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Friday, February 17th

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show:

Hour 1:

Friday night is party night.
Britney ever after.
Good looks = success.
Morons in the news.

Hour 2:

Oscar has expanded.
LOL means murder.
Lamar reviews - Fist Fight.
You were surprised to see your teacher doing what?

Hour 3:

James caught Mr. Wilson working at the liquor store.
Stephanie caught her gym teacher at the nude beach.
Laura's middle school teacher showed up the Christmas party.
Kent caught his teachers saddled up the bar.

Hour 4:

Lamar reviews - Fist Fight.
Johnny Depp is paying big time.
Remember the hiding place.
George is on baby duty.


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Did each received a Shanda Bobby and Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Elusive company for eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. It wasn't a vacation because he is all inclusive sound amazing. Re not you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. And 65%. Off for sandals. Call 88891. She's 5159. It's 8889125159. Back for the podcast. Planning and preparation will help make your. It. Now there. Are keeping game. Now getting the party started from the palatial monastery studios yeah. Friday is always been much neighbors. Since I was a kid. Remember who wrote I was like thirteen. On Friday. We've all day my mother still take these. From our little tiny house full flying to the next how dynamic Connecticut. And I would meet up with a friend in my. And. And I manic. I guess has about 6000 people could had a small movie theater in a teeny tiny bowling Alley that was attached to the movie theater. And they didn't have big bowling balls they had what we're told duck pins. Which we're just amuse the bowling balls you know word fun. Very small gorilla out. Or a third of the size of a regular bowling ball. And they had six lanes. And about five blocks away there was a pizza slash grinder. A restaurant. And so my plea and woods. You know you never and new mom talked to a girl you never know you gotta look good. And I would put on my black she know he acts like toy collection no pants. And a white shirt which I thought looked really really good. And she would drop a soft and we were go to the grinder place first. Though we get this delicious. Italian grinder. And then we would walk over to the bowling Alley. And we would wait for a won the six lanes to open up remember the bowl. And after we bowled a couple of voted games we would head up to the movie theater. And we would pay the extra fifty cents for the cost. To sit upstairs in the balcony. Because upstairs in the balcony they had more comfortable cheers that rocked back and forth. And that was. Friday night and I just thought it was the greatest the only downside was. The movie theater in dynamic. Would play the same movie. For like a month. So whatever was. You had to watch it it was there was one screen who's like Adam Wyoming whatever towards fewer who win that not a month is an exaggeration there do and I'm pleased to Rick's very. At least two weeks. But it was still great men you're on the streets walking around on Friday night writing history. I have really got that the whole Freddie might think they think it's because. Had a job since I was fourteen. And I worked on Friday and Saturday nights does aren't yet. And I've worked for my father's restaurant spectrum but I remember once while interest. Well whenever a little while when I lived out west we lived so far away from town and we live so far away from anybody else is there. One night it was the same as any other eye on him in there was no way to get. He yelling tourism Fran Hadley Q drive me thirty miles each way in the bully know if you think that was gonna happen I can't even remember how we get picked up I guess it was my friend's parent somebody and somebody picked this up some seat and it was way too far to walk at night and I know that but there was a blessed. On the shore road that I could take during the daytime thriller down 25 cents. Yeah arm usually got it wasn't in dickens' novels like I never did anything went to Freddie Mae dances at school but I had my job that I got to fourteen was. I'm working as a busboy on the graveyard shift at a diner so I could go to the school dance but I had to be Orkut 11 PM you can work at fourteen. I'm like pork moments restaurant twelve but that's because there will be owns it now I don't know I mean legally. I don't know if it was legal or not look at the family I come from legal wasn't a word we. Considered much in writing really is that Australians. And in just bussed tables are bussed tables 11 PM to 7 PM. On Friday and Saturday nights ultra high school. 11 PM to 7 AM new. Yeah so I would go to school in the more like Friday this is a Friday with a click and go to school. And then if I had to gain access is cheerleader fan at a basketball game or football game on cheers to gain. And then I could go for maybe an hour after the game. Lake out. Somewhere. And then I had to get to the diehard did you sleep. I slept the next day had come home at 7 o'clock when of the armed waitresses would drop me off from my grandmother's house. And I would go to sleep from whenever I got home until about 2 o'clock yes Tony you talked about on the weekends I only did on the week on the we constraints are tonight's one. Yeah and so. So I don't on I you know when my cancer complete somebody up there are now 60 you know when you're young you could do really think it's but it's true I mean you have but when we're when my kids complain only key guys. Just closure faces up for the night he's. Just don't even know league you don't even know how much. How much more difficult every one else's life is the viewers like everyone's life is more difficult than you worse closure face up for the night. That's our Tom's study does not work and started on not a 24/7. Chased. The same as seven eleven's summer no sir does a Mets faced a tough at. Well that's great story all right well it's the Bob. And Sheri show this Bob and Jerry I. I'd Omar's got this by. This site teacher on teachers violence and comedies. So we'll see if you place that. The original name of this movie was a teacher fights so they changed the name to this fight I'm not sure what research brought that about but is that right it it. Doesn't sound like it's going to be a very good movie it's a strange name for removing I have to say I like ice cubes so much that I'm keeping an open mind. You troop. See on TV on Saturday. On lifetime. Brittany. Ever after. Starring oh yeah and actress Natasha Bassett as Britney Spears it includes her days in the Mickey Mouse club her first kiss. Which Justin Timberlake. Her marriage to K-Fed dancing with the pie (%expletive) python at the VM as her crazy head shaving incident and it wraps up with britney's comeback. And Las Vegas residency. I sounds like lifetime done I hear. I hear that this movie is just eight. An absolute explosion. Of campy wonderful assess what it sounds like an. It's gonna run forever and it is no game Saturday night once again to east earned its on that 8 PM you know they shatter enemy comforts her for hours and didn't. Came up with Britney ever after and it's perfect it is I think it's gonna dish huge. Numbers you know what they did they said in the conference room and they have one of those big white play reports out and they said all right somebody pitched to me like and some of the highlights. Someone did the snake than hair cutting. And then did you skate art and makes the movie and then they did the play on all heard the names of all of her different songs toxic right right right slave for you. Hit me baby one more time they tried to come up with a movie title based on one of those toxic to Britney Spears story now that's sounds too negative Jim. Ariane maybe your racism in the may finally got to Britney ever after and then they'll do a sequence where she's putting on the school girl outfit. And they were notes lifetime so it's not going to be over the top but it's going to be titillating right but because it's lifetimes a mixture to juxtapose that with this sweet faced child in lake PG MS. Who suddenly is transformed into gas schoolgirl had exactly won't be like seasoned show biz professional becomes school girl alright sweet little girl from Louisiana yeah becomes and the apex of the movie. Is that shaping. It's what you want it I think that it must be a hoot to work for lifetime and on lifetime movies if you don't take it seriously. Shorten our Jeff you don't take it seriously if you don't go in their thinking your friends for Coppola or whatever if you just go in there with the right attitude it's got to be a news. Do they have like people who write we know that when an endangered. Movie is they don't. They were there are they don't pitched the movies or does that yes they don't have like a stable of the employees who do but to to have worked I've always thought that. To have worked on the team that made mother may I sleep with danger chipset at. Would would be a high watermarking life. You know is long as you don't take it seriously whoever came up with that title here. Yeah of the titles this big garden you know what the movie's gonna be about right. Well as soon as I hear arms stranger in my bed I wouldn't that's all I can tell you tonight on lifetime stranger in my bag here's what this is about. She married a guy after a whirlwind romance he seemingly has it all but it turns out he's actually a cold blooded socio passing. Yeah well that's federal about I mean it's just the difference in. You know the combinations. When you look at occasional lifetime movie where the husband is a decent human being. But somebody steals their babies. Right right not every lifetime movie has a bad actor husband Jennifer Lopez was in some big budget movies that really could have been lifetime movies like. Enough even remember that moved ultimately not true enough his arm Levy's you have to be a woman I think you do enough is a masterpiece just my my wife will not leave the room with enough I had enough for some bass and there once in the the other flavor is and actually a Alicia Silverstone was in the movie like this I think there is the teenage minks whose evil. Oh yeah and enjoy and do you local school teacher who just he's just the guy with a cardigan sweater wants to be left alone. However he has very handsome and there's no women and it's like she starts dropping by this and I called the Christ the brush back. One that now that was a big budget Hollywood movie that was put you played that two nights a week a lifetime lifetime does that's our yeah yeah yeah. I guess sometimes. Flick if you're an actor and lifetime cause you. Things of 5050 chance but yeah one in ten chance of not playing in cold blood associated. You know if you take what you are good guys if you take a lifetime movie job okay you will never be seen again in the movie. You don't think have you ever seen anybody actors and their movies anywhere else. They're usually on the way down my time he's okay. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. I'm looking and a story here this breaking news news that has me I'm I'm kinda speechless let me let me just. This is brand new from the journal of this is psychology. Life is actually. Even more unfair than you knew how. Okay. And this is just that this will this just make you go okay. All my life if like what you're doing the minute wait there's that there and there's Georgie Tilden you know this is gonna make so many people just turn off the lights and go home okay. I'm attracted people. On to earn more money than less attractive people that's a document affecting the better looking you are the more money York new and we don't know we talked about this on the show before you know we've all kind of accepted that if you're good looking you get more money from. I'm good looking people also tend to be healthier. Smarter. More conscientious. Less neurotic. Then people who are less scope looking. Physically more attractive workers earn more not just because they're better looking but because they're healthier more intelligent and have better personality. Traits that are conducive to higher earnings. So it's hard to believe it's hard to believe that could do good good looking people. Are happier and healthier and more intelligent I think here's here's the thing here's a thank you could kind of almost. You could kind of almost agree with that on the one hand. On the very very healthy attractive people tend to meet with other very healthy attractive people. Producing healthy attractive offspring OK I got back. And again that Tom Brady and then there's my cousin no unraveled his sock you need bitten and so you might say to yourself there isn't there isn't I'm sorry there's a difference between that cousin and Tom Brady and they're it's okay. But then. Maybe children who are. On more attractive. And no more were on outgoing because extra version is associated with this a more attractive more outgoing child. Is given more attention and positive reinforcements of four from parents and teachers all the way on up. And so it's not it's not fit if you're good looking you're automatically smarter. And nicer and easier to get along with. It's just being good looking. Has gained something that's. In enabled you to get positive attention knew that helped develop all those characteristics that makes sense yeah so bizarre NASA says make America good looking again. Thus is life so unfair. And it. Well is something we can do about it that's depressing thing but the other thing is there and there are people I mean we all know them who are not what you would say model pretty. And they seem to just how I in the end they're brilliant. I mean some of the smartest people you would not say that Albert Einstein was a looker. He was losing young man though I've seen old pictures he was. Max you've seen it yeah meg yeah he was he was a good looking guy yeah we only think of him as the seventy year old Albert I use a very handsome man in the day. I don't know this is not what I can Lincoln I rolling here with I just it's my theory either good looking people or banner going shorthand. Just. Well it makes this a certain amount of sense because very often you'll see like the high school quarterback is a very good looking guy. Not all the time. But a lot of the times he's a very good looking guy I've referred to mine the played for the patriots years ago good looking guy very good looking guy I mean looks like Superman right. And so sometimes you know and and now he's a banker he's he's not just the football. You know melon head he's a banker now and an easy third very very Smart person. I think you can look at this biologically and socially I think you can go all right well lit for example George Clooney in a mall Clooney. Are about to have twins stick your twins in June a boy and a girl. Those are gonna be some good look at him. The real intelligent. Well cared for healthy human beings that those to produce. Why because there George and smaller both gorgeous. On brilliant successful and healthy and so they're gonna create an environment. That kids won the genetic lottery but then. This tour gonna create an environment because there's so much privileged. So many resources. That that it's only gonna support and Foster. All the best attributes that decade comes with. And yet you have the Kennedy fan and they were nice people very. Well educated. Mother and father if you go back to Joseph Kennedy very Smart. And yet that's only turned out to be a mess gather some people who are extremely good looking JFK. JFK junior. But the family turns out to be a royal mass. But not everybody in that family. Turned out to be royal not everybody but a fair amount of them are you should if you wanna use the lottery example yes. On the kids that come from Gisele and and Tom Brady won the 800 million dollar lottery. But then you have meet as a father and my ex wife as a mother. And my kids didn't win the 800 million dollar lottery won the lottery they won a certain. Lottery where we are not tall so they're not at all. But I still. You know went to college and one of them is yet know what you heard Syrian refugees as a master's degree blob blob. Are you look at land and attendance agreed example of this story on the difference between you and landings. Is that you were able to provide land and with a different kind of environments and different resource is growing up when you're talking about genes here I'm I'm talking about coach Bob biology is a genetic stuff. But he environment matters to. If you are growing up if you're if you're a good looking kid and family. Chance you're gonna get 300 Goodyear blimp for the one that everything you touch turns cold glass of the study is going to them. That if you're lucky you have to be appealing to look at. People are dramatic support and help you along the way starting an infant seat and by the time you're adulthood to use your expression and you're standing on third base thinking you hate. Yourself there Ghraib and then we have Zach just jealous but I guess it's. So I mean there's always there's a ways to get through exclusive applicants can really Smart guy he's he's a really Smart guy but he's not now. You cannot there's only. Better and ready here's Zach Galifianakis Dumont yeah good what was a better example and that he hears my cousin had a patent system soccer. More potent new music is the next bunch of topics aerial and. Oxymoron. Is or did you have a hard time finding something to buy for Valentine's Day for you lovers these shears. No matter what she got the he did better than this guy's a fifty year old guy in Toronto was trying to make a net the necklace for his girlfriend. A lot of hope the bullet on Tuesday. Which is you know really what every girl wants a bulletin necklace. Unfortunately he was not careful enough when he was pulling it apart was his vice grips. The vice grips made the bullet exploded. And shot himself accidentally in the leg with a necklace and the bullet and some of the basics recommends that on its side and they have to have surgery to remove them and thank god he'll be OK put him. Because sometimes to step away and say pull it. Necklace but how sweet it is great to me courage gash in our your eyes hearing about them. But 34 year old woman named to reed show leave. Norville. Chrome O Ream you taught and her 39 year old boyfriend errant foot. I like his name's Kerry in foot and we're just arrested for using their drone this fire and several people in their bedrooms and bathrooms. They're playing and started falling apart in December when a guy spotted the drone outside his bathroom window and decided to chase it down. He grabbed it when it landed in the church you know this is such a stupid idea I don't want to see you guys in his bathroom. I just I don't wanna see it. He grabbed it and and the church parking lot he checked the SD card what's that what's the SD card. A little memory card from them I don't know what are your idea yet and he found a bunch of videos of other people I'm. The cup started investigating. Based on the drones serial number and eventually be connected into this nutty couple. They're both looking at misdemeanor for your recent shortages. And to add a little more intrigue to this three shot has six kids. And she still married to somebody else they're in the process of getting a divorce. My mom passing hikes. Sometimes Jerry's best if not would that be freaky though you're in your bathroom you look out and there's a drone right in your window Vista. Really funny commercial I don't even know what it's for. But this kid this line is slashed on the couch slick play any game or whatever. Hunt and suddenly into the shot constant drone a hundred jurors later. Many journalists are has a piece of paper attached to it it says do your homework. That's pretty you're kind of got a bullhorn now trump. Are renewing green patriots. A New England Patriots super fan and I do mean a super fans. Has gotten a tattoo in honor of his team's latest Super Bowl victory. He decided the night before. That he was gonna get this one done so what should spur of the moment he had almost a whole may not think about it all right. And he came man and he had Tom Brady's face tattooed on his life. Home no relief jammed and I don't know what happens I don't have a picture Todd might be able to find one. Com and no word on who was it tattooed on one cheek and or Diddy had to tattooed on the whole things a that it would look like freebies smelter would move a few days movement it's an interest that's the minority candidate I'm not a 100% of their own. And we just want. Joining anybody's face canteen there. No but I do feel like. Somebody's food it's been there yeah I sometimes feel that MySpace is so once somebody else inside though are well Tom Brady feels about that. You have somebody had. Much respect me and had quite an antenna to guns and amid a man who didn't just do it on the spur of the moment. He came up with the idea last night and it's been times. The owner Tom is in uniform or it's just there's you know it's just this is just this sickness this this is legal changes. Right there I mean even if you go into a sports car in Boston you can trust your hands. It's not always gonna turn out we'll show yeah I mean removing people I know that. You formulate itself Tom Brady's right. More runs in the new. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. A really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox stock small business insurance was created to help. Do you receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and if you own your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. I screamed yeah sorry dot com. I was reading about the Oscars. And I didn't realize this did you know that seven years ago the academy. Increased the number of best picture nominees from five to between eight and ten. The used to have only five movies that will be nominated for an Oscar. But then they went up from eight to ten he had why so many now you know why. Because a lot of people just don't coast to see the movies and there was no identity. To any of the movies that were out so they say we gotta put some more movies out there and I don't think it's working because. According to this poll 55 point 3% of Americans. Have not seen any of the nine movies that are nominated for best picture this year. La La land and hidden figures iso both of those. Have made over a hundred million dollars but the others like arrivals fences and accelerated Schmid. About 50000000 and four of the other ones moonlight Eller high water Manchester-By-The-Sea. In Lyon haven't even made fifty million dollars. So I thought you know maybe. Movies 75% of Americans would see some of these movements but that's not the case. This year because except for. Well let me take you back Marlon is great. But none of those movies or what you called blockbuster. No hidden figures and it didn't fig uses it Jeanne some things you wanna see and it's big well. You wanna see through all of them if they're that good plan. I didn't go to C Manchester-By-The-Sea. Because John Stokes in our news department went to see it nice and how did you like it. This guy's got shots of you know the coast of the wing limit put behind enjoy even just seeing that he said it's very very good. And Casey Affleck is very very good book boy years down home when you walk out. And announced the middle of the winner on and some opponents even. Accelerators looks really great but it looks really violent and influence in the he would love movies but. I don't know I think Amy dispute led how busy everything is in my life right now yeah and I happen so I can't I can't bear the thought of sitting stolen theater for two hours. Some like my wife I I can't. I can hardly bear the thought of sitting still long enough to get a haircut because you're always in move in move render so used to being an election and I need to be in motion I and. There are things I need to do. They're just things I need to do now I've lost the ability to chill out you really have. I think I know why were struggling by the way will our weight in America. Oreo everything has to list everything is delicious. And it's everywhere. Everything is delicious and it's everywhere Orioles are coming out wins for Easter. Oreo peeps. It's of the Nell Oreo. With a pink. Marshmallow marshmallows I hate thing that's on the inside. And it's available exclusively of course at Wal-Mart. When you said Oreo keeps I was picturing that keeps themselves being flavored like Koreatown and now it's Orioles they go Orioles does all these different flavors up because if you're Orioles. You know everybody likes Orioles right. But have been around for like a 150 years ends and it is just leave for the you know the chocolate with the new white stuff in there. There's there's nothing new to bring you win. I think because we never had the miss kids in my mind Aureus or like that's the portion of cookies is Aaron yeah lately. Or if you are Sam yeah. No I can do not bring me like happy Joe's sandwich cookies no the Oreo light trucks was your first holiday decor or Rios was a knockoff of hydroxy look at my neighbor was in the neighborhood first among the artists still better. To tell you that. Just like gore just like kids will kill each other for the last double stuff. I have to have doubles so that that was really when they did that yeah. When I was growing when I was a kid I would say to myself. When Nike crew or not I'm gonna be brits. And I'm gonna have Florio's and lucky charms all I want it and cut to I grew up on my metabolism said now. That's not him him you've created what you're. When you mentioned that all the food is delicious and and it's everywhere really is. I want over the supermarket yesterday a track so all I wanted to get was some mud deli meat like Turkey deli meat. And what else like a gallon of milk or something like that because I'm walking down the aisle right there. You know how they they put up like out of the blue there's a section of bananas or something right it makes no sense at that and it but it's just to walk him by may be a good bananas. So I'm walking by like a frozen food area I look over and there's there's this shelf of donut balls. That's what they call them it would packaged dole the ball I seen that Celtics go to our product yeah and I've never seen daughter pulls before a bomb in the supermarket. And I looked over and went you know if you're just in the mood. Just there's rather saharan originals only balls and back you go when you we'd have that package was some milk. You know what I like to do on I have one of my life skills is delayed gratification. And my other life skills picking my battles those are my two great life skills and reading comprehension century. But what I like to do and acted this time on Monday night that the grocery store killing time waiting to pick my kid up from danced. And I said to myself. I'll go ahead nobody's watching so I went down to their frozen food section where there like Sara Lee isn't. I don't buy any of this stuff ever eaten but I realized on Monday night that unlike a pervert with poor. Sub I pulled the card up real slow and on lake. He can't keep. You look good girl. And that. Lemon meringue pie N rob and he believed. And arm I just X crews that I dole. And at the season's early question there is like a question there is an chocolate cream something and other. And then there were those sassy. Claire's playing hard to get it meant. And invite any of them good for you but I cruised it like I'm 3-D N her her again if you can go and you see the donut holes. There's so I'm not strong enough to go to class hits bodies. Yeah. I am so fascinating is we have Kim Jong king's brother. It's murder people we got murdered killed. First of all they're not everybody is this fascinated with the Euro dictator of North Korea as you and I are so let's explain exactly who the guy is what's what's his name he's the half brother right Kim Jong Nam is the brother of North Korean victory Peter Kim Jong Hoon. And they've been on the day he's kind of strange tee lives kind of a Playboy lifestyle he was real active on FaceBook they have their half brother my half brother Wright and. He'd he'd wanted to know part of political power he wasn't in North Korea he was living in Malaysia was. And a lot of time in Macau the gambling cap. China you gamble bloody woman dies a lot and he was X I'll from North Korea and the word is is that he had asked crazy North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Let me come home and I'll just live somewhere far away I don't know political aspirations I don't mean you any harm but. Kim Jong like all north cream that traders is crazier and a boxer act. And so I'm refused to suffer like he want to go back to North Korea his people wanna go home. It's no homebuyer the only family to come to me some more like Australia. But you know it it didn't work out he was Kim Jong Kim Jong Nam on Monday was standing near the check got the check in desk at the called important international airport. He was flying home to his home in Macau and on when two women approached him one of them wearing a T shirt that said alone well on the front 'cause it's all on security camera. I'm one of the women stepped in front of him and distracted him another woman wearing a dark clothes on one hand. Came from behind. Got a Mitchell cold and squirted something in his face. All okay. And they that's how they got the poise and I thought it was an cloth they squirted it into space oh the women disappeared into the airport Kim Jong Nam started feeling dizzy he went into the airport restroom but he was is so much pain. He went back to order reception desk where employees escorted him to the airport clinic. Where he is conditioned continued to deteriorate they called for an ambulance he was dead before you reach the hospital that's how quick it went down me. So they were caught on camera so Ed Royce and probably went into the guys' size or something is residents' memories. Let's see that there are two women have been arrested one of them on to run he Hong was arrested when she returned to the airport. Ease the footage from the surveillance camera to get Newton and then her accomplice. She T aside. Was arrested on Thursday morning of this week yesterday morning along with her boyfriend. And there are six people involved in this murder mind. This is where it gets really crazy. On the two women. Who you saw on your camera. Hold police that they knew they were told they were pulling a prank. They had no idea what they had been. They didn't know there was poison that's what they're saying SIA said she was working as a nightclub hostess and column pour. When a strange man came into their establishment and they got to talking and he said. You we want pull a prank on the sky that we know will give you a hundred bucks a few helped out. Says she said she didn't know Koo Kim Jong Nam YS and she was she's a divorced mom. She strapped for cash under boxes under box she agreed to do it. And then the other woman a long. Told the cops a similar story. Saying that. Is you don't. These guys set where pull a prank and they offer me a little bit in my needed to join in and I did and I had no idea what was going on. So they're not like secret agents ought to North Korea. That according this is what the story they're giving up now as we know from bond movies. Secret agents only sometimes go how high you have me I will now tell you the entire. Bastard. He tells a much land and copper and I'm so at this point we don't know we don't know but they will be our citizens of. One is no one this from mom Indonesia certain common SIS from Indonesia. And then the other woman and I think it's from. Malaysia. And yet they sprayed some direct. When you would need about like how crazy the world news. There you used your airport there's a million people around you runners. There's no room delayed move your arms or anything it's always crowded sort of so royally and I know pretty easily do that you know I I here's why I kind of believe there's story big. He didn't act like froze. Pro would've gotten the T shirt and prone to weigh in the bathroom to change his tee shirt I know people's movie critic Matt. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I thought Sherry I feel. All right it's that time of the week the people's movie critic joins us right now. For his review of this ice storm ice cube and Charlie day hey Lamar. Hey you know there are very very many things in the universe that are hard to explain it. And somewhere between crop circles and stone he means and right above bigfoot. If I excuse movie career. I mean yeah yeah he did Friday but only the first one was really good. I and that when they would Chris Tucker who widely tipped the rest of the Friday movies. Ice cube did not pack to his credit though there's also barbershop. And the jump street movie and then there's xxx state of the union. Anaconda. They did that every friendly are we very yet in the media all we done yet end. Did the never ending to rival all movies won in two and they've just announced number three. All of these movies depend upon one playing. His scowl okay that's true yeah I can't all sports and make a knitted brow. Can hope that looked forever I'm pretty sure he sleeps like this. Mean that it deal. You know another bright spot in this movie should have been Charlie day a really like Kia. He's floated under the radar for years and it's always sunny in Philadelphia. And baby broke out in horrible bosses. And it's hard as he tried in this movie and he gave it everything he can't. It's still a big step backwards for his career really good news is it's February. And very few people are going to see it and the ones that do. Well eventually forget it like going to the dentist you know it and you know what it would be pro while now. The first tip off to what to expect out of this movie. And the movie the movie we haven't even mention his colts this fight. Accomplished by the let's put it that made earlier that the latest movie 2016. Under the main teacher spiked but of course some brains in the cold and I'll put back on the shelf and then they re released it now. And now they didn't go to there didn't you name best buy. And now also the movie things keep popping up huge in the teacher by Pavel re efforts including they have looked toward a reference to pass text teacher. I mean I don't know what the name changed I don't I don't get them to make those bits but this really is a remake of an 80s comedy called 3 o'clock how. And it's about and dirty gas who is forced defied the new bullied in school. Oh they did years they changed it to teachers. And they added F word a few hundred that means. We now in the movie Charlie day place teacher mister Campbell. You married he's got a daughter who's wife is pregnant and this is the last day at school and is also senior prank day so which pandemonium. There also massive blame else at the school so he's worried about these job. He gets into a situation where mr. Strickland display by ice cube mr. strip live like this no none of this teacher. Who constantly. Alan Ball into psychopathic rage cities studious and so what teachers. And Strickland won that challenge him mr. Campbell took by the afterschool. In the midst of all of this mr. Campbell is supposed to dance to his daughter and her talent show. And like the middle school. Now I think what they were trying to do but I have always stated. Rated. To maybe give them to a jokes and overuse of air balled it especially about teachers and classroom. Can push past funny too uncomfortable. And then if you add the bed Julian bail. Do I think is extraordinarily. Funny comedy is constantly talking about heaven six was just and it's. This takes the main street critique it and it gets to the point you just like Eric. And Tracy Morgan is also in this is coach Crawford. And all academic so is he manages to is about the horrific car crash strong. All of his way back to help send the work again and did what they can't. Complicated they distribute it per job this by the wily coyote. Off the cliff mr. Babbitt to get run over by transport. Thrill for the man. Is rated. And this really killed it because only people this really gonna think this is funny is sixteen year old boy and I can get into the theater. And that's why the government is. It's not any menace ball which is. Fairly short for a movie but he should have been shorter. All love this is too good. I didn't realize ice cube was in that many movies and to use listed them this morning and he has been in a ton of movies. Yeah yes yes the edge there and but this is obviously. And that's many eyebrows and apparently you were terrorized you post movie critic com wolf. Look at something good out of this fight bullet that inspire fun phones today. Member of first time in your life when you saw a teacher. Doing something to me you realize the teacher was a human being so yeah I've got to her arm got those moments yeah that's what we'll do look from the funds right now at 888 BO BS HER I 8882627437. Let's onetime beside teacher do something that made you go blow. As a teacher acted like a person spot and share. I feel it's. Because it. Could not find a lot to recommend about just playing starring ice cube Charlie day game which divides. And he said that it's some movies for sixteen year old boys who won't be allowed in the theater because of but there is a risk that moment in everybody's life where you realize. Your teachers are people know oh I had a couple of my father had this so. In the restaurant I talked about so much. The chase into the restaurant was it was the bar and there were about six boots and a long mahogany bar and it wasn't fancy at all it was a Bart. Dark one window a piano. And you get the idea right. And so I had the run of the place I'd go behind the farm import Coke whenever I wanted to. And so it's a Saturday afternoon in the summertime. And I I go into the bar and go to get my Coke and they're sitting at the end of the bar by himself. Nursing a miracle. Is my math teacher. And we just looked at each other and it was like kid I don't wanna look at you. I don't want you seeing me. I don't wanna talk to you say you didn't speak in neither did know we did we did and what was his name wasn't mr. ground. Slick mr. spent maybe it was Smith I forget it was a very simple Anglo name. So I said I'm mr. Smith a review I'm doing good he it's taken a little break here. Got a babysitting job over the summer just watch these two kids and sit on the beach. They're not there today so I'm taken a little break. I'm Kurt hey nice to see mr. Smith and I just kind of went away and in my mind only to picture was mr. Smith. Whose ass in the sand all day watching a couple of kids. I'm surprised you take going to breaching at that moment I don't get didn't hire good it did sound good. So he was he was and I mean basically babysitting during the summer and even looked like kiwi is. Fifty in my eyes but looking back on it he was probably about 2930 years old. There's a science teacher my high school who had a summer job working as a bartender at the Jersey Shore and on and we work. Which could understand why anybody would want to go to a bar where mr. so and so we are tender. Think we could we couldn't separate him neuroscience where his groove there there's no grew very real awful Barr is bad. Just. Was it the news spread around the school at wildfire and that he could be a tender. I always thought it was strange when we'd the rich united and Paul and I would walk by the teachers. Lounge here than the school the teachers lounge and you'd looking in you'd see mr. Ferguson. Who taught history smoking a cigarette. We'll let me tell you the saddest. Thing ever so. Says school that I went to first seventh and eighth grade wise a very very small very. Rigid old school procure a school. And there was a convent attached to school where the nuns taught their lifton and if you wore a very good student. And an absolute first street suck up and I think we all know that kitten I was once so I know that kid well great. You would be given the privilege. Of being invited to the convent after school on Thursday and Friday. To help this is just cleaned the conduct on and you would get to see their habitat. And you'd go over there how would they be dressed they were under habits they were dressed and there and there are none clothes couldn't he go over to the convent. And you'd be like there were some nuns who lived at the convent who were retired from teaching me. But they they lived in the under chart you go over there and you'd be like. Oh my kind dirt eating Girl Scout Cookies and watching Marty contrived the idea why a social walk on the wild side. And you'd be in there at eight U isn't you know this is an actual privilege. You're cleaning the bathroom at the convent and you feel like a movie star 'cause you were hand picked to do you have right but you be in there with a comment in the sponge going. Nine is to eat our student this. And I I couldn't help myself I'd wanna go their eyes just got any dirty it's kind of tough. Not on fund opens today at 888 TOD. SH ER I. And it it we're not talking about just Catholic school were talking about any school at all I think yeah I think people now definitely think that any school at all the first time in it in because they went to Catholic school mines and none stories well the first time I saw the nuns in the habits that were the same as my high school. At a Phillies game all should stick it to me hot dogs and drinks it appear. I know to recruit you nearly didn't indigenous field block access to her. CO VS HER I 8821867437. Teachers bus fifteen teachers. Of course we all grew up at a time when teachers would smoke in the break room on campus yep that's what I was talking about this was else was there room. I'm my kids didn't ever see yellow that. Ever see if you. How can you. Health insurance can of soda and so crazy expensive and then you'll really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why don't give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do to. 84 quarter 2995378. Back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. Your teacher in the wild. Always bizarre when your kid wanna hear your experiences that it ADH. DOD SE CR I 88167437. Changed James. Aren't our our good thank you we're seeing teacher. My mother daughter Gary and I held down palace where there and explore the liquor store. And my story it actually being burst of yours mr. little and my very map feature worked on and alert yet honest and I intact and Eric Berry. The course. It's yes. I hated me he would pop I've added that's school. And he had hit my bat what he saw my name he connected but I think every art patent all year. So I found out the whole school year. So he's working at the liquor store. And a you know the teachers I know that you had a problem with him but. We're we're going to be hearing this morning how hard teachers have to work to make ends meet. Because I don't hurt him enough so is this teaching sixth grade math wasn't enough. Then he got a clock in the political it was restore I know. Are yet. And it went black clad afterschool my momma take the capital at first he had like in no hurry get this straight from one to the other. All. Poor mr. Wilson. Did you work did you go up to the window and look at them or wave tumor and then. Now but I did tell my best brand of the time and an eight. Wouldn't know I didn't care because I know your idea that attack took the next day at school. You're teaching middle school kids and then you go left restoring your bidding. And your bad your day. Right calls or emails let them score or are here although they are good stuff life thank you James. Thank you very much. And I mean how bad could you be doing if. You don't deserve. What this thing we want my kids couple years cocaine to me she said you will not believe this mr. so and so was a lift driver. This actually I do believe I do I would believe that you know why because we don't pay our teachers salaries for them to not be lift her breasts XXX frank. What if we called list. She was the driver days and he. Good car. Only because he's a really Smart decent human being of course I get in the car I know we're gonna find out there's a lot of teachers would these type of jobs 88 gave Bob share Jenny hi. Tomorrow morning words you see your teacher you were so surprised. It would confirm our it was mr. shop and I any grade at a social studies teacher. And down. He led a little Aaron you let out there and hear what I try to disheveled and lump all and I ended up being here this. Bet I. All of his attendance and I'll look at how the record books about the great bird count and I happen before I came right there. Out of it's like that it athletic you. Currently there are found and we had gone on here. Go racetrack not only had gone is back there racetrack up in court and now look out and in between each race drag the track would attract certain attract a look out and the net cash on the track here. No kidding. That's actually kinda cool I'd rather do that you have to go to the liquor store and. He added tax return I'm. And we're not great there over war are we are out. Yeah. You're clean anybody you know he had had thought Donna that's and you know I never did tell you cannot opt out because I didn't know. You know how he would react to that. How embarrassed he beat your kid at a racetrack. That's from mr. Shaw is vantage point it at all. I'm pat. That was a packet opt for him I'm. I am yeah Oprah I'm out here and not there today and then in the summer and that evening he wired that Kerry mutual court they gathered oh did it take get. I'm more room. And out I. Still found out there what do they mean Hal and as you know court I was forced great eight LAM. And now. Do horses are living now you know I'd I'd eat it up right. Out of the right back a lot when I get older ones didn't have a lot hot blocked or that the track. That's very cool you know it's TV it's easy to go all pork mr. shop as a sitting here thinking about your story. Mr. shy probably. Had a life. They consisted of things he really enjoyed doing I bet he clearly liked being a social studies teacher as he had done his whole life and you're like a war says I mean yeah both yeah. Was this in upstate New York or Kentucky. And an architect in Kentucky that gap area out. I tell you yeah it's sweet it's I could hear the Kentucky your action you know. Yeah I thought it would acquire. What I. Have a great day care but I and irate teachers out in the wild ponies are suddenly realize oh my god people Stephanie cook the gym teacher somewhere card that's straight ahead it's club. FaceBook Twitter sort photo ops and off this very dot com. All right Stephanie get down here welcome to the Bob and Jerry show you saw the gym teachers where did you see the gym teacher. Well I am in high school geeks entity. I'm an extra Netscape still we can't at a place it's like ninety people and be a really nice state effect cut at a school. I go to the beach. I'm dumb according optional beach. And come close plays at an Al. I think that cat and cat shelter and goes very carefully a chill. A little brother and it was I can teach. It's male. Male male or female. Senior gym teacher Nikkei. Got mine whose mr. Murase I wouldn't like to see that I I just sound while amend a law. On that kind of confidence and self esteem you had as a teenager. To cut school to go to the clothing optional beats the is one thing you. Clothing optional eats well where was this Florida or California. In New York. Fire Island. You got it you chaotic. You used in the end did you ever go to the new beach. We did we do Jeep into the new breed of smarter I Phil's older kids wait all my guys. You're blushing I know and I've never even thought. It's indirect bid. Oh now. Hang time because I'm gonna need my inhaler when I ask. Do we alluded ambassador device this is what you. When that one Herman Jackie would be at the beach house the kids would have to entertain themselves so we would go play in the dunes as we would say but then we would all go over there and peek over the hill to see the the the nudist beach so did the teacher ever see you. Stephanie. Oh she did what did she do. Actually just like we looked at 8 am and the next state score at our corporate document written that nothing was said not in Paris at. This you were both kind yeah yeah up there about cutting and we will post's Aaron and the nude beach and click on a huge. Your confidence I. Just kind of confidence that sixteen or whatever age you more. I I don't know I was Marlboro rebel and confident. You know if you can't be confident with your body it's sixteen. Here right aren't saying. That's a brutal irony of being human being it's only when your older that you look back you go why did I think I was so hideous. Really that's a that's a girl things and girls thing you know that's right. You ever keep up with your gay friend. Yeah. I. Well Stephanie secular. That was that was quite a story thank you very much the other thing by Stephanie the other thing about that story at like fifteen or sixteen. If I would have seen one it is to be seen written. I think I might never recovered. Mr. sir rusty mr. sacked for moaned my gym to get. I did a cold enough to go to wildwood New Jersey and see grown men with leg their sun screen matted in their chests for her. I don't change. Bellies hanging now. Why did she one millimeter more. I wouldn't be able to have children and should I put up an able to go I hey Chris how are you. There are good where Jews where you see your teacher. I was. Out go to work with my mom sure to the line gave out the kid. My way and I saw my elementary. School. Music teacher outside picked up garbage in the call. Yeah yeah. I ask Palmolive C you know got hired on as a gender her ever and she says now out there you only get a there's another topic here at. Ministership is doing community service or C he added Eli haters. Remember oh wow well you know what everybody makes mistakes right. Yeah in court and for kids slinky think your teachers aren't even real people much just people they're coming mistakes are and aren't thank you Chris that's sad. It's amazing some of the jobs that teaches have to do in the summertime during off hours you know. I mean you're putting up with the kids and I know be loved kids and all that but. It's a hard job and then you have to go you know into the liquor store after world right because Dyson writes from school to the liquors. That's why when people like with all day drama over public schools over the last couple weeks I saw some really hateful tweets people going accord cheeks cleaned down. They work if you dig some resolve McDonald's only topic so there needs only collect if by taught middle school I would have to go to the liquor store directly afterward tour directly before what I view customer. 188. PO VSAT. RI AE 88 T six G-7 437. You saw your teacher out of the wild doing people things. That's who you realize your teacher was a human thing to do with the flip but this is when your parents come to your school because seemingly they don't they don't belong to. Hello when you see here every single parents in the schools like why. This is natural world this is my world. Your water. Hoping this series can be so confusing. And so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plans. It helps ensure it's your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter 299537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. Find it at Bob Sherry dot com Laura tell us about your teacher for small one subject to look. Great another. Seventh grade I would. You have you noticed that a lot of these are middle school teachers who you know it's a cemetery and pray at seven straight met I'm I'm getting sweats square root square. All right so well we're just see her. Well it's turned out that her husband worked with my dad meant it literally walked in. My hats are Christmas party. Oh that must have been freaky Khan. Right like tech fabric of the party. And I parent the part about it that day because I get a look at MySpace was just like wiped. Is he. Hearing here. What a president you know I've heard there have coal. Its second extra pay it. Too late June did you go hiding your room or did you did you co overtly walks every move she made light. Like that that corner and that was blank you know giving her the bank and I like oh my god I can't believe each day in my power. What was she a tough teacher. And. CNET. It was. You're pretty up iPad into a simple math teacher. You have a yen and that and were you good Steve do. Okay you didn't at that prominent west Belichick as it or do teach to speak to work. He says that I did I'm sure that I did the obligatory. That being. If you cannot sell and it. I know it's funny it's. Remember but he probably had you know. Holiday latter and you know he's paying them at RFE. I thought it best at that are. Big because she was decent human being probably you know what I mean. Oh yeah absolutely include the that we have you know and I and I let her husband then you know work very lean and mean. Certainly devastating. You know. We expect teachers to be. Still word at the end of the day like. I know you know they're not split we once when my girls were really small. Hundreds followed a teacher. Around the grocery store no because they were you relate to eat a script that's. That's that's how we enormous teachers are in your life the adage dirty huge. Yeah no answer and our Laura thank you very much. Our I'm by Teresa is up next 8088 BO BSE GRI hi Teresa. I didn't morning heard Al Blum widger deal with the teacher. I was in college and I came her own. For Christmas break when near you and what's going to friend New Year's Eve party and had a I was nineteen and I had a friend take IP. And a what's that ABC door and they're getting tequila for a Margarita and went up to check out and I. At school history to attack her no he met here. Oh no. And they're right on the table it if you watch carefully like girl and I had a idea that said Juanita something he's an up and he's gone you recognize me and the high and Harry billion. Told me that he'll love and be that have a great year Juanita. Are you kidding me he sold the two year. Yeah well movement Dempsey anyway that's but the longer story again and into the air or. Assume. Rivers that he had. They're big girl and her I clapped like yeah he are you. No. It cold air moves in my element not using it. It's funny how he says have a nice party won either. So he was making sure you need that he knew at -- that you Wear that's right. I think there he knew and the oh what city yeah. And so once you know we're learning today that. We didn't know was. How many liquor stores are staffed by American educator should should the third 1 this morning and could not know the it's always kind of turn the light on in the how we know that. I would question captain Morgan mr. Roger I guess I'm gonna tell my kids so I get home today. That one of the reasons why they can never buy liquor with a fake aid to ID not only that it's illegal is because every liquor stores staffed by teachers works you have to deserves great idealism that is agrees I did you don't even try it okay don't we try answer right thanks Teresa her. Hi guys I'm. I needed okay we got canned coming up we get William coming up crystal creek. And show us definitely. May get a BO BS AG RI this is Bob and chair audio clip. Your father Jerry dot com. Cat caught your teachers. Wearing. Save arbitrary say he's the one we were seniors and I had so he's I think out of yeah Irish. Which isn't as bad as it's bound because the drinking age was eighteen. New York State. Iowa Iowa really yeah yeah. Are I want an eighteen time but my friends were it not a different story write the check Kent was nine but he's yeah he's hanging out the Irish club. We were. We got knocked up and out were. Now fine place to certain getting in the music and we look over the there's my aide seventh grade social studies future where my highest score in which key. He means late together like I'm indeed. They were certain a whole lot closer than they would have been Horry afterschool drink. My says the seventh grade social studies teacher was with the eleventh grade science teacher he. Was English team to the local pool there. When he was married. You want but not for her but not too hurtful. That so what what went on to the squad you can. A club but we chose to ignore that. You and there was wise. One thing you don't want to would miss. And so was any acknowledgment ever read what you've done what. You feel enough momentum to not only see your teachers in a bar. Which you see your teachers engaged in an extramarital affair. Minimum art didn't bother me but it was extramarital affair oh I didn't know. Maybe they were just having a drink after school you know all they weren't sure how much I'm somewhat between a new and but you know its there was there was a tree just opening a bank that now. Is it disillusioning. To. I think as we do put teachers some pedestal were content. Yeah yeah our there was. On did you go to the teacher and say I'm agreed slocum this year mister Johnson. No I don't know I didn't like her anyway if someone was just. What was it now we're a very harsh Currie guerrilla group and easy. To black mail here at camp right after this out after I had already water that was. I alone. I know it's wrong and you take you so critical to candidate and also blackmail the teacher. He's telling me anyway genius an opportunity missed you know. He did a great show every candy section and saying I'm I'm good to. I don't think should I go back and change you know she couldn't change domino probable. You know it's funny this is this this is O of a brief moment in your life years ago and it's still sticks with the U. That's the impact it teachers had for better or for worse did you have kind of queasy feeling when you realized what was going on. Queasy. Now I can't say maybe. But you are seeing something that you knew you were supposed to sing. Yeah I mean I have been for a while. There are forty years ago already. Years ago and now I can't thank you very much that's quite a story you too bye bye. Mean do not Newton's. Eighteen other states in America where you can drink and eighteen and I don't think so I don't New York State was the one near me when I was growing up. And not anymore now enshrined by crystal. Everybody good morning you could a teacher and embarked. F one at least. So growing up and a small town. That looked like that occurred less structure yet again a medical or their their stalled middle school teachers. Am one day. We need the current 100 days we've been an older lady at their teacher the next morning that. Not a man come then up underneath it. I noticed right out I missed that wooded. One day their regular teacher and at the school day and then the next day mysteriously replaced by a completely different person okay what was up with that. I'm just. The way that he can that the mark when your time about retirement that. And so. Our pixel count and I know it sounds like him takes a slaughterhouse cattle Logan's run you're sort of sounds like years mrs. Paterson. Now you've served the school's history well for 35 years. Driving you out to a farm in the country were elephant Brian. Your time I'm not yell at all. I don't think they're really can't hardly comes and all the Carlton is following the market is generally gotten where some. And years later later I won't get getting expert shot I guess most teenagers in the hospitality industry. And don't hold at this point. I'm part and then. And my opinion is really therapist you keeper. Matt tending bar and people are just. Creek and who walked then mr. ohrnberger. So even with his girlfriend. And I and and getting punched and then hit the army has copper and go to the bathroom. Did you realize who you were oh yeah he hand how many think how many. How I won't go well if you're. Then years later as movie about. Fear for years later finally plan on singles we decide who. Our goal and not let go and what you're looking courses that growth like we really don't know and that's. The mr. Sullenberger. Oh boy. Oh boy. Now you're married to him you have three babies. Thank you crystal. Everything here. He should know you're growing up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where help markets insurance comes in and they can show small business owners group health insurance options. They're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings employees may receive better Elton financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you call 85575. Mode 3537. Help markets insurance. Hours previous at this series dot com. All right it's that time to delete the people's movie critic joins us right now for his review of this fight starring ice cube and it's hardly a day hey Lamar. A you'll see there are very very many things in the universe that are hard to explain. And somewhere between crop circles and stoned he means and right above bigfoot. It ice cubes movie career. I mean yeah yeah he did Friday but only the first one was a really good. I and that would give us Chris Tucker who lied at least give the rest of the Friday movies ice cube did not. To his credit though there's also barbershop. And the Europe stream movies and then there's xxx state of the union. Anaconda. They need a good family friendly. Are we there yet in the media and all we don't yet attacked and bit the never ending that route along movies won in two and they've just announced numbered three. All of these movies depend upon one playing. Just scowl okay that's true yeah I can't tell our. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Needed more out. And hope that looked forever I'm pretty sure he sleeps like I mean that's his deal. You know another bright spot in this movie should have been Charlie day a really liked him he exploded under the radar for years and it's always sunny in Philadelphia. And then he broke out in horrible bosses. And it's hard as he tried in this movie and he gave it everything he can't. It's still a big step backwards for his career really good news is it's February. And very few people are gonna see it and the ones that do well imagine it forget it like going to the dentist you know it and you know they would be for a little while. Now the first tip off to what to expect out of this movie. And the movie though the movie we haven't even mention his colts this fight. Yet how this type let's put it day after Carolina got a religious movie 2016. Under the main teacher might know but for some reason they pulled it I'll put it back on the shelf and then they re released it now and now they did you know there are a lot of good new name desk side. And duck also of the movie things keep pop and abuse in the teacher by Pavel reference including that have a Twitter reference to hash tags teacher I mean I don't know what the name change that don't I don't get them explosives but this really is a remake of an 80s comedy called 3 o'clock how. And it's about a nerdy guy who is forced defied the new bullied in school and how they do here's a case it to teachers. And they added F word a few hundred and we now in the movie Charlie they placed teacher mister Campbell. You married he's got a daughter and his wife is pregnant and this is the last day at school and is also senior prank dates so which pandemonium. There also Matthew what else set a school so he's worried about his job if he gets into a situation where mr. Strickland display by ice cube mr. Strickland like this no none of this teacher. Who constantly. Oh evolved into a psychopathic rage at least do this and so what teachers. And Strickland won that challenge him mr. Campbell took by the afterschool. And in the midst of all of this mr. Campbell is supposed to dance to his daughter and her talent show and like the middle school. Now I knew what they were trying to do but I have always stated. Rated. To maybe give a tour jokes and overuse of they have small base especially my teachers in the classroom. Can push to pass funny too uncomfortable. And then if you add the bed Julian bail. Who I think is extraordinarily. Funniest comedy is constantly talking about heaven six was just and it's. This takes you the main street creepy tale. And did speak gets to the point just like Eric. And Tracy Morgan is also in this is coach Crawford. And whole archipelago is. He manages to serve I have been horrific car crash strong willed his way back to hail and the work again admittedly yes. I'm pregnant ladies duplicate bridge up this year by the wily coyote. Off the clips of survival and to get oil for my transfer. I feel for the man. Is rated. Turtle language sexual content in news T in droves. And this really kill bit because only people Israeli Norfolk is just funny is sixteen year old boys and they can get into the theater yeah no good and other Kennedy has. It's not diminish at all which is fairly short for a movie but it should be sure. Well hello it's too. I'm June he's. Weaker today than they were slightly in the 1940s. And 1950s. Even the sixties and seventies like house's sites I've seen house's I actually. I didn't go on one of those sub tours in Hollywood but I drove by. A few famous stars houses. Years and years ago the first time I was ever in California. And I forget who they were there was somebody like George Burns how soon Jack pennies house. And they were nice houses but today those houses are purchased by. Local bankers. You know that they make enough money investment banking locally to be able to buy what was then considered a mansion. Everything is more today. We eat more we have we have bigger houses. And boy oh boy door movie stars live larger a reading in People Magazine Johnny Depp inside his financial crisis. And we touched on this Todd looked it up and evidently he's worth like 400 million dollars. How do you have a financial crisis at 400 million dollars well. I'm looking at one of his fourteen different residences. And this one. Is 75 million dollars. It's on 45 acres since a French chateau. And he also has a horse farm in Kentucky his fourteen different. Residences. You know what his monthly staff. A payment is. 300000. Dollars a month just to cover staff. On the fourteen raise prices now I know what I pay in local taxes property taxes. I can't imagine what the chateau which looks like it's about. May be 50000. Square feet can you match with the taxes or punish on a French chateau. Every narrower you know I can't like I have a hard time. With 300000 dollars a month in converse staff but I. And I know that he doesn't write those checks he this is why I think people can into financial trouble. The less contact and you know this from your own life no less contact you have with the actual money right the less you understand how fast you're spending it. And so he's suing his financial advisors for 25 million dollars and they're saying. Let me tell you what is probably his. It's not that we stole the money it's just the sky can't stop spend yeah he spends 200000. Dollars a month on private jets. It's a 737. While so it's not even a gulfstream now a 150000. Not even a golf. You know like Max uses. A 150000. A month on security. Are you said 300000 dollars a month and I'm not bust on the guy I mean you know if that's your money do whatever you want it's just so shocking. Here's a picture of his Caribbean island he owns his own private island it's called little holes pond K. In the Bahamas and then here's his boat which looks like something out of The African Queen that was eighteen million dollars he I guess he sold that he set. I mean it cost in excess. Of two million dollars a month to be Johnny Depp you'll fourteen residents it's Alley and it's just something. I mean fourteen residents since you don't obviously. But if you can you want to are you bored and I were crazy rich I've got the crazy locked in but if I can get the rich attitude that. That I would not spend that money as much as I am a homebody and I love house says. I would. Take that money. And instead of buying that house the same parts or wherever and might stay someplace really slick in a beautiful hotel or I hit a beautiful air being beaten and Q. I don't understand wanting to own all of that stuff I wouldn't let alone but I don't wanna own fourteen on. Who who was who is the actors in these people shielding to may be BB three yeah. Enough for here. There is an actor in and who owns several houses like 456 houses around the world one in London when a New York one in Los Angeles somewhere in the Hawaii the Caribbean. And he said in an interview. Of course. I only need one key all of these locks are the sentiment all of my house. So. You need it makes sense UW does need a beating but it does make sense though you know you. Who wants to carry keys around for all of those different place. You know what I'm doing in my house Q a century. I was arrogant it's cheap now used to be like oh that's debt that's for millionaires you go to Home Depot or Lowe's due to acute sentry system. And it's a dead ball and a doorknob just like a regular thing. It's a keypad and instead of having a key. Every member of the family can have a code right. I haven't I have one on the front during the impeachment and you know what I'm doing that because. Now they've they're better now that are older but a few years ago. My daughters lost so many house keys in my I think everyone in the town I live and had a key to my house and then everybody had a key. I don't know where the key to up to the play room the backdoor playroom to let the dog out it is used to hang at a certain place. But the medicine had some friends over they wanted to go up probably one of them with smoking or something who knows what. And the keys gone. And and it'll never come back will never come back. My kids lost house keys at such a rate that is felt like it had to be on purpose you're. Doing this on purpose secure this thing is that displays has won. Yeah and you just you can and you can program it from your phone yeah it's very you don't you can be in Europe and you could program and from your you. He gives somebody a one time code a one time code that's so that if you need somebody to come over and walk your dog or whatever if you're famous movie star to come over and give you a shiatsu massage your page a one time code that they're not expensive you're right I got mine a load in the most so this idea of they would once you get their robbing you own your fourteen house's new you don't need to say pompous things like I only have one key. The official accused care. Collection and even these deaf because competing 150000 dollars a month for security. They're really just let you can let me yeah yeah that's exactly right guys city spends a 12 million dollars million dollars and most people really need to make a lot of crap. Pirates of the Caribbean everything etc. thanks to. And health insurance can be so confusing. And so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plans. It helps ensure that your family deserves doctor visits lab work dental and vision surgery X series accidents and war. Why not give USA health insurance plans to follow and see what they can do to. 84 quarter to 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. Find it had problems. Well okay story comes by hard desks and you just look at it you say I've got to read this twice. This makes absolutely no sense at all. Somebody in Canada recently threw out an old TV. Probably one of those old tube TVs giant have you heard dad yeah. And hidden inside it was a 100000. Dollars in cash. Officials tracked down the original owner. And it turns out he gave the TV to a friend about thirty years ago and forgot that he had a 100000 dollars hidden in the TV. You had a hundred I should Donald always mock question. And lash. Unless he had. Like so much money or he knew we had a 100000 dollars to be forgotten where he hid where he hit it it. I know it you know I I have that problem once and while it's it's not with a hundred. Scholars say I don't think that numbers are a book where it was so Valentine's day of course recently in my wife's birthdays is right after valentines that. And so a week or two before. I went in order a couple of gifts. And as and I sit and she's gonna find these gifts and I put them I have with my own closet and then you forgot like I could not find them and I was going on in my mind. After about an hour of looking. I got to this point at and maybe you've got I don't know if you ever been to this point. Were you walking around and you're checking in places that are not really realistic and you're saying out loud because there's nobody but the dog in the house. You were so stupid own can you be so stupid. To not remember where you epic attempts I tried I start with Saint Anthony. But true story I bought my daughter my younger starter a laid up makeup mirror for Christmas. And I hit it in the Oscars I found it on sale lake in October yeah yeah. And I hit it in the house sent. I'm gonna find it when we move. Yeah that's how well did you still don't have that oh my goodness how well I didn't last year on her birthday. I I got her really cute cars. I don't know awareness he never did find I never found it so I and it got the last man and I we send them at the last minute at I gave her her guest. And I sit I don't have a birth take charge for you because I can't find it which makes you sound. Just like such a numb skull. And you know the thing is like I don't picture. Her snoop in three years stop now I guess Phillips you could've taken up birthday card that you bought it and just put it underneath the book and doing it Cinemax and person bug is the books that you read she has. Zero interest and so Bucs got a book called. Economic justice Cynthia at from Eisenhower to the president had sent back to hide a body under that I know you wouldn't and. The only thing I don't worry about they say when you park your car somewhere on the public and regress restaurant parking lot of somewhere. Put everything in the truck the only thing I think you can leave out is a book is that especially apple exactly. Exactly. Yeah. When the lights went out in Paris. Story of the Nazi regime in the special I can't believe you hide things so well that you can't find the you don't even need to hide the ball around one another good place for you to hide things is in the recycling bin. Just don't know what they're gonna be a you like diamonds and I've gotten better find it. That's right so whatever I do I eventually I did find them so that was good. But I I've got to I've got to have a could go to place. You know I mean. But and you don't have you can't tell anybody you're going to Graceland this not a go to place at that point on you can hide things in the garage is the only one who goes there yes that's right Ole speaking of the garage. So it's her cat. Her cat now it's your cat no its not only married the woman with a catch announcer cat so the the cat has the litter box in the garage and a little too war. To go through. It's freaky when I see you're going through the door by the wish sometimes doesn't know and their ice here go and and you kind of amazed that she actually did you actually does again and not. Generate. We go to take my car two dinner the other night and the door oh we go we get into the garage remote cars he goes. And this place smells awful. Since we're the litter boxes where you gotta do something suspect is this mama's mama's going out to dinner and I do not wanna smell this in all Kelly well done. I'm an and then I etc. the courage that I said. That depends on my cat and you and I am doing the litter box thing you're criticizing me for my efficiency odd. You know all weekend joined up enough holy matrimony in Maine all good stuff you know some of it is questioned yeah. Can't hit your particular little bit of the best nothing good about litter box definite. He's just never know what it would it would holy matrimony. You never see the litter box common. Stern ever does get a little pep talk. Right or via Phishing and whoever mayor issued a give a little pep talk. Now you you're gonna have times when you're real angry with each other but you need to remember what brought you here today can commit even the minister doesn't bring the litter box no. But it's there. In one form or another. It may not literally beat the litter box but there's going to be some. Think well sigh yeah give your life best I'd give her full marks for some help cushion nut job on you because I handle all of us. I would never even think of asking Kevin he does know what she never lucky shot never pass me into it. She Canada your prospective new message that's exactly what she counters and she sat there with a glass of wine instead. RA and any count of ten posse mix plus parents will go out. Clean the litter boxes can't stand it because. The idea of the litter box being in our bedroom or being in the in the bathroom betting haven't informing you knew you were gonna dig it out of in the drugs you. That George Clooney and. Mark for your going to be parents to twins and I'm reading in People Magazine how excited they are you there preparing for the birth of their TVs and apprehensive about those sleepless nights and copy earnings can change their lives and parenting will change their lives and there will be some sleepless nights. But let's face set. When your rich. You don't have to go to the grocery store or vacuum the living room give throw that do that for you right and so you can you can struggle your way through a year sleepless nights yet. I'm watching my niece and her husband go through this with their newborn baby. And they're they were very surprised I think to find out that the baby won't just eat and sleep. The terribly long stretches of time where the baby is awakened yellen temporary that's right but but. There's no why we. There's nobody affect change in in making things possible there's no team of nannies there's no baby nurse there's no cook. There isn't there's only you do and all that sort of stuff. Yeah my second daughter Alley had on college. And remember that went on for about a year and that was condom that was kind of like my job I was the one that took that onto. And it's that was really really something because the only thing that would calm her down and it had to be in cold weather was going outside. With one of those up goose things where she summons just walking and select remember in the wintertime going out and it's so you're up in a warm house. And she's. And just all of a sudden you hit that called surge is going what's this. What's going and here and she would come down for awhile but that would not for I say I think ten months to a year. Cara Mia had it and had colic and working. And I had a toddler and then I had a baby with collar and working nurse seeing. And doing everything that goes along with having a life getting your car inspected going to the grocery store. Taking them remembering the trash and recycling like all of the dogs need their shots. All of that even look back on it and I told my niece link you try to enjoy every moment because you're gonna look back and such a blur death and erect such simpler. You're right about their rich hum Alley had an intern ship once in Los Angeles she was working for a movie producer. And the if ingested and in films that's that was their part of the movie industry. And s's so what's it like their she's our as a what are you doing and she said whatever they want. For an example wealth they want to have a certain type of ice coffee at three in the afternoon I go get it. If should be jaguar has to be washed. My take I take it yeah so if beat the main thing that your doing easier job. All of the real pain in the next stuff like pick your dry cleaning and all of that is handled by somebody else that must be not accept. That must be really really nice. It's yesterday once I left I know you have just weary more to do and I do I don't know I yesterday and I had to pick up a relative who doesn't tries. Take him shopping. Take him home taken. To get something for lunch. Go to the bank. Pick up the dry cleaning. That a pickup I forget what else dog food I mean I spent literally like four hours doing stuff like that. That guy that I described in in Los Angeles he's got none of that going on. Pretty organized. And I I keep a running list of OK if I'm going to be on the outside town I'll do expires seeing. Yesterday we wrote it down I don't know I don't keep it in my head yesterday was so horrific I ran out of gas. At one point yesterday at a gas at one point yesterday IA sat in my car honks McCain was a dance aside in my car for an hour and cried I don't know. Own what are called Todd so this business of this business some of fort George in a mall they're gonna sell me sleepless nights Yang Yang yak. But you're never gonna be the one who realizes sec quarter after ten on a Tuesday that there's no Milch for the kids breakfast tomorrow dry that that's not going to be your problem. So I'm thrilled for them and I'm happy for them but the stars aren't not just like us now I need to argue with Star Magazine or us weekly whenever you know they're not just my thoughts. When they fly to his private Villa in their private plane there they won't have to worry about the baby and going up and having your problems. Just there's the only people in the plane outside of the two pilots and they won't be packing their own luggage or unpacking it and they won't be trying this left all of their stuff and all the twins stuff. And god bless found they've worked toward and they earned their and they seem like really nice people I mean they're hard. Hard to dislike glad I got it I just got a call like the celebrity propaganda machine out and go yeah I know. Now we're right there are not just what are. Like guys.