there. Actually I that's what they're saying my children's items.