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Friday, May 19th

Bring the drama.


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Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance or family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter 2995378. Back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. I've gone to the bombing Gerri shall we you do stop hammering this really good notes and the well on this book. He looked really. And from the palatial Bobby and Sherry studios kids. Bob and sharing. Very nice resolution. A few days ago and I was walking around. While she was looking at I don't know in your own stores something and I came upon a T shirt shop and in the window of the T shirt shop. Legally this teacher I took a picture of that it's a gracious T shirt and it has blue words like royal blue words. Mets and has two giant fists were dearth films like pointing at your chest like. Like pisses me to chayet almost talk like Fisk pointing catcher's chest. And it says. This is what an awesome dad looks like what a great father stayed very nice Father's Day present its its not something I could everywhere. I would never feel comfortable. Walking around with on my chests to giant fist pointing at my chest saying this. Is what an awesome dead looks may be called where when you're working your land. Yeah people I'm working my land I could we're through we're just you know my children visiting. He won here who's got surgery would know your kids gave it tea though nobody you know I don't usually look at all but first so I'd call. And you're wearing execute. Scheming team that was sometimes I do wanna see somebody wearing them I do think that the UR tool because you boarding yourself. Publisher like pat know who would you don't think so I don't so that's our guests. I mean isn't always a father I'm a whole reason that search in the windows to stop there's this few you know they can be very tricky. For kids. I just you know I just knew I would think people will be judging me. Look at look at this guy. Mr. awesome dad really. Much common repair and I mean. I couldn't where no one that would say something like. This is what a nervous person looks like definite you know Derek told that. We all the yeah like I just finished shaking get amid Digg can make it look like she can't. You don't know thirty actually shares at one of personal. Cup. It. So my and it would stop you on the street Purcell fees if you had done things so really and I will not be what you're shoot move forward. No I don't want done actually but that would be used Erik Cole. Now this is your first person looks. This is put a person can never finish college look let it out. Yeah. All over the years my kids don't give me thank you know mom T shirts. But when they were first born the grandmothers would give me a mother stay they would meet. They would send me T shirts like that while there were no there were more sentimental link they weren't funny new race. Click I would Wear shirt the says this is what a tired mom looks like Rae Kyra where the sir all day can mean. And I you know what it's got to be out there but I would get Blake. On the corn flour blue T shirt. Wish I com and it an illustration. Of a woman in a rocking chair right with little flowers around it and he would say something like. Mother's love knows no limits. And camp I can't Wear that room and also it's been my experience that he had checked some of them some of them do. And you know that limit can be lured than you would think some. Go to Atlantic can be and how. We ensure some not I'm inflicting pain on those people who were like you actually have arguments yet there are limits and this is sappy sappy sappy. Two giants Jason assist you're look this is what a selfish mean and looks like. You know how beef so honest I heard very my father and shoot a high. Speaking of do you know of missing T shirts you've got so much respect last week calling my name or Mike. Tide got me on this really great shirt it's pale blue. And it has hacks. Riding flying unicorn on it. Well. There is so beyond and so I word too on top class beyond what mental health she's beyond everybody's beyond your dreams at. So I'm word to tap class Saturday and Tom I picked up a my daughter and a couple of her friends defer went to tap my older daughter and they're all very cool. You know it is so cool right. And so I'm standing there chatting with them and the one girl goes. Missionary UT circus life. Of truth where it's got. And I said that noose expression death. All right I'm gonna start using this because it'll drive medicine crazy I think Todd has the greatest taste and the most unbelievable radar for cool cat shirts. It's the best I wish I had that. Yeah you should I wanna start using that you mean did you need to do it late tonight when you had a dinner we Mary and the kids. I want you to take a big gold plate of whenever it is kind of yes and I want you to look at Mary kind notching her little princess Mary. This man which gives me life. I'm gonna do that met this and she knows it oh Maya god who knows you know every top McGill one of these are usage like a couple of times and then extra I think what our city and but what was that one were you were you amazed balls aren't fouls at the next. I was I concede its claim to that word second word. And then you know all of a sudden you weren't now all the way. I walked away. Also. She's drawn you don't club yet to be really careful you can't say you can't say it gives me the feeling of life for gives likes to meet you have to say it again. This fill in the blanks gives me life and stay with some drama and some of these. Very. This lasagna. Think Joseph Madison thank you played clubs okay. FaceBook Twitter sort photo ops yeah Sherri dot com. Rick there's only a couple of things a man doesn't that she'd want to count don't. Club. And you claim that you fell asleep with some. Yeah. Are you shocked bird. Oh are you wish a farmer a sheep shirt a richer. How did you all leave we're running out of excuses for you brush up at work work that's nobody. I was actually see in the military. Haitians aren't here and ain't no end that every third one spot that we get beat duke to. Are there wax right. And one album was just happened to the issue farmers. Area. And nobody wanted to do whatever Kurdish smelled bad. Am. Literally let the error of course we stayed out two weeks anyway exit pop up but can't. And I have to tie and where she got it I can't. What did you shoot we just commend you your test. Until at least workers created. You don't have a true. So I was sleeping bear all of a sudden there's a knock on the team. Yeah. And there was Woolley who just don't understand you and your fellow soldiers were big you act on some German farmers sheep pass jerk. OK okay and that she poured commandeered ten at night. Okay. Well we you'll help you'll look through. Caution stated analysts admit it. How much could do. When daylight down thumb. Record based did you stand they're staring you all night. Homeowners our early I mean you know so. I'm late late now we go to sleep. You wake up and your next through she. And nice food you have a nice warm bullied or at least she she cuddling up next do you and you can midnight. Why why would look that that would seem kind of magical what was wrong with that. Yes good part of forming this is yeah and escape the city girls. Hope this before everybody's phone video camera and. You bursting into visual. And well. I'm proud of the military now also. You ever were you able to to walk around and no I in Germany like you know in the Frankfurt where it is. Any town here in your unit senior US uniform. March 1 to you were supposed to. Well we supposed to go on the civic is to be a close. There. There did you ever walk run and you're used uniform. Up. It's really kind of the German army yes there disinfecting helped to so with one of these military operations that we had. You got here years ago can you had jets and everything they have jets yes. I think she talked to download I think he just looks so much. To determine the real bad feeling in us attorney do have a German or. Some mandatory military service and Germany that I don't know I think to do with fury and a mail already. Kind of thing yeah different opinions so do you miss some do you miss those species leasing mornings so rich you are up she. And I. I'd rather wake up what my wife playing music action race. I'm calling on more tuna and you can say break wouldn't always be just one sheep that would commend your temper which is sometimes wake up little little group sheep and that's can you know you know what. One is OK how are you there and even bad joke how she fit into an army ten. I don't know. But. The farmer or we were at. At about. Maybe twelve sheep or America. I think the most I've ever seen those three might tip you. That's got a Big Brother that has to be tripping to wish I hadn't said that should be chirping to wake up with three she did in your check my team. Yeah where there whether other soldiers in your tent urge you have your own tent. Now. How we react. But small hair parted third fight or silos it would play better. And then the shooter come. We are a lot of our armed force we do. The man's gotta do what a man's got at least he wasn't getting drunk tonight before your match attribute that issue with everything you're busy week. Within I'll be married. Yeah Rick thank you for serving appreciated. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby cherry. I just had mom Sherrie just Mike Berry plus. Marat I support the site you thought my ball. I OK. I think I know you Kerry did. The right at Charlotte did that grade out of the way it's not there are far as well what's about to happen. What a. I we have started arguing company about he wanted to buy a lot caught off the Litton. Seven days before the wedding. But he waited two weeks afterwards. But not before I had to take I really big kids. We're gonna get this straight again he wanted to know why you called off the web. Three days before the seven days to sell the Edinburgh and but he waited for two weeks which meant to be weighted to the week after the wedding day. To ask you why you called the wedding off a week before it. You weren't problems for the SA TV. You know get your car here not why were you still on the cart this guy few called off the wedding. What I'm doing poorly. I think it was his final. Oh yeah don't threaten our but he waited to see in two weeks after you called off your wedding. He wanted to know why you called off your wedding now Kerry I don't want to antagonize you but it's a fair question for the May Day. We have the life solo home. I think like at flight laughter at that. Hi let me ask you this though before we get on the road here so to speak on Fisher car have blocks. Most aren't fun to most do how did he get in the car. Very odd eating. While he was out you hit him with the car. He was outside the car he approached you and I don't let out a ROK let's go what what happened you're getting in your car. Well how would leave them they can't pay wanted to argue that he cat and he couldn't cite physical mean the only was trapped upright he grabbed my arm no. And he paints this picture yet whenever I have cargo rails. We realized what he had done when he smacked me around. What can the man pitches a woman's arm and what is that the riddler yes show me tomorrow. Yes I'll OK so at. Tell me aren't I you're right the minute carry that he asked for it so keep patient on the arm it's a woman what to cancel our let me. Like tweeted me and ran out of it like it is her father but we have a little compensation Laird and I caught and I'll leave and then he'd call me out whether until I answered his question you. Well we end up finally got a light. Al going to in my car ran in and got in my car. And like what kind of temperament and opt opt support. Landed on the period up my car. Get out of here you should have Merida. And yes. I want to have a golf I would bet on the wind and I buddy Malibu won't stop yeah. And he'd say well look they about that he Rick I was they thought you guys any clear them in my car not eating. Well curious that serious what happened to them. It will data. Well the super Rendell and I was Superman Superman was so winner when he got up what did he say. Are you would my hands. In. The united. We've got our cars hit we with your heart is what it was the second thought he got about a car. When I was trying to leave. Until what do woman runs me over once I'm gone years like remember well hang on Kerry Superman was stronger than a locomotive right. Ambassador write your question yeah. And hello folks do is start in the locomotive estimate is beating both able to leap tall buildings in a single bound this guy is stronger than Terry's car do you. I always thought that leaping tall buildings and a single bound was kind of a moot point is the guy can keep all my idea. Videos I hit Hollywood not not at all. And did you tell him not after was like you hit me with your card did you say it is so your fault. Yeah I don't want to say I'm safely and who aren't up. And what did he say to that a new and and I don't have about a eating what McCarty and. I when when he when he once Superman on you I mean how to relay and then that this is pretty impressed. He grabbed the hallway of their good yeah by the car and they was just perched up there are not the birdie. And I just riding you know I've. Take usually little writing new. Business and she knew it really got that ask and I wish I ain't no way either when he got to slam outright that web sites. You know carry you shouldn't have done that you know that she could kill the guy. I noticed all of us. I finally got me and he got a little physical labor why would that it was buying an all my windshield. Why I wish I really am serious why would you wanna be with somebody who's so does not wanna be with you why would that ice that why would you take two. I times with the car I guess he does figures he's got Kerry he's got a woman he may not get another out and I. I just he lost control the situation and that yeah that and any man that and speaking and losing control I just got a little lady geeks like glanced up on our screen and now we have a caller on the line and 17 who says angry sex produced evil child. And dot com and took off my dream I'm starting Jerry Jerry we don't want a one on Narnia may now be. Yeah OK yeah I know where they're came from they hear my by its market share. Audio clips I guess more everybody's salary dot com. Why didn't see them honest. On CNN news I say hold on your parents enough you'll find out why and our second story here's according. But starting us off police in Florida showed up to arrest the woman who had been on the run for eighteen years. That would be sold. Can't ask what was her community run. Tom it doesn't say what it is which you try to convince them that she was somebody else like flashing a fake birth certificate. The problem was that she stored her big person to get along with a real real and one had a real one fell on the floor. And the police officers now that that's what we're looking for what a stupid way to undo a new eighteen years eighteen years eighteen years. How would you just be so tense. If you are on the and I am for eighteen years I'm always looking around the corner the contents we are now. They would spot miscues they'd say what percentage to choose what you got the pick. 44 year old Bryant still live Indianapolis Indiana was here you drunk on Saturday night. And around 4 AM almost got news driving drunk and for me and that's awful. For at least he was trying to Brian ended up stopping his car in the middle of the above the street and falling asleep but the real. But that wasn't the only signs that police had to say that he was way too drunk to. When the police found Brian he was wearing his pants as assured. Police say. He was in his underwear but he quote I did have his pants on but they were on his arms. Both arms were inserted into the legs of his Judy how I can see it now okay he was arrested public intoxication obstructing justice traffic and there is no word on his blood level let's go to. Arkansas now where drink parks is fifty years old it's been arrested he went into a bank can stand here and and not get his business committee laugh and he made a phone call to this Keller is working with him on this transaction. And not be identified himself he says hi I'm Tracy parks' father. Interest rates just told me if you were being held blank today. And I'll give you fifty dollars and he'll punish streets for calling you a bad knee and spank him. Then treat changed his voice instead it's MITRE. I really want to spank me up quite kept. So are you following what happened here somehow I am glad that what do you do then you become into the paint and we've gone into the bank before and I know that all opposing his his dad yeah I don't really done a billion cell was himself. The victim to no one's surprise hung up on Drake and his dad. Called the police. Police went over to Drake house and arrested him. And charged him with harassing communications. Because you're not allowed to call up the bank teller and ask for a spanking and no matter how muddy and then you know I've had a good spanking by the spread further. It's totally about its purity asked Fareed now would go to Florida where. And I think Bob figure gonna defend this will be a minute I think we're all gonna defend this woman she was at the AT&T store in the treasure coast smaller Jensen beach Florida. Her name is Denise collapsed Gillespie's she was trying to make changes to her son's cell phone plans. And the employee explained and you're not on the plants and you can't make any changes to a pro which makes sense right preference. Well at least the last he wasn't happy she began shouting at the AT&T store employee and causing received. A deputy was called to the store and asked Denise to leave. Then the deputy told Denise Mann you need to call corporate if you have a complaint. That deputy Denise Richards is a deputy and said oh yeah I don't give us what you say. An hour later the deputy was called back to the store and guess who's back yelling and screaming at the AT&T in some ways it's good Lisa again you know. The deputy said ma'am I have asked you to leave once again if he says. Yeah. Let's say. Then she began shouting random obscenities which I would have liked to have heard right com charged that the store employee. And then on your phone charger what does that mean charged is that head down like a bull like a cool idea then she threw a phone charger at which point the deputies finally arrested her granddaughter patiently Jensen beach Florida. You know what you're right I do support your notes they weren't involved in those those those cell phone companies can keep going to the moment we've all been there the. And finally this morning in Oklahoma. Tom guy pulls up to the McDonald's drive through these tickets on Tuesday night. Then Tom says. Sauces and in the bag and then he would sonic guns that we should keep employees and says oh don't me use this is. Hole. According to another witness the suspect was also upset over not getting his stride it's so he didn't get this sauce person against anything get a surprise. That they have police in Oklahoma said whether it's a toy garner real gun when you've pointed at a person and it's the same difference it's the felonious pointy of a firearm. Police are still investigating no arrests have been made yet it was in a phony gun or was I don't know we I don't know unless it's gonna. They hear was the guy who really wasn't love and it can defensive line and as someone. Has never want us. Ever gotten in order rate. I'm not saying much future over the price. Stand here and that is more and to each to see. C dish and the bottom inserted podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading us all into. Elusive come to me for eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. Dozen vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazing yeah. Great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Off for sandals or call 888091. She's 5159. That's 8889125159. Back to the podcasts. And ice cream dips at the office Jerry dot com. I was reading something on buss speed the other day that. We talked a little bit about one of these these are insanely creepy freaky frat freaky fax that'll blow your mind the hot one of the best ones on their we talked about but buzz feed expanded on happen. The average person. We'll walk past. At least sixteen. Murderers. And their lifetime oh is that right. You figured that at some point in your life few walked past to murder some airport terminal road. Fast food restaurant I wonder how they should be higher well rest stop. That's that's an interest in figure signal it is this is awful I tortured gonna say in a month and I'll know what got general marks in orbit yeah right exactly. Sixty murderers the end. We your lifetime. I'm such a twisted weird deal I often wonder how many close encounters I've had with serial killers who are still on the loose and unsound. One of the scariest things that ever happened man's just talking to my daughter about it because. He can do you have to teach your kids that. On them. You want him to loves people and be kind but you have to be cautious to death and you guys about this when it happened I was living all alone at the time in the house at the end of the cul-de-sac. And it was the last house in that road at the end of the cul-de-sac in 2 o'clock in the afternoon there's knocking at my door and I am. I go and I'd look through the glass and nurse this. Sweaty. Disheveled looking middle aged businessman standing on my front steps. And there's something about him that's often Mike gut immediately went there's something wrong here right so without opening the door I say can I help you. And said yeah my my car broke down and I just need to use your phone. Well she if you had to go past. Thirteen other house since a fine mind she there were a lot of stay at home moms in my neighborhood then. And they were home so you oh you went to the last house on the end of the leaned. Where nobody could hear me scream what did you do I say I'm sorry can do it. I come all and help me here I said no sorry can't do it. Tonight I stepped back into their shadows season where she couldn't seem meet Newton. And I watched him and it'll look on his face no and then he turned around. And walked back down my driveway and back on the rude and why didn't he go to the house next story why did is I know that how should talking about why did he go to one of these thirteen I house's right. And I know I don't know I can't proves nothing bad happened to but in my heart and in my gut I have always believed that if I had opened my door that would have been it for me Newton. And so I taught my starters like when you're god when everything in your body is saying no men. Listen to it OK so here's another round fascinating and creepy fact. More than 1600. People have gone missing. In US national parks. Then I'll just in parks vanished without a Trace now. But now there's an -- a lot of wilderness just all fell player maybe not it's felt. Oh loss to then they're never fat and. I mean some of our national parks are. True wilderness you know I mean some it is you know there's stores and there is that is places that are that entertainment oriented. But you get out in Yellowstone. Or you get out in Yosemite Yosemite I mean grand tee time I could see how somebody would grant and you in right. By the time anybody could may be shiny could be dead of exposure. People just disappeared in order this it's people who were not really outdoors people and they wanna see something that's really magnificent. And they. And they lost they think because it's a national park enough yeah now. Let's see here's another one there's a parasite in cat feces. It can control the mind of a rat if the rat eats it. I'm controls the mind of the rat. In what way it tells the rats to do certain things you have since you mentioned it is controlling my mind right now I thought I would rat. There's a zombie song yes. It basically in sleeves answer for its own benefit until it kills them. A zombie fun this you know fun fun -- live in and of the Fung guy has its own agenda and motivation for feeding and reproducing me and it controls these ants and then when it's had its. Bill answer serve the purpose it kills them in a jelly fish's mouth. Is also. A jelly fishes. Yeah yes you know I was there and which is a similar scenario yeah and then look at those and then move her. Blair hopefully at the same people I was campaign may ice today. Why analysts as a joke these kids. Is true that's a little does what he's talking on the I'm not as he literally. Combat. Teams. Food. The last person born on a blessed person honors. To have lived in the nineteenth century died a few weeks ago. Moreno we talked about her guts was born November Tony 98. Teen 99 that is amazing isn't it. And that's hacking and what she saw. I mean the difference between the years 17170. Seven. There's a difference. But between 1899. And now. That's a sign finally you're not for the latest Bob. Thirteen microscopic bugs that live on your face. Maybe kids. It's ironic that you can't make. Extraordinarily upset about this area dot com we're talking none. The other yesterday. About click reliving your mistakes and reliving the big screw ups and defeats and Christine joins us right now you screw up to work. I. To loot that I got fired. No problem. Yeah oh well I'd say an outpatient and that probably injection and each. An update Kara all harm her move you're dead doubled Shattuck polio. There it alum I picked up the wrong why and. And when I went and manager life you have a god made everything he do into the computers took them 01 recorded into this system until it. Cartel guy would do what is known by Darren came into the banking. And I'm glad we're done wrong moral or pick on the list when Blair yellen went. All lead to back and let me slip her. The look Christine. Yeah no doubt no doubt greatest job anatomy and then nine iron to me on the AA. And tonight can I go back up Bloomberg is a wanna make sure I have this straight. On the first of all the phrase a double shot of polio. Is that it gets my attention was that was not a good deal in the back of a vaccine for polio. Or didn't even know we were still doing that. And so you gave you gave a double shot. Double actually scored on her bodyguard Derek eggs and every Internet only go so there's that then meant that I. See on your site Christina is you know but. You see how some uptight APC hospital administrators can be all you can't be giving kids double holy hell injection to. Was what's the mother hopes aren't. What's what's the mother was the mother informed. Did the mother and a father wasn't there they had no problem with Democrats have got a look like if you were allergic she'd ever every patient you know by now. And then Shannon family 1015 minutes IE and offered to pay for their beatle. Yahoo! down and they don't and they fired do you because of that. It was a Friday that bad at Glen and I stayed holed that each and then spend 888 million led Balco Ahmed Al ability. I. Do you know doesn't seem run biased I Ahmed. And all of ever stay there if you accidentally gave my daughter Olivia a double polio vaccination you wasn't turner. Heard her. Make you sicker any Cain I'm gonna want you fired. Up and we all upping your boss is chased don't keep stakes so pay. EL warmup but she didn't materialize and then I had the I had wasn't even dared the clinic for 3 weeks and I am arm they're not they're dead I had never got and I'll collect that but I assure everything that you need broad exe machine tell me to go do it anyway. And I tried mug and then when I'd be apparent pain that would on the lip and came back and units. If they would vote for me ask my manager like he wouldn't do no we never went and all of. How about that now they are did you get there a dig in another run hospital or medical so putting. Yeah I remember claiming glad you. Bet that's why it was like two minutes from our house yeah how are you glad you need to have those three lion it would be great no now I'm. Really know who worked worked so. All that work work done Julia yeah Africa Apollo we've we've been avoiding work work work media super rich. From birds you know I think so yeah. We are very consistent about like some yard work work last week Enid pleasure like dancing needed who's ever did not seem you. Well I you. Have a main hero leg and an air conditioner and talk about people playing in Munich there and. Yeah that's right that's what they tell us you got the part where there's a naked man standing new Paul Armstrong. Didn't meet sir. This is true that it's her open layout yes and that I allowed it because I want a man. Smith to shoot useful. I let them rotate through taking turns standing me now two Cheri really identifies with you Chris and probably a little more than I do because. When you say double shots. She knows which you talk about knowledge vodka until perch right now how that's right there's no such thing as a mistake double shot that's exactly right preference for Christy you'll have a great. Day today. Thank you ever read my god YouTube. Take care I care you know I know we have to have buried high exactly the standards being linked medicine and aviation. But there has to be room for human factor and it does sound like from Christine story we're. Her supervisor was not cross in the tease you learn that's exactly are you risking not to worry she got home she got yeah. We are again snacks are boxers show which is this is bodies here. Maybe Cheri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another pod cast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Something minded head Bob it was Jerry dot com. Now for the people's movie critic can hang you don't need this marks. He major motion picture debut on soccer star and underwear model David Beckham. Lamar welcome. OK I don't do a good skill Beckham's first. This is there this is the one this is a one that makes him or breaks him but I gotta be honest if you grow up on this movie. About king Arthur in your expect in these gallant knights in armor saying it's good these men.