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Friday, August 11th

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If you look really fast. From the palatial Bobby and Sherry studios kids. Bob and sharing this time. Year railways and think about when I was a kid and we relive in London Connecticut shore un rented house. Sports in my father's restaurant and how much I wanted to. G1 of those kids the lived in New York City and we were right on Long Island Sound like almost see New York we'll see Long Island. And the identity your plate they took me maybe three or four times sword kind of knew what was going on. And then you see that the New York news on the TV and in the summertime. A couple of things would happen that I just so wanted to be part of one was to go to Coney Island. And and be able to write on those rides. And get a Coney Island hot dog and sit on that beach and look at all the people and the other one was when they have the news story about the kids in Brooklyn or queens. Or the Bronx who would open up the the fire hydrants and the water would come out and they be played in the senate in the streets of New York. I thought those were the lucky is kids in the world now I have Long Island Sound and a beautiful beach. And they're on a filthy street but it just looked like they are having more fun and you always want that exotic things yes sir I that's different so I was so looking at the website and somebody did a thing about. Commuting horror stories that will make you shutter and again that they're commuting on either both ferry. Who Staten Island or on the subway trains on the on the subway which was the other thing that fascinated me the idea of taking to New York a scary. You know had to go to war could go to school board to take a subway some kids took subways to. It's not always as glamorous as you may think I'm gonna reach I can't read all of them because some of them are so disgusting. They're okay we we will get in trouble. Horror stories. Commuting in New York that will make you shudder. The story teller I was on the train when a man sat down next to me made boring small talk for a couple of minutes. And then proceeded to very loudly describe his issues with the EG in full detail for the rest of the trip using hand motions. You'd you knowing you live in the city and Jane public transportation inside experience that. Need do you encounter humanity you encounter humanity and here's the next one. I was on the ferry I guess the Staten Island fairly between the lower Manhattan and Staten Island. Current and five minutes into the commute. The lady next to me took out her false teeth. Took a Bobby pin from her hair and started to clean her chief fat. And kids this is why we're so pro slots Brent. Number three this is called the night of the living led. I was trying to get on to be trained during rush hour and somehow I was stabbed in the hip by a pencil. I didn't realize it until my legs were numb a little bit later on. Blow so broke a scam Newton. This is on a bus in New York. A man was eating a banana. Who when I looked up proceeded to stare right into my eyes. And push the entire banana into his mouth piece. Sometimes I would fall asleep on a train on my way to work and I would usually wake up right before we arrived. One day I didn't wake up and the conductor forgot to wake me up when I finally did stir I was on an empty locked train somewhere. In the subway system of New York I was always used to fall asleep on the subway and Chilean it was always like. In the back of my mind oh my guy can some heavy sleeper final wake up I don't know. No spend the night and now in the train station. Here's another new Yorker I was taking the bus the woman next to me seemed high and kept falling asleep on top of me she was also slurping milk from a bad. I don't think it was milk though this might she saw. The next one I cannot. I cannot read the next one and fellas you don't do that in public. Here's another that's the weirdo sandwiched. On the train I was cause a lease sandwiched between a guy. Who was washing your dirty movie on red tube and a guy with a clip on men bond. I spent half an hour trying to figure out crew was weirder. I don't China has said it's a tossup. A clip unmanned barn where should dig needy I'm fine with the me combined. Time live your life but it clip on man London. It was 9 o'clock done sickened to my own. And I was on the train and a super drunk guys stumbled in. Several minutes later. He unzipped. And made an arc across the aisle. No it's very Philly. I mean status. It's racial and local trains around here keep their doors open and sometimes one time I saw this dude hanging out of the train. As it left the station you know the area between one car of the train and another carbon trend doesn't. This dude on the trains stretched his hand out. Gently tapping a guy walking. And taking his bonus. Talking on his phone. But he miscalculated how fast the train was going and his hand ended up slapping the phone out of the guy's hand it skidded and hit a pillar and broke into pieces. And the train was gone before anybody could do anything about it. It's just never as glamorous as you think it is when you see it on TV you know what I mean. I mean it's just it's a tough life I think living in New York. Would you would you wanna do it this. When you're like I could actually yeah I don't know that I could at this point every time money back in Philly I feel homesick I could. But now I would understand the things that we haven't we in the subway really happy. So maybe I wasn't sure Mike what are you showing me that. You know now I understand why yourself when you narrowing the less time you run assembly would mean in New York you had a bag and a New Yorkers it was a wonderful let me carry this down this this latest there's not but the guy was gonna run off with a mini was so nice. Hardly yeah I'm soon yeah. I mean Sherri. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps Sherry and. You think about wages ask me what I wanna live in new Yorker Philly again at this point. Keynote or Chicago got some major city. If I did I would not own car like after sir would not Omar and I lived in a big urban environment could take public transit one things that. Is that we have had sketchy things happen to me on public transportation like everybody that rising on a regular basis you're you're encountering humanity. And your really packed in tightly with humanity and if you are on a per over or didn't looney tunes or whatever. A subway is a great place for you to practice craps TS a pervert or are there any chance it's just this. And one of the things you'd get out of that experience. Is armed tolerance for. Being acting close places with strangers. Not a bad thing to have because unless she really do live out in the country and you never travel. On haven't tolerance for. Close spaces in other people helps you a lot especially now when you fly it teaches you patience it teaches you patience. That's true NET. But one might think about what I what I'm like why are trying to picture my kids. Growing up and silly and navigating subways in el trains and buses and trolleys. I kept rekindled cold sweat I did that. I did without even thinking about it. You have is only really a few cities in the country where you can go without a car and I think they are New York. Boston. Chicago. The Philadelphia. And it's may be San Francisco. I think it would it's tough and LA I think you can Gary itself goes out of car in San Francisco I think really tough and LA to do it I don't know enough about San Diego or Dallas hernia and there again I don't think you can in this place is known you can't. At a tough former girlfriend years ago who lived in Boston. And she said taken that's subway you were us as a woman. A real challenge because in them. The drive times you know people are going to work and then going home in the afternoon she said there about once a week there'd be some Joker your your pac ten I mean yeah pac ten like sausages. And she said oh here we go again and you have to deal with this some dude. I had more on intimate encounters with strange men riding the subways than I ever did in like clubs. You only get yeah. But I say that the worst for me was sent rush hour on the train because there's a lot of people on the train and yet some pervert who's practicing his skill. Is gonna be like up against you and inappropriate. The worst for me Temple University where it in my undergraduate degree is in north Philly dot Philadelphia. At Dion and it's on the broad street subway line. And Chile has great public transportation it's it's really logical smackdown on the grid and it's. Pretty reliable and and less the septa workers are on strike you get where you need to go. So I lived sitcom. I lived in near the University of Pennsylvania silent west of Center City. Tempe university was a far way away long subway ride and I would go down onto the campus on weekends sometimes teased the library. So the subway is better rush our cause your pact in real tie the subway is worse at 9 o'clock on Sunday morning. Wind per bird is heading home after a long name of perversion. And China stretched out in the subway car is not that many people. And there's nobody else around and get gone and the perverts they can do himself. You know I can't hire me and I put in a full night of being creepy but here's this college to retain his shot is college girl he. Showroom where I have did you get your reaction I can get and one of the great life skills I learned from Mac and you'd see me practicing at work. Fervor would take out his way years. Display them for me I would look at what you sell on I would look at the fervor and never looked back to my book it's back. Never. She sweats he had gone I'm sure he's seen you that lifespan is a great skill to gamble to not let people see this world. And so for families are planning to move to the Philadelphia area I apologize for straightening you may not all through yeah. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Sherri and I brought me in here is some bathroom reader it's called the bathroom minutes and I think it's part of his dollar Percy should clothed. But here's they sent Jessie a guy. The material here on the bottom Cher show curly or Larry every day that hey Ed thanks Cindy. And some staff and no I don't. It's always giving us the very little bonus material is not actually been in the bathroom just wanna say that June. What is shoe you read it in home before bringing it to the well and idolize this. Words strike. I don't. How hard you simply know that Todd was reading on the toilet. So I thought it is every bit there's an article on this. In this episode of Todd Spencer reader and yet it's called you're tired he keep people really explore without warning. Re all just human sponge you combustion what did you if you urged. You know that's been something that I have been curious about I ever since I was a kid that's how long it's been around the idea we would we'll talk about it in in the lunchroom once well a six you know you can just catch on fire and explode. Well you can and I think you go tot an apology for suggesting that you get when you hear about his bathroom reading okay because this is what this says. Cases of spontaneous human combustion. Have been reported as far back as 1746. The most recent victim is an irishman named Michael charity in 2010. Who spontaneously burst into flames and was found nothing left but cinders. How can this happen. According to Todd stature reader scientists have recently come up with a reasonable theory it would look like earlier this. Yeah it's called the weight can affect. So here's what they say. By all accounts most victims of spontaneous human conduction tend to be combustion tend to be elderly under the influence of alcohol or both. And they almost always live alone and the combustion works like this. The victims for any number of medical reasons balls completely unconscious. Except for May be a heart attack. And then their clothing is set aflame by an external heat source like a fireplace or cigarette because most victims of spontaneous human combustion. Also happen to be smokers and over the course of several hours the flames. Even they do what they don't get into the details from ties opt answer reader. But because the fire is relatively small and self contained they be they human candle burns itself out over a long period of time. Without spreading anything else in the vicinity and that's because of the non bodies that we had our support of spare you from Todd Spencer reader. Is that kinda going to detail. Com's Carlo apologize for insulting these ties bathroom reader it's fascinating. Amid this is just because that the guy caught on fire because he was there and fire place. Well armed they're saying that what happens is when a person. It is almost always is somebody who's alone they live alone and they are alone and whatever these. Whatever the reason for the fire because there's so much fatten the human body you turn into a human candle OK I understand that but the original combustion. Is caused by an external old. That's the word theory that's the wick theory now that the human being is the wick and our body fat is the fuel and so we burn like a candle. And the remains were discovered according to this make it appear that the person just erupted in a puff of flame. But the prevailing scientific theory is that it's a long slow undiscovered burned you know so why did what I. There is a good about myself because I have never been so drunk that article when I was caught on fired and I didn't realize he shouldn't put up. And every time when when I would look gonna sale my hand is on fire I I you know I would do something. A look at this and you know I'm not gonna belabor the point because I know you're very squeamish too. But it seems to mean just from my own casual anecdotal observation. That men like to hit that toilet and stay for awhile. I don't know yell read you play games on your content you'd like to do that. Oh. I am not gonna be identified in our audiences. Mine design. That is where Watergate. Had read it anyway. I'm reading this article and unlike. Us this time you're gonna dances from me this seems disturbing this is some publications. Center men should be read whilst in the best Jerry and it talks about you spontaneously. Bursting. Complaints. I have no defense really because coated nor your Joseph big comes comes. In a box with my eight and multiply like razors that I yum part of one of those like every 306 car had a cash and scholarship could not only do they want you have a smooth shaven face but they wanna go ahead and educate cheap owner that's dramatic managerial. I kept every time I opened the box I laughed because I pulled that out and I'm like I can't wait to give this to Sherry lynch I never take it anywhere other I'm. Oh gaining in the kitchen. So you didn't pick this into the bathroom is what my question for you lies were you uncomfortable or trouble while you were taking care of business and reading about person. No he's too busy playing games on my phone I'm sorry I don't wanna know any more details about this your reader wasn't actually in the battle on right initially get on well you know I'm glad you brought in and here's why. The next time I get any. Blow back on ten ways to break down my door I'm all right retired. Yeah I want only switched a deep philosophical thoughts from Todd Spencer reader and I don't know who Jeff jocks is. But that's your reader quotes him and I want you to think about what he sensed. Jeff says quote. A good relationship is like fireworks and loud explosive. And libel to name you if you hold on too long. Sure what. Just jumps the shark so. I am sure you didn't answer your rear I'm looking. Every month we'll bring it to me. I'm meta message is the three main single if you're a guy that's right except for Christie might. We burst into flames and nobody there to put you out through its of this really no yeah no truth to the idea good. Human beings just explode I just gave you. Prevailing unscientific reader right right appearing from the bathroom reader leader told OK okay you don't build your house on that foundation matches. So yes you can meet our ads and music Max. It's violence there. And ever see the movie dumb and dumber. Worse I have two guys that are their cousins or is this morning no Janikowski. And Zachary pillar row left. There throw in Cromwell Connecticut Cromwell Connecticut is a silly question they're nickname should be yanked it into the hill and yes that's right. That's exactly right. Cromwell Connecticut it's like just a beautiful picturesque little New England town right it's named after Cromwell of course. Anyway these idiots were trying to score some cocaine. Drugs are everywhere. In America and now unfortunately. 2:15. In the morning on Sunday they're trying to score some Coke and apparently they thought the best place to do that. It was not decide the Cromwell Connecticut police station. Second timing genetic Kim the reality. So they ask the guy who do very do you have any Coke and of course it turned out to be an off duty cop who was ready to go into the police station. But that wasn't even their dumbest move now has that happened when the undercover cop told them. He could sell them some for sixty dollars and if they needed cash there was an ATM right across the street in the front lobby of the police station. Conflict there. Should go only frustration than just how to address it may not read it. I wish you guys are and I got police in Georgia a year they stop demand for driving a 112 miles an hour. And this is an off at a Georgia a copy was using one of those stationary radar guns and when they saw the black Tony fifteen Dodge Charger zip tied at a 112. Miles an hour we had some muscle card that he. The officer said that the vehicle was changing lanes accelerating leading all traffic behind. Police stopped the Dodge Charger. And the driver 24 year old guy from Alpharetta. Told the cops yeah I know I was going over a hundred miles an hour. And I was doing this because I was attempting to take a picture using the snap Chad speed filter on my phone. As though the cops who go excuse yeah you alarmed as I said that. Because snap Chad has had a filter on in the difference is speed as the that's just snap check users traveling on top of the picture that they saw. We're in for a nation that these we are we have to be calm the land of morons I'm I'm serious I'm. So I am he explained after the cops and absorb it all oh yeah I want the days I was and they arrested and charged with reckless driving speeding. And writing or sending text based communications while driving. On the police department send send out a tweet and said serious sleep. So look good on snap Chad is never a reason to engage the public at a 112 miles an 112 miles an hour that you know can damage you can do like. Same league full of people if you lose control multiple hits to show us multiple V also people. Our let's go to Massachusetts. And Florida is saying thank you pick it let's go to Massachusetts where another 24 year old guy was arrested after driving. Buck naked and blindly drone through a highway construction site at more than a hundred miles an hour. His name is Alexander Sean when does he pleaded not guilty to charges including. Tom blood naked drunk driving underneath we not guilty Juli your blood may get ready we're going under I see our Brooke. Please send it when they arrived at has seen his pickup truck was pulled over the driver was sitting naked with his hands folded across his last class seats. There Alexander they've found empty and full beer bottles as a driver and put his pants back on before performing field to a field sobriety test. But he could not get his pants on or parents of field sobriety test for blood alcohol more than twice the legal limit. And he had the brass to stand in front of the judge. Got to not kill. You know most of the people who drive around in doing nefarious things naked our clients some sort of drugs not alcohol fears good old fashioned here in America didn't know and your kids well as far as I mean placed next. Oh yeah and I'm here yeah well zero disaster that's true too that's right. I drinker so that is more runs in the news that slowdown out there. I don't even voice chat that's your response National Journal you're responsible that is total costs must. Each dish. C dish and the Bobby and Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading us all into. Lucent company yeah. Eighteen years in a row motive I world travel awards. Doesn't a vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazingly great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. And 65%. Off for sandals it. Call 8889. Point she's 5015968089125159. Back for the podcasts. Audio clips I guess your daughter Shari got to go. They took about monkey bars for didn't create a little bit surprised given now. Safety conscious we are now and how on helicopter and we are now that there still are monkey bars on yeah sounds Lotta times you see that's the bottom of the motion bar area is sponge or something like that or there's still you can if you slip. On your way down to the sponge you can hit seeking business ethics. And I seem suited insomnia were playgrounds the monkey bars are so low that you almost hurt yourself just trying to operate though I didn't know that because they drop down their. The reason I was thinking about this we have a very colorful family history with monkey bars. As you may remember that in fourth grade. My daughter Olivia had a monkey bar accident on the playground at school during recess and broke both breasts yet. And both tourists pouring cash and of course she did this in the week before Thanksgiving in both of restoring casts and she needed unbelievable amounts of assistance and wind acts of daily living minister called red. Including. Mom mom in the bad third upper right gesture might like buy dot have been because I why can't and we and like I mean my kids talk with their hands and they gesture a lot right. So much damage during that period she clocked her sister in the space she not she would knock things off of table tops so where do you stand in the mode keyboard to date I'm you know throw monkey bars I think that. As human beings. Part of what childhood is designed for is to teach him prepare us for adulthood and you know within reason. I think that you should be allowed to play a monkey bars Lisa love our whole monkey bars. Yeah actually yeah yeah it's it's a Smart when the call big accidents are happening happening and are scrambling it's I it's a hard. When the call because you can see how kids can get hurt easily but have we become so wimpy as a society. That we're taking away monkey bars and then. Artificial intelligence takes over r.s thinking. I know nothing but you know. Re being masses. We wouldn't we do know aggression and no thought you know the reason I'm kind of pro monkey bars and playgrounds and never got hurt on one except. Auto the monkey bars at my school. I would go over there. In the summer when the only playground was was empty. I had nothing to do and I go you know the school remark like over there the monkey bars were out. Arm in the middle of the playground. And so this summer heat wish you tough guy who's in Ohio your monkey. And that metals lied about it and yes I don't mind metal slide your drugs ago. The metal sludge was early childhood liposuction business fizzled just carried off van Allen was brutal and a third should this deify while we might you know my girls really don't wanna go to the playground anymore and if they do there with their friends and hanging around they don't want me anywhere near them mind. To this day of fun near playground and the kids one abuse and on monkey bars I I like to hang upside down. I'd throw my legs over the big bar she can hang upside down in just. Sort of do a little slip off the hole it may mean even about monkey bars was this old woman in China I can't. She looks ancient in the video so I saw this on line she looks ancient I had no idea how old she is home. She's she's arms she's on a little shopping cart as a playground and she stands up on this little shopping cart. And she'd just pulls herself up on the monkey bars. And she starts swinging in doing monkey bar Turks are wrestling are actually great grandma and do and it can and watching that I shot cash. Yeah because even when you get do you live to be hundreds and you know had you had some experience as a kid. Probably with monkey -- number no no I was never afraid of the monkey bars but in Arizona what they decided to do was you know those cement like things they run Underwood further further you know drainage and -- yeah -- decided take the actual once and go ahead and put those on the cement slab and put him in the parks he can play on -- well I one time decided to hang upside down dangling my feet over like you do on the Malia asked the baby -- decided she was gonna tickle me to see if I was -- I landed on my head. On this man this is may have paid out a good baby yeah right so here's what I don't also. Maybe soon to tell us what. He's upside down in a precarious situation definitely over semantics what. I think they're really sisters you're around a little now here's the thing we can get a hold Herman Jacqui because cellphones weren't around that time he knew and they were at the dog races. So ho god have you all I feel great soundtrack. And have a page or. Herman how alert your son has been injured please come to the emergency phone decreasing person you left your son which has caused the concussion can't we are you were way mimic. We remain kick telling incident which falls under the broader category are. Horseplay. There has been horseplay or whenever writes think of monkey bars. I ends up being sent. Because I rode my bike over that date and I can see this is clear as best as. The starts. And I got off and I was all alone. And when I'm gonna play in the monkey bars and I got up I was ten years old and I'm climbing on the monkey bars and young have a pretty good time and nothing else to do. And the doors of the school opens and out came an administration person who was still working there again this summer and said. Where you here's school is not in the need to go home. And and close me down. And up to the public's initial public school of course that I felt like I'd done something. You were a little criminal yeah you weren't colonel and only moonlight noise. I was high school raping little delinquent acts and I'll show you I'm going into radio city hits a hundred checkered. Analyzed for years about this very dot com X eleven. Parts of my time meaning I'm in the parking lot of the dance studio waiting for my daughter just finish up and coming on some days they run fifteen or twenty minutes late and I end up looking at. Surgical things online and I don't share a lot of videos against and the tree view. One of the funniest things I've ever seen which is an angry cockatoo and a bird shelter in Canada. It escapes its cage. And they handler tells the cockatoo pebbles to get back in the cage shoes and pebbles goes off on an F word lady. Appreciation wreaking reentry. That will have you rolling on the floor can't play even 12. Of the spurs ran on repair this. I don't I think this firm was living with one of the pulp fiction cherished history or be rescued from. So SM that's you guys stopped one of the things I stumbled across the other day oh my parking lot time. Was Ashley Tisdale who played sharp pain High School Musical the Disney has gone he's gone movies. Which at our house constitute pretty much a religion my girls love them and their little. She has YouTube channel especially Tisdale can sing she's actually very talented and lovely bubble block. And she's friends with lea Michelle who was starved police which was the other thing that my daughters were into when they were really really Leno and we sell is a knock out vocal talent she's insanely gifted. And it to them covered one of my favorite breakup songs of all time dishonored by Robin dancing on my own yet. And it. It's just I mean it's not signal you know it's I can't change your life for anything. But I just wanted to you do hear this version of the song if you don't know the song you listened to the earlier X this is a song where. You know let the course goes on in the corner watching you with her early got feeling that we all had bright you know even if it only happened we want to middle school at the skating rink. You have visits a desperate crush your soul and love that this person million dollar used to be or not you personally and even though it's over it. Is seen here she was somebody else is kind of a sickening thing always the most painful thing imaginable and that song captures it completely and I just love this cover. That lea Michelle and Ashley Tisdale did so let here's a little bit of. Medicine madness. Saying you had only had. And. To share. And oh. Yeah Max. C and the madness send. I see no way am I know she's. The. And I still. Francine. Turks. So yeah. And the. Me. Oh yeah. You need. Yeah. Moon. Maybe it's more. Wounds. I'm not only guidelines had been their sources together really well all. Who has seen the end there and I love about that song that's just one of those songs that per it's kinda like. The goatee a song somebody I used to know can you where it's just perfectly and in such an economical way captures that healing and that this very specific moment in your life. I can remember and I was telling Mary about the second member at a moment for me my next question I had split up there have been several months. And I want to see when my kids play soccer and she was there with a guy that actually she's not married to now. And I was alone I just thought Garcia might my kids play soccer and and it just kind of looked over and I was just miserable. Is important there is no other way to put it it was just miserable. It was that song yeah there was that moment and then when it went in earlier because when I'm right over here why key she means. We don't hey you there right most of us can except for George Clooney hey good. Yeah UC true that's not. That's all you can the person playing the guitar tracks yes we can still science knows that area. It's pretty. You all that's not I don't through better this is really not a song I wanna have. On your player. And a glass of wine and. If you don't you're great right now gosh I'm sorry I did not mean to do this she you know look I don't even hear and know. Games who. Remember the hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Audio clips I guess your anybody's Jerry dot com. So it's funny how sometimes something that happened a few years ago. Stays with a view stays within your memory and you start doing things because of what are the event was for meek the event was I got my first nice car this is a long time ago. And it was a BMW. And I was so excited about this nice carcass I had nothing but beater cars up until then and I went to the airport. I was around 25 years older than and I went to the airport departure if and when I got back from my trip. Somebody. Had. Opened their corridor and dented. This side of my brand new car and all I was so ticked off and it cost a fortune to get it fixed. So. To this day like when I when I drove into work. I saw Todd scar. And I said and there was a spot next to it I said that is we're in park. Because. Todd likes his car takes care of his car and he's not a Clyde. Right is that why he's on high techs today. A clot. Yeah. Well I. Got nervous at first when he said and I saw tons car parked in a parked on the complete opposite side of the park to lunch because I know how he is. Put ivory I know you're not like I'm very careful about Blake I don't like people are opening their doors and other people's cars. A leading her son slammed the door in in my van. And she said to me who's sorry. I was like well I moved let's have your insurance or Finley she had a really nice car and I have the starship to exercise but that doesn't mean she can just come mopping kick it. Yeah I I would not park next year I mean I love you you're wonderful you're brilliant. Problem blue. But I would not put Max. Did a bad rap for my driving. Well no you don't you don't really do what was estimated ticket or an accident. I got rear ended by a cab driver but that's hardly my fault I just think you've always got stuff you know you're you're a little but on the you've admitted that this yourself a little bit on the clumsy side. I know where you have stuff you know you're works us to take home and the ages you open up the door and but you you didn't and I don't alone I don't do that to people I love being in the car with you're driving and Bob being a passenger because. He does his feet moving like he's trying to get the break in Chandra moving like he's trying to steer the car. And CU because like when Max drives with meat maximizes car in the shop for whatever my salty cute. Max climbs into the does the starship damn exercise and he says I'm enjoying good recap. And we have a nice conversation and Ryan yeah. Have criticized close the last the last time the foremost we're in your car together we were headed somewhere in there was a guy from a slight was red and wanted to turn green I mean it barely turn green and she was already open or an Intel only guy and start move and there's like Phil really came out there. Act is not my fault. Yeah I told him where I come from drunk driving you know it's a funny think is your therapist my wife as a therapist driving would you I pump the imaginary breaks and driving with her pumping imaginary tricks to get worse or different types after I view that easier insecurity trying to overcompensate I'm sorry that's a nice she saw no that is a will to live. That's what you had is. What one does not pay attention that would be you and the other one is the speed maniac. True story so I'm driving in the day exercise and my cellphone rings and it's the COO of our company. And she's like hey can you talk tremendous mashed it shirt not our company's based in. Philadelphia rates he did know that such an important thing and so were chatting. And dom and I pull into the parking lot of where I'm going and I par. And this guy I'm sitting there talking on the phone parked I'm not driving. And this guy gets out of this car. And he comes over and lease that's what he's carrying down on my car loans and surged pushing numbers and there was phone are you shouldn't so I said I said. GM on second rolled the window down. And I said. Do you frequently. Clean your kid up. Yeah. And they did have photo op and it. Took some. Yeah and it should head hands and what's the plan here if you can't. I didn't know you were in the car. Oh. Well cherry and it. Got. And it's her bout doesn't plan known it was you talk to my car to other meat and because really she's like I hate that. What's at play here ball well. Difference between Foley road rage and other room rates because he's really we don't just tell you will just take a cigarette out of the mouth through tell you what to do what to do. We want chewing we wanna have a dialogue about. None of the real differences in Chile and really in most northeastern places. It doesn't start excuse me. I'm Charlie darn I mean it's starts with the wind a veiled threat that's where it begins what's the plan here here's. I. I'm my god I wish people must think uncle. And my end. Of this exercise is not so mint condition collectible book. And shouldn't be disrespect didn't your property rights this. Here what is good you can I don't know anyway you. You were not a flood and you are they. A reliable person would want it's a hundred shares. Hello my streak is at the series dot com Mike used the word Clive what do Claude he has. Apple is slim woman and I'm throwing away back I don't know what anybody called a Clyde I know where amber are you having used it didn't interest is better real word it is or where you are watching like three channels at. May be came to. The past jerk I know sounding what do Clyde I mean honestly got to cannot remember the last time I use that club was not one of my go to words. But you know it was a part of my childhood people say what do Claudius. And and I don't think its use anymore you write your problem is so small movie here's something in the used it is that happened to me I'll be watching Tommy lived in channels and something will leaked out that media and it's kind of sticks in your head yeah Weill's top sheet according to Merriam Webster. It's their first their first is a lump. Or mass suspicion leave earth or clay the second one and of adult. You're not as cool word right that yes or worry you know furor neither an ocean or dole also is another when you don't hear very much do you know what I know he is you don't hear that come mind. Well like we know something we all know and Okoye. And it's it's not interchangeable and I think to me anyway as I love words and language. That there is a great nation of difference between an oath. And dole. I think he had you can be mom you can have a little bit of charm news journal here it is for me on a dole becomes an oath when the dole is large and oversized. So if you're very tall and kind of ungainly then you're told to see this translates into oh face mask. But there's also eight crude lack of manners associate with being post link you to be a dole let let's say for the sake of argument that Tom was a dole which should. Actually drive we've established that Todd. Closeness Todd room door now we can talk about him being more we have to be able to like he is a real world example. Armed Todd does not an oath because he has really good manners. Could he indeed kitten described as a dole. No different nobody India Singh he wasn't dull old Todd to dole. He's kind of we kick it out of his own way he's kind of an Dong economy stupid decisions and he's not an old. Would you take an oath could have some qualities that are perhaps enduring. The old fashioned you know. It and it's not a bit I also think you see on an ocean and not malignant Ryan can be it denying sort of an oath. On I also think that. When you're talking about adults and almost that you would tend to work with the old. But the related to an old and oh yeah I do the definition of and I both US is a stupid person I thought let's clueless person a big clumsy slow witted person and I want you big old. And no I didn't can you do a dole former well aren't as god. Don't you think you would you be working with the adults and related to the colts adult it's really much simpler a stupid person. And that's a stupid person other almost interchangeable actual. Don't know but I dear old senior adults your clients. As being none too bright but. But not bad intentions it's what are words to describe people that are dumb as a box of hair in the evil. See now that's another I have profess friend replies and I used it. It'd be nothing much trouble you know I know what I was gonna cite you it's like we can finish teach this stuff up. It's. What is surely come and what is an evil dole evil all. Oh Tina somebody gets to bed and thought Blair sent clumsy and big parent. And means you harm. Oxygen. What do the words can shoot. He won when someone says all ma'am what adult. There's kind of an affectionate quality to it because they know that legs tied kidding in this case if it were Todd which it is not it could. Help themselves. Some big new agreements no hundred million. He's not a real word today engineering remember we had a dictionary. Oh do you remarks she made it sound techs. I don't know what would be. Or menacing version of. This I mean like you take Kim Jong-un. He's not really he's not announced I don't know Norris he would go. He's something else how to. That would be a man you know style. Yeah and fog horn like. No idea of Moammar told us. That's another. Judge. Health insurance can be so confusing. And so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plan to. It's health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work kennel envisioned surgery X series accidents and more. Why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter to shoot 99537. Me back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. I'm sorry to all the things better health care in the world right now we were just talking. Not too long ago about go to yoga which are one of our co workers went participated in where you do yoga with baby goats in the goats can climb on new. And non participating you're go UV you're it's it's relaxing I guess that and you're less than maybe you're new to go yoga you know you can do I'm. On Third World I'd love so much but when my husband hears about spam. A few history actions since a little bit different like for example there's a farm in Manitoba Canada. It's offering alpaca dance classes there for anyone is looking to get a little fitness and do a little dancing with my friend we will have mammals. Always. Tough sell for me for cabinet. Yeah and worry Kevin I have signed us up to four a six weeks pro a six week long program of dance and fitness classes including hip hop bar card real blood taste. And boot camp. The herd of friendly Al package. And alpaca is kind of like a llama apparently Columbia. Unleash class Kevin will last 45 minutes. And then it will be followed by a fifteen minute Al Haq a bonding session during which yes so she's will be permitted. So there at the owner of the farms said. Out and get away from the TV get a little work out deal packets a super friendly they don't buy eat you would take a mass of very curious about people without being intrusive don't stick Malone went through and she was inspired by the growing trend of goat yoga Newton and your street you you're treated decide dobbs you. Get to choose how much Al packet interactions so let's say you know your pop and lock any your hip hop class. You may or may not want that day to really gauge at the alpaca though so this year the other packets are not pushy. And the owner of the farm said. Do your really like that they love the interaction with the Al Pakistan so friendly there really go with kids yeah people like get them. It's just ten dollars if you register in advance and fifteen dollars if you show up at the door. You know that's better that that's cheaper than in that no normal old Joker clear exactly now and year out in net and the fresh share your bonding with the Al Pakistan. I would need to match enrolled in which your dad. Is still alive to see that's. I'm I certainly know I just came up we're doing right now. Alligator a road Dixon. You come through the door you go out in this. Fenced off area and I'll let some gators go out there you just run like heck. You know that. Back that actually in Florida that actually would give you what I do I know some people would do it why don't you on what he become an entrepreneur or. And beat the founder of laboratory building ants. Where people can calm and they do like like a light work out here you can make some cannot digital dancing dual dancing in your backyard. And stays there and you put some reason god do you lead to people and just some moves you make up like this is elaborate lions and you know that I can say to stand up and you'll you'll jump up on my chest no. And we'll put his cause a lot of my chest and then we'll let you know dance around me little bitter walk around with it actually could work and Pete you know this great idea. I'm gonna cut you win are you kidding but the first person that wants to go to yoga every one left of her to write what they still are actually sweetheart come but. I just think it's awesome. Things like go real bad and how happy dance classes I think to myself we we are involved me in a more peaceful direction. And that's a good thing like I children got my husband is a president Dolly mama's big book of happiness and and I was reading that chapter really the other day. And he had addressed the convention of I guess early college students there's huge room full of people that H college student each high school college students. And he said that. The last century has been one of war and violence and the war and violence will always be with class. But if we're going to ever have a century of peace and understanding. It has to begin with each and every one of us. And then ripple outward boulder always do violence in conflict yes because that's human condition can we. Improve the balance moment's peace and violence and and and the and the dollar mom but absolutely we can improve the balance. And so you you make fun of people that are like well like now to my farm and you can do hip hop with my L Patrick at this. But that's really what they're trying to do they're trying to create places and opportunities in the world for human beings to just. Connect and do something that. It looks a little silly maybe. But is really just about being. Kind of place Fulton peaceful got another one. Puppy prancing. You you're holed a puppy and you just kind of scan or else you prance around. Right okay well I DNL I also got some skepticism when my children and I visited with pat cash. But what is he can't catch. A place strangers and you're all exciting on the floor late. Leaning giggling over Kidman have read the dance with a low on the I'll pack up pack I'm sorry I don't know mom and dancing is going to be a pink single stay in your face and I might invite some right they will spit in your face and purchase. But some people love him. You know you're gonna find yourself doing hip hop without packets in years why. Is this is certainly no woman he married months. Yeah it's true she gets a Groupon for some hip popped out I mean yeah and that's very relaxed your weekend that's why I've never told her about why a mother back. Which which is in the eye for a long time I mean it's been missing for twenty years when bio mom and step dad lives do in the heart of Wyoming these women. My mom and I took my brother's children on a llama picnic killed and two of us ended up Jason Islamist. I am hillsides that its bottom and audio clips and. Sherry got all of every year Forbes magazine puts they list of the world's highest paid comedians. What I hear who's made in the most. The top funny men and women I'm trying to think who would be used to pouring rain on the if you re taught him unless coming. Any shoes Kevin Hart was number one last year. Number one last year and extends it 810 year run. By someone else. So he is not number one right now I guess is notorious much re still in their. Starting with number ten and this is probably the most unfamiliar name to most folks Sebastien menace Gallo we mascot go we just kept him on some not too long ago. That's right eat everything and he made fifteen million dollars he's the only newcomer on this year's list and he was boosted. Like playing over a hundred digs in the past year he says quote whatever work would come my way I'd say just great. We go out there whatever the biggest whatever the pages he was very funny I thought to have some doubt about that you brought the I I forgot about him until you just mentioned. Number not somebody else who's on our show all the time just don't. Is number nine Chrysler out of the highest paid comedians fifteen and a half million dollars is Jim got to get nonetheless. Yes he has and he's coming up we're up to number eight though Terry factor who was have been. Kerry with greater. Which Bader it spader and I see I've seen him and his claim to fame was he was on America's Got Talent he yeah he foundering comedian and he works with. Puppets and that sort of thing any Jennings. Yeah and so on America's Got Talent he won he got a gig in Vegas it's been so popular. That they have re signed him and now of course she's in this stratosphere of moneymaking eighteen and half million dollars and is less things for outs later Bader I I am not. Seen in my in my great story and my father gave me tickets when I was using when they lived in Las Vegas and it's a great show. So he's been around awhile then can jell OS Americas and while our. Number seven Jim gap again there ago Jim made thirty million dollars last afternoon thirty million dollars. Right below Kevin Hart he's number 632 and a half million dollars. Ever fired. Surprisingly it's the only woman on the list Schumer be up 37. And a half million dollars. It was Macs or somebody we were discussing Amy Schumer I'm a big fan of hers. She seems to have this I don't know the car looks fallen a little bit missteps would move as will happen now. You can't know what you get to the top and you better enjoy because it Dunlap you can't be wait out there forever but she's not going anywhere Amy Schumer has a gift and she's going to be around. There were four Dave Chappelle who is more prominent than he had been and a few years you'll get 47 million dollars so this is the top three let me see if I can guess the top three. My mom is my favorite Lucy Kate and the time use number 352. Million. Dollars okay 52. Million dollars you know some of the old school comedians from like the sixties and seventies if they heard this kind of money. They'd come back from the dead they would come back from the dead on the OK so wait Louis CK we've already had Kevin Hart Amy Schumer Jim gaffes again yup. Who is this somebody kind of like old school legendary. Well they're both legendary the top two they're both men obviously and Chris Rock is number two. All your good 57 million dollars and number one is actually. How obvious I would think it's I know I trust Leno analysis. It's obvious and yet. You say yourself. No really still still OK so it's not Jay Leno no my god it's not armed Jerry yes I'm told this shut the door. Jerry Seinfeld. Was the most. That was the world's highest paid comedian for ten years in a row. Until Kevin Hart and at Roland Kevin Hart has fallen maybe he's not touring is much and Jerry cycled went right up there 69 million dollars. Last year while. I'm really surprised. Not because he doesn't have guests and the chops and doesn't deserve it I'm only surprised because it's. I don't even think of him is wanting to work done art he loves it he still enjoys doing at least he still does stand upright. He's oh yeah modular so it should affect I'd talk to somebody that soy showmanship blows he can amenity Millen any enemies you know world he was really funny so was contemporary materials new materials. And he was really funny and obviously he still gets the you know. Money from Seinfeld it's running somewhere in the world that's the every all that every brand comedian Ribery getting coffee and yeah yeah just make somewhat of a cross eyed Dutch tourism surprises really looks like you. Tim is doing he's more eclectic project yeah media cars not for money but he's apparently touring the daylights out of it because we just had that story were Cassius tried to hug him when he was like I'm sorry I'm gonna be right right that's right yeah. This incivility are Forbes magazine has great comedians and checking greens a spinning in his grave right. 62 million because I Love Lucy OK 52 million while spot in shake. This is Cheri thank. So much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Twitter source code upset the Sherry and everybody's kids are like this for maybe I just have. Shoot weirdly. Sentimental. Peculiar daughter's. Apparent aim to as you know. Things that are not and all of their error page phones rotary dials phone inside Allan. I turn tables can fix you look all this stuff she met. I don't even take an interest in VHS. My daughter Olivia asks me if we could find and VHS player on eBay. And and watch movies on VHS and I should sweetie do you understand that there's no. Why do you remember seeing just who once the right thing it's not great experience these kids who have they have they went at her stores and buy. On boom boxes from 1980s and ninety's and her dad's an engineer he's very mechanical can they had their dad fix this mic this mechanical boom box cassette player. And they listen to old she sets that they by yard sales and they just didn't you understand that's. Yes and I have I I do think every generation does that a little bit but the jurors are especially Olivia. They're out of their way dial up way out of the line clicked they ask me questions about mom when you're little is it true that if you took pictures. You couldn't see them for like a week can can can into yes. Pretty big. As we had a big did the photo Matt the outrage. So I mean what Amy about this was I was around looking at something on I think might have been by its feet. Stuff that people in ten years will have forgotten about it except for my daughter's rate went for example. Do you remember when you wanted to go to the movies. And you go get the newspaper page that had the movie fearless and that's right that's right. You already forgotten the people did that and sometimes you show up at that movie and you couldn't get in because all the tickets were sold out yeah there was no sand Danga. I can remember on Saturday night's going and buying that day's paper solely civilian amusing yes yeah that's true when was the last time you even. Thought about that you it's already slipped into the past president. Eric I don't think you just go on line. I mean generally jobs were wiped out like Bill Gates. Yeah I mean just. Not just jobs and cultural institution has grown norms ways of life exactly exact come this next one. I I still see people do this. I still see it turning out directions from like map quest instead of just look at your phone. Yeah I I was lead on just I don't use the phone use my cars GPS scarves it's a and it's a really good one or garment a ticket before on vacation would be sort of pay extra. But that's all right that's all I do I think I gave up maps to. With a map quest probably three years ago I still see people doing it and by people I mean my mom but she's good person and he's. Seeing it right here at this trimming out of it all set I know. That not only does your phone knows that. But there's a nice leading inside your phone we'll talk tea while you're driving whale honey my compass in the northstar. Real good my mother me. Well but I can't I don't know where I put my phone I have I send them to six months for a minute I. Should act up last weekend I always out there written relying on my phone for directions in the middle of nowhere no. Surface so we had done on our our belts are we still find you know I need a paper map here paper map. Here's one that I thought about on my daughter was on her youth group mission trip. And on the they didn't want kids to bring their phones so slow after phoning home. And so when she finally got back to the states and got into an airport she called me on one of the shepherds phones. And the talk to her talk on tour and I have this weird moment Warren went. Oh my gosh were running up their long oh that's right it's a cellphone nobody pays him more let's throw it. Nobody pays for longest since nobody knew it well was less time you heard someone who had a cellphone plan with minute. It's our restrictions what's when I started in radio. I finally got a good job with a good company and they had what it was called watch line. And with the watch sly and you can call anywhere in the United States and it didn't cost you anything they paid a bull pricey and the one under on so I used to. Drive then at night should stick to call my mother and father. I'm the one slide. And every once in awhile we'd get a memo for management received on our watch line usage is up RA's certainly hope that none of you are taking advantage of this for personal reasons I would be so paranoid plus land. You're gonna get sent there on the glass Pellicano cold like friends in Southern California my mother father and doing. Here's one that I'm in ten years nobody will know what you're talking about. Star sixty knot and yeah that's true that members are 60 again. In ten years when you say to somebody hey star 69 they're gonna go I don't even know you you they know what are 69 wise yeah. The end of prank phone call really glad that's right in and was how about this one. It's a special occasion. And you want to lob you either one I have a special. I'm soundtrack for medication are you wanna make it for somebody that you have kind of a crush on. Burning a CD. Many things party mean when was the last time. Todd was less than you burn to CD for a party. Can you remember. Or mixed tapes of probable all the mixed tape that was vacuum when I was in high school and aloha still can't get over Vietnam booked I did. I may want from my staff Beecher oh my god I let him IRL I am fairly well. It's literally jammed in there because we do we were talking meant. We're talking about the message had a crush on my Spanish teacher nanometer mixed tape tell me you like put a hundred future my cousin now the my cousin who was in her twenties. Had this look of shock and on her face like. You didn't what can you do it sounds like you had she was like oh my Cottam Paris just to know you know I admire each took a shot I did I took the show he did pitch and shot like yours be live demeaned and fewer in school now you know you've been doing I freeware was on line. The simple like bush street. And somebody had to be a home. A collection of hot for teacher of photographs. It just kids have phones in school so she they got hot teacher she turns around inched she goes up under toes to reach for something that's so wrong and a boy takes a shot there must have been twenty of them packs just try and get caught with the but it's it's so easy to do. You know it scares me is every other. Day it feels like there's a story of a teacher somewhere around it's having inappropriate relationship for the student and a tired and I'm so glad you were a source and tell you were so close you mean like oh this embarrassment Todd don't tell you why that teacher probably still smiles. About dad yeah yeah and students. That was the actually that was the one class actually focused in Vietnam I want to rely on both smiling what she's doing is she's handing glass one with their friends and their laughing about me right now when he brought joy to someone who won class that he did well and that's what's wrong with their educational system that not enough for attractive people. Chichi shaking Pia Yates dobbins shares. I met Bob sorry dot com. OK I have something I was reading and I would like to read it so that our audience can become informed about it. But I would I would appreciate no criticism. Hello I'm reading you know light as senior US. No criticism years signaling that criticism is common well I could see a couple times where you would criticize because I know you I know how you are you're looking you dislike you have springs on your feet to criticize some stuff and I bring you Ron let's share. How does stay cool with no EC. On what our flash okay now here's the part that you probably gonna criticize. Use windows and parents. Com as soon as the temperature starts to drop in the evening open doors and windows little breeze going and it's no breeze then future fans. I understand it because I just. I don't wanna get a pretty but it seems obvious. To keep shades closed. May seem obvious but some people don't do that especially if you are great you know what windows that face the sun and it's it's just blasting in your your house is gonna get hotter OK and close the shades. Turn off lights and unplug TVs and computers electrical appliances emit heat and TVs in Cuba computers are some of the hottest. You know there are people out there who routinely unplug stuff when they're not easy Newton because there's a minuscule power drain especially older clients sizzling new TV's itself not so much and hit. I'm not those people and okay but if there's a like lightning or something you know you could. Lose those are used people know now are starting to turn off my computers more regular. Like yeah I'm pretty good if I had she's home when I leave the house now I've got to go around and unplug everything this is never gonna have an art how would you do this it's very hot it's very humid if you are person gets hot that night right you don't sleep comfortably at night creatures so hot. Freeze your sheets and pillow cases. It sounds weird but cool we shouldn't last long enough for you to fall asleep. On a hot night what I think about that Sherry lynch on the rotisserie hot dog I mean I sleep pretty high. Let the idea of had a reason you she rich and remake my bed. Every day it's a bit of an effort but between the two and I don't have a big enough freezer to store my sheets and you don't I don't know I'm a student. I grew old instead of using the scope out the kitchen the kitchen gets hot with the stole very hot you're outside it's not a problem. All right this is getting better isn't that she I'd say by the second. The excitement is building toward some sort of crescendo here and there are finally use cotton sheets sheets that are mid out of flannel or his silken traps heat making you feel hot during the night I mean who who would leave some violent or an old shouldn't during the summertime hot weather does that. So there is what do you think about that frees your sheets you know she could do you could freeze your pillowcase. That's small right yeah take your delegates out of the freezer. And there it is tonight Kevin not go to sleep Paul my head is so cool this could. He's an excellent bit about my excellent bit. How to stay cool with no end soon. If you feel good about yourself. Not really usually like I would say Bono on the field and all I hear say. Good and I'm OK okay this is right up there with. Powell to break down the door. I'm usually football metaphor I don't think we got a first down here as anybody knows you play well I think we're Indians are born here I'm not spiking. Sure really. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. I'm really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox. Stocks small business insurance was created to help you receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to. Obama Jerry podcast. FaceBook Twitter or source code. Laughs yeah Sherri and Ari let's have the feverish debate over whether or not we agree that the following are the best students to strike a giant farm one of their sports websites like destined dot com when the guys are rates for a he. He said these are the dash. Right through you know quarter of greatness OK some restarted the bottom there are eleven on them since I would like to defeat she's sorry. All right number eleven exactly. Friday's planned to announce I'm just gonna have to say yes you know why you don't know why you don't like. Because I have I'm an American OK and I have to have freedom of choice is still cinema community fried eggplant is here in a pentagon can no I don't hide. I've and that's all there is some sediment pumped us all think it is up here in the shabby at all and so they started smelling bacon. And pompano. I've also tried egg plant. Eggplant I don't remember. Their role would he needs it plenty of pull it can come on now what's the most. Telemar. Yeah I love how my new troops. Fish fried fish than. You don't like your fish tries not really. Yeah and sometimes site. I'd say I'm not you need it sort of properly tried. Well under C a thing of beauty indeed gesture if you know lightly slightly Friday I have. Am liquidity in the Fryer then go watch your story can make. Right that's bad boys. You know what I had the other day that we do is a piece of salmon and it was a good enough -- it was a good. Idea of putting pieces salmon too much sometimes. In restaurants in this country they served you too much support EL a portion you know images smaller would have liked it better portion control is one of the reasons why we're all sort of. Who shop shell crabs all you have all right Laura soft shell crab. Love them to fight to the majority of Americans have never had one. You're probably right. I think your problem right and when you read much when I ordered a soft shell crabs I don't think maybe once a year or could there and she's in really briefly in an inventive and have for years maybe once a year for out to dinner and and it's on the menu I have social crafts and loved him so much and basically what are bribes on no place. Is an entire crab complete with high stocks so. Look on my daughter's Sinatra for a fifth but when Matt King showed our best. Socially to have this I have to dozens. -- stone clans on the half shell some soft shelled crabs senate draft this year I would do things Steve never forget if you produce that rate. Okay. Mean why it's like stocks like slip out your checkbook I mean we'll leave money in Europe and keep my hand when he torched the cup not okay. Art and I'm such a president eighth on the list in seventh place. You are gonna related there's a lot of people won't and that whole clan Sawyer asks yeah soon. Now there's little strips it tastes like I'm sorry. Talking about the whole plan he dharma and perhaps show would you describe no slump right now there are described yes I look for a Clinton slipped most of the time you get screwed so you've got to bundle better and you just gets judged a string you stuff you've got to have the Atlanta police say and so when she. For people live aren't so accustomed to this Suisse. Say you know what looks good on this menu so fried clams belly. I don't know let's see I know it does slow. I love you matter that value fiancee if he's not had a you don't know how. How delicious and there's a restaurant on the shore road. Students flung Connecticut and it's been there forever I used to ride my voice to a I would save off a flight. Change from working in the restaurant I ride my bike to a around noon. And a pull or their community picnic benches in the back. And you could see in the distance flown her own son. And I would just settle right up to that windows that I believe I will be heaven she's playing them rules. Can of Coke. And was lists and I two years ago I took my wife there and still are doing and was it just just. And who was that she that never happens you got lucky that it was just as good show. How I fried oysters to Yahoo! Oregon Alec a po boy I was trying to exercise a new. You militia sorry to number six. Onions fried and I you know as in like unreal some kind so they have to be really homemade thing you know she's. I really don't you know we disagree that we have discussed onion rings and we disagree telling you things where we disagree I like them when their passion to a really links in Roubini low indeed tragic Tony Romo and you don't think Tony Roma as Tony Romo to it was a football player Tony Roma. Where did you fabrics I don't know Tony Romo cooks and frankly I don't need I wanna present so yeah sure he wrote my success is low club Roubini onion rings resolved Saturn and tried together and you can individual. Onion ring because you think you're an American graffiti or something and I don't even know what's inside your head. Excuse me I don't go machines it's okay for my tone improved so consider reported you know. What I'm hearing good column I tell you who. Suu Kyi if it says he's you're using Tony Romo Romo doesn't restaurant and real bright red river Brennan are Pressler supports the restless he knew how you want to sound like it's due and taken minutes and talk cure rigors ignorance I can do your pay and hours so I Wear proudly. And the top five right through. Members of five shrimp number four spring rolls out number three donuts down to number two potatoes French Fries and potato chips you name it tonight potato connecting the beauty what's the number one best and right through they know. Who it's even better shaky and yeah all that track. Stop it's. I follow Sherry and. Man talk about that fried food. I know it's not good for you about. You know every once in awhile you should be able to treat yourself for something good and you mentioned that when the tough choices of fried food was fried shrimp mom. And everybody's thinking right now or battered fried shrimp. But you know when I was working in the old man's restaurant. He would have liked in the walk in cooler he would have the shrimp right so the trooper in some big bucket thing. And I have the run of the place I could I can eat or drink whatever I want it. It's one the reasons that I have a crown on the right hand sites Bamako all the Coke than I was I was consuming. But I would go in there and I give me a handful shrimp. And nothing else to do and I wrote shield them now walk over to the friar Leonard. And I were dropped them in no better no better no better word all and they would fry up in just about thirty seconds kisses just hot as can be of course. Now we take them out. I know this is not healthy I would dump them into a little plate and I would sprinkle a little bit of salt on those fried shrimp. Give myself a Coke cola. It's at your new debt. And that was lists. Like little discuss Farouk does that not sound good though it means I seriously you should try that sometime I just dropped the shrimp and with no better. Well I gotta shoots. One of the things that especially when they were younger than I can get kids to eat there was it. She's some poor cooking the same thing over and over. Armed such hasten shrimp up with a little better and Bob butter and olive oil and lemon. It'll also daylight or better yet no they didn't that they would eat that. My step kids eat my you. Chinese walk co despite is that I put yeah yeah I think is just explain you wish to discuss their sisters by mother horrible to be around big. There's literally going to bed that night with their growling Tommy's and sadness but the but they had that victory over not eating himself so stir fry. You know what it's there it's not their listeners and all Kazaa one hour prior to that shrimp in there it's delicious here's why they're doing it's not they love you sound they don't love you. But they took a stand early on about stir fry vegetables. In and Dade do you not want to go back on the campaign probably should take your hard. Really he's using the white so I mean what are they give on that. Outside of not having to eat vegetables. That an a but if you're got me. If you're if you're forced to eat vegetables wouldn't it be better to have a little bit of the soy sauce in this this sauce this Chinese sauce that I buy at the store there clinic you've gives a little bit of the kick. Oh tobasco in there too. It's it's tastier that way than just steamed vegetables you know I'm just telling you didn't they take standpoint my daughter took a stand and link three years old on watermelon on. And will not have anything to do with it. What's the most delicious thing it's one of the greatest things on her should she now like watermelon it's sweet but it's and it's in its Christian. And it's refreshing. He which doesn't like about it well a. Don't be immaterial or did it again. Mother I don't like considered GC. And you don't put spears. See in. A low and all and did you listen political platforms to adopt design. Ireland town I am opposed to anything that's juicy. I know we've talked about the guy that works in our news department and his odd eating habits are talked to him the other day and I can remember how this came up child when Chad. Jack Bauer when he was a kid his parents were like you are going to eat this and you may not leave this table until you eat oh yeah here's what he did. He slept with his head on the table. He did not eating. He yeah and no he refused. To do it. And there's no reasoning with them in the same way that there's no reasoning with my daughter not to know people who don't know who Chad is he's he's a wonderful man the only it's like six things don't none of his the only true that he eats that has more that mixes ingredients is a chocolate chip cookies. Write essays he doesn't eat pizza original list of things that he won't eat is as long as the world or macaroni and cheese off won't you people are going to see cost. Right. He likes hamburger and gasoline and he will leave some French Fries and a chocolate chip cookie dance like its favorite meal. He will eat a piece of chicken in Horry chicken tender need. There was these people who takes thing it's not the kick in the wrong Stan I think so I took us. Nose against manual labor. I think got better and you can and it's. Good but. I million manual labor than eat something season into the mother. No water no news very netcam hello. The Braves. It's juicy. So much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. And I something stuck in my head that I can not think my way around and I would like your opinion on so. Among this website I'm reading about. Relationship doubts. Normal doubts that everybody has in relationships. Especially in the beginning right and some of them work. This person's amazing I wonder if they'll be faithful. I can see how that can be a legitimate doubt. Are we compatible beyond this insane physical attraction. I can assure me how sure that's in doubt. Armed maybe there's an in compatibility in the way we think about money or politics or religion can we bridge studying compatibility is in a deal killer. I understand that doubt you send a dollar out of the first three that's the least likely. Dan you're going to be at a bridge that no other than that you're gonna die of people would worry about I think they'd be most people can. Deal with a religion thing you can do with political thing this next one on threw me for a loop. Because this isn't were on a date this is we are in a relationship were in a relationship and and the dowdy is. This person like speech could pick. Health for it and how we understand that happens okay good thank you please walk me through how your relationship with the person and you're not sure they like you. Okay hum a person. Feels pressure. To get married too from his family you know he know and I'm gonna use it from a male point of view and I've known somebody in this attention from. Of him. His friends are getting married. And he says to himself maybe it's even subconsciously. I need to find a woman. My friends are actually having children. And so I need to get this done and any picks out and I'm not describing myself by the way so. There's there's nobody in my past and has to worry about this. No I know this is in he picks out somebody that looks the part. And and says this person is so is Roy has the right look. Backgrounds. And all of these other things. And then they get married and then. Find out about a year two years later that she used to bubbly. And it kind of gets on his nerves a little bit. She may be spends too much once in awhile. And know what Albert told he buttoned down. And all of a sudden he's got an attitudes. And she's wondering does he really even like me there's even like. This even my. That's could be. I mean. You know anyway. It's always easy in hindsight especially relationship that went bad. To look back can go all I don't think he even like me. Or I don't think she even like to pattern you know wife she was with clear why he was with beaten him. In hindsight I understand that I gas in the moment where were in it to win it. Do you like. Mean I think there's some women that have said yes to a guy's proposal just because they felt the pressure because he has invested some time. And he had to really like senator yes and now and then they say they're you know I'm we're gonna go ahead and it's easier to say yes and I'll adjust to him as we go along but as we all know nobody changes for it. I com what are the nicest things that I overheard my wife saved in the last year she was talking we're out at dinner with some friends. Hum and she said. One of the reasons that Bob and I work is that he lets me be who I am. But you're not a controlling no mom no. You're not a controlling tool now. And I never have been anybody guess as you are is lying I don't get those guys at all does you know you because I don't think. Are there people who were saying that. No I'll check encryption and you wouldn't autos and I don't know. One that would say got a delegate someone click here do you listen about generally know about system comes up she goes a bubbly she he has a great big controlling tool. You can know for sure fact that that is that your. Why would she want to be in a relationship. Would somebody. Where. You are you are snuffing out. Welcome your joy all of surgery when was it that way in that relation you so insecure that you need other people to shrink down to be your size that's you don't see that you're snuffing out another person's story Richard you're ruining the whole. You know written nice romantic side. Of being with someone by big by doing that because they are not convinced that they're not going to respond positively having been with the controlling tool I'm just here to tell you they don't see it. They don't draw the connection between their actions and their concert I think I'm sure your ride and and it's it's just baffling they do doesn't seem so wherever you ever see in the let's just use the movies I know the movies are full of baloney but nonetheless they can be a little bit of a road roadmap. What do you see a movie where that big there romantic couple one of them acts that way that the guy acts that way and and stifles the. You don't her joy the only time you see that is the Joyce stifle learn is to trigger for help she needs a guy that she's meant to US. Yeah that's true that's security and with the enemy is your movie can relax and ultimately a chance. That's exactly I ate crow he is the day super duper controlling talk. But you can have aspects of that in your personality convinced and your whole life frustrating miserable and alone. Yeah that's true yeah so it was nice homes and she sings I'm. Analyze previews everybody's Jerry dot com. I came upon a website called from the great sign and they put together. A series of anomalies. That blew it. And these series of anomalies that did not blow. Okay you mean like TV show you know just okay TV show finale this so the ones that were not good that blew it. According to again this website and we we all could look at it you know from our own point of view. The ones that really sucked were lost. Dextre. The Sopranos. Bloodline. And Angel. I have to agree with loss Dexter. And beloved line. I. Was OK with the way The Sopranos and if I want him more. But in in retrospect you know I look back on it it feels like the right indeed you can do if you haven't if you didn't watch The Sopranos. At the end you really don't know what happens you don't know if Tony got whacked in this restaurant. Or. If you went on it just abruptly. Stopped and some people wind out of their minds with that I thought it was kind of clever. And it also. Allowed the series. In one way to go on forever. In your minding your mind and re Bryant's right and you reruns just continues like there was no and being that was going to be okay men and so that ending. Oh in the moment I am I lost my mind yeah. I lost my mind. Oh the same way I don't location now the five that worked word granma justified. Breaking bad. Six Feet Under and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Six Feet Under has my shaver and being under any series finale in the history of TV shows and I've looked. It just is my favorite and then I watched some of Six Feet Under but I didn't stay with and can I just tell you a little bit about standing on the teenage character Claire grows up. And she becomes a photographer and she lives the life she dreamed dogs I. And she eventually reconciled swift and guided she dated who was her complete opposite. And they go on and they have a life together and leader in adulthood. And in this series and Sinclair is a very very old woman. She's on her deathbed surrounded around this exquisite photographs that represented her career photography. And it starts out on Claire and many takes she acting time. All the way to the moon moon when she packed her car and left family's home in California I'm headed to the East Coast. And you can't do spot Mac she's size two. Goose bumps and we'd be and is one of the most news. Beautiful and move seen an artistic and satisfying thing you find it to be satisfying easier much on your thoughts on this list. Sign true. That's a terrible terrible ending. Cheers on. I was a pretty good endings I remember that and it. I don't remember exactly but I know it was a satisfying. How I Met Your Mother I if I still want confused. By I'm still functions I'm confused I like Carolina who is dating who and I'd like to show a K but I do not alone. That I'm a big fan of the TV show house. And and I liked it it was eight it got kind of crazy in the last season and I liked how it ended I mean he faked his own death. And then he and the other doctor in cancer went off on motorcycles and that was the end. It would How I Met Your Mother I didn't expect him to be the guy that Barney to be the guy. That Robin and I don't. Did you. No because you expect you to beat kind of a little bit yeah. And the public is against you knowing about How I Met Your Mother bums like I don't understand she's ball I'm rob man. You're ignoring me. Mesh. I don't know how that I don't remember how many new Newhart where he wakes up oh yeah and our dreams and it was all a dream wasn't that. Or was not that this was the second and Newark new heart beat new heart yet just a second and when he wakes up with the new wife's from the first new. Art and the the Mary Tyler Moore and saint elsewhere. I just feel listen to this music. Not only love this show and every chair turned and I loved music person seen elsewhere are. I think it was the dream in this inside the head of the children with down you are with Down's syndrome or something. And I think is how that ended up and I think Mary tell them where she just turn the lights also in the news and I left. I think as many years this is really the only one that totally satisfied for me I know. It's their home or what ever except in the cases I'm told we told you many Greece is your cool and. Yeah. Bob and share.