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Wednesday, July 12th

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You sure know your grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where help markets insurance comes into. They can show a small business owners group health insurance options they're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better Elton financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 85575. Mode 3537. Help markets insurance. How is Royce. Every summer we take. I'm summer belted a. I looked so many. Our analysts. OK so. Radio station yeah we're sort of fascinated by the fact that this entire country is being run by. A dynastic. A group of them mad men and lunatics who will kill you if you look cross site act and start other people and now probable loss so. What North Korea has done just just now is releasing new official slogans the ruling party has chosen these slogans. To motivate their citizens to achieve North Korea's goals. Along. Further coming here now. I have some of the slogans are you ready translate us and English yes he's ready the first know this this is not a joke these are the actual legitimate Seattle check. Just so basically improve the fishing industry of the country by making a revolution and it. It's not the catchy this thing I've ever heard none of them are really all a it's a bully mumbling mouthful of non decisively improve the fishing industry. Doesn't that feel you don't you filling your blood heating up but cash yells out on hello I'm just let me out there in the open seat this next one may be my favorite new. Make a whole country's seat with a high pitch campaign for producing. Greenhouse vegetables. Again. Memo and the motivation. Is gonna be used it's tricky to make the whole country see either. This next one tells you everything about Blake. What attitude in this country is ready and this is an instruction to the people the citizens of North Korea. Become iron shields and red warriors who defend the party system and the people timid debt. Do you think there's people who live there I mean a lot of them to roll their eyes who rule their rise and just think that this guy is the craziest guy Emma I know I have to fake it. Or are these just after generations. Three generations just so bought into this that there are always people are always people you really think you're half. Now in that country got to keep your game face on defeat you wild dogs literally literally will you know ready for another 10. This formal really. This really rallied the troops seen other having economic problems in North Korea. Let's give a decisive solution to the problem of consumer goods. Can you imagine lake George W. Bush or hoped for President Obama. And that's the toughest one because those folks don't have no money. So how Howard the well and they have no I humor goods to buy it right to have center starving OK here's an excellent. Become a spark setting fire to the hearts of the masses and detonators giving full play to their metal power. Not will say this for about one. The difference between that and some lyrics and Kanye West song not much a much that's the most exciting once so far that oil and if. If the translation wasn't so awkward awkward I can almost see where that's. Yeah that would work Riddell and again how to that we got to calm the spark setting fire to the hearts of the masses and detonators giving full play to their mental power. Under the problem with the American attention span is. You'd already forgotten the first half they way through this what we got to death of it how accurate I think you'll like this knocks on a lot. Let us make the flames of educational revolution range furiously in the new century. Now Kim Jong un did not write in the U please god don't know how he. His people wrote them and don't she know that it was a collaborative. Effort. And they would look at each other and they start writing and then they would turn to the other six. It is the skirt with a scare me killed at this discussion and no I'm serious. Because I mean if you look where you have a weekend decked out Killy. It is on called wild dogs said his own uncle too wild to all things about that now. You best be right one of these slogans and I saved I shaved the best one for last are you ready eaten. Develop and produce a greater number of various means of military striking up our own style capable of overwhelming the enemy. Com. You're worried about seeding over greenhouse vegetable sign Albert but that's up. They're put their problem is this. They don't really have many products that they produce. And so they don't have an advertising agency that came up with it's the real thing. Because that's that's what sells products none and catching insured. Murat. That one of the things when these slogans were released that was part of this whole campaign on the North Korean government. Is begging its citizens to start growing food and building cars. But I don't know a lot about building cars but you can't build them out of lake leaves and pine cons you. You have to have steel and design you have to have so many things yeah Guantanamo. Street if you have nothing to do later in the day folks just Google. Kim Jong-un. Pointing at things. It's hysterical. It'll pop right up it really isn't a bush can we push that went up on our website cut it's it's hysterical to watch I am hoping. That somewhere along the way there's some guys that has access to him. And he can get together. With a few with the other generals or whoever it is and maybe they have some sense and walk in there and shoot. People hope that first father and his grandfather's grandfather I mean words through your perfect read generations and I listen to mobile early clearly where. No but I mean seriously how do you get the people who wound Jews. Where you absolutely sure. That they're not gonna say you are not gonna shoot you. He's Jewish by every once in awhile pulling money your uncles and feeding into wild dogs you know I think interestingly you that your kid. Yeah that you. It's Bobby shared. Twitter Smartphone apps at the Sherry died. Talking today about how. Our offerings can get better than the people at eight DDG 67437. Mary welcome to the show still Mary. I ain't she. Yeah my mom. Every year we would load up the page but I. I approached Cabrera I don't know I don't operate so little apparently lacked and need to visit my grandparents. And how it got that. Blaine back with a lot Yates thought that that chip and my new. Her cocker spaniel law I had her Labrador spit out the back seat. I know trouble believing that he loved the idea I had 100 high. Why when you stop and number op yeah you're right but opt. Who walked. And you can only at and cart machine walk or hurt. He he. And then the ball and I know if I let you bring her out what Alice. Oh no low. They got spirited. Old lore or. All we grew our in the bags are. Mary in the backseat were you discuss and roll and around with a luxury where you win a seat when those rural rear facing. Know what the ocean in that I would pat. But that area but yeah big that area yeah yeah what do you do not in the believe it no you mean you look at it because we're about. Our grandparents are like really matter how are you. Yeah I mean you. Chunk. It's it's Iberia word that we're in the rear seat that would full golf C yeah we would be flat. Okay what do you Mary's mother much your trunk Mary prayer which are. My mommy in Alabama we know the air in Arabic and you have the right. Expected her mother and my tried it you don't expect errant jump. Net you know you're you're kind of a spoiled kid though Mary to be complaining about that you could abandoned the in the carrier on the roof you know what I mean. I don't spoke there it was old soup. And my bad my bad there were so many. We're went up by thirteen he would you're not a lot several more me so we brought back here. Weep and they can't. Oh and at that dot com I got well our. Where was this in the tent was like on the way to grandma's house or did you sleep when you. I angry or are brought our no bull you know our. No you did not how come we're not even good enough for the backyard Rican how little privacy how. That's where the cows are. Mary the daily to use the facilities inside. No indoor plumbing have to go out behind them and how. Opel bids didn't words. Where where the dogs where was dutchess. After only eight reporter doing yard and play yeah I'm really get blown out we don't out OEEL. And coal. This they fed went inside I was afraid to ask about the feeding because like I thought I would cry if I had to hear one more sad thing. My signature on. Then she can. Yeah I'm at the UK yeah. And we you on what race someone who stopped to rest area. So we the final like here and I'm Scott. I'd kick and then. And that's up like fat that we want it's bad dog did you grow like food and good did you not want to have pets yourself. Yes I do I have I. I have a reporter holly pet my daughter happy your feet. And I have to keep contact and are your theory open minded person you DC dear child. GAAP and your he has all the good part of. I would beautiful thing about the tenth in the front yard she's an extra. Rule change is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. It's scary just tell. Are you. Your request of finance told you still love you racked up over and he's on the radio voice of finding he loved her since no doubt. Actor singer songwriter fashion designer and the best thing to happen at the voice for such a fan girl Gwen Stefani welcome to the shelf. Wow he just. Totally made my whole life I can step. You ain't see can I tell you I'm not only huge fan of your music and dom and and really dead to that song writing the lyrics you know the kind of messaging. Let me huge fan of your fashion design why am. All of you thank you react so much fun doing that it's weird because like I go in an outlet cult. I'd be willing to designing and I'll be like my location is that a factor with that and then my pocket brilliant music in the like I mean it really need to call toll tag now they did a lot of designing and it's like to think currently we do it those are coming out but but it but I'm in the middle of music right after the all at once it's kind of amazing. It strikes me you know I have as someone who's been a fan who's followed your career from the very beginning that. You've surely working in lake creative her keen she'll have these fits of creativity that to sprawl. And everything you do does it feel that way do you on the inside. How that failures so optimal match. I I do have creative Turkey that I have like it's. I have clicked you know like kind of the defensive light to the moments like when I started writing this record. Having built it right for a really long time like I try aid and let you know it's like it was like it was forced removal. It was like OK every time I would go I would keep anxious and I would feel like it's. I guess it was like that you know when the clock is just so slow it's gotta get home I didn't wanna get home in. And it just turns into like that last. Blake ever since I started reading this record is what I got again Billy can't wait to get their like even today I'm supposed to go into right in. A little boy got sick this morning so I do live like I'm delayed and I'm like. I never panicked and like now my got a what I don't direct found daylight and in any means so yeah I had definitely imminent attack and the facing and meat that is like my favorite most crazy like. Rewarding thing is to build the right and just walking in and have nothing in and try to homework assignment represents Wear them violated if they can't let people reflect on her left my favorite thing to do. It's wonderful you know I am nowhere near as awesome as my partner Schering. Hi I have a question that I've been wanting to ask you for a long long time I had the pleasure of seeing you in concert. We knew The Rolling Stones in Atlanta at turner shield a few years back. I don't put a lot of time in eleven to get angry we played like three your portion of the and then I did one song with. That hearing and LA kids so. It was amazing because it's a baseball fields and my tickets soon there from the radio stations of their horrible and their weight or their way out there and I had a a view of the stage which is in in a baseball park like Turner Field in its U enormous and it's The Rolling Stones and all that. And you of course as the front person you've got to keep that entertainment in the show going wasn't that fun. Just to the other opens the ruling doesn't like it just it doesn't seem real I can remember being in like seventh grade and a couple happening like. Being around I was drinking and the other kind of feed from a distance and they were just so massive and he actually was wearing the baseball uniform at that point man. And they're just being held open forum was so exciting I just all I can remember about it was like thinking it's the third biggest. Stage I've ever been on and I can't breed and have returned to China saying I'm just trying to gasp for air and how is he doing it like he goes out there and does that a whole feigning like. You were running right after you were running across the stage you were skipping across the stage yeah I mean you really covering the station and what. While the front person really earns their money tonight on a stage like else. I'm out such arrest click for that many people in. To be opening for an audience that he knows not door to what it's like in the audience I really love music they're out there for The Rolling Stones and it was just like. It's incredible. Like I just came like what I'm talking about it sounds like. Did that happen yeah I did not really but Jimmy does forty Eric. If you're just joining us for talking with wins the money and next we're gonna ask her how she likes all the tabloid attention she's been getting good morning. But in some. Audio clips I guess. This yeah. Reflects upon its. Songwriters fashion designer and star of the voice so here's a question for you. I hear your music and I think you're confession to so autobiographical. Whether it's like they're used to bird girl anthem just a girl. Or the new songs used to love you it's impossible. To imagine that you write a song from anything other than a place of really authentic experience so. Given that your work so autobiographical and so public. And now you probably came to go to 7-Eleven without seeing tabloids which crazy stories everything from glands having an alien baby on down. How do you manage to keep the youth it's you. Separate from that so that he can do the work. Even the it's. That's like in my whole life. Career or life like I've never been like tabloid type person you know I just kind of I have such a normal life you know and yeah. So like lately it's definitely got to a different place but I think that's from being on TV you know it just takes it to another lately I've never experienced that means being on the police and being on a show that. Reaches so many people. But you know a whole different light position I remember Adam telling me here to get ready this is gonna be something you haven't ever experienced before just obviously like I have had. Success and I have been around the world. I have all that any but I political pretty normal life you know they think the worst of it probably just the paparazzi which. For me honestly I and so he I want to feel like you don't Easter at 10:30 eastern it to the point where I'd like I know you've. Like I almost like go when they're not there my Atlanta Friday and yeah I got it did feel like he's to fat and but the tabloid thing is weird and I have to say like just I have been so lucky because I can grow up during that time where. You know it was so much more mysterious like the people that you lucky you know anything about that means he had no access to them that. Now like it's also live in a trial where he can have direct like relationships with people like. I can read stuff what people are thinking and I can talk to people at a weigh in. I can write songs played out in real time like when I'm going to the problem like. So I don't I love to deal to have that experience of a living in both times than the typical magical time actually to be older connected people and you know I don't think it I've ever really been super affected by what people say about me because I think I live in reality which is the people that I love the people that are in my life. Those are the real people I know everybody else is just it's just can't I don't know how good they are like they're not in my life still. I think your karma is really good because even when the tabloids splashy new all over the place. It's so isn't this really positive way. It's always like can cope looks. He. Pretty positive tablet covering the right. I have to say because it's so funny like. Even like but it is what's crazy is that like I have gambling now Philip bases seventies that's kind of hard I think that's the hardest part is trying to protect the kids from all that putts. Again like they that paparazzi attack from the moment they horrible and yet they were born and in my content so they kind of are used to it to end. You know we just talk about what's real it's not really I don't. Also before we let ego real quick let's talk about the voice tell me your favorite. Thing about sitting in that chair and watching those people go for their dream. You know I think my favorite thing about being in the chair believes it is her and how inspiring it is to be around all that music can. And perhaps some kind of impact on people like. You know in the past like my whole life before I had children at all about me and my. Created being created and I am like this extended like actual guys who literally went in and then and then went on a putt there like it never ended I never I have to ask. Every game with the weekend for me for years you know like the weekly chosen not to we can't hear I was just so lucky to have that life in the I feel like being a position where you know it's almost like a mothering position where you're like what Alan looked back and do that I didn't let me see if I can help humans and then watch. Whatever you say you like have an impact or actually what these people grow and get somewhere. That is really cool. It's just like it would be against you know to have that opportunity. To seize someone with real talent several potential and to be able to kind of give them. That cut the advice in the short cut in the support that that you mess but that you've learned from experience. Yes and it's golf for just such quote show 'cause it's. Like I don't know I don't remember anything. That was so likable reachable you know you mean like we get like Star Search or whatever it was just. Everything was so distant and that would never happened Q are you can't even get on that show that they don't like people aren't and they actually. Overnight eight get to have like a followers than I can handle it then and they get to learn so much you know really short period timing. That's just trade because like if you look at liked. I look back at how I did and we had months and months and months to lake readers ever show it or not figure out we're aware of like where and a culture and all the stuff. They're dealing in my. Exactly that's really Turbo. I'm going to mean and just also the pressure like even now for me to get up and elect TV and seeing is it's so much. Certainly an open honest after Russia like. It never gets like I'm scary for me and and they're doing it all they want every game and it's only for themselves they're just it's just super inspiring to be around their energy in. I just feel like it just came to me that time in my life with just perfect and and shot like a surprise like I was planning to do anything like that ever in my life and I just feel really blessed I got to have that experience. I would have probably written this record if it wasn't that because. I think just being around the other coaches and analyzing music and listening music so many songs and everybody's different interpretations helped me with my writing as well you know we'll. Well we're gonna keep watch on the voice and hugely stand aside for the whole CD to come out the new single is he still loves you and Winston funny if the national fires break and you haven't really baby. You know it's going to be very stylish OK okay. So it's pretty fast upside there's Wentz of fall and eat you share every week and the boys any song is you still love you thanks so much for really. Top U. Health insurance can be so confusing. And so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Kennel envisioned surgery X series of accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do. 84 quarter to shoot 995378. Back to the body shirt contests thanks for listening. I say I'm sorry got off so. And since he's chief. They never really think you are the chief it's never good I guess it's never good faith. Eight chief it's like you not the chief. Your weight down in the the other holes of the ball you're the opposite of anything completed she it's all know that. That way yet and I always think about that the other day in things that and usually some guy from the northeast. You don't hear people in Wyoming. Do we met you know I mean they're they're too polite they're there they're too nice it's usually somebody from the northeast. That does that like. HTT go to learn how to drive that. Yeah yeah. Or he buck go let's move along. You'll you wouldn't hear that coming out of Southern California he bako you know. There're so many of them tube some of the more more creative than than others like. Excuse me (%expletive) aren't. Would you mind getting that done is as soon as possible. George Lopez remember I think was crucial purpose was in his grandmother. Wasn't the committee is grim and he's the leader. Now it's Carlos and Carlos Simmons CF Carlos mansi about it and he had his job and he was made the team leader Saddam and so every Timmy good deceased grandmother trichet would say it. Eighteen leaders have cut off. It's what what is what are some mother wants. My father would say you. For Paul or Rick she would be over my house my father would say yeah what are you two geniuses. Who can progress on the ticket. My father called everyone butch. The paper boy it was butch had other kids in the neighborhood were butch to guide it lived next door was butch my mom's friend Whitney was butch. Boy that turned out to be pressure he always that I guess she was offended. Bono can and who my kid my kid has to. Player on his team and then called the captain and so I thought we're new to the teen site that they can't cap and kiss he was like in charge of the team didn't and then after I found out. No he's not that because of peace been charged with team. He goes to ceiling camp in the summer he knows how to sail uh huh so he's big cats is captain so they all just really look away. I think there's no arm insult like the insult delivered by a guy from anywhere in the northeast yeah. There's estimate there it's that accent it's the inflection and there's just Tony's got through the window but I'll do it in the car and I'll go. Don't cheat it's a skinny right now and if but in the I don't know what can anybody but I it to myself disorder really I'm stressed. Went the last time I was up north was from my god daughter's wedding and my little one and carry me it was just why died at certain number of people just flipping you off out the window of the mar. And you would you think well what Reid doing to get flipped off so much in the answers I was awakened behind the wheel that's her that's just like at lake I'd tribal greeting enamored of the world you know you should turn signal to merge somebody which often and so joking I said to her you know what would really shocked to see your little fat baby handcuffed in the back window with a mom dad. Not. And our no oh no. You know it's one thing to call somebody a knucklehead that that has no creativity whatsoever it's the will chosen. New chief. And it's it's not just the word. It's how you say how they say achieved complete contempt. Passionate passionate and automobile. Demand what did you try to get it with the programming error as if regrets any greater will grow chief. Yeah it's -- Tampa it is there's that is exactly the right word contempt even divorce and and if you're really good that it you require no volume were profanity I think amateurs. I think and pitchers have to shout there'll yards. No it has the lies their almost dead I think a master is dead pan in a normal speaking voice no bad language. Mostly do you think it's mostly men. That that do that sort of thing. Or do you think women do two of. Women have a different a different version of it when scare me more than public aggressive on women in in situations like that are scary to me than aggressive man. 'cause I never know when one of those pieces can get out of that car coming after what we've. Got a really intense true. I can be nervous and scared me sometimes. But tech is back to when I first moved east from Wyoming and I had this really stick Wyoming accent which you just heard recently and it is very thick and very distinctive. And on this girl Lori marker who my dad would have addressed as they Boortz and on did not like the way I talked she said I talked like a moron because of my accent. And she said own. I offer you out which should even mean well it meant that we're gonna meet behind the bleachers at me Gary B softball field so that she could beat the snot county I. Are you out yet is should you meet. You can kick me. No ma'am no I'm pretty sure I can not take you. I was terrified she terrorized me I offer you you add that was the well I don't have these other kids united I was unfamiliar with the slang all. This year lord remark are up for you out the fifth at the ice don't play with Barbie is what our honking and yes so I'm too busy day. Advice see a man yelling and gesturing in traffic my reaction is of calmed down she's fun night you're sure he's. I see a woman doing that unlock your doors. Jeffrey Citron defensive let things. You can airfield which she could drive right at you don't look from there yeah. Bob it's your mom and she. Twitter Smartphone upset about. Sherri dot com yeah probably she Garrity to have your mind blown OK you're ready hold on to show I heard that before teach you don't know I just learned this. Because of all the. Shark sightings of shark attacks that have been. In the news for the past several months I've been sort of obsessively following short stories that I come across in the media written and I just learned something that blows my mind. Shark's teeth then. Are naturally covered in floor right. Really yeah. Yeah this is not good coolest thing even. Sharks could brush your teeth they totally don't need to now partly because they don't have hands and also we're toothbrushes but outspoken about this. Shark teeth there covered in fluoride and mayor cab to be resistant. And and because and there are reasons so there were set to happen worrisome where does that come from. I don't know. And sharks replace their teeth throughout their lives so for shark bites into like a blow like it did in dollars rent. And it loses some teeth new teeple command but it doesn't even matter is they're cheap they're naturally Florida needed. There an amazing creature or they are. There electric creature that is evolved into a super creature when you think about it. The way they're designed how they move and now this I've learned something else about sharks when they may not have Weaver talked about shark meeting O'Meara think we have. Pressure countries they tell the right thing about most her mom her male and female sharks have the wind very very very need different. Between them and it's all due to the way that. May apparently. Male sharks. Are chassis and aggressive when it comes to meeting. A day or waiters. And so female sharks have involved to have much thicker skin than male sharks. To withstand all the news going and waiting. I mean literally they. Liquid surely some light on under me dad they. Play each other while there are other main email mostly to males making a female human said the same thing from hanging around bars and you take you have to have very good in game yeah. And so Cristina have they have live plus they have shark pups and their different. You know they don't play extreme. He had the male sharks just played well. The thing about sharks this year that's really really funny. Is that it's like they had a convention. This NRA you have gone every once in awhile one of us would go out. But we're not we're not as scary as we used to be it. So here's are gonna do. Bill you take your group Unita Myrtle Beach right. Tom all the way around the floor and up to California and he said. We're going to attack on the same summer it's. Just didn't want to I know that's why have been a little bit obsessed. With the whole search thing I love swimming in the ocean or haven't they didn't dean soon. Since last year have been terminated. But I don't know that I would want to necessarily go swimming. In the water even though I know don't tell me Kevin's are you told me the odds are turning gazillion to one. But I don't care about that either you can you can and one of the and I'm not making light of this but there was a very serious shark attack right about. A little while ago. And so you know somebody was very severely hurt very severely hurt. And nude pictures of the veep person on the beach and was dispersant and make it an all. The next day I put on the TV I think was Discovery Channel there was shark week of course yeah and they had as part of the promotion. Two sharks talking to each other going. I can't wait to get me human this year and they're talking about each he's human system you always stood. Asked Sarah you attack while the Discovery Channel makes that's not months ahead of time I think you can pull it. I have still you're still running is I have to tell you one less fun the kids if your kid listening to this that your all of this going to be the best thing you hear all day today. Did you know there's something called a cookie cutter shark had giver of a cookie cutter shark now here's what they called a cookie cutter shark. When it takes bites out of other sharks including great white sharks with her way way way bigger than cookie cutter sharks. It leaves ice cream scoop shaped lights in the dance. And ended the cookie cutter shark likes to bite holes and cables. And things that are used in submarines by US navy. Here's how common cookie cutter white sharks are in navy submarines. The navy had to switched. Two of fiberglass. Cookie cutter plate proof coating. On their cables and vehicles and underwater soft because the cookie cutter sharks were caught. And complaining of some cookie cutter sharks are like that joke. Ratio of sharks are it sees this giant shark and goes. Out so. Big people like that yeah. And it has I've never heard of those charges. Kind of a silly game yeah and yeah he covers I had. You kind of good. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. I did. Sorry just. I was around hot catalog dot com and yours there's certain things and I can't not click on one of them is. The seventh easiest slow cooker recipes you can never try didn't. And the other is whatever whatever whatever based on your zodiac sign I'm fascinated by that or how about okay. The way that every zodiac sign ruins their life without even trying to. Insulate here not only. Our eight. Aries there road and out you know. Ares this is actually really interesting new especially if you on. If you've known as we go through these this is your signer or not you may have known someone you know is like this Ares. Ruin your life with negativity. And allowing yourself to get Lawson negativity you have a short temper and stubborn nature. And you you limit the negative world that people don't wanna be apart on now that's bad news acts. Really yeah. Tourists. I'm glad you whispered into pit that we that he came here perhaps hacks. But of course it's one I was conceived you know drew the two X the April we always think it's the other 1 PM in this. And he men's chorus. You brewing your lives are not limited to its fullest because you feel the need to control everyone and everything when things don't go the way you plan you take it on the people you care about. You can't control key. Both situations are gonna run smoothly unplanned situations keep life exciting in gem night. You ruin your life by settling some old love concerns sure of what you want you settle in light because you're afraid of change. And you selling your career did you sticking with something that isn't making you happy just is safe. This next one this cancer and it's tied and I think it's true are you ready time. You ruin your life because zero is putting others to free yourself loan. That term. You know links you might not think that's the ambassador advice but that is the ambassador of Einstein. There Leo. This is my daughter you ruin your legs are spending all of money's money and constantly having her drive oh no wait I misread that a confidence. Leo you ruin your life by closing yourself off and hiding your emotions because you think vulnerability is a sign of weak. Yes men and now we arrive at Virgo be ready. Virgo. You ruin your life by being too hard on yourself he put others before yourself if you don't make yourself a priority. Your ability to look mothers are loved and deeply does not reflect the relationship you have with yourself because you don't give yourself at La. He criticized who you are you porno or your slice you are your own worst enemy Virgo. I'm kind of like that a little bit but then I'm I'm on the other side to gamma slayer he myself I love myself. Near an enigma. Lieber. You ruin your life by trying way too hard to appease others and not asking for what you want and what you need. Scorpio. Max are you ready deep breath. Now scorpio. You ruin your life thinking you don't deserve love really you'd be better off alone. Not war. Maxim plumber. Secretary yes. Humor when your life being afraid so afraid of failing that you know to anything at all you stay frozen in the same spot. And now Capra corn. That's me. You ruin your life thinking you're competing and others to get somewhere you ruin your life by putting pressure on yourself. Instead of enjoying the journey you're unbelievably hard on yourself and your too focused. You're the person is always on the go and doing something you need to forget to slow down. Life's a little bit. Wow how'd dead on true is that. Is there any way we keep gets the person who wrote these to be in the studio to Sutley to beat them it's true though link these surge troop there's there's truths and all that. Ice sees. You ruin your life by letting your past influenced your future too much you're not going to forgiving yourself for your past mistakes are carrying candidates. No that was aquarius I'm sorry pipe she says you ruin your life. I choosing the wrong people and each is toxic people and each is toxic habits he mean well you have the best hard out Amare zodiac signs. But you gravitate toward the wrong people and they do in your life and any screen you. Any of those could apply to any of the zodiac signs I'm just sing. Don't think so are I think they came up with a bunch of folk problems that. Have been identified by psychiatrists. And psychologists. And they just detach the zodiac sign but a B minus should be a lot of people you know. From time to time struggle with the everything you've talked about a bunch of these didn't apply to me and although I'm brought there are some. That's not me there there are some people who are put themselves first. Yes and not other people even their own children yeah. But that's not the answer either the answer isn't to put other people first always heard put yourself first always. It's still like to have boundaries I don't know Allen say balance that's truth. That's exactly right Sony's own it always gives you the Willies so we knew when you look at some bent like your horoscope. And it sound old head on and you go yeah. I can't leave because it's. Like the whole tour whatever. But sometimes. You just get nailed by your first of the what's your I am one the other daily captain what they're putting in there are yeah human truths. It's a once in awhile it's. Going to be you right. Although peppercorns. I'm the only one here does that really applied to. Consistently it really gets. You can ruin your life for putting pressure on yourself to focus you're always on the go news. I'm guessing your father was Seri doctor. Bob and I don't have to date anymore now that were married and we went to date each other real deep period resources thank you won't huh. Were you most remember you can and then when I want to. It Davey is successful I was terrible at dating all my guy is so terrible I'm so awkward. In situations like that. And and it if you're trying so hard to make a good impression you're not really being yourself fresh so fate can force to difficult and achy. I'm so I'm glad that you and I are out of the dating arena and I wish I could've been agreed Dieter to have drive me till I just so I just I think about it and I thought. Poised I am I just needed more confidence you know maybe it's because I'm not it's all. I'll have like a perfect face. I'm kind of quirky. All self centered. Thin if I could have a little more here in my head. I didn't go as far did you want me to interrupt your tell people I was hope. You couldn't draw a throw a manner rafts weird do something here jeez. Poor me let me know. Where Robert rice you know it's. I was almost running out of things that are picky about me and you're a takes awhile. Strange how this rumor. This thing online about things you should do to trapped in order to have a successful daytime and a three with a lighted be elected here is something clicked the first one is. Make sure your socially lubricate it so loosen up for your date I have to put up 20 before. Oh I'll see what I need right. What a terrible idea how are you doing. IE do and I missed feud thanks go out with a million hides in. Did Jerry is. An excellent I believe everybody needs to be told dense. I'm sure you shall or be for a date you'll feel better about your stuff I did Joanna arrows smells treasures they should go and how you doing. It yourself up here's another strategy to be better Gator it yourself out by listening to music. To get ready for the date. Listen to the right kind of music so I don't I don't cue up the Bridget. Did you own soundtrack should listen to all by myself why are all in your mascara well I can't imagine how Doi and can't will yourself and myself up music sincerely a music music coming confident. Yes. Okay. The right of developer can step up. If I'm down. MM and then. And I'm home mixture of the you're prepared with all of your deep essentials. Go ahead and make sure you have some gone. That's chapstick. And you know you're charged up phone in case she need to get to bring get out of there. Any kind of protection and just in case things get sloppy and fast be ready because that'll help with your concept. And so you drew or her burns your sloppy address later. Now this next one that's they should successful dieters will do some brief cardiovascular. Exercise. But you're gonna want to skip that shower or Andy card you as big raise or yard field first since Howard Reich because these are gonna show up registration sweat you know out of breath that you and it's armor and pledged reported that out does anybody who needs these tips is so stupid that I might tell the other well so which you'll on this. Now this this swine this is very Tony fifteenth. Do a quick but thorough background check. No rule who you're going out west. Once upon a time that was really tricky to do but now you've guide. All kinds of social media sites that this person may or may not beyond and do it again or you shower because that way maybe you don't have to show our big competitors and are going out with them. The quick and thorough background check and that was something when I was stating a bit. I never had to do with. Well actually what I was dating Mary I could've done a background check on her. It's it's a new thing known and in some ways it's better because you're you never have to wonder if you're at the Applebee's with a serial killer certain. But on the other hand people are background checking used to. And with all of us peaking all of our lives up on the Facebook and instead Graham itself. And I think a lot of women nation I think for women it's more important I don't think I would do with a background check and some news. And then this last one this mixture of the got your money right as you don't wanna get humiliated. Owned by having your credit and debit card referring to what happened this TV commercials where the guys out to dinner with a woman. And his credit markets to fly in mind and he picks up his phone and in his left without her looking. Rapidly transfers money. If that's how do you. Wi-Fi in the restaurant goes down you don't forget your pin number and you'd end up having your. Each to see. C dish and the bottom insurance podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Elusive company yeah. Eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words. It doesn't vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazing yeah. Re not you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Opera sandals. Call 88891. She's 5015968889125159. Back for the podcasts. Our previous Bobby Seri doctor are you talking about what happened win this and let somebody. Looking after. Live. Tracy. Hi I think you're right you were doing the house sitting. I eleven I was dealing with children including Abu Al. Well it was over could not break him as the couple that I was sitting forward actually friends are inundated tribal candidates traveling. OK let me stay with Eric twelve year old and think you're old and I hate it was a very cold tried and they hit Tony can appreciate the fireplace and I have always been great for umpire places like the handle it but they had tell me. Today they asked me that they had. Had a fire and I was born and make sure cleaned out the lenders are. And I was I let pat make that just you know put them. Take care of so I can tell but I couldn't paper bag and put a number up against the law and we went Saturday cat. I don't have bad feelings. You know but and I looked at each other we are not a big fire builders were not really good at bat had hit it. But we did the grass that scissors paper and more sympathetic. Then I'll know she. Yeah and I. Didn't realize that somewhere and there were more and blunders stroke. And there are a lot of a lot of can do quite awhile before I noticed at the bottom of the war I'll look it ink. Theory black and there are eight really bad now. Yeah I'm so I feel bad out and so I'm in the bag share and that's not calling a little while you know Bernie. I'm glad of course now it has no small greens kind of cowering on it. Let me give everyone a heads up peers safety wise and put no on my safety had. Whenever you field the walls of your house will be very warm or hot tea the. Yeah. Well I figured that Q&A man bag and the bottom fell out and occur or art. I'd like an agreement that everything helping pretty cool at that point I'd rather got to clean it up so. I grabbed a vacuum cleaner. Give clean up in the action. And when you turned the suction on them. We can't we can't umpire yeah that oxygen Jane which flyers this work yeah up. OK so I you know it but that was still somewhat empty packed and I needed to get it outside so little. How about you Tracy hit the wall is black the Wallace hot there's carpet on fire at the the vacuum cleaners on far you're still going to you know. It's not a problem yet. I ever. Credible NB data about you you should manage the Bobby Jerry show there are no nothing oh. Yeah. And claims for year here's the katyushas. Where before you go out before you go on have you ever. Seen or heard of a vacuum cleaner that's on fire. If if I turn my vacuum cleaner on and it burst into flames. I noticed my first reaction is Tacoma mall mind because my first reaction is to Percy Samuel L. Jackson. I'm gonna call 91 line. Or you could take it as a message from god that he didn't warn you know I had god doesn't want me to do hustler you have made so what's happening claiming that you're outside. So I grabbed that little back when bad in the vacuum like that bad that women can't appear that just caught you know so I open a vacuum very quickly. Dirty little girl that I would. She was staying calm didn't she grabbed it and I said get out by. You know the. So how old whistle while she was twelve the little girl. There aren't cute drop. You're you're in charge of her and you had to take a flaming bag Jerry. Upright and Eric who are monitoring a smoldering bag outside okay continued Tracy. Very windy day. And I look outside. And she broke back obviously because you know entire back has burst into flames cameras. Earnings back to art it was very dry and the graphic content type. At the time I did you babe in a row very quickly I called my dad and as bad. Get up there trying to come I'm I'm sure what I had. And then I probably am honored. Ahead. Yeah you are so incredibly outside and in fact that twelve year old girl is now my children. Got about a but. They didn't they didn't fire me I'm safe ticket where do you think I'm good where not panic loans. They weren't well you know we've been kind of want to replace speaker handling it and then Lamy made a carpet. Thanks for birdie and how I stood up and I look view I'd look view as a listener quick you are the worst house sitter I have ever heard a few of complementary see you are not someone who this misuse the 911 system. For sure didn't. Let's see how it's designed to fire which shouldn't ten. Well you can't have good advice and keep them that might help. I you know now knowing everything that kind of wonder about the inevitability about but I never did you know and that kick it good I'm tired. Yeah okay that's another plus you and your co. The sun fire or should I do what have the following week. Finally when I think it ads they have don't really really important gay and I play a good that they could and other guy credit. They had. Put him where we're out of time what happened to the post I don't ever remember Ernest and I needed the we look you Tracy pitched a hundred shares. Good woody should get an award for elect the stars were getting the Oscars last night would. Well. In every grade I won the award for most improved in my choir actually. Oh nice. I guess it doesn't matter how the greens are one point you kinda sucked. Exactly exactly celebrated comparable bad award by the fighting for you to actually get it would be my friend we already get. I actually regularly about the group who are you you pray you really weren't you had the most true it probably not how proud your cooler. No you didn't hear rare. OK so if you're reading the choir booting seventh green and one note did you grow up Jim what do you do leave these. Congressional career. Like naked Martin or how wherever I go yeah OK yeah. But yeah we are all manner Eric they are triggered all very director. Yeah yeah are you not this pay her. Our oh yeah almost made it our use are you sober when you when you go to pay your house you sort of say yes. Give our primary so we're very brilliant red live editor troubles I don't. I don't know what. Yeah well I can take it for little tour or else I owned about ten years ago and show you. Remember a few years ago when a home. This was many years ago when I'm when I bought. Who's the house that we just sold you out I said to the hangers. We're gonna replace this carpet eventually so it's okay if you know whatever happens in Brazil bought this house is was tear down and we body to fix it up right. Yeah and so did Peter's. Took beyond shutters off though. The windows lead them on the white carpet which I had seen better days but I I wasn't gonna replace him immediately. And they spray painted the shudders dark brown while they were laying on the white carpet. So when I when I went over to the house after work that day just to say hello to check on things. There at the shutters were hanging back up but there were browns shutter and a white paint and the PT was in the air were so sick I was catching a buys. And I and I pointed to the carpet and all the Peters left instead spent half. Yeah. Just I can't be just like the black Pearl Harbor where an American Laura her yeah yeah. Here eat and the I want you are you working today. Yes sir lightly you leave some of the windows opens during the allow oil on the world order and nobody. Order a you'd take the fixtures off the wall around the switches in the light yellow yes oh yes I I know how your. You're a liar you're a liar I don't know our American bird logo are being most improved and you reliever in the like. Hundred no matter where you're remote area. There. You bring devoting to get most improved to inquire why rigged the voting to be class president. Well one of the earliest. I do Bob Murray was a couple of my friend well like Ellen do it how we wherever we you know I read your body and about reforming. Or here's why can't do that for class president there are a lot of people who like to be the class president. So what are you know a lot of people are most improved you can probably didn't know or do some windy. Eddie Barrett our our territory very people water call up the name entertaining company which is some business that a current. Trading. Scratch she's paying me I know Kyra. Spell that forest is it sounds like I'll watch lists or strategy with the hills and how many does this. Big carry Ari had. Check out hard and he would go or. Do you want to open up and well you know it's appears every door and it's OK okay RE PER. Are preparing crab. Worst game through any company I've ever heard. In my motto our great grab must agree would you. To go out of your audit and tees meaning anybody remember that brilliant Hannity and you're right. Tees and one stop stop I love the man don't. Windows shot don't do I go hello oh my mother and older functional afterwards yeah you TD exterior shifts today yet it's. I ordered him. Get up stand going to. I'll always got a regular all right candy jobless not legally do are forever we're still. Knowing Andy's defensive isn't it is it toughening crept Sears. You can see why couldn't spell it notes the man's name and yeah sure yeah. Hey maybe we didn't get into the open. As you are I would. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listen to the Bob and Jerry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcasts it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bob and Sherri. Seri doctor on. National health on the fourth day today. Let's bring on Kenny Kenny Kenny how are you this morning. Sure. You're that's my middle name Kenneth Kenny. I'm dorm room. No listen that's my middle name on the suit your eye candy Albany yet what's your middle name Kenny. I am candidate Steve tenants are you dignified I'd be kind of cool Kenny Kenny. I'm candy candy and a hey that's when your dad missed meant to do one more boy born the FFF. I started also named carried but then we we change soon middle name. Just so so. That's doubled my father did my father naked my father's name was Robert Kenneth. So I was Robert Kennedy junior and my brother came along and he was Kenneth Robert. I've never heard of anyone doing that before my whole life can. What are you have right it's have fun at work day today and what do you do it right yeah he did. All you can tell executives used to walk out through that I am you know down on the island south that this manufactured plays try to work. I'm going to have material ready to put any on him you know like peace toilet paper's Sunday night that. And we just he left he carried over and they would know what was going on you know. I love the eye candy. So you would put toilet paper on their backers something with Canada would stay or jacket. Yeah like you're the last one they yelled through so the other one couldn't see you know. Yeah see we could never get away fat 'cause our management team their heads are up there and they detail com. Yet not only that we have to bring our own toilet paper that we did yeah daughter and jealous you. We have one guy in June that. He couldn't go to restaurant try to make and they didn't have nobody to break he and so he wasn't an option and handed it to a guy. Shot of Puget deny you. I'd just her I have to speak to my social worker had on and say America. When are fine hard working citizens are defecated in boxes. Corporate America gone too far you solution list. What we are well slow work out carrier it's like not. Bucks yeah actually I hate you we're and then you act are. Spain guy that. They did this to reaching the primary you're later. Humble but that sounds right back trying to dedication you've got to make this guy that is in some capacity leader. That's a guy that does ask you to do anything you wouldn't do and show we won't know what does it yard. In a box. That. It comes open and I. There are they're our workplaces where when they were looking to promote somebody they would say. Well I think we need to really look at Jim. Now as you know rather than stop the line. In a box Ryan got right back to it and that kind of dedication you're born with that you kip Todd. Welcome. Your employees of gloom of the year awards banquet. You know about. These little funny look in a. Show us some early seventies to then do even more down you know they got new walkway there wouldn't let them read your pain. Kara called and stuff you know them. And they credit the anger that no. Yeah you can't do that the women just don't put a bad anymore. But back then there are just nicer Jim smile on lap in turn you on you know and well those odds look a bit product that you are manufactured. Up archer or I'm. Refer. I remotely are you like god didn't. Yes they really don't want you to ever stop in time none got to keep you gotta well. That's peace work you know hundred best you don't hear any. Kenny I just have to I have to ask observant. Is there any scenario not. For you know. Nine. Even even two for Tuesday nobody got Super Tuesday which you can open records and. What I don't know I've done a lot for the show. I have. Although I I used to do. I swear to god I used to do a shift at an amusement park. For six hours on myself on Sunday afternoons. And people committed stared me was I was playing records there's nothing you do between the records are just starting out as these are. And there's no bathroom. And so I would put on Michael Long cut people would say. He's got no peace doing something what's this and I and I would make eye contact I go out I'd have to lock the studio door I casually walk out of the studio. And and I would run like hell like an eighth of a mile hit the men's room right. I mean it's and if there were no you're annals available I'd throw some kid out of the way. And then run right back before the song ran out that's close to in the box at. That guy act I won't sit he takes it all he's about all the way yeah that's management materials rank and rate greed employer employee of the U. Denny thanks a luck god bless you for listening my friends. All right what do what's right here. This is WiMax and tied you never went and played here it's the promotions team downstairs it was good to go with a box. That's right it's great. Don't have that kind of dedication. And all you consulted him now. Either the batteries go big or go in the box and. I've looked another room and a lot of nobody said a man came to another you. You know what that makes me wonder this the first we heard a bit but I pay. What is your adult can't stop the life my business. What there's there's there's video tougher person calls. It's gonna get it's gonna be hard promoted. And thought the story go on glance fact Lance says it's really need to let you know. That you can't name dirty DL Smart idea and want her heart was a great place blind man says allow my nerd to show first sack him. Sparta is a demon in the video game devil may come Friday. Oh yeah I forgot I. Sorrow that I forgot my memories go and always hey. Just no way I would use the name's Lance. That's a good note I would be Lance DL before I was it has helped to get the latest video of unity got something going there. Lansing anything Lance the wizard lit up in drag in my head of strangers I had a friend when I was in high school you disguise things look cool guys play guitar. Links injury. You Don is that how cool names you from the men did it and driving your birth certificate you have windy yet. That's exactly right Josh so welcome to chat. Herman happy Valentine's Day what is it you think your wife loves more than she loves you. Creator are what was it what was it. She loves coffee more than you hate you know what Josh Italian her defense coffee always smells good and coffee never let you down. Wells to match or not our that's what straight kind of reflect a little bit of an inadequate big complex. With me. Did you not feel like I'm only a complete loser who smells putrid. And do you feel this way you can cut coffee Josh. Yeah I know I'm triangle chart but how much does she drink to much your jury do do oh my gosh he's. You know I can't even turn to pierced you know she work there and Sergio Starbucks there are fairly reflect her fare collector cost if fair I don't even can't even know how much time she's into. She's given her time and Hermione in her passion and enthusiasm. To Starbucks or Syria so I'm amber say at Lincoln sheet. Is she mean do you on it but she knocked you down to get to toy. No no I liked very loving. So she absolutely asked me to move out of the way. It. It just a few do you worry sometimes that if he came to her choice that she would she sit over you. Let's turn out. Our shot someone needs a powerful conjuring spells from dirty do my health care about this accelerant. Josh come on standup are beyond me and here. Talked to her look her right in the guy who may feel like a tall but it's time to act did event teach your job to her like Richard. Bentley right here. Yeah it hurt pretty. With an extra shot demilitarized. Hey Josh what did you do this for her birthday gift for Valentine's Day next year once you become a real stuff. And then all you'll LA and sell or possesses a battery stuff you have treated her door with a Compton one hand and the only thing you're weird isn't greedy bring and the humble smile boom next. Oh excellent low or are you happy. Got half of those TM machine and stayed her. Welcome to Josh books can grind you beans. I feel like my dad. Yeah and then get what your friends whose writings some kind of a screenplay that'll never get published dissent over in the water look at his computer. Use your life like for. Worried to death yeah and they get to salesman guys that you know and have them talk to loud to each other but a deal they wanna close doubled and after. The act and I am honest person challenge system berg big. You're not convicted green apron hell yeah. Red beard put in the sound hard to believe that last time we were together. In bed. The coffee maker went off. And she left immediately. No no no you can't win big boy hello. Heart shall bear. Very harsh. I ignored that charge a lower. Josh I've got to visual Utica Nate banks. We're manly chest heartbeat peeking out and smiling your I think she's doing my dad that's right exactly. You've got to look at Josh. There are fifty Valentine's Day in two days. He got it but there are there appeared to our Josh are you've got to work hard keep your lady's attention did you. You never know when a cunning use why else is did you come on do this season. Break up higher barrier provide I don't know. Are you also don't know what's your also need. What sort Blackstone will help I think that's a very better than the other. Need. Shroud his backup box phases now. I don't understand the. And there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. A really expensive proposition. Especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox stock small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to. Bobby cherry podcast. It's doing its rating on the studio I love this man so much I couldn't believe that I was gonna actually have them in the room with me. Comedian Craig Robinson you know from hot tub time machine of Pineapple Express and would forget it we ask Darrell in the offense. If you are men sexier perceived my brother was. The cool stuff yeah. I'd say he's like us have even hear you up so tell us something have you been here on the rude. Yes I've been doing a lot of rural work in my auctioning. So those tests. Few weeks I was. Good looking into Brooklyn and Truman so mister robot and then then went to two Orlando in the number two Brooklyn them over to. Rallying them into Brooklyn and those in Chicago fulfilling personal. An amber actually amount here and you're from Chicago yeah. I was just reading you're in second city in my my daughter lives there now we want to see second city that for me the first time a couple of years ago so great it's so great you know. I like everything it was still kind of cool in the room. Probably just keep doing like theater. You distended Jessica. She's an interesting career may I was looking at your bio yesterday and I didn't realize your that's your dad was a big lawyer kind of linked. Straight up sort of personal mom was more Bernard restraint more of Susan music teacher and musician. So what's your dad was he rooting for you to follow him into the halls of corporate America he. He you know they'll. Kinda bloom. On America one of them a moment you know because I thought music from the well after graduation. Incident in Lemond path. And when did you when did you know like how over you when you thought he know what this comedy thing I like making people laugh when did you know I was in college. And people who come back to me in this and almost China. China saying you know say would you say another day or two they were trying to repeat big switch on and rely as a bit of time. But the return repeat things to me you know violence in the mid. And had a reputation and oh don't you wanna get into. Honorable guy that I would pray she attic yet only one. So mom in the into struggling what really turned the corner from you were coming. I'm. Was always so communal I don't know how. Why would I some of those like superheroes to some of them like they weren't real something and empowered that they will do overloading it's just like amazing. And then. So we're of those likely. But talent shall have a you know and the but the bowling really senate. And some college in the two guys I know when I performed. Comedy in just below minus Somalia's new could do that yeah yeah who wouldn't I was like what. Oh and this is so and from then on ovals. Well ticks on it's it's a certain amount of courage is mirror effect takes a lot of courage to get up there and do that was that intimidating when. Your first went on stage and you remember the first thing you did on states. We are one of the first things moves. Passage Jesus has we black who's known. Into our program this week fuel efficient brilliant season. Excludes with each. But. But I don't you sure you're very similar in their armor and not only read these. Colts on top love like really cold and didn't allow information. Most of those unsold. Short. As succinct but. Unquote was. Do we in spite of your fear. The laugh and you know and it always sort of like there's as big wall of fear is gonna walk through when you lose face. And now everybody can do that. I've always lived by fortune favors the brave. But sometimes in retrospect I look back and go how one braves so much as it was stupid like I was so much so brave what what does Joseph is actually pretty stupid. Looking back when you collect it is played its title song night you know and a you know. Let leg. Unmanned being naive is actually armor sometimes and ideally it'll get you to do something that doesn't normally you're right if you would reflect and you wouldn't do sick so how do you make the moves and Lotta comedians can make the move to act and how to that happens. Well for your arm. I guess I have some foresight as far as I know want to go down that path. Of course our souls. You develop in my acting for you know you know open mikes when every posting this American classes. And and Chicago soon as far as second city. In those trends and and in I also look please correct one place vote. A distance and I wasn't real good American teachers and then when negatively as the slavery Obama so it went. I have seen in my top notch like they were. Passionate and you know. Uga Uga you gotta fight forward you got to raise the stakes are tunnels and. You're on is so I was a fan of the office subs and the British version of the office on site twins there came off just came on in your Steve Carell and I thought. How can this lose is such a great premise. And you're character Darryl was originally a fire a fire under center right. You're you weren't meant to be like a permanent fixture of the cast. But you had so much charisma and your character spark so quickly the UN did that making you look promoting new right third of four season and. Is that how it happened. Exactly that way. I don't know how it happened. Yeah I was like how we get these messages from him I'm drawing of him to toughen up a little more true character. In the a year later they would do more you know or out some general relationship with a you know Kelly. You know we might lose like. I don't know I just love to go away from you keep my job now looks a lot. So I was gradually it was very gradual plan most of my stuff those great he knows so. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything. I'm so knowing your agent brought you hot the script for hot tub time machine did you just bang your fist on the table and say dammit I'm not doing this shakes your crafts or Saturday at. What was your reaction though hot tub time machine click one of the truly great time as she movies ever last. How allow. And enjoy up to script to Zito on the par where not much churches in these gentlemen tonight on your girl. And then there are certain details I'm Lynn you know it is story we and then. I'm not sure we've been accused circles on board you the number on the weekend was like all we got only in and I had known immune barely know round I don't know Clark. But you know I was kind of rough. Who's. So it was. I walked in here I'd read about hot tub time machine was and it was being shot. And I said to share in the air when they are says I don't know anything more about this movie than the title etc. and this is ahead. We're gonna be back and talk more with comedian and actor and former music teachers. Robinson Bob it's. FaceBook Twitter sort photo ops yeah Sherri dot com backlit actor and comedian Craig Robinson you can find two months later at MOR Craig Robinson syncing for instead Graham. And got a movie coming out this summer Morse from America let's hear about that. More so American hero who wish I shouted in Germany. It's about this kid Morris. I play his brother Curtis. And more so you know he's just doing you're thirteen you're black kid in Germany and he's in love with his girl Kara. You should be friends on the she also territories was his emotions she's a little older than him. German girl German girl and there's so he's got to do a median. Into it and do despite his mother's passed away. And you know is this as a drama just business real cools very. There's gonna love it here hip hop overtones to it. But I am. The director of chip argument would Sundance this year I'm very proud of him and actually our Dallas award from Sundance. On jury personals so it is not comedy in involved there's there's some coming as humorous but as he has a drone has not. So you're can do do I mean it like Bob said you've done something that a lot of armed. Actors and comics haven't been able to two and that speed. Working and all these different kind of formats and John Hurst and not being pigeon hole. Well and yet inside and in. You just have to do what you gotta do you know I'm number one. Opposing a dual office and then. They they say oh. They announce they are doomed to also come. And then certainly since some of commons we like to Cleveland beat good a small doses dissimilar to try to. I'm just you get helps lower yeah. When your musician she you're in a band with your brother the nasty delicious excellent band name were kinda so it is yeah yeah it is over now she can put one for girl group the dirty or arrives at the poker all girl hello crew and very dry and drive sputtered in the new riots that could open for the nasty delicious yeah absolutely. Yeah my manager how did your father. Who's this Schering mentioned turn in Chicago. Is he still wary about you don't have to play NB a hundred did you react when the you know when the offer schema. Oh he's he's very proud she's. Now let them tell that he was in a supporter from day wanna look at how. Armament so you know lately he's been that way when you tell me what time zone. So always so silly he's sick and you know so true to his chagrin he still. Signal people get paid to do this WP and also they also can get paid to do and in my mom might really. And so yeah. Any future as soon as I possibly vote so all hundred of soul you know are also many people here it's a Cecil dilemmas Connolly stuff. Where he was Germany you really don't play and even novels and Els wants to come because most seem always pitches Padilla. We make a living doing contests and I was like personal site oh he doesn't know who's talking and death. I. And how about your mom. Policies you know she's tickled to achieve mama will be at the grocery store. Giving something and then in the grocery line you chicken out or. You must send a screen pass it. I hope what do you do about those of you should go tell me like somebody brought looks at the grocery stores say good you know sort. Oh and by the girls girls restored Null. And on your son and she's. Talent everybody that's so cute issues a little and out of a picture from her where is here you know him yeah Sarah. So when you when the officers big do you much the offense and that would be her way into the details on this cents preferred payment. Well Craig is touring around the country we've got on the list of reckless things. Hey this is Gerri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcasts it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Find it at Bob Sherry judge John Kerry enjoying this right now marrying did you know you were basic. It I. I knew I had like we featured written on her every eight people I thought that the trial level. And I cat here you know you know there was no means were no not all I'm not a bad thing or bad thing but I it literally am playing my first ever grown up port input. But not that Kirk at Jackie O. I had a white in my act party last Thursday. Hello relax I hope what the hell is that outlined a wax party at your house I I pair of home like piano party our home wine party or are might be gathered to people why it. They whine and Cindy candles. That I took I thought they were relaxed. And I were only only if that I'm into a cult. Now I am literally waiting. Where could only and it order I had on the ice block bank. There are trapped yet after it got kids up at typical route into my every morning waves that are my age and how. I didn't know that pumpkin spice latte was the abbreviation was used PS so I thought it was only for NFL seats and now. No matter how. While you're here that you are trying to sell its failure at. Yeah like when you say when you say some guy rip me off from IP SL like hello that's my everyday stuff you don't you know we're getting dangerously close to doing here. The battle of the sex and we know what there. Erin. I just loved it last week you posted a one point 16 party that is deep most basic thing ever to do truly us. Let's do or. I know what it's like I know. I enjoyed by the keyboard Utley and my Bible Belt you're watching reported joke that I can know where my red wine and match. I'm young Democrats will record it and she might until we. Hope I. Very low black bow. Hey air at the wind and wax party did you did you have any music. We all know it or not god just uncharted trigger what kind of music do you play. They would they are on the Muslim burned through five down. Oh thank you Todd Todd wins best epic it's not totally you know your a lot of fun Darren thank you so much don't spill coffee now. Etiquette in February. I news. Committees I knew he thought would she said we had a wide of Blacksburg mom's eyes got real wide and he was like on all your updates now that the whole. I'm John Zimmerman would have a talk your cart event. I never came to just enjoy this right now 888 BO BS HC RI. It's confessions of a basic be good morning Jozy. We are all so much aware right now. Who aren't. Aren't so did this thick you. This definition is a selling Q. Unfortunately ended he had been in denial for quite some time. Let it all out I think you'll feel better. Well I'll start with this weekend. How I got the black and an ad in July. Orange and black on net but it. They say yeah and then last night I went to tear bar. And I guess I only thing that or not they think about me my love or be ironic color start at pet now eBay and it. But I've got at target that it. Well I don't know what I meant when you. When you bought it. I knew him and I can't really didn't think our basic Intel I'm I'm botnet a target. That target is where sorry. Up where are kind shops Susie and he's right it's ironic when just walked in to Starbucks in or yoga pants with her Doby basic shirt to get her PS cell I'm surprised that didn't ripped the times rich content of. I know I'm definitely paid sick that got a lot of work to see where you come down on Steny candles. Yeah I am really be like him but I can't really be this week that exists not be aiding them and that's not what they thought about me. How about little salad with dressing on the side. Yeah current I could happen that a that's right spot and guess what I. She did it but I never heard of salad with dressing on the side until I met my wife. And then I started noticing every time we went out it was like three major things that the server had to get right. I don't know that do not put dressing on myself do I look like an infant I'll just my own tablet thing you've earned just. Just the tourists and not a killer you have dressy I. Afford the dressing galleries get back of cinema PS children. Your doctor okay yeah complicated love. And now we've played the music of our people. I guess more advice Gerri don't go rademan. Everything you know you need somebody like your mosque. For your sister's fiancee and parents can then you really regretted the sister topless. He's 8260. And 7437. High clay. Clay. Clay or. Are there click. Here are one lady here my friend welcome. Our yet but he'll. A Mac. Are you ready I'm ready. I'm ready tore. Okay well I gave it our best friend's. Girlfriend. Rather. You dating your best as friends girlfriend's. Brother. Yes to that would below lake. Com. We put this in the Bob's line which are best friend's girlfriend. Debbie Lee Ki. I'm in America I don't find him attractive at all people bossy you know the subject go down clerk. Well doesn't like every time I didn't give me every time they got an argument. You know we would talk about it and then you are trying to get a little bit but it was never that big a pill. Big guys who lack a really huge argument enabled over something simple. We're. A cell phone password moon you know though. There are arguing and her girlfriend walk out my best result Brent but it caught let this appear content. He's his his three no no. My bet that if it is there's good. There are both our news Lucy. Yeah so if you walk out and we're like our our. I walked out after apparently you know below par Robert Brandon out mark or pen outside in oh look. What was not what was the password by the way what every else fight over a phone password what he was so they need it what they were yeah yeah what was the password. I don't remember everybody you know that's what it was one juror 3456. And that's what the Sweden. Like or look at four. It's it's yeah but anyway so we certain long or short. Are out there aren't we take after her. You can bet if you let big hand and then she caught her other because I was calling her at all like stop acting folks who create you know that it added. There was some more words explained that her brother called me I was that we were at the gas station near my best friend. And he caught you flat lying talking about record as well drama drama drama well. Should the hi I am so with you I am so with the brother and they keep going. Act act where we where are starving around our neighbor. And next thing you know it art com. And won't. Imply I'm like I'm proud of my mom cart and deploy it and he called them part of me in the hole where he may be called Cadillac. The stock incredibly cut me off blocks oh yeah. Well we're calling you know maybe 2530 mile an hour. It's not you start cursed me out. A black person opera or we're at the Patrick will be caught a Republican not that I'm like OK you need to gut prop all right now let what do you mean don't know or don't comedy bit. In who. Now. There are. After apple talk about it are my friend and her girlfriend who's you know be fighting could impact started fighting Al lab. Who needs who needs that drama play. Why no one how one pass per Arab opinion I fuel our I mean it. So we laughed Derek there are probably. All around the garlic I'm like okay. There's got to stop them all over and picked it out there. They started writing like this but I like going at it like this the park movies saying mean and well aren't there arguing I didn't do much and then. The brother came over and be and he started to pull me under carpets don't touch me. You know what we're not even. You haven't even gone edit that long we have not been like four or you could just shut up and you're back in the car when they're so it's not that there are brand backup Matt. So bit that the two women are our goal and added they're there they're fighting each other where their fists. Oh yeah. What little hair and everything has just bought that. Yes I got my little situation we'll be right because you what there's there's there's you know with that as he decided to do and I understand that you know. I had my best friend and. Sisters before messrs. clay I mean it's the Koji got on her right you get that respect you don't have time for all that you just don't have time for all the just strike me as somebody that needs that kind of business in your life you have other thing I. You know dom may make big racket sometimes I don't I really don't because I'm really. Accomplice then yeah I'd bet parent but I don't a lot of drama I liked everything BP fool you know respecting that popular a lot of and to our. If somebody when calories and impede a lot of how to get it down. Yet there's so many caller's MP clot I'd love them they're delicious but I feel guilty while drinking it do you have like a squirrel metabolism. Outweigh our current bet. Did you drink like our political water and lemon fruit that is Libya metabolism. Okay I'm gonna you know I'm chicken that is gospels. Yeah I forget like every morning I think that's so. What was that thing that was in the news somebody we've seen some sort of altercation between your apartment area isn't. It was so. I don't have time for this. It was so what we well the woman. Would hate nobody got time.