Spring break gone wrong.

Wednesday, April 19th

You never thought it would happen on Spring Break.


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Knows what today is just political winds when this happens we. I. No I. You need. On this Wednesday morning from the Voyager Obama Jerry studios. Harry. It's the color changing uniformed traffic chino. Com yeah okay listen to this coming disappears through this is being I think this is just Euro could tell us that. It's it's. It's a fracture chino. Okay it's made with a sweet dusting of pink powder blended into a cream traffic chino with mangoes Sarah layered with a pleasantly sour Lou drizzle. Finished with the Miller whipped cream. And a sprinkle of sweet pink and sour blue powder topping I want coffee cup punch. I I don't object to punch I don't. What that's awful guy does that just come disgusting mean. Had a good look at kids it's just it's going to be for like thirteen year old who've discovered Starbucks and it's so cool creature grew when there were your friends your parents aren't around dial it back a few years for ten year old seduce moms go to Starbucks now this is so Cora had his troops it's so gross Starbucks just jumped the shark. This isn't the reason why people mean. Make fun disarm amazing fans are very very are like sharks off him parent's point you know as a kid you always have to have been Alicia live out and a farm. A place to go at a certain age where you're alone with your friend right. Now from the was friendly's ice cream. You can go there and you can get like an inexpensive. A cheeseburger. And a milk shrivel. Something different. Dorothy Angola ended I think they do they had a military called an awful awful. Awful they're awful good and it's one of those he turned upside down if you want to his they'll make him. Anyway you have to have a place that when you're that aged if it's it's your. On tray its trash your missile world it's the artists for the needle or it is and I I'd I'd and this morning with yours. Telling me about this horrible thing. I just discovered that that's probably what Starbucks has for so many kids around the country. Oh yeah and Starbucks and because you can get something eat their if you really wanted to but mostly what you wanna do is to hang out with your friends and drink some. I know why it on people did. Till prepare for adulthood before shopping malls were invented oh wait yes I do they worked on farms and factories. Because you know the teenager wasn't really a thing until the 1950s. Right right it's right. So prior to that you know there which drug stores because drugs are his head count respect that it could that was in the nineteen. Forties and fifties and sixties actually at a road. And then the Mollison Bennett I mean the mall as one of the first places where you practice for adulthood unique Cruz drew. You're independent and checking out the opposite sex. You many junior all I mean the mall is not what the Maltese hold it and you move the mall is trying to figure out how it can hang on to what's moralism you remember a few weeks ago we were talking about. I think it was him penciled being used in Pittsburg. Where there's one shopping mall that's really blink. 30% abandoned Osiris is raining itself out of the party venue and a wedding venue. Now there are some malls that was one mall too many in the in the town and a and then they couldn't hang on. And it's so things didn't go well most good sized cities have that. Mall one ball too many couple years ago Max and Todd went out during the holidays and did an event Adam Adam mall. And they texted me from that mall. And they said we think were in the upper an episode of the Walking Dead because the ball was really what percentage abandoned would you say that odd it was acute. 25%. And I was senator was there. The had to meet. Somebody put up a dollar. Store inside the mall and then you know where you get things for you everything's a dollar or two dollars or three to a you know that price of the dollar and I just weird. I flew my kids my kids were out visiting one of their grandparents they grandparents in Wisconsin Utah and Minnesota so they were in Wisconsin visiting grandparents. And I flew in to Africa where lake Milwaukee. And then was gonna drive to and so and so's house depicted girls up in the three hours and the weather. Enos when you look at the weather forecast replace her going. It's July and the weather says a high of 42 and you don't act that particularly that must be my phone yeah it as it turned out that might that the weather forecasts have been cracked and I know I'm not the right clothes. So pulled off the interstate into what looked like a pretty good sized town and they had. They had a mall that was about 30% occupied and the anchor store Mimi think of it is. They had an anchor store called something crazy like hired by rain they never heard of them before. Went in was it smaller shopping so it was a mall it was a close and I got ya I was an enclosed mall. And now Haim by it was kind of like a colts you know that which I love colts. What I love about calls as you go shopping Nicole's by the time they finish bring up the discounts. You'd take two giant bags out to give you seven dollar success means a I don't how Coles math work and it's it's just incredible. So I had to buy a sweatshirt 'cause it was forty degrees in July. And the mall. I couldn't even believe they were still bothering to turn the lights on Newton almost every store was empty it was the saddest. Borderline scariest thing its interest thing if you look. And America because about twenty years ago CBS news to defend the mauling of America. And they said there were two reasons why it small towns. Lost there downtown. Whether stores were all borders open and people could make this could do business in downtown there are two reasons. Walls. And Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart is really. The bigger culprit link if you have a charming downtown with a lot of local merchants I think that's awesome lynch of South Carolina is a little place like that. But the problem is that when people need a thirty pound bag of dog food. The critical Wal-Mart gallery you know so you're in you're selling you end up selling like fifth largest pet store. The great whore here see you have to end up selling lake coasters shaped like grizzly bears are sounding its warnings because. People can't people can't they won't pay more for that don't shoot around at pitchers is that story that they can get it for a lot of heart and Scotty shares. Our street kids at fox. Jerry dot com okay when I tell you this. I have to be in the I guess I should so much the cone of safety and I'm embarrassed that I did this. It's not right there were some of these things that are wrong. And I'm very very sorry it's a minor thing. And I I really didn't hurt anyone doing yet but after I did it I felt like kind of and that's okay. So here's the first of all if you're if you're new listener. On my life has been up and down I mean for awhile I was picking up dead rats on farms. As an exterminators. Helper. I've worked in factories will myself in the college and blah blah blah blah blah so I'm not some face each Massey got. And I never had a martini until about I don't know two or three years ago but my wife and likes them every now and then and so we've gotten in this thing that when she works late. And and and she has patience and she works late we will meet like around 7 o'clock she goes in the work and she just has this long patience is a key court. So get the kids some hurt his Sunday and we meet at a local low restaurant and you know and and we have a martini. And we have dinner so those last night that's what it was we met there. And and I walked in and was very excited he was so. There was martini night. And was also trivia. So. Money. You know I do two and of course we do look we different things I had people hurt people I know and I remember late. Jennifer corners brought some ice free like everything. Who said who is looking that you I had people coming over from other tables because we weren't playing. I just wanted to talk to my wife I had people I guess they recognize me I don't know. He came over soon as the song was called up to came over to people who would like what's what's the name of the song. And Doug and some recent what was the movie quote lessons from Casablanca. And was doing that for awhile but that's how do you knowing partner or partners martini night right. And so and we have what she night each have a martini and that we have dinner and then we go home. So. I know the cheese in the parking locations Altman. And there which is concerned says so Cilic in the sit room to Martinis he goes. Straight. Regular olives like return. And it arrived in a wind acts. It is hammering its novel was martini night at the restaurant really struggling to keep up with demand down. And so I said. My legs Agilent. And spends within an. Could you just take it back in a week or out of a Cathleen martini glass. And she looked to me what OK she's very very nice and was not her fault and she left and went recession Jack it's. This is which you become Eminem got this. And this is this who you've become that you don't like a glass enough what do you guys to pick up dead rats I'd love and support you but. But that's a bit much. Course I mean the whole thing about the martini that's the way that's a lot of it's the glass that's the whole yes she's ceremony of the thing and everything for me it's what's in the glass. Every time Michael out I ordered that if I order a martini I have and cattle wander Tito's martini super dirty rocks. It never comes on the rocks and you would they do a drink it. I had some ice cube from my water glass. And I get to hell with it they're not given them away you have to say I should say I should get what I want you probably you probably eat me obstacle yes. I kid and have a good view I want it to be happy. Thumb but there are nights Bob. Where I'll just caught my ears together and you for the GD thing into that don't drink it on my Coke cans and take his mom's had a day. Or not quite like down on the Florida's dirty restaurant. Poor directly into my throat like there were there were days I can't I can't defend don't have the time I just put history the bottle shake it up read it right there's. In the bar yeah I can there were days but that's where I have like five dollars and. Yeah I can't. They gave it ensuring. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps and about sharing dot com. We have cam on the line if she wants to talk about your your martini experience and maybe you know it could just be that I'm looking even going. No seriously that's a first world problem maybe I'm wrong your right hand. Tim can you support Bob in his pain over having his back and he's beverage served in the wrong stem where. Telling you know I don't opera great Bob and Bob and our victory he often can't you are absolutely right thank you can drink you know mark he isn't ceremony and they say oh it's yeah turn our back I have. I don't do with that often you know so I'm Derek and I don't quite often that you need every hour again. Let me get to resign. You know even a dollar beer night yeah now I'm I'm to all of them are during happier at the at. Yeah exactly. Yeah thank you can thank you very much content and while we have you your pimp out why is it that. You don't often agree with me. I'm Bob I love you back honestly I'm you know it might yeah reacted after that that idea but I really do lesbians support yet. Yeah that's you know what that's all I can before. I love Brazil looked hopeful cam who loves and supports him more than this girl right here. Seriously Akron right I mean I am I know I have been looking at this face and listening to this. This one and his various needs and issues and problems I don't I love to be described within this race and this one. Yeah. My whole adult life has been spent four feet from this speaks stopped us you know. And Scott I see the people feel bad about their lives okay to try not to be jealous at least I meant. On it's just you know where where my life is I have to tell you think might might when my niece was like and when this baby is born. I'm going to and then she let loose a string of organic trader Joes this and that malignant or not you're gonna cut your hand to suck alcohol already got your dirty parts. Because we're in my life is straight out. I agree going to a nice restaurant and having a martini it's like it's like you're playing the role and its sophisticated grown up. If the bar is out of martini glasses because its discount martini night. So where are our. I've I'd that's what I did you have been and always very very nice and I and I tipped heavily and so you know and plus I'm in the cone of safety still. Yeah yes I am he did not take the going to save the off me. They put a safety stays on as long as it stays on nine but then thank you so much and have a great day today are no NRA. By bush. This. Yeah Bluetooth and. So I'm looking at what's going on television. And but rundown of what of the most popular shows on TV. And I think the only people with the exception of the number one show the only people that are watching tell over the broadcast television now order a senior citizens. When you mean over the broadcast you mean like freeing. Intended TV not antenna TV but watching it in the moment. That's what the top folic watching in real time in real time a like here's the here's the top ten shows. Knowledge of picture when I tell you each of the show us what you pictures somebody who's watching the show OK okay number one show is still the Big Bang theory. And that I think. Skews to a lot of different ages for probably younger people what you think. Via. Number two his Dancing With The Stars. Number three is staying alive the Grammy salute to the BG's. Madison is not watching that nobody but so far only this is pretty family friendly stuff yet fairly firmly but but the stay with a a number for Monday's episode of the voice. Then blue bloods. And CIS. Is number six Hawaii five vote is number seven survivors number 860 minutes. Is number nine and number ten is Tuesday's episode of the voice so if you take away the Big Bang theory. And the voice you got the blue bloods I mean basically scrimmage Jackie's it it kind of this and illegitimate son CBS. This is nice saying we are you watching blue bloods no I know I'd snuck his I have any fight with it. I think that's Tom Celek is blue bloods contest. I don't know what day the weaker time it's on patent but now. Are you watching on most other ones want me to watch CEB. Pool. You watch bull she and CIA asks. Producing bull in the. You know what that's about all I should laudable. No I mean after work did dancing in the. No it's a guy who kind of looks like a younger Ted Danson he's got amazing hair is really handsome he's got Clark Kent glasses side. And his job is to select juries. And somehow that becomes really dangerous. And dramatic. I've been called for jury duty I wanna get called into his pool because Jerry Hansen. So deeply dangerous too dramatic thing about my jury duty experience was that the only channel they got was over to Africa. In the waiting earned. I don't have any play with I'm real regular TV year whatever it's just I don't know I. The attention span anymore I think to sit there and watch OK and watch bull tonight this handsome man with Clark Kent glasses. Is going to figure out version beyond the Jerry sounds I'm not watched that ever since demand on demand programming. Became a thing whether it was your VCR your DVR or literally hitting on demand button on your remote. Ever since that arrived. I have paid a 100% important and in. 100% you know who's probably not going to be TV at least there where he is now built around me. I'm yeah I was following that last night on Twitter Wall Street Journal says that they're talking exit. There didn't it and he he's done. Did you junior way and any now isn't yet are you would think we you don't wanna go here's the thing you wanna go out you don't want to go out like this because for ever and his career ended because they had paid thirty million dollars to women her sexual harassment. Drudge Report came out late yesterday after serving his sentence and said pull out that he's done before anybody else had confirmed it so we'll say. You know what no salty tears for Bill O'Reilly. He's walking away disgusting pig and hope is millionaire yeah. So people who hill hit with a number one book yet to lose and are more runs in the news is next his body's. Top serie. All right guys technically this woman is a criminal hood. It's got a lot of back story a 25 year old woman named Kerry Marine Corps win. She lives in Florida in the look Mantilla Florida. If you mister Rankin win her boyfriend even I don't move Wetteland would Phillips and she was drinking with her boyfriend. A few days ago and when he did the unthinkable. It's colder that. And she has. Quite a reaction. She grabbed a tire iron and smash the hell out of his truck. By the time the cops got their truck was crashed he was arrested for criminal mischief there is no new information about whether or not. He's apologized they're back together feared John how long she's gonna go to jail or whatever but this. I just gotta tell you the F word is not would you think it is guys. The F word it's FKT and you never use it. They're used to be a restaurant called it near us called factory don't Bob would even say that out now I couldn't do it. He was like every always just pick bode yeah that's right it's a tall. It's all burrito that's what they should change their name to that Harry don't looks beautiful. They listen I've learned the. Over the years in the show that it currently below it isn't going to go right. Are today's more on of the day is a 25 year old Connecticut man. And down when he was arrested his name is Harrison wooten. But of course today's digital lawn Connecticut that you have a pretentious and begged me. Harrison. This is they were stunned that he was arrested no it doesn't actually doesn't have a party candidate he was arrested. For drunk driving after he crashed his car into a wall. No it is Woodstock accounted. It was like he crashed his car into a wall outside a graveyard. Near. Woodstock and some assumed he lives in Woodstock Connecticut. I guess you know others of Woodstock New York he must defend the Virginia and he's Hairston wooten of the Woodstock movie it's important that the when he was arrested. He was wearing a T shirt. Of course she was. And that don't look on its face and I have this mug shot for your publisher dot com to T shirt says hold my beer and watch this. Christians who Britain wall at a graveyard. Paerson wooten of the Woodstock wounds are right now we go to Australia where. A guy goes out to dinner and it's an extravagant. Dinner at the new Marist brother seafood restaurant. His name is Terry pack he's 33 years old he had to lobsters. A baby octopus. When he won phycor oyster shots and the number of crew rudeness. The cavs came to 620. Dollars old. And rather than paying for it. This beat though the restaurant is right on the CNN's right at the beach rather than paying forward. He bolted out of the restaurant ran down the beach jumped in the ocean and swam out to see Kirk. And then he refused to come back to shore up to police officers were called to the scene and they kind of cherry tree came using their police jet ski. Terry peck refused to get on the jet ski and dove underwater to evade the authorities cookbook. He's scheduled to appear in court next Monday to face charges of stealing and assaulting a cop. Twenty years Oilers to shed tears his defense Terry peck said. Don't tell me this sounds like anyone else we know this week excuse me to lobster reserved for. And also might martini was served in a wine glass so no I'm not paying her to stop but I case I that is more on the news. And Aaron Hernandez NFL star murder. Committed suicide imprisoned. Last night we got the details for you this is breaking news he was just found in his cell by a corrections officers like ten minutes ago. Yes breaking news right now. Here and Hernandez said the in prison we'll have historian back from the government. Club in your. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. A really expensive proposition. Especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox. Stocks small business insurance was created to help you receive customized policies starting as low as twenty to fifty a month. If you own your own business. And you are ready to save on insurance call 8448776416. Thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. Find it and scary stuff. Is I'm not. You have to do a little bit of a shift here a little bit of shamrock yeah we'll take a minute. I'm so hard for. This news broke about. Twenty minutes twenty minutes ago. And ex NFL patriots star Aaron Hernandez who was serving a life sentence in prison for murder killed himself very early this morning. Or he was found very early this raceway seven years old. Hanging in his cell at DSL as a baron ASCII corrections center and Shirley Massachusetts. He was in a single cell and general population unit. He hanged himself with a bed sheet to detach to a cell window he attempted to block is store from the inside by jamming the door at various items. He was immediately transported to a nearby hospital where. A former patriots starring Aaron Hernandez was pronounced dead who who see a home. Convicted of murder and there were two words. And there we see separate. Incidents and no one was two people were killed and that when he was just acquitted of and then there was another situation he was involved in and the person was killed. He was pronounced dead up for a 7. AM eastern. This morning said this news was breaking a record for we went into morons in the news but I think he that are around 330 into the. Hole. Aaron Hernandez you know we followed that trial in sports confusing on the show and I think everyone who was even a casual sports fans followed that trial. Can you just because you don't we look at people that are gifted with some sort of talent. And and success. And we think why it. On earth would provoke you to screw it up today like this but you know we equate. We equates success and wealth and beauty and talent with goodness Nia. And that's a fallacy totally because you can be rich and talented and beautiful and strong and a terrible human being yet. But in our culture and maybe it's human nature maybe it's everywhere in the world where we see gifted nests and beauty we immediately as soon. Morality in goodness and blow up past that's what makes the case later Hernandez so. A pastor which Saxony talking about something like that a pastor probably would say you know we are all human. At our record no matter what our accomplishments. We heard we are not in a perfect eyes were flawed. Were flawed it's what we are I still don't understand what what he was can I know he's convicted of murder. But what was he just and that he was just kind of a right along with the first to her down here is that healed and he was not at. He knew he was convicted for murdering a semi pro football player that was involved with his girlfriend. Or like a war he was the brother of the girlfriend knew in the member they found the gun in the leak. By his house where he lived in and then he was on trial for two other murders that involve the club shooting with two guys getting killed. Where they had bumped into him inside the nightclub and spilled a drink on it sure he went out car got the gun. And shot the guys outside but he was cleared of those but he was convicted of the murder of Leo of the boyfriend. He how we see how was he cleared of the murdered shooting two guys outside of honestly I don't. It. Select a gun came out of this guy's engine shop these always. There wasn't enough evidence to convict him. I mean maybe somebody else did indeed do it but there was not enough evidence to convict him reasonable doubt. And so that's where the jury land at an and that's and that's not the first time the person may have committed the murder got off on it it and OJ Simpson. Not for them via. But I mean as. As jacked up does our system is it's still the best system in the world lending to keep it you know if possible. It is interesting how some people. It gets so much and can still screw up their lives. Without getting into it too deeply I mean Bill O'Reilly evidently is Don that Fox News. And he's made tens of millions of dollars so many fans. These books he writes with a ghost writer. There is soon as it will be another one came out about a week ago went to number one in the New York Times best selling list and it looks like Murdoch's who won't Rupert Murdoch. Is the CEO of fox. His two sons. Evidently are the powers behind the scene a Murdoch wants to keep. Bill O'Reilly 'cause he's made so much money for Murdoch. But the suns are saying now he's got to go high he's a toxic brand toxic brand now they lost something like how many 4050 clients. The thing is think sometimes. Com with all that success empower com's this. Increasingly tired urgency and it's not just like I can do this because some powerful and who's gonna stop me I think it also becomes this idea that you really believe that your special men. And that the rules really don't I'd use are the rules are for other people. It does sound like Bill O'Reilly is going to be fired I mean when you when you're paying thirteen million dollars to squash. How many women's complaints about sexual being a sexual predator. Sooner or later you're you're I have to go but you know what. He will not go out. A loser he will find some other venue somewhere even if it's just a platform. Without podcaster whatever it is. He will not let his career end with the asterisk. And he was fired for being a sexual predator thing won't allow that tab and click I said I'm dry your salty tears because unlike our regular people who end up living in their mom's basement. No affiliation yet will be but still the money is not all of it for a guy like that notre a lot of by ego a lot of it's the ego. Like Dan rather had. A report that was so inaccurate. And then his career and it just coincidentally. Are right he he did a thing a forget the exact detail but it had something to do with the general. And he would not go out about bush it it was about bush that's right and I NS second the president rushed that was involved to. And so he's got this. He's on the year in some channel but I don't even know where it is and and he does interviews and it's ready to. Everybody and his and his son access and write reviews rock stars in country music legend right it's fantastic. Yeah and he pops up on CNN and that sort of thing. They Williams Brian Williams is another when you're now she Brian Williams has yet to crawl out from under the cloud and on humiliation and shame but he's still there is on TBS not at the end of his career and I'm telling you that if O'Reilly is hard and looks like he's going to. He's gonna find some somebody somewhere Karen's. There's enough channels now on I mean TV channels and there's enough channels delivery systems yet says he hopes. He'll make his way. And make his way so you can add that go find me campaign you're starting he's going to shut that down to recruit the Oscars are good spot and share audio clips I guess. Yeah Sherri dot com so Bob yesterday. Well we go back we don't have done Internet or Wi-Fi at our house hit it's getting installed Monday of next week in and dom. There's one bar of service. At my house from my cell phones so. I can use I can use my phone to go on the Internet but with one bar service is really slow guys sometimes pages don't load so. You know I hate talking on the phone what do what you were there talking on the phone. Almost nothing race. The year you know I can forgiven him to do with China nursing like on the phone as I hit the phone deal with dislike more than the phone is the T cell address. We can make. Yes a regular pigs. But I've got to change my address and all sorts of stuff men. And I would left I'd love to do that online and not have to talk to another human being number one bar service. Really slow Internet and on the phone so. Yesterday a bit the bullet. And got a pile of places that I needed to to deal with and thought I'm just gonna call them on the phone and didn't change my address now so I call one of them gonna get a guy and he's like. I'd be glad to assist you with that they always say that link you're expecting them to go you know like up at a rolling donut you read it. I'd be happy to assist you with that so he'd given the new address and click Stalin and then he said. I assure you as a courtesy that in the future we have a web site. And he could go on the website and you could handle all of these transactions on mine and not have to wait on hold. This is yeah I'm I know I know I usually use a website that we don't have Internet the house yet and Nam it was just easier to call you on the phone. And he said. You're aware of it. But you're a nurse phones that you can use the Internet so he didn't say this again. Is he dead or they really don't wanna pay people to work for them because that's what it comes down to you know what he's doing he's killing his own job. They're making him kill jobs is a tough job. Well if I were you in the moment I would have gone off on them I just took a deep breath. And I said you're kidding. And he goes no you can get the Internet on your phone as a what do time to be alive hit a and he said I'm all right and I'm like. I should does it either is or special Internet phone or do all to do it you weren't too and yes I did and he said. Well not ever phone gets the Internet but most of them do now. On the signal want to look into that you have been around me to longest you know I'm gonna look into that and you have a wonderful thing you think this and we got off the phone and I just sat there and went. Ice and took. This is why this isn't meant to teach you patience. Sometimes hate myself so much me tell you what this ties right into what you purchase and I get a phone call a local phone call. I'm looking edit and going door wanna let this thing going on no movement soon on that you know you're gonna regret answering but then I got a couple of friends may be it's one of them and I hit it and it's hello this is Tracy Anderson and unknown a year ago with the Warren tier of the credit card don't ever know she said. Is this mr. Lacey Pearson yes it is. And she said well I have just taken over your insurance. Policies. Because you're insurance agent has retired. I don't really know this guy's been my ensure decision. Since before my kids were so it's widget you may eventually just wanna leave yes I know but you know what popped in my mind what I did years ago. The bank and went to their slogan was you have a personal banker at sec rationing back. For years it was a call billion your personal bankers they did television it's your personal banker wants to help you. So I go I needed to call my personal banker and they say oh he's been transferred. And 6%. He's been my personal thank you for three years he didn't even call Sig. Say for sure this image look I know they looked to me like. What a blessing that my ATM card expired I call my personal banker and she assured me she was right on it as two weeks ago now right. Amid growing your personal Daryn good. Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. And realized I had sorry dot com. He's spring break still going on some parts and it it seems to start in late February rolled right by your overall because it's spring break somewhere. My wife and a friend of hers took. Several girl girls down to the beach for spring break and everybody was well behaved there was no problem you know but there was a lot of cooking is going on around them. In the middle of the night duty if you're crazy stuff and motels she said it was just nuts. And we have a friend. Who is just begun this video and and and he sent my wife a copy of one of his jobs a college thing was a fraternity harder to him. To come to their spring break and record the shenanigans that we're going on. Oh my word. There is evidently on a new thing going on where. Oh boy drinks beer all for a few. In two very usual ways and Ike I am not going to describe exactly outcomes and so lecture Pletcher imagination go wild. And it's probably. What I what I saw was worse. Com. And it's new it's a thing that's going around the country. And I looked at that and I went whole week ago. I looked at the girl. And she looked about nineteen or twenty. I set up at that's the first time you've ever done that and I wonder how many. People over the years. Did something really crazy. Outrageous. Out of character you out of character even. For the first time out of spring break. CN ever had a spring break. Could ever do it much much for him but I still went to the factory to you from my school. My spring break I would on sign up with temp agencies and work extra job to you know tuition. I mean my parents had camp but we're sure like to go for spring break this. The idea of being gassed at. It is so foreign it never even entered my mind but it is a very common thing out you know. So I thought you can do good yeah. Yeah yeah. That would open up the phones this morning and the to have the listeners tell us. What was what was this outrageous thing that you did during spring break that you had never done before. So you probably between the ages of eighteen. And 22 run. Yeah and less it's a hot it is spring training no slice high school that could be high school. You don't notice thing I ever did on spring break stick my two toddlers one of those trampoline places. You MI on the Scopes which. I took my kids on trips but I mean. Hold going crazies on spring break they didn't to and I know I didn't. Just we didn't have the money. But I know other people out there that have done it like a when I was in TV I covered spring break at Myrtle Beach. And to walk up to some kids with cameramen walking up to this one girl and she's getting into achieved and I sit behaving yourself. And she did the not so much hand and it and I know you know she's nineteen years old. And there are some shenanigans going on their parents will never ever north. Com about three weeks ago what are my girl said to meet. A mom I'm just curious to re doing anything for spring break back and I think you're going snorkeling and believes could and her pagelet. Her bracelet up and I. So I make a movie you. My freshman center. And they all went down on the bus fresh faced freshman in college and came back to botched alcoholics I call a global LY that's worked against for a lot of people. I mean it would as it was read you the pretty create. It was. And Jewish seminary school that was in that was my first two years of high school. Oh okay this wasn't that the seminary the young seminarians coming back to botched. Is that something to pull out. I was so are going to Key West, Florida to actually go off the fishing with a with a friend of mine and it's a long drive. And we stopped off. On the away in Fort Lauderdale and I if I totally forgot that it was spring break. But we got a room in a couple rooms in Fort Lauderdale and went oh while on spring break and went on the beach. And this doesn't happen to me and like in nineteen I was 25 and nineteen year old girl hidden. Wow. I thought your father. It if if I took you up on anything that that. You know you seemingly are intercity and your father were killed and look that you even at 25 viewers stand up guy and then you gave her good talking to about science. I did yeah. That is that is the exact point where I Rowling began. That no one had ever I enrolled shored up for that moment. Young lady do your parents know where you are and also are you wish this could you tell your faces. That's gonna show up it's gonna show up ten years from now. All right so the phones are open right now it's a free call 8088 BO BS HER. You never did it before but it was kooky. And you can believe that you did it and it started on spring break 88 BO BS HER. And Bob Seri doctor. On spring break your leg kind of crazy it's spring break that's not the way you usually behavior is that what you do for the first time probably. Immediately after the last for the last. I already being cool BO BS HER right starting us off it's Bryant Miller Brian. Our our go to our rights so spring break where was it. Fossum could Lamar and I bent down to Daytona Beach back here spurring the 1988. And I'm hyper and yet we're gonna go. Wouldn't vote while seeing Alex. We devised this plan where he was very carry me out to the speech. Because I have one leg. And so inserted my coach is that there's no way he carried an ounce little watered up in the water. And as has been seeing what I mean who attacked so. Forward I know where. You don't play and you did nod to little. You are just so all of the water and three sure sort order punched a hole in the also which I spoke at this point it would start pouring down my leg. Room but what are you off. Mountain vacation and read forward we will ever body sort of former Enron and they both boys I'm just Wal-Mart watch the ball at all. And even if they ended up getting bent from the beach for the rest of the day. You were being from Daytona Beach. I've ever in that anyone that Albania from Daytona much I am I don't think I only get banned from Daytona. I'll tell you I don't execute it but the rest of the game preview will be here. You know what I did he was still looks at the lifeguards. Oh my god. Was it worth it. It was that I keep hurting your voice there were so all we put a tea what you're your rug your friend is a strong guy to be able to carry that for. He was the quarterback what 00 yeah then Lee cal Harlan wolf thank you Brian that's memorable Ever-Glory today take care about us. I'm also want your sponsors on my other RLR Parker reports are in the thing she wins and your two wins the business. All so quarter got so sick again. Oh and quarters quilt shop out of Parkersburg west Purdue. Bolts in quarters quilt shop yes sir that's great the fight these quilts anywhere right. Track if you need a quilt go to. Bolts are in corners slopes not show Parkersburg. Excellent Bryan on can I ask like how it is you came to only have the one leg. I can't serve I was secure go back in nineteen government pork. And we couldn't and they stink cure you totally that's really yeah I don't his career all follow up on what went wrong. Well Brian you really have the right attitude to you than I have to say Brian we're looking eat your bowl some quarters quilt shop website very cool on. A series I've never. I've never known anyone who actually was banned from Daytona Beach and being happily they told him that he can't he just can't unbelievable things I want. Part was so mad at me bullet or just Aaron Small room and potentially sided and on the beach I guess so that you can I wouldn't be at all but we can leave and come back for work for the. On I don't know anything about quilting and the bolts and quarters it I think bolts are first of fabric. And quarters. Our quarter guard cut so. OK so when world where we were officials are certain her show in the Parker. Well that is so raise some Mariam I'm always super. And I just admire entrepreneurs and people that own their own business how long have you been in the high pace quote scheme. There are a little over thirty years in addition to my full time job Alpine vs. So what do you mean to hope quilting restore those is. It just seems like there. I mean you must have known you had a market there. Two mile out then my former apartment balls O'Shea when I was not an indoor and I don't follow it does. We'll be my aboard their own words in almost all of them hadn't thought it's what was really foreign. I want I want to Wal-Mart okay. Forward what article and but those fifteen years ago and not just overwhelming and growing their response in what are on the major box order so it does. Some felt the door right. Aha and when we've all. We found out it was a bad that you have a quote well of course there's always been that thorn bury my sports forum. What am I the American people only if they're you can then burned shot and of course that's what I ended up violence but Arafat. We want reform porn at work for me well I'll go out there on the shot. Your current job creator and do you sell quilts like oh you have a website that we're looking at you sew quilts all over the country. Bono and the largest locally we've overall overall all all about other buses here and. However I think he's the most cemented itself. You know you're the second person I've ever known who crow shade the first was my your grandmother shake shake that's what we called initiation she crow shade. I have had more of a conversation with you than I did with her ex. Everyone pause here and think about Brian's story. He knew how to do something he had a passion for use in Louisiana Styx somebody said Christmas knew he did he employs people. Study you aren't great American dream oh that's right you really are you all right our. I've always probably was sincere show I can go out but it's await the outcome of my business at all. I'm. We're out of time Brian thank you let's put him on our FaceBook. Just each to see this stands above inserted podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all into. Lucent company for eighteen years in a row boat if I world travel awards. Doesn't a vacation in the Caribbean all inclusive sound amazing rate now you can receive a total 1000 dollar air credit. And 65%. Opera sandals there. Please call 8889. Point 2515968. Dating I'm one Q 5159. Back to the podcast. On the serious done now. Well I'm 100. Mood and everything that's good problems to have Jeff. The problems I was reading this article in the newspaper the other day about the best ways women can relax. So I thought I'd pass that along to you perhaps you know relaxing. I'm deaf your your your missing some pubs are possibilities through what you like to do when you relax what's the what's as a woman. What is your favorite way to relax and he's a singer Martina are eyelid to read. That is the number one thing yeah I liked her I was surprised by that because I know you are a big reader but nothing Americans read like we used. But that is number one way that women relax and guys I know what you think and that's number four. I. I was disappointed myself what's to integrate. Two is taking a nice hot bat. You know like that. I don't even have a bath tub now your new bathtub in your hands there's one bit it's you know not a mind. And it's a token tell. Wait wait don't like bathtubs. Hum I had had a bath tub in my last house in my bathroom and the cats enjoyed very much in the kids enjoyed apparently every time. You know who shower you know who has time and who enjoys bass more than anybody in the world. A senior a citizen ladies with. Who have the bath tubs that have the little board that you get in slowly all see on TV never ever see that. I've never seen a woman with a more pleased expression on her face than the woman who's in the third of the door bathtub advertisement. She's there are. This is your current. Think about a bathroom and I. If you like fat excluded. My thing about a batches elect an idea the path. But then I get into the baton and for the firstly two minutes it's awesome but then the water starts cooling off so now you got to add more hot water. An F and then come floating their for a while and I feel like well I'd like to give out but. All this water or Cilic I can't get out until abused this Waterston war and it just ends up I don't know. And it's hard to read because. Your hands are wet when he dropped the book and whimpering like I've had a re Kindle into the bathtub just take you prep what you have to be doing something. What you have to be in there for a long period of time what's filling a bathtub with water if you just relax a switch yourself around like a damn just snagged. You just relax for a few minutes five minutes I don't seven minutes I don't have a bath tub. And I have Nash how were at my house that is Missouri last. Like poisonous. Well because I election hours. And when I got to create the shower of my dreams I really like showers. Really it's a wise has loosened its I have to thankless hot water. You to sit technically I could take a shower told next teased as. Let me to have ten coastal water. And so it's always hot. In definitely. Until Kim Jong-un bombs us. And I have a little self. Fit perfectly fits a wine glass. No Israeli can take a winds our own wine shower. And I have never heard of anybody that is than I have let my shower head of course it would become with a little hand held. See economic it and you condition under her whatever. That's an every force it. What's so I have enough that's the that's the around one to come straight down on so I can take my regulars. And then I turn the knob and the water diverts to the green for a shower head out now let me just say. That my children don't have she news. But it's not cold where reacts additional effects. No I I shots because we built this ourselves now and I told Kevin I will handle. I will handle this aspect because I knew what I want it and I know if I shopped it no wait for stuff to go on sale and use promo codes and all that. That I could do it and keeping him budget yeah I just you read in you know it took a long time if you remember I was researching linked to murder bows and well. And all of that got some stuff or we see you doing that usually I was talking at the time and you about it you were tugboats that fired Newton. You know late. Each loss is cut yourself by the seat installed. And also I thought it would begin to give you some time to shine source from simple quick starts. And the Internet and here do you what am I really you know he did exhibit prominence insightful comments I have to weave my hand better. So does an email me go it's lacing your shower is nice we don't you know we have a we read about him five years. But that was the one thing only that was kinda one I'm out and you did shop at. I stopped and I came you know it's Oscar and so no I don't have a bathtub because I don't wanna be swished around like a tea bagging and feel guilty for wasting all that water. Like to get in there is my cocktail don't take shower. I never met anybody that we drink in the show are. Have you thought about this yeah this on the home pierce our concept you never had a beer shower now. I know you're going that's sounds kinky you know it's an ice cold beer and hot shower after you've gone for a run or something I've never done. Well mr. you don't know not and he's done nothing to go out this year I've missed it tellem diet. Tell why did you buy. Now I know so little. And yeah I do I do know is open especially the man that wants that outside showers to be so bad I don't want to cash or like you don't eat all day and you can that. So I'm open to us here he's got the hot water coursing down over your head you've got a frosty cold rolling rock in Cuba and oh yeah good enough putting a glass vote in 2000 not with class class. Into that charge you do you know why buzz kill you. Until you go first I keep. He's not allowed to come with us how does she take anywhere we go now I can keep ruins as you can never seen a men's squash it in his seat so fast. This guy since the heart of the seventies porno thing done over the waters here first five golfers we have door closed. Showed up fine listened to his annual that is the title be construed as Sydney's more deliberate. People who just. And. Including dangerous level. Cobalt blue after last class in the shower and oh yeah word we're actually chose regarding Jerry's audio clips like yes. I'm not going to. You're denigrating. What is one of my release wrong. Things about my life which is I have this microphone and I can dispense suggestions. On how people can be safer all right and that you bring it up usage bush is Q you lose killed. Not a was killed I just a one or listeners to be safe. So this whole business I'm glad you have your dreams shower and you know and then you were you know researching while I was talking to less twelve months. You should not be taking glass into the shower even though you have to pretentious that is a little series of ritual wine glass and. Imagine most essential and we're back last night because it was served in the wrong kind of stem where. The cotton cattle show where we call each other black people aka. Oh I I don't what I don't think the U should take class you can't take glass in there thank you for you were helpful suggestion tied do you thank him for is helpful suggests. And only do I think last sometimes I even invite danger to come along with meanwhile they bring the last eight. But here's the thing. I take a stimulus glass in the shower I deal a good citizen were stable you know what I do and I'll might waited a shower I'm running with scissors so I got my sisters and what's the most class and the other nice printer that hubs don't let them stop YouTube key Obama this safety stuff. It's guarding you it's drugs thank you Max it's Bob safety corner that's organ or call all boy. It makes. Yeah makes up the for that but don't don't keep the long in the don't you attached to bug safety corner. And here's another thing that you should be your careful about bomb if you're if you have a young well woman. In your house and maybe she's going off to college. Really insure her she should never accepted drinks from a strange guy. I don't I'm worried working on that we have my girls never. My niece Brit and Rachel who's likely to order. Went to a concert last you know two years ago and they go to a concert and after the concert the concerts held in a place it's also a bar. And they're sitting in the bar and this guy comes over he starts talking to them Britain ritual both gorgeous right so the skies talking to mop and everything. On Hebrew feed their drinks. They were both they were vomiting in the amber they were six for two days afterward. They have almost no memory of our UQ how they got home that night are you at what can she ever tell me this. Well because aborigines to work here probably would rather I didn't get on the air and announced as well dream were that that she did Griffey but they were there are well and it's. That their drinks were docked well I'm glad they were together at least may be that has something to do with stopping that situation I talked to my girls about it now owned and you don't wait till it's. Happening you know I talk to them about this kinda stuff all the time and here's another thing about safety corner. On slow they held down out there and let me come back to something though because I don't I agree with you there it's important to be safe and that tied him I. With our reckless taking a glass drinking vessel into the shower or to some animals. I point out TU. If you spend your whole life planning. For the big moments. You miss so many simple incredible pleasures along the way the a beer shower hot day is one of the great it's like a mini vacation. And you don't have to daily candy up your mind that you can't ever been to a holiday in what's the rule by the pool no glass yeah well at my house I make the rules. And the rules are you out of a way keeps on bring in my lying us into the bathroom. Here's another fun fact but not release of funds from buck sixty corner but I just read this yesterday. 8% of the people that you're driving around right now when you're driving into work. Are at least looking at their phone. Oh you are not tax it maybe they're not texting but they are located 80% of us we have to stop doing this. Tony the reason there's so many car crash it's a soaring big donor but it's true. I don't wanna listeners the crash. Just took place. This from the man that cemetery back as it was wrong she plants. Our sister pre dawn. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast. Dot com now back to Bobby share. Realize these kids had Bob and Jerry dot com. It's a funny thing how certain. Events triggers something in your memories that are completely disconnected. And yet it's triggered. Aaron Hernandez committed suicide he hanged himself with a pitching. Prison and medals are nice it's about 3:30 in the morning governance so if you're just getting up and out that's. Very disturbing news and ours who's convicted of murder and that's where it's since I guess there was like I said I've sent journalists and they'll insult. And that Todd told me that the prison was and did you say North Attleboro. He lived in North Attleboro masters. Where he committed the murder that he isn't he was in jail for was happened right outside his north were home. North Attleboro. Much my first job in radio was in Providence Rhode console PlayStation. And then I got my first full time job in Fall River, Massachusetts. And it was night quality radio. And Norman Knight was the owner of that station one in Attleboro Massachusetts. One in. Recent may be Worcester Massachusetts and a couple of stations. Elsewhere in the when he was the financial advisor to the Kennedy fan. Can't and you heard his name on the night quality station every hour they would announce that. And so. I'm like twenty I guess I'd been near year. And the music director and the guy who was the programming chief who was but 28 quit. And went to another job so that job was open and you would. You know you'd get an American Express card and you tried to these different stations and check on the program and and that was his job. So my phone rings in my office and it's normal night. He said bug ya know we've never met on Norman and around with chain. I need to replace. A guy Tom we just left. Don't talk to you about that and it was during this conversation that I learned. How management works. And how you have to sometimes. With certain people be careful. He says appease the Simone and you know you look at these benefits. To be overseeing this and over the and I'm twenty years old and so there was some pretty huge. You're jumper to put up very small stations very very small state oil spill. On I was flattered and I said mr. Knight. I really want to concentrate on being on here. And then I said but thank you very much for the offer and just like that he set I didn't make you an offer. I'm just talking to. And I went whoa ice with and then now I'm going on I'm so sorry I didn't I didn't mean to be and was trying to be urgent and then. But he was making me an offer but he didn't wanna be turned down. He didn't wants a little on saying to him and thanks for the offer but no thanks. Is I got something you know era that I wanted to. And I. I can still remember that cold cold voice in the cold cold moment. And he owns the stations sewn on the nuts and it's up to him to two would say whatever he wants but I learn at that point. You sometimes have to. Be very careful it's a minefield out there. But it was an offer none. The thing is that you have to. When you when you come upon somebody like here's a guy who is the master negotiator. Yes that's right that's for you have to understand that he sees himself as the master negotiator. And either you can't try to beat him at that you can't beat him right after it yet to exact item other way that wasn't trying to beat him I was I was saying thank Q. What I perceived to be an offer but he he perceived bad as you're trying to beat me up can't do it now and and that sometimes may be for. For guys even when it's another guy in that. That am I hard wired and mill cop competitions right. It's hard for it's hard for you to look at him go here's his game. I'm not gonna play his game because he he can't not win in its current rate. I think sometimes it's harder isn't it funny though the little things and I mean that was just a passing moment and I was at that station for another three or four months and went some place else. But the public these things stick in your head for the rest of your life. That if you look back on your life but just having this conversation somebody. You look back on your life. This the stuff stays with you isn't the necessarily the big moment you thought would stay in the what station use something someone said do you that was either. Really really wonderful really really negative of 100% true you do it in your heart or revelation yes and you knew you know. We all know the truth when it comes bearing down on no matter how hard we fight it. You can you can you can hear it and on Annan to you knowing your heart aegis got served up some cherry man. And that's the stuff you remember. I'm glad I didn't take it you know on. Because I have to go and talk to some guys that were forty years old as a twenty year old and on a twenty year old who looked like he was. Well. It's Tikrit and why. Wouldn't want to see me government through Lou I've looked at pictures of you for that period and if carry me abroad you didn't eighth grade formal I'd be like okay. Which you can't plague you looked like it's a should be Lyndon. What is your voice teams who. Did you have a man voice men and a baby I think I was nineteen. Okay well you and again radio radio lower you know enough that I have a big none but imagine available. Yes coming out of your medals interface prone men Hampton my step son's voice is lower than him. It's it's sounds like there isn't these fourteen. He sells eggs in the guy and the house it's weird my youngest daughter have been volunteering at her classrooms and she was six so I know all these kids. And I gave one of the ride home from the mall. And he gets in the car he's like. Hello I am senior while lower you can pick a packet. Men are you O bam your eyes donating one and hated don't I don't know why you did but I do and is little chipmunk cheeks were gone. The like high. And you don't if you say something like well. Jimmy puberty can hold here yet up with a straight over. There. It's a minefield there it's you know it's. I don't know why we leave the house is I should replace us. Sort upset about Sherry tell. Great news for men really depressing news for women know it turns out. That in the in them the world of meeting rumor choosing a mate. A plane looking not so hot looking guy who is funny Smart or creative. Is every bit as attractive to women as a good looking guy. To creativity. And brains to make average looking men as high as good document. However. Creative women with less attractive faces are actually penalized for being Smart and creative and fun. It is negative so that's a negative. In the movement is good news from and it's great instrument you're looking you have to risk. A legal ugly hog I'm not a bug hard and I mean. In the green who. I'm I'm not granddaughter and until my wife like no. Way you're looking deluge. Not sleeping with a ugly hook let me tell. He's on that you are very Smart funny incher Steen good looking guy and I don't know why I never wanted their piece off. Its market debt at issue is not anything that's wrong with you. I'm I'm the guy that you'll give a shot too if you're good looking woman win. You want to. Have a long term boyfriend relationship or cause. And actually probably more like a husband I am not the guy who you go crazy with. At two some resort in Jamaica you're not good two fast two furious of guys son and I. On IU I always wanted to be here are not strong. Arm home leave hard work. Yeah it's stuck with the U what was so ugly hole. Yeah it's just amazing how you described. What I am not so easily. I know you're worried Smith. You're little game. On the. Attractive Smart interesting guy who really really makes an effort. Your car. I'd like to not have to make an effort I think to be one of euros wires to make an effort like you go you can't not make an effort because I have to. Haven't done earlier are I'm not know the guy in the back of the women's magazines that you have yeah and he's like in the tightly in beach he's got these piercing blue eyes and black gray hair that's our ignorance I don't know with the other guy that guy who. I stated there was walk in the room but this is what this is really choosing which is just released this research was just released this we're OK here's what's interesting about that search. That's smoldering. Laying key piece of man flashed the gates paid just for looking game. Is equal to you and attractiveness because of your brains and your humor in your creativity only would you he's looking lonely when she wants to wants to actually buy the car. If she's if she's getting no renal and and it's it's. It's a yet it's of that or something like that any near that guy don't you say if you wanna be that I don't think you really do in your fantasy like that like I now do you really don't wanna be are you worried looks like that I think. Though because you do look like that even if he's. Even if you believe he looked like that. You would still try hard usually just wired to try. You were convinced in childhood for something. And in Hubei look at her like I don't even know why it and you've had a I think it was Chacin hit what you were convinced that an early age no wasn't until you had to work now it. No it was it was later I was shocked that I didn't end up looking like that guy. I don't know why I could look in the mirror and say we'll that's not going to be me. You have very personal just ignored too. You know why are really tell you oh you really do guess who just made max's eyes were also harder you okay do you need a Coke or perhaps. You really do. You don't you don't use your like oh I have no trump. Who could otherwise you're left I don't have a trunk maybe that's part of the problem. I think I've told you before Bob you're good looking guy in the liar I sit over here and I can't think of anything else wow look at Bob today. Thank you and you really really your interest staying in your fun. Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then you really get what you're paying for work. The bothers her podcast is brought to you today by USA health insurance plans. Health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work dental and vision surgery accessories accidents and war. Why don't give USA health insurance plans to pollen and see what they can do. 844299537. Made back to the bottom shirt contest thanks for listening. I find it at Bob. Jerry dot com has dreams of an inch single in Forbes. Web saint no business magazine don't. And they were it. There were talking about how when you're interviewing for new jobs and there are ways you can spot whether or not the culture at your future potential workplace is super toxic. Oh well here that is so that maybe if these things are happening beyond hunter the interview process. Here's a Ford says it very clearly Ford says. A toxic job culture feel sorry for the people that are there but don't join them out but how do you in an interview that they get into. And sure that's the one who train these ten ranks way this despite so if you're in the job hunt right now heads up this one's for you. Step number one the interview process is cold and bureaucratic. There's no warmed her personality to official communications everything's a form letter. You're nobody special you're just one more applicant long list about the that makes sense you know. On site number two. The potential employer makes all sorts of mistakes and scheduling your interviews getting back to after the interviews collecting information they need from you. They never acknowledge their mistakes. And they never apologized for the mistakes and if you say something like yes I I sent you that two weeks ago name. Did you get reaction like when you need to understand we have a lot of candidates that we're dealing wind and their real leg rights and it's never my that's never much fault it's never their fault that drive Ford says rent pay attention to work places where it's never. The management's fault. On signed number three. Recruiting is their lowest priority they make all kinds of promises about when you might hear from them open. But then they miss the mall by a mile and they leave you hanging. On step number four. The person interviewing for a job is basically. Reading you questions from a script they're not really talking the year. They're saying things like what do you consider your greatest weakness which you consider your greatest strength so the HR department has. Decided that there should be some generic questions that must be asked. And nor a no matter what and that's all you're gonna get and this is another sign of Forbes says they make no effort to sell you. On the job they expect you to sell them that's and it should be a two way street that's a big one there. Number five these are the signs if you're interviewing that the company you may go to work for has he toxic. Culture number five. They demand your last year's W two. Because they want to prefer they want to make sure you're not lying about what you doc they don't wanna pay you a nickel more than they have no I have never been well. And had that many jobs but I have never had anybody do that. No but that's sneaky via then the six signed the whole interviewing process is a shambles. You kick it to questions answered. People don't seem to know the people you're talking to don't really seem to understand what the job is that you interviewed for. Number seven. Signs of the toxic culture they askew insulting questions like your last boss say about you. And how many days of work did you miss last year and then. And that's. You know what that last point sounds like a question the U shouldn't be able to Forbes said that one of the one of the biggest signs of a toxic work culture. Are people in management asking you questions that are illegal yeah what you think we illegal things and they're asking them. And that's a sign one that they don't know their own business into they have no respect for and I am and I don't think it is this true because I I was surprised when I heard this and hasn't been that long ago. A business can't call the previous employer and ask what kind of an employee who. Is is that it costs every year references. They give her the cultural. Right you. You can give references could not given references for people. You can leave you and I remember correctly could ask a big question like if you word you know if you were hiring would you hire this employee again. And he can be something that general UK they can ask that you can so that's a big one you can't get into specifics and I'm from what I understand and and what's the next the next one number eight. You're interviewing for the job and. Everyone you meet seems fearful or exhausted or downcast or overly sensitive and then. That's the sign of a culture problem you can feel it in the air when you render the dole. Number nine of the ten ways to tell and I'll get taught us amnesty will post the south on our site FaceBook. I'm communication is the ninth time that it's a toxic or culture communication inside the building is a disaster. When you talk with has a different idea about what the position is all about. He can even noticed bad blood or tension between the people you meet. This is a warning sign that you don't wanna work there I think that's one that a lot of people will not get the opportunity to. Fear losing their one where I got to you have to be their most analysts and the number ten sign according to Forbes. You can't get any want to have a street honest compensation with you about compensation. Or terms of employment. They say things like everything is going to be fine even need to worry about government take care of their right right but you can't pin anyone down and they get. They kick kind of flake crystalline. An angry and defensive when you bring the top cop. And that's because the person who's interviewing you doesn't have the authority to say. We're gonna give you this amount of money. He's got to go where she's got to go to somebody else there can be like enemies mediocre her dad is not getting back to them and now you're working in a place it is chaos so Forbes says don't waste your time in vortex of dysfunction I take it that the tone the jump out at me is before interviewing skills of the person who's interviewing and the atmosphere. Well if those two if you walk into the building and you just feel tensions sadness exhaustion I think yeah that's right that's exactly right so I'm gonna send this anti animal pushed the south of Bobby shared a common shared over to our FaceBook bodies. Your top serie dot. As earnestly about spring cleaning chores the wheeled through and I don't wanna get into a closet this kind of boring but it took. Reminded me of how I've changed about my attitude toward my garage. The premiere and I moved into the house you were constantly out their clean and that the garage was a mess you know it had mold in the ceiling because the former owners just never did anything within it was discussed thing. And the mold smell was in the Leo play room of the house which is on the bottom floor and so. I did up there and I'd I'd have the Clorox and I'm Clorox single walls and that I got everything just the way I elected innocent very common look she walked into like I was fantastic. After the next two or 34 years in the house we've been in I think seven years coming up. The garage was a point of pride for me. But this year I I wasn't near you know yesterday. Alone on some mess there reeks all over the place. Course kiddies looters. Thing is there and now that's all over the grounds and they just weren't known. Just not gonna worry about it and Hackwear let alone you know I just I wanted to be that guy that has like on TV the guy that has all all of his rakes in in whole zoo and shovels hanging on the wall the all public a little hookers open. I just wanted that for some reason. And it's just it's not going to be either there's stuff that I could throw output may be one of my girls would like to have there may be Madison would like to have it. So there's some outdoor furniture there will never use again because it's it's like. It just doesn't work forest it's just sit near near my car I have to you know kind of the whistle for around I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do is still want to grow much. What you come over and help me. I email when we moved on out of our. When we moved out of our house the garage was a nightmare. We moved into a rental house to Christ became a nightmare. We moved into the house the crisis a nightmare question always but I Hewitt is not my nightmare because I did everything else. Do you know same men and there's things in the garage that I don't even know what they are linked. They're shirt wholesome stuff what does this but is it organized is that it doesn't look nice hum now. Not so none and I think a lot of the reminds getting I think a lot of that you don't even. Really need anymore. Then he likes broken. Thanks. And we'll put that there's there's like some lawn furniture it's not broken. But we don't use it anymore you know we got a new one or whatever and I'm looking at a Cancun when we moved to with you now have a truck printing the whole way. So. Canucks so ticked off at me right now because you know he Stockton dealing with the garage. I'm like OK fair enough. But arm when you can mimic the house every day to get sued. It's all in the house put away we're pawns it's in the refrigerator it's an cabinets third dishes and glasses and knives and forks I did all that. Now that you know you're right you're right we multiple times today you know where everything is 'cause I put it all away I have no idea what that doo Hickey. Thing it's not what it is and. And I might my outside to have a little lifting the lets me in the garage door. You know if you punch in the nose steals and it doesn't work they never do it is why did you think mentally work do. They they never worked and I loved it's almost Cilic hot minute and then it doesn't but six. In the battery. I don't you know what I thought he's going to be insulted by that painfully obvious question series lead at the battery I thought it was like electric. It. Check the battery it is in the guts inside the garage or electric but the opener runs on a battering did you think it was running off your courage. No because evidently I don't have an. Did you did you. And did you try to block probably the dual batteries. Oh my god this is important when RIT guy Bob says to me now is it plugged in these kids and I thought it was like cooked up electrically from. That little remote opener how would that be. Looked up like this is really good news for you to lift the flap on the side of the one by the sense you're looking for its citizens need. Insisted that or. Yet he's he's a late she shook hands like in your hair potter. I gonna check if I want to go home today and check the battery. You know there's there's one item in my house I always check your credit report but ME TO now well. That's why have a Costco membership. You can not win a couple of sure. And those normally. Is that it doesn't. At a TV remote. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. My street. Is at all this very dot com you don't I'm Jason Kantor stressed topping your head you've probably seen him he's to be secretary of state for Missouri didn't. And arms he's in Afghanistan that he shows up on CNN quite decent marriage to guy. So Matt drives the Drudge Report we did earlier. Actually late yesterday. Bill O'Reilly has had a tremendous run very few in the business get to decide when and how often news and media is the most brutal of all industries. Afghanistan war vet chasing candor tweeted back most girl oh industries involved were conditions that do not him on air conditioning and. You know I read that. Comment from Drudge and I said what a stupid thing to say I would say this is the most most industry. Income well even if you take away danger. And you're just talking about atmosphere and competition yes very very expert at all it's it's brutal expert but it's not the most brutal try working for an investment banking firm on Wall Street they won't beat you up this question if you're new boy on the block. Try common paving highways in Montana. Right in the winter I go a Drudge is really talking about competition and try to be psychology. Brutal psychological Brickell yeah yeah but there's some car dealerships like the ones who we have rappers under great people knew they have great dealerships. But I've. Run into a few over the years where you're salesman or saleswoman. It's brutal to work there because of the pressure to close every single person that walks through the two war. Well we were talking earlier this hour about touching on Forbes magazine about how to spot a toxic well churn out yeah. Fourteen is pretty want you feel sorry for the people that are already there or don't join them down as we spend so much of our lives there I was I was at a dealership. And another place years ago. And we're doing one of our fantastic radio remotes. And the so I'm looking at the you know the guys come over the salesman come over and there were sick were given away right there walk off with half the stuff you're given to the people I. And they're waiting for somebody to commence this one just young guys like 25 years old he's salesman's car salesman probably his first car salesman. Job and he's wait for somebody to come in. Well the general manager of the dealership comes over his mug shot in the back and says are just strolled into a CM this car washed. And I went. Whoa whoa. Hold the cow for Stovall house these kids boast than normal. That the guy gets discard what you have to ask you so now when you give the kid a shot in the back why don't you just say hey Jim that. The owner of the just pulled him if favor run his car that's why they're so you have to do but that was not the atmosphere that this guy created. I'd tweed it this morning every tweet it something from a feed and I followed that. Is so much true and I think about acts try to live by and I don't succeed every day and some days you just kind of lose your patience by. Here's what it said we find it. We split second cop down and we got it sure I'm not sure Federer and I'm just just. Well just up and Al white circle if you. Yeah it's this better be good. I come down for you. Rich courteous when you keep your mouth so when you wanna say something mean to someone. Only people who are peace with themselves can do I think that's true I mean that's some one the most true. That church are true. Meant sometimes that's really hurt keep in Russia. You gotta bite back here because you don't know what's happening in another person's life you grip and the new one and it turns out that there are they're going through something really hard and they didn't mean to take it out on view in. And now we just creating and recycling of pain in her feelings and what is on this. Anthony their deserve and it's of getting your ripped. Sometimes you're doing that. You know you'll you'll regret later because you've made an enemy now and that's not. Talking to my older daughter on the last week and forget how the subject got up but I said tour. Sweetie. The thing about hurtful words yes he can apologize. And he can never get them back yes that's right. You say something horrible to someone you can apologize for it later played those words left a mark they left a scar and they were hurtful well the relationship will never be the same and it never is. I think I have a friend who had a hazard close relative. And and he spoke poorly of this person's wife. Spoke poorly of dispersants wife. And it got back after her so that my friend went and did a total apology. And so there there are sociable now they see each other now however. It's not like. It's all we spear in the back of her mind that he said this certain thing about order. Yeah you can never totally get that removed. You have to really think and there are people who who are really good at being spiteful and mean. They're really good at cutting words in the takes pride in Manhattan you are really think. Do I want to live if these kind of words come out of my mouth to I wanna live with that forever and knows well he can apologize for it. You can apologize for what you said that your intent. We're means yeah. In the world what is it that I like more than anything being right. Just it's a hook. Thank you. Coach had to say and I really appreciate it really lunged at. I like a giant thank you I'm martini in the Robert. These best new movie. I'm rob really good lobster and chicken lobster. I'm sick and obvious and yeah it's so big rip off yes I know is Bobby's. Every dot. The money you were. Porn news affects your personality. This is not like OK if Europe. Virgo this is actual. Scientists say it's yeah why does it affect on there at that time of year you're born the monster born it affects your development in the room. Alone for example people better than just state during the wintertime can can develop seasonal affect disorder. Most search on a levels in the mom springing can lead to similar shortfalls in the baby so name cricket downing the season's spring summer fall winter sports the best time to be born I'm winter baby your summer baby yeah late so. Here we go to your born in the spring march April and may be peace. He score high on the hyper I mean scale its general optimism. In the ability to see every down as a prelude to an opt. But spring babies are more susceptible to the opposite of hyper stymie a clinical depression. And you would think one would cancel out the other eagle. People who were born in May or the most likely to have clinical depression really people born in November. Max. Are the least likely. To be depressed in cash so now we go to summer babies this is you Bob June July and August and you tied. Here's good news for you know seasonal affective disorder. Although not because of the light levels during your birth by your mom carry you in December January or February and so if she had low certainly you might. Which I think you can definitely navigate. I do mom. I'm almost all baby August 30 summer babies can have experienced cyclist time near rapid cycling between high and low roots. Bipolar diagnoses. Are the lowest among babies born in August. Is that right yup that is the lowest rate of bipolar disorder maybe spree in August net interest and a right baby store born in the fall. On the general. Equanimity you exit during the most even tempered and well balanced. And and they stink that. It might be their bountiful nutrients available harvest. My newborn no more. Long nights a seasonal on affect disorder hasn't yet descended people born in fall of low levels of depression. Very likely develop bipolar disorder but they do have a tendency T irritability. And you might likely to be cleared of all I'm really are almost always a seizure irritable but because you are truly thank you all thank you. He should the end of August yet the end of like fall would begin what second weaker something in the September October November press. Winner babies that's me December January February. These are the roughest babies involved. Our winner babies have higher levels of schizophrenia bipolar disorder seasonal affect disorder depression and wonder why is because the mothers carrying during the nicer weather. But winter babies tend to be far less irritable they babies born in the fall. January. And February. Are the optimal months to be born. If you want to be creative imaginative a problem solver and famous. Doesn't tunes in February or January or February is that so there are some benefits to being a January baby I guess the I couldn't imagine your problems I'll tell you are. You are on them so I mean nothing is a 100% rate you can be born in July and be non famous problem solver you can weren't aimed. It was good August and have bipolar disorder nine scientists finding that because of the impact. When you're developing a little tiny self and on your mom washed carries you. That what monster board and really does matter in. An inch. I do yeah and I'm glad it was a bad news for me I was gonna ask you not to tell mind. It's not how it is still need to have bad news coming my way issue here so she had them and some bad but it. I'll usually ask. So for yoga or digest and LYC. Then I'm worried about what I meeting all the time this mix my life you know more complicated so if I'm if I'm ignorant. It's really this is it's helpful to me it's truly believe that split us that's exactly. And all the things that your ignorant about and you are a little bit happier. For the things you don't know we don't really understand how your body works. Well I would never what I've never wanna be one of those persons. No I really don't understand and that's kind of yeah I'm I'm fine like if if I were to have like a a complicated operation. And the doctor they always say let me explain teams you don't see ya I'd rather not don't let's don't. Just can't just give him their getter done we can I drink it. Don't really fully 100%. Understand the dynamics of aviation. Probably gonna. You're right. But they do note that when I see a trail coming from dead. And it's not the government trying to spray chemicals son needs to make you do Chilean miners pulled deeper. And trails.