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Tuesday, July 11th

Can we get a little air in here?


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Health insurance can be so confusing and so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. The bothers her podcast is brought chief today by USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Dental and vision surgery X series accidents and more why not give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do for. 84 quarter 299. 537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. Employees could. Summary that I guess that makes it official this. You'll be summer. Okay. It hasn't gotten much play. But but when I tell you what it is I think the EU and Max are gonna share my obsession okay it's this former Olympian and he was a rower. In an investment advisor from Canada who vanished back in 2015. Without a Trace can his name is Harold backer. And he just disappeared one day after telling his wife he was going out for a boy cried. Well 528. Days later. He turned himself in and and he still hasn't told anyone where he's been since the day he left it's also unclear. On why he disappeared although remember cities and investment advisor. He's facing two counts of fraud for over 5000 dollars and he's being held or at least he was at the time that this. Story came out. So I'm a mobs on the little princess with him and here's why. The idea. Of kissing your spouse or your partner goodbye. And then disappearing. Under your own free will. That. Just intrigued. Youth it's not a very hard to say you know I know do it I know it's very very hard to do these states. He shouldn't we just added to justify Blentwell disappeared did he say where he wins he has not he's not talking want Santa. So here's a question for you guys if you're gonna do that now if after the show today you'd decided you know what. I'm not doing the same mormons do anything in my life anymore and you guiding your Avalon. And you decide you're gonna disappear or Maxi deciding your disappear. What game plan being. And by the way that's call all men who were breaking really bad two way include an arrow a lot yes well you know great gas mileage and very comfortable right. And well I actually wouldn't get in the car is going to be very traceable. So I would try to get a fake idea had a ton and try to make a fake IDs so you'll have talked at times no a watch catch me if you can't OK and I'll dozing guy. You gotta go do. So I would do that and then I wouldn't. The ticket train but not to the place where I really want ago. I wouldn't I would take it to another part of the country and I change. And I would go to the place where I'm going to go. And I think you would be medium size. City what not to COLT but not too cold where I could. I could blend in if you're in a small town owner in the middle of nowhere you're in some sort of a shack that you bought people are gonna find out who we're grew up there but usually guys like Whitey Bulger where did he hide. Santa Monica California he. Would you I mean. It's hard to do and you can you know credit card a credit cards you have to cash world's. If you're gonna walk away from your life like that you have to walk absolutely away. You have to have had squirreled away some money at some point along the line cash money from reality that's exactly right and just say this is how long I'm going this is how much I need. Because. The only thing about that that. I think about people who know and love me and they would worry and the fact that they are worrying. That I that bothers me then I would cause that to happen. A young with you on that the ideals of doing it actually. Kinda feeling kind of appealing. But what I see yourself and I wouldn't want to people who love me to worry. But I also would be afraid that they would forget to eat and not know to put a coat on when it's cold. If I wasn't rap album he's. Admitted that steroids you're the make him learn. Canada I think you do have days I'm sorry don't we all have days or maybe even weeks months. Where you think I this life that I have somehow built for myself it's neat it's not what I want none and I I wanna start over I want to do over. I want to reset. I don't know if I really shield I have in the past. And I'm not there right you know there are now pretty happy right now you have in the past all have I think it's. Okay did admit that can own now or would it be better that you do go on tour really. Off the grid rural remote. Play this truth or consequences in New Mexico well are there are places in New Mexico and Arizona. Spit that that it people are off the grids and mind their own business as a reminder all this Montana is huge for that as men affecting guy used to work for list that the white fish Montana. And people that we just dropped out would move up the white fish and they we hang out at his bar that he and nobody asked nobody asks us to get. Westerners minder business. A complete source forget I went meant to tell you this earlier and I just remind myself it's amazing how do you brain works okay. So most of us are fascinated with places that have names slick pushing a 90 or who took the consequences in Mexico. I learned a trip to consequences got its name Gaza again shall contests used to be called Hot Springs because there's a hot spring there. It was hot springs New Mexico. But there was a contest on some TV game show and like the fifties called trigger cuts cultures are consequences and they had a contest where if you name the town after the game show you got money or something. And that's that's so I got springs New Mexico one and that's how they became church a concert. I was done cousins live and sykora New Mexico who we're living in Arizona we used to meet them in T and see les called teen Ciba and the truth and consequences for lunch. You know what we were travel to look like love that it's kind music. And a little to attend a little exercise wise on the road I guess like 300 people or Seattle likes of coral was a bigger town as well who works for the car. Supposedly you know all the satellite gap desert right. We're like every man in your family except for me yes that they would bust them. Forum to Magdalene. She's a consequence is just a couple of stops right. I mean it's really small not far from some of our listeners in humans are your people out in the middle of the desert in Kim Bernie Ebbers. That's right Bobby share. They analyzing the news and monasteries dot com and somebody nudity she surveys can they cast. What people thought about the music stars and Carrie Underwood was voted the best female role model in music. That's pretty good choice bunch thanked I really love her yes I mean Nash doesn't do anything this that's terrible shoes followed by Taylor Swift. Adele Alicia Keys beyoncé Katy Perry and lord. And the also went on to ask who is these chill this man. In music. So calm and you're gonna tell us how to be a chill man. No no no come I'm gonna ask how do you become mature mentally even like what the original man I want one of these children. Who do you think they've picked. The Cilic managed to listen in Jason Mraz was like fifth Adam Levine's going to be in their son Jack Johnson. Was right above them and Zach brown. Sanchez name. John Legend was separatist. Who's more children John Legend. Can you be more children John Legend and have a pulse. Terrelle. Volley after thorough drill was he was being he came from week ahead of everybody knows the most special man yeah. I'm music C. If I were music I would be known if I had the schedule as the most tired man between music so how do you go from being. Known as well hired me and to the most chill made his notes neither one is doing a lot right that's why you chill factors I just kind of. I think it and we have less can change at any time. Anything we sent our minds to it might be better for you. To shoot for something else because your so far from channel. I think you could be a lot of things but still you're very far from Michelle that's your insulting. Why is that insulting. That I am far from here you're far from Chile that makes me like he she'll be Mexican jumping being sort of human beings are somethings. Humans are we go cut. Yeah very true how can tell what color are all from Jill very likely saying gee do you know why it bombed you are not. A Latino woman. Your not you're really should be the Latino woman nearly blossoming chilled stunning insult us a statement of facts are this close to being Jewelers I am a Latino woman. I think you're close to go a Latina woman. You cannot work doesn't just talk about being children so sorry I don't know fiery Latino signal or some liquid hit yes that's true yeah. While you're so far. You're the anti children. All of you you're only talking to on this you're the hill without it should. I like to be more chill dude just relax and I'd like to be rich. What was it that sold tennis swimsuit on what was in the salt and pepper taught us and they're meant they wanted their meant to be. Yeah cannot ascribe no that's typical scene quickly. Relax would relax acts with pat pat he's number one I have I've wanted to be relaxed with gas and you've got to pat. We got the caps play like what can I get going and I don't know no I don't know why you're not works shown no cancer that yeah yeah but you're not. You're not a chill here not actual guy and that's okay. No it's not known as women like chills just. Kind of like chill shields I. Jeremiah Wright this old guy. Huge spiritual union came soon pension. And once you've been since I mean they wanted to kill me I know of women and one of the summit that. You know. A number of left and yeah. You always shows. That's when Joseph. And she likes that fire relief but he never content between pitcher Rick it's. The delegates Texan. But you know we're. Someone who. We've not Joba plus the big. Military no woman. Okay this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another pod cast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone. Sorry dot oh. My favorite. Twitter account is one called you had one job brave men what to what you have one job days. It's basically a home people posting in pictures and and examples on how. Accompanied it had one job. And screwed it up and rain easy basically had this one thing to do yeah and I guess when you see the AAA truck broke down on the side. Greta you have one idea. So I was online yesterday a post a picture this on my FaceBook has a cracked me up so hard I was online yesterday you know when you click on to anything's first chef to wade through all of the click throughs and click throughs in the ads and everything else. Before you get to what you're looking for and I know that this is a real my dog skip moment but there was a tweet that said. Amazing photographs of dogs as they age none out. You say yourself woman that's the reason to cry but it was actually really cool this photographer had these photos of dogs at like one year golden. And then the photographer went pac ten years later and took a picture of the dog in the same setting in seem poston and you got to see how these dogs aged over time right and in some cases just like with people in some cases it was pretty germanic this dog looked you know lake in an age ten years or other cases. The dog looked like it just had a slightly different haircuts and click through and I'm looking in all the dogs and among all. All look at one on who you look like my aunt pat. Look at that one. And suddenly the then web site and a mom which is and dog morality today dot com. On you know and how they have that things are clicking through the gallery if you like this you may like church and then it's usually something related like kittens LO rallying right work. Can't shaped like squirrels or whatever musicians that have similar genres on its stead and I have a picture of it to prove it T Bob but I don't know my FaceBook yesterday. It's head. Like herpes Nancy. Robert global holding the Bible that says her piece thought it would shock market how does that relate to the dorm and it doesn't you had one it's not being done by a person is just an automatic auto generated Andre yeah it was just some placement on the back on the Internet and don't you like aging dog this year they let her Easton. The Internet. So much I don't know like that. You know it's irritating to me you'll you'll be looking had a story on line. And there is some click paid over in the right yacht and one of them looks kind of legit. You know like. You'll believe these amazing photos from world war two and there's a picture of a Nazi doing something. Pretty wacky. Right and I I say to myself what is going on barely using some kind of a crazy look at your plane that I don't even know what it is sauce I got to see that. So there you ago. You're enough but you don't get that picture right away get the picture of Hitler's bunker. All right and there's an ad but you gotta go to number two. And that's not it all of a sudden you're up to number eighteen you've seen 55 ads and it's still not stay out. The thing that drives me as crazy is that. Because again among Twitter alive and so it's you know on your phone you can get sloppy film's more easily but. A lot of there on the things on Twitter are really lard it up put back kind of self yeah. This has happened to me like four times in the past few days. I click on the article to go forward to the next sunscreen knew and what ends up happening is the diversity App Store. Allies to install a game called it monkey balls right. Monkey boss right right I don't I'm I'm a grown woman I don't have time for dinner I definitely don't have timing and you can go back to good to what he has a bash you're gonna start all Dan yeah and nine times out of ten whatever was I was going to see. This amazing trick with a grapefruit will take twenty years off your but I just don't even bother me no even modern. I wonder. I wonder with these on the way that they do those ads. It's the value is just getting your eyeballs for the first few clicks series. And then they don't even care that you don't make it all the way it's aggressive it's correct it's Greg. You waited probably you know that the more you click through the more they're going to be getting. But still don't get something if I'm trying I'm trying to see that that that plane and I'm going six CN. And then I give up you still you probably have run through at least twelve you know advertisements by me. There's one I'll tell you just avoid it because I I don't think I've ever succeeded in actually seen what to click be wise gemstar. Max DC gemstar is on Twitter yes what is that gemstar is it's a Twitter account that has these unbelievable. Attractive look they come online and this old woman is 300 years old what she does with big Kim will astonish you out right. And you're gone man I want to do whatever that is at stake in this say the word. You click on it and it's so much so you know cluster. I don't know once I never succeeded in getting. All the way through to a gemstar slick putt about the ones this is the bond girl from 1980 you won't believe what she looks like today and good luck. Good luck considered I'm gonna throw you about a hundred actresses before you get her this is Bob ensure. I I'm sorry dot com. We were just talking about this amazing story where somebody in New York City yard sale of water. This plane looking ceramic bowl for three dollars and fifty cents. And it was just sold at auction 2.2 million dollar 2.2 million dollars in the reminds me of this article I read yesterday. The average person. In America has just lying around and they look at it and it's like junk like old. Hit HS tapes there. You know all of this and that the average person in the country has about 15100. Bucks they could make overnight if they just sell the stuff. And we don't wanna do it because. We look at it we go oh I remember when I was watching that. Smoking in the band hysteria Heidi I don't want to give it away and it is stays in this year after year after year and eventually you know. Somebody throws it on your kids your whoever throw it out. But you are elect a mini quarter. You're a mean you order that cannot get rid of certain stuff that you could actually make some money with which you're free to get rid of it for whatever reason. I've sold seems awfully on Craig's list and once it's gone and I'm OK with having it leave but I'm so sentimental that I I attached sentimental value due hand in Kingston. And it's hard for me department certain things tsunami it was harder rid of it all. And I once it's gone I'm okay with and I'm a little likable little anxious says it's leaving the house spoke once its non then I'm at peace and I feel better for not having. So much crap around there are pictures in our garage that belonged to Mary and actually I think probably her grandmother her mother and on to whoever. And there are like these. Prince of hounds. A wouldn't would you call the hunting when the world with the red British coats on Tony fox hunting art so that these fox hunting prints. I know. And I'm I look at them and go out to clear out garage and I look at my god they're never going up in our house. Never have because guys Taylor Swift has taught us never. Her because here's the thing I am not the land owning gentry do you discard liar pants and a whole lot. I know squire. And in people who put that stuff up and are not into that sport to me are kind of tool like they're trying to be like. The English Bayer are English bettors and many many men and it's not going to be traffic. But it's theirs they're sitting there are collecting dust and I don't. I can't throw them awake or not minding their meaningful to her you should throw them away but she said she comes out and that's next to where the cat craps somebody also may mean you should sell loads you should that's what that's what Amber's so I'm saying how hard they Bobby get a few bucks more than once can be worth 2.3 million dollars hole armed fox and hound kind of Huntington. That. The guy you know if that's your thing that's great. Some I think those are not Wear a summer my people come from there's not I don't have a single ancestor. That ever had anything to do with fox hunting. Veteran their own bank unless it was a scholar he waits who packed a picnic hamper for the long words back in mid day. Mega fight look at where my people come from there was based no fox hunting in Calabria Italy freight. When they were benching word fox timing during the potato famine in Ireland you've been to houses though were you go into like a dinner something and their pictures of fox hunting. Going on right and you wall's been painted dark green. And they put up the fox hunting press and the families got nothing to do with fox honey not made to each his own if that's the look at you like flies by and but it is kind of I mean my own feeling is unless I got a gun. And I got some big Eagles. And I got some horses I keyed to quit. We have not in my house we believe in on having art that reflects. The lynch family history voted legend yeah so we have on in our dining room we have a beautiful old oil painting called the indictment. I think I. That's wonderful. Is it abstract it's it's very realistic. That the orange on my father's jumpsuit in this pinging is still vivid Bob you really you could just reach out to knock it off the law will work very young minimalist over at our house as we look back on our rough. It's just we think it's a large black gaining with a Kent cigarettes. Well we have done all it is. We do have we do have an abstract and it's it's kind of click on the lines of colors and it's entitled. I don't know what you mean officer and the PepsiCo general. You know it's different reflect if I have a self portrait called it the runaway hit. And it's me getting got to train at the age of thirteen get the hell out of Connecticut. We have on a structure. It's not her large it's only about a foot tall and is made out of this very unusual resident Newton and it's. It's like a woman like an abstract figure of a woman. Now and she's kind of hunched over Gloria in a posture of grief and and dumb that was called the rabbit died. Hope all Harry tender so that's a beautiful YE a sculpture of my brother called skipping school. And you just it's you have to see is back only if you you don't see it. Drills are doing to tell exactly what should you do I heard the scream by moaned and my parents have the disappointment yeah. That's the best. That's the best dressed. Judging we're saying that for the people in this room clean right he'll be part shouldn't reflect differently did you reality of the. Just to each dish. She dish and the Bobby and Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Police have come to me for eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words. Doesn't a vacation there currently is all inclusive sound amazing yeah. Re not you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Off for sandals the call 888912515968889125159. Back to the podcast. I you click on the door and Bobby and Sherry got. I can't believe do we did it Todd was able to successfully get. Sri determine who was a holder more than 200 in this book of world records records in a onetime. The record for the most records in the Guinness book of world records. But if you remember ash treated just landed his latest spy in the Guinness book. I'm putting out more matches with his tongue in any other person and here he is on the line with us today cash reaffirmed welcome. Oh we're very excited to talk here. Our armed and what's your latest record on what made you decide you wanted to hold the record for extinguishing the most matches. Which your own time. Well you know I go through to begin spoken there web site just looking for things that I can do it you might say it's my passion in life to break Guinness records. Telling any idea how it's negative it's not DIA admits but he noted challenge to it obviously each game Ericsson having you bring your tongue. They're not so it actually fastest in the other way and that they have the rules set up. You know you have to the director was there he so it's what every few seconds and so yeah I managed to turn away it is 37 in the minutes. I'm cutting juju that I mean how much your strategy yeah how long a stereo. I've media agencies should have it's just like a lot of other records that I do I mean you got us. Practice and obviously got to figure out the fastest way to do it. It's it's it's I would if I were putting up matches on my tongue I wouldn't practice. And I would. That's because you're not a champion you talk good chat room here right now I know. What I was wondering mistreated is what we were speculating on who was either you have the world's greatest pain tolerance or and I say this with love and not judgment. You're kind of on the duly sides you know excessive saliva. Is that not the case. Now that very and I mean I mean I do have a very high pain threshold but you know it's more like. I had I wish he would go on and I'm into the challenge of heading out study medications have a teacher may teach in more aid to Egypt it's. The last few self transcendence here that we have not do this sort of unlimited power inside of us. I mean I tell you that I mean you know that the match. The extinguishing in these kind of trade you know done. Hit a lot of you know athletic things as well you know I I run marathons juggling ideas forward roll continues toward roles I mean I'd I'd have to have that record stir. And most jumping jacks and tweet or are there had climbed the highest compliment I still. Yes so it's all part of my passion and yet this is just another way I've got sort of challenging myself. How how has it been a benefit to your life to hold all of these records. I mean that it's I mean I would I would say that benefited in doing it it's in the it's in the practicing it and doing it in the challenge of it. It's been in over in just setting a goal in achieving it. If I mean that it's not like. I walk around and figure out you know on the guy with the most trackers so I mean it's sort of like the experience I've read and he's going to the next month. All we know about the obvious and we know about the latest our record mr. matches and we're also we've watched the video view extinguishing blow torches which your tong and access. I came really great. That when he does that. You know what I different lab today. Because you know that's it's that's a thousand degrees and you know you'd you have to be really careful and quick I have. How does that work how. How many blow torches did you put out and how did not just burn your gums off. Well I think it's 47 and miss the most in a minute. I mean you need to take me eighteen you've got to sort of re really fast get your tong. Over the flame comes and you know didn't cut off the oxygen to the flame and you do you know you doing instantly I mean it's. To that it technique turn you know you do get burned no matter what you do get burned. How much does that hurt. Eric and how long did it heals faster we didn't. And I feel very fast. You know I guess it's sort of you know protection that the body has an innovative if you tongue. If you tongue the mid burned and you can. Has this been how helpful to you meeting women. And now I don't know I give out your 'cause I got I got it might be so impressed by you. Press play guy got to do going up not the highest moment in the world and still some putting out blow torch is with your with your aren't. What does a guy and I did not Simeon. That might go that's not my motivation you know. If I can see me in the club and said hey big common blowtorch tone I would you got my attention pressuring us and you know what inherit your something. Don't some of the other records that you holt. Just kind of run through him. I mean their analysts could see I mean actually kind of have to look at a list concern that it I have I have more than 200 content. I have the fastest marathon skipping without ropes but like kids skipping. Yeah that's the worst kind of it must have six hours I have I have about. Really try record for the fastest mile topping it can't get Shaq. And I did that actually in Mongolia. Region against the U act. If there yet it was really exciting actually beat you act by by just a bit. Now somebody must be that developing a movie about your life. I don't know it's really not that exciting yeah. Yeah Zach raise your blowtorch is out what you're told what is your definition an exciting. Yeah I read I've actually tied America and every continent they didn't have just monopolistic. Antarctica that was really fun. There's the plane landed I get a free flight. They haven't Argentine air force plane. And that we had to do the whole record you know measuring the mile doing their record and then getting back on the plane and in Paris perhaps could have you know the plane can't stand a grand do you do wrong and it was really exciting. So what I if I do this all pitchers to the movies company and they'd say that's a nice story but does not that many visuals national turning I don't look at that yeah I seen one yeah. I'm sure to determine read this sign your lights you very exciting I would go to bed moved. I kind of whatever happens we're gonna support so good a lot of would you next record yeah. Luck and thanks for talking Joyce on the market share have a great day thank you used to eat. Look yes get a kick your Zachary how could not do some sort of television show and stuff. I mean there isn't from the bachelor and not only are sky what's god got to do and maybe somebody's listening we'll hear it then don't go. A blowtorch to do I hope he gets video it's god Sherry. Honestly top serie dot com. We were talking yesterday about on Starbucks and Barnes refusal to say then tear grind day and it came up again with our guests the on mega millionaire it's I thought I would read Bob this email TV came from Laura. Who assists us in Columbus. And and she said. Mom Sherrie I'm choosing to vent to see because there's no one I can think of walking this earth that can better understand the effect of Bob's voice someone's head. As I sat in my desk listening to discussion of Starbucks I realized Bob was missing out on a truly great experience by not buying into the hole Starbucks experience. I'd love Starbucks and coffee house is in general I love the atmosphere in the funky names. I love that I can take a book in the air and sit and comfy chair in sigma event take tough fate Caffe latte with caramel served in peace. As strangers move around me with their Scotty cappuccinos. I went there and I took a new book and stood in line. Speaking of Bob the whole time for Bob I thought. What a pity that he's too inflexible to order using actual Starbucks terms. I was an uptight. I need like a proclaim any order I want it to the mop had deployed to counter. Ronde decaf skinny I shouted in my head almost willing Bob did beat they're so why could she get behind him is he ordered. Instead is I glanced up to the menu and noticed the prices started cheering his words. Agent's name that said they can charge more see you know this costs more because they naymick. Ron dates. You Mexican. She just say small medium or large don't buying into it don't give me and don't save maintaining its he was very yelling in my head. And then it was my turn the mop head one of my order I want like a normal blood take what she doesn't notice the can argue is starting to get impatient I spewed. So awfully. That CBS. May not participate in left. No book reading your comfy chair no formal syrups I didn't even stop to put sugar and cream on my coffee I just took that tiny couple black liquid in left. A cup is in front Mino is like type this and I hate to side of it. I would call them push sweeten low in 2% milk in it and it wasn't the same in my head I knew Bob was proud. I didn't give in order like some forty year old man who didn't understand why these sort of person can get caught it did you write third. My coffee adventure was ruined by a voice in my hand through. I think we can all agree that we love club and my mornings wouldn't be the same without waking up to his voice. I'm open I don't have with me in my next coffeehouse experience. Knows what's next. Like throw out my ET video and all my casserole recipes. Using their credit lust. Hopefully. I caught necessarily hopefully next time I'll be able to order coffee that has he needs keep your fingers crossed for you what was her Lara. Laura lower thank you for your email Laura another woman I've made unhappy. I like the coffeehouse scene tsunami and it's very very relaxing its fund they're all different now. It's just enough buying into that corporate. Shenanigans. And those those shenanigans were the you know and get more important they're making a couple of coffee more important there really is six and it is they did in charge more. If it was just small medium and large it would look as important that's my point. Automatic millionaire baby but it Sarah what makes it it'd you know something but what is her name again I'm Laura Laura. I think that your missing charm of sitting in a Burger King well apparently yeah. Enjoying the sight of the birds pershing on the media telephone wires and it's much more sophisticated. Seeing that's different cars Joba I know beautiful part of the world is not sitting there with your face some of the book or. Let's not get to do or if they get when you look at it dumpster beat. Hey there you go three. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much for listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or were everyday your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry they start. Blair Smartphone. It's monasteries like. I came across something so fun about Pixar movies I I love Pixar movies there's never been a Pixar movie that I didn't love. All the toy stories. Finding knee no. Up which she you know I admit is the saddest things ever to hit I don't know do you stuff. I came across this really fun thing stuff that you may not know about your favorite Pixar movie. And I didn't know most of these for example. When Toy Story was originally written what he was not the cal boy. What he was a ventriloquist. Dominique. And and the executives of Disney they were the co producers on the original Toy Story Newton went back to Pixar and said is there any way you can change would be. And it's something else because. Ventriloquist dummies are associated with horror movies like magic yeah exactly and they're scary for kids. I think that was a good comment and their part on north there's sanitizing it but I think that's probably duty all the guys at Pixar security. Yeah I changed forty to a cowboy cut. They understand who is the writer director behind a bunch of Pixar movies including Finding Nemo. When he was pitching Finding Nemo he did this long elaborate story pitch. And when he paused for breath that the CEO and Pixar said you had me at the word fish you could've stopped for a path. One word. So mr. X what I had no idea that the actor who plays wall. Is the same actor that plays RTD to an all Star Wars movies shouldn't yeah any any day. Can I acre his name is. The voice is Dan Burton PLO out designer Kenny Baker played the actual in the Internet easier in this yeah yeah so the original pitch. For monsters ink. Was to have a grown man haunted by the monsters cease to draw when he was a child. And the director for months using Pete doctor said. It was about this thirty year old guys like an account or something he hates shot and one day he gets a book with some drawings and at that he did when he was a kid. He doesn't think anything not let me puts on the shelf and that night the monster show lot. And nobody else can see them and he thinks she's gone crazy to say follow onto his job and on his dates and it turns out of these monsters are fears he never dealt with as a kid. And each one of them represented different kind of fear as he covers this fierce. Big guys who we slowly becomes kind of friends with they disappear. It's a bittersweet kind of bending where they go way. That bears almost no resemblance to the movie that became monster zinc I was going setting up. The movie ratatouille did you see ratatouille now that's a bummer the rat who lives in Paris is actually engaged shaft I've seen you know bits and pieces came out in 2007. And pet rat sales shot up by 50%. After red hill and I bet. You're an expert to go right. That's what Disney does us. They they they are making animals seem as adorable adorable. The Incredibles one of my very favorite all time movies. On did their digital animators for the Incredibles. We're giving copies of their medical school textbook Grey's Anatomy. Because the Incredibles is the first Pixar movie. That has only CG human beings are no actual human beings every one of them is create it then. Let's see up to know what movie inspired up. It's of it's a famous movie that's critically acclaimed not many people of CNET I've seen and I think you've seen a Max it's called the station agent. Oh yeah and it yeah yeah yeah I know you're talking its stars Peter. And creators Pete doctor again the creators about said we looked at the station agent this great simple character based story. All the guys like Karl who comes out of his shell late in life. Just a beautifully simple movie and that inspired. A lot. Arm Toy Story two. This one this one will give you this diverse Toy Story two was almost completely deleted because all these movies are made in computers now right. An anonymous hacker to lead it 90%. From a Toy Story two a year before we're set to come out oh just by chance the film's supervising technical director. Had brought a woman named Galen Sussman. She had made a copy of the movie and brought it home to work on some stuff. And she is the only reason that Toy Story two survived is not something because she brought it home what kind of future. Finds pleasure. Pinned to struck home heating. Other people's hard work can you believe that and brilliance. Let's see went OK so you know that and Toy Story two and all the twists or franchise movies. They used real toys that you slinky and they used all that certain enough. Hasbro and Mattel both turned down toy licensing for the franchise. They just didn't think it was an hour ago huh. Wow so you how do you bid against the Disney content so basically Bob that you like someone handing us a winning the lottery ticket and the two of us got out of time yeah yeah I don't have time to go after its cash that isn't it seems really confusing give time for a couple more deaths. Let's see. Armed car Ers was Paul Newman's last film she he was one of the voice actors from the movie cars that's. Right. It is the single highest grossing most successful film of this entire career and his face with her dapper young men. And you know its interest thing at that he took it because. He was a race car driver. Yup and finally the movie inside out I mean it's the character Reilly refuses to eat vegetables and one of the scenes in the movie. They had to make special scenes because depending on what country the movies aired in certain vegetables are considered by disgust you know Josh and I can't we. Yeah vegetables Cheney had a chance. Multi is that this obviously. I sorry yeah there's a website Jessica. And Bob tonight both happened across the same thing on that website. And we came in and we were like two and that is sought to and it really made us laugh. Just about hazardous crap that you're you're just too old for an according image as a bell. This hurts like when you hit aged thirty there's a bunch of stuff that once you hit thirty you should be completely done with like for example. They're really colossal. Hangover. You're too old for that by the time you hit thirty. You got a job maybe you have a family can you cannot spend three days six from tequila totally cleared too old for that totally agree. Here's another one tell me what you think about this when once you at thirty she's too old for sleeping on floors. Totally agree I don't want more sleep on the floor a futon. I I don't wanna sleep on a fruits and either irritable according to Jezebel all year also completely too old test State's 32 sleeping on anything that is sort of the bed that isn't like a futon excellent. I I will not name which family member this was the there was a family occasion. And I and of course I want it to stay in the hotel this is fairly recently and this family member said. Ridiculous British sleeping bag you guys can crash on the floor. Knock and how well any G-8. No that's like all private Benjamin com. I signed up for the Pam let's not get and with the Tempur-Pedic. It's. Not only sleep on that what's another one I know what I'm hope and I still wanna do some of these give me another one there drinking bad coffee. Now I don't want other I'm Don I'd rather not have it. A dead crappy salad. You know watery iceberg it's she'd say this is easing may be a stale crew time its use our radish training met its useless. Cheap ice cream. That you've accepted to I don't yes so no I agree with you because. You know there are a lot of calories and that you know ice cream upon gonna handed. I would like it to be really delicious are at once she hit your thirty's you're too old. For skipping breakfast. I don't know I can do that sometimes I do not play. Tonight beef had breakfast and I'm working I need breakfast but if it's on a Saturday I might you know. Skip breakfast and have lunch early. You know you are about one in three meals today being in big baby if we if you go to fed it like every eight I knows just how I'm like that yeah. I know exactly what you're taught. If that's so I am about track I'm just the big baby. I hope I won't be so angry and miserable if you don't give me breakfast. Forget it it's just not even worth living in the same room with me. So you have to have breakfast with the you can go the rest of the I don't give a damn about anything is log regular breakfast at a cocktail begins the day I'm your girl but do not tell me there's no breakfast no man can I realize that through public and grizzly bear here's another when you tell me if you agree what you you won't know about this but. When she hit thirty you're too old for cheap price. He even. Especially if you have some groups you need to holster those things equality you really do. Oh all you'll agree with this one's repealed sort of Eckert pursuant. What she hit thirty. You told to wait for a table at a restaurant. For more than twenty minutes if that place does not have a bar. That's true. So when Mary and I were on vacation we read in Downey's magazine about this hot restaurant in Portland Maine and we were flying home the next day right. So we track the place down and we go up to the hostess. And we say and understand you don't take reservations so what's the weight and she says right now we're looking at two hours and twenty minutes. That's all first of all how you guess two hours and twenty minutes nobody can go restaurant booking guests that. We had a situation we had the kids on vacation. Hunt this summer we went to this restaurant and we were like what's wait for a table for six. Content servers said two or they're hostess said to us now this is like at ten after six rate. She said we can get you in at 945 to cut half half cocked. Are now opted out believe she I think you'll agree that this Bob by the time he's thirties according to just about you're too old for most things that are called parties. In the. I don't know part it's no parties whatsoever. Now you're so parties but like. You went head stands while drinking out of a keg oh you mean crazy ass pardon C I agree. By the time you get your thirty's you're too old to spend most of an entire night. Playing video games. It's okay. It's. It's. In. And I think there's nothing more exciting than being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there but it can also be. I really expensive proposition. Especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox stock small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and if you own your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. Audio clips I guess you all right I'm sorry I. Everyone listens to show and everyone who knows me knows I'm completely and totally obsessed with alligators especially. Chilean alligators that come upon people's porches and knock on the door and get their cars and joining us right now I'm so excited. Jack Mormon who used to be a leader chopper in the Everglades go morning's action. Jack. Aren't worried we're doing OK you're my very used very Breeden fierce. Let's listen you kind of let me let me let me correct you Allen and I trapped car. We don't care about ear so you were dead and Everglades. Park. Our editors it's our call day ever great door regarding who actually delve they would deal with our audio historical tight the state of Florida had opened up 1932. While. Sierra and a Gator. You know when you call this song though it took care gators he made me think you're him man you relate to Jeter Wrangler. You know. Actually took care probably had a firmly kept Merrick park she. When you catch aviator in public in the public like actual steps that each he would go and catchy alligator in the residential area they know there's food and air we need to hear. Release them back into the public because they'll just go right back court or even though they would bring them yeah I want people are people from the alligator right. And a lot of I'm not nick but no actually put them down to eat a gold back they're public. Yeah here because they've lost their sheer. Exactly you know this team with air that plea he'll be there are a wild. What's it's like and in a place like Hilton head South Carolina there are alligators and you're always signs. That say do not see the alligators and you'll find some storytelling marshmallow I'm mellow out. Exactly. And they truly trusting him and bloodiest in the bitumen is they're hurt or that's why they don't go toward vehement. Well let's see how brave you really are Jack would you walk around like near them or were or were. You just throw some some media in the cage your what did you do. Video the video out of ordinary email you I can't do it today Becky BL African glam co worker right now but it's it's a video my daughter taught there are part of that mean I'm in I'm in the GH US out. Called the fourteenth alligator were small 4089. Taught art and copy fourteen truck so. I'm I'm sure curtailed trying to wake up to give him in the ERR he's did you educational tool worst. Support shut down we have. We have to 300 people and Eric day doing tour now are all the different animals or edit the RPM. Third. Black bears are reliant and I'm all of all of venomous snake she could find. It and you could give send in the way to gaidar's. But you have to show ring around that the Gator Bowl we can eat out. Let people watch caddie we treat them before we got directly dirty air the people we DC delegate curse. You know I I would still rather go in their wake up an alligator than my step daughter on Saturday morning. Or introduce so he said don't push under tell how do you wake helpless sleeping fourteen foot Gator. I am appalled that the pocono what Paul you know behind not behind the lake real GLA you know there's skinheads on the lighter skin is very can hear. And obviously knowing them take get them and there's there's shows you all one part of me and shaming them both feet and standing on top of up. Detail right at the but Lawrence Wright what the L meets back. I. Manning unstuck and there were on top aligned you know out there or not. They eating and election and I have a lot of you are now. I got bit by about a five foot alligator in the order the part. Up left the car he was Buick Open that's one and we had a much you knew quite. Dexter avenue alligator man. And job NATO where we had to get the alligator got this small pool know about 8010 government air. I do we had my blood to crocodile. But they alligator and then I came. Women that's one goal and trying to get a lot of support so we look quaint oak between bowl every single. Neither did either you guys ever accused governor at that pretty much used not a fool. OK I have to ask this is really have a limited time here Cheri I have been told. That crocodiles. Are the most dangerous. Animal on the planet Jack Hanna told us Sharon and it'll while. Now they're very aggressive yet you're right alligators are just lazy. I'm people who are who got their idea wrong and alligator they just wanna be left alone. Much better they can't mirror lately particularly are the only cure they are. But this five foot one I found that teacher with Constance on the final lion. The site shall one did you Wear on your body did a bite you and what were you pull it and it's another leg when it debuted. We didn't jump up behind me what I yank it out away by the scale as he was setting did order the part was sitting on top of an alligator. I'm turn you know just sitting on top unturned controlling you and I do get better one start charging toward demonized by I got invited Kalin shortening back in the ball. Yes putting back but he came up behind me and jumped up who grabbed my left grabs. All my life are free that would make. Yeah are all my whole behind Zach Jack that is sons and. Amy and I really did you could surely go for their B you know mentally Jeter handle her. Ever man why am I might go to bush and and have got to train me you did name is Jason Miller he's that you actually my bought bad men. And I was away or does it says a bad job. I say why did he saw me everything everything I need to know what I do not go or are going aura. Well you just everything I need to know like never obliged I was job. Ask you what he did now you wrote Verizon stores things but she's very. Robin about her personal song movie here we go. My personal song movie would be being forced to listen to a large group of people eating in new easy to. Locker room packed with people chili nights crunching nachos and softly moving while they eat. I would cut off any parts to be set free from that torture I cannot go to a movie that Peters because of the sound of dozens of people crunching popcorn. The only way I can eat dinner with my own family's private TV on in the background. When I hear people suing the feeling anxious rage come over me that's all I can do not to cut off their body part. While I believe every word she's saying thank you for listening rob pretty good belly now Ellie what's your personal song movie. But not like our one with the aunt I was locked in a rare look what are there any other that the very while it would happy birthday I'll. And I would have before computer hacker other attempted to buy it not quite. Do not art pop up. Top like that you'll want would be fit anybody wanna if they think for any reason. Especially in the dark that would that TD and that they. 22 what you in the dark. We had a crowd behind me epic. Chase recently heard nor are okay a purchase a tape view in the dark. It's a deal that's a different. Yes can you sort and I yes the white guys right that's right yeah the clown thing it has become. More universal you know and when the clowns can't use some of that play face Venus can rub off on your cheeks and close selling. And you know what happens nordic chronic heart when that happens like they've got the big clown smile line but is there. As their kissing you know revenue to smile the symbol there comes off Massey won their gas really looked. The other thing is Adobe to kind of clowns who don't talk only god dear clown impression that. War we are this is just a great time in my. And see it. You. You're not gonna get those clowns you're gonna get the mind as well. They undermine their intentions yeah and that's the worst yeah. And when you know and when you recoil from them still going to their eyes that she had tears your. That's grown longer and slowly got you got the clowns Mickey Greek people oversized smile yeah. This whole leaves you memories. See okay. Only a penny wise Stephen G Lou. America I think they are clicking right thing. And radio here's our. What's your cloud yes. And for about a world a lot of thought there you have a good night sleep fumbles while he's thinking about it I up up up up up a bit. You couldn't have been worse and good luck to him deadliest eighteen gave DOE SH ER ID Debbie what's your person who saw a movie. Oh my god you know created. The general. See you well you know oh my god I don't were in the nursing home. And they are old people happy. Let's bring in our rural. She and the use. You. Do you do a lot. And the thought our. Feet he sure couldn't wait for me having to cut out. Well Debbie not I don't want to be sure. The wet blanket here. But of course our lord did wash the feet of the war we need our feet. Very very much and the elderly have been through a lot like world war two and Korea in Vietnam. And they have struggled to raise families. And we have to respect their fee no matter what they look like. My fear from the the show ever even if I have to you have never Carter he's. How Cornell by all of what an hour and. You know if the guy who writes the saw movies is listening he sings to himself what she's doing this is an idea. She's my arm around here aren't. Until Bob the more you know I I was like what these things at the end MIA yeah. And we need your. Years they're gonna get some weird what McClellan he helped cheer Debbie won't forget about yeah. We're above that we have to have them and I've got them in these great picture. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and had your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. I really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox stock small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance. Call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the bombing cherry podcast. This series dot com. Good morning how are you guys good morning news. You do jingle Shakespeare to welcome you. This isn't even losses and write your father in law. All my god he's notorious for disappearing accept all of family function but this one. What's the fastest with a couple years ago Christmas Eve were visiting them intact. There's yep I understand his wife of forty some odd years hasn't identical twins and there's a lot about Catholics. On the planet right now this is Christmas either gonna 5 o'clock mass. And that's something a lot of like that I think the battery out my camera well. He'd like Iraq get out the door and walk battery. Do you shoot out the door this normal for him so like Alberto Beck Turkey's talk. My. Caddie and I thought I said. Yeah I. Who are caught in the Pentagon and big T of the gifts are falling skies through this morning you are low and fruit it is. And now dog hair goes there. We're back let's get back to you mean now we're in fact if you can't battery. I leave here that battery immediately felt after nearly two dozen. You ever seen him 5 o'clock mass they've got to be right. Got kicked out goes the clock everybody getting ready my husband and I are not we bring your baby store where you are gonna survey. The work week but you have on a nervous and when Dick gets back we'll send them on you know he probably got held up somewhere. Don't you come your role in Nanette at like 530. Everywhere like came mod what's up. That your way delayed for land. Bedecked and I'll oblivious quiet. Amid quiet. 5 o'clock match was your wife like you didn't know you had to be there yeah. All along I had very I had you know what walked the dog. I had to stop at home. What had happened what are we dug in did what he was doing. He sat down at the law. And he felt play. He pushed the ball. On all may have bet she you know it all these things by the clean. Yeah over by the battery door he bets. I'll see if we could you get on the map click here in trouble when they got back my mother locked eyes were well judge he would cry the entire survey. Morrow how do you live which sounds mirror our she written Jill crying when she got home you know why she was crying for his law school. All my gosh you keep it. Within days so I don't cook it and didn't do whatever my husband's. Role and it eight and then finally. Dad went over and he apologized and she held her lovingly instead. I never do that to me I can never been there. Not quite as much as I say our guys stick they're gonna stick yeah. Are. You rather would you rather shave your goals less or there goes the always always they're gonna kick them Fed Chairman YQ how does apple yeah it's funny elect Clinton. Works up a so so the younger of the two Catholic sisters do the other sister and her husband go with her demands. No recede. Ordered her life to god when you're eighteen as you've never been married you've never battle with a man ever. Feel like I'm not. She is she may not or like you none required by not kindergarten Vietnam. What did you just go ahead and become no big and welcome her and yeah the realignment. How they would her parents put water got an account that they expect a different. A different road in life but she still practiced that quite like cannot spell it different not just. You know we're not unlike east early bad go to church on Christmas this is. Syria Catholics. And. She's never she's never been with a mean no no and her sister Mary Dick. Yes correct. It got a problem you got it. I started I would taste why would they stop her from going to the contest most parents want her daughter to go to the content. I know I don't know nobody ever really early understood but when Dick married him twice he got it's like a trooper. The golf vacation you know with the way and everything they do it with a grand. Oh no really aware you know you didn't even stick did you do the job. How like how hard to put the spotlight of the season I tell you is the greatest Christmas gift delivered I'm. I'm glad you're enjoying it my husband and I have. In this story nobody died I can't tell you it was no wonder Bordick is so tired yeah like we was left it at all sleet being that is really had actually. Yeah he. Relaxing you know if they don't send got a Christmas card that says happy holidays from that in the women's they're missing something. And everybody noted he finally had to put its foot down and not share a hotel for a leg on vacation. Is everybody's figured out of the shower without the way people live right there the next. Yeah yeah. It's weird to me you know people's lives so fascinating Emil Morgan. Thank you baby and exchange CR IA. I wanna thank you for sharing all this beautiful holiday remembrance when 900 are very well from an argument you are bachelor and digging into anything. All they want. But just. Say minded head popping cherry dot com now while you know her. Cain avalanche nothing can really beat Bob the sheer terror of being trapped in a Rubbermaid container Lamy welcome to the show. How did you find yourself trapped in a rubber me huge container and when the world didn't Berkett confirmed for the. Well it. I'm repeating arms shall learn. And now the news senior technical and cleaner air and I think there's like it does appear younger. And she didn't think he can't enact public Abu I can't and I got in there hadn't gotten my pal Warren. And that this top ten man he had girl that each other all the time but. It happened and she claimed that. Talk ardent and because it kind of art and a little the guys have been handled clearly want to say she can get it they'll pay 1000 there. And you guys were alone in the house. Yes. And I'll go I don't treat it out of KP did like about six years younger than me. Ticket she meriwether started a little bit he was about maybe twelve race. On the eighteenth issue and I I don't think she can't unlock the handled that nobody else proponents. I would they'll etiquette and they've heard a cut is being out late getting ready. And we did tabulate and my mom got home. Much about I am thinking about thirty minutes and they beat Europa cup and I'm about thirty minutes. Did she questionnaire holes for even brief. You know I can art tobacco not enough to get like a little small crack Beckett he light it. There revealing that. So your mother came home. Sales her. Eighteen year old daughter naked strapped in a rubber maid container. He had been undergoing heart hurricane can handle that big get out of this ballot counting trying to get out and you. It was barking in the middle and it it was really bad it was there explain so your lobbying. 200 unarmed. Valid one that my mom never really found me nick as like that but I think they're leg. The kid I don't I'm not in the casino would it help each other get dressed it up all of. You love to see you naked at one point two g.s to beat me. Now Rhonda got time. I really so uptight about being naked lady I mean let me tell you I wasn't I wasn't thinking about your naked in this I was thinking about your eighteen year on the very precipice there of adulthood you're here on the merchant graduating high school and entering that rushing courage. Of grown up reality. And in your mother what confidence can a mother having a daughter whose name trap Tupperware box and. I've pretty I'm graduating. From one I'm not cleared to come people need to any Mae that make you and other actually I'm okay but. Drink this. Morning sorry I'm not gonna prepared I have to do that without. Really you're what are brilliant you have to do a dear. And Paris auto steering you to send us photographs of yourself naked in a Tupperware box. Gary Delaney. You know I never ever get annoying at all I can think you or your sister is a little older and a practical Joker and she drops you off at a frat house. And the guys that guy didn't get anything and royalties they buy anything alarm fire. I don't know they sold girls like that Cellini listen I really wanna apologize your lottery yeah I fondling me that your kind of a dummy for doing that we what did you major in now. I'm essential directory. On the back in the good part about it and you did this thing out and my mom being there. I picture and television now put the towel around it. I think probably you know and that. Really high enhance. Its. We'll be here and then I got out you know eat you know you're not thinking about eating but getting out and he won't call it cold hard. Yourself I didn't and bringing out that the state of the myriad. So moms preview ends and she said Leahy why why were you need out there are or where speed and he said because she dared me. And I admitted about the tolerated he didn't like oh I don't know what I don't know what your day. But it was your music that I didn't think anybody else comment about that and the. Well thank god nobody opened that up and set up left overs against. Now I apologized ceilings Daryn sir thank you that was that was a big story and I think you're probably the only Nikkei nineteen these girl who has been trapped and candidate senator. At that we're all ears tell it thanks for listening. In our power sure yeah our yeah. A short what you were like it was usually just teach you go I need to be and where did you graduate college. I really had hit my car it. Being patient. And your religious college sentiment is and narrow you don't want to admit to being naked in Trenton. Oh I know my dear Carolyn I don't know about that. Kind of race yet no only knees are there really did you have any Rick I'm tired even out. Thank you very thank you assume it's paying. Good luck with your social work career I have filed by plumber overall I think that I did a good job. There was so many places. She could donate kidneys. Coed do you net plus to plus. He sure know your grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where health markets insurance comes in and they can show a small business owners group health insurance options they're not the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better out of financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you. Call 8557503537. Helped markets insurance. I feel it's your father's Jerry dot com. I would like to discuss something that I've noticed about myself yeah. In the last couple of weeks are no there's a couple of things actually you know how you say a whole argued coming like Bob. About that the other day it's never good. Where what and where and when you say that you know just schedule are becoming more like Bob hello how is how we got a boy went over to the road to the panera and I was ordering in Michigan and MySpace are coming just. And Laura. Listeners do that too I'll get what you messages on FaceBook. Where people go well I guess some turn in and Bob. Although well and then dubious story about getting jacked at the dry cleaner bad service at a restaurant stranger being mean do you. Arm craziness at home and won a legend is not. You're right it's not miss not Q usually and becoming more like you. And I like it. In what way. Okay so like that I know what's for the show but it's also the way you are and and you know how are you are with computers I loved constantly constantly looking sometimes are making one of my really interesting observations. Did you worry. Frame is low players sell fewer and Lola lands and it's like I'm talking to your chair. You're just not. Make. Think I'm able to say do you others aren't so just San Andres I know what are listeners just tweeted do you. Receiving these drew like psychic I stand her before I understand but what I am talking I have to because you're always. And senator and I'm not always talking always. Anywhere what was. Oh yeah everything I never used to take in my iPhone as everywhere I go and like I go to lunch. I I would put it in my pocket not just gonna look around at the restaurant or whatever and you know I think about stuff now I'm checking the news and maybe it's. Political. You're there were men. I'm checking new stories constantly I sit down wherever I am a great for married uterus and I'm checking news stories constantly. And it's become. A situation where. I almost can't stop myself from doing it. And I'm be calm I mean that extreme. But so many Americans are in right now I'm having to have constant stimulation. Constant knowledge of what's going on in the world. What's happening in the White House what's happening in South Korea. And I don't like it. It is I mean it's right in the palm of your hands twice this year and so it's super addictive and I know and I know it's not. It's not optimal. And check the weather like five times today I. I never check the weather or which not to because it is what it is shall we do have to find out which can Wear the next day could be cold ocean just might get my I'm getting dressed them. You know to come to work -- candidate what's the weather going to be today he rolls his eyes and says woman you have a phone. No but what sort of entity. And I almost always have like a jacket or something in my car I keep won here in studio show me cold comfort I think women do that my wife since the mid. What's the where they're gonna be like today. She never watch the weather on TV should never looked at the weather on her phone I haven't heard one of your weather forecast today. She's done probably would you estimate Macs some reduction she does. The what what. You need it and enjoy the at least ten junior. And John tell. Nice. You what Sherri. I don't know either I know I'm. I didn't know in the present and looking ahead because I have to travel a little bit but I kind of look ahead but I have no idea with the weather. Nothing Bob I live in Charlotte, North Carolina the odds are in my shaver that perhaps a year. But. After the other after the years it's gonna be other hot or wet or cold and distant and I work with that I differently. Are you saying that part of what I need to is meaningless. Weren't important other people it's just not my thing and when it's hot. There's a chance of scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Have dozens and you know how to temperature is the temperatures and the weatherman bouncing all over the play yeah yeah yeah you gotta be on your game you have probably been uncomfortable. Because you were not listening to me. I don't know what it is about whether I just have zero to give about. It to the weather is one of my mean things. I am giving it but I mean if I go on vacation I I am the weather means so much to we average generator and learn how bush. Not sure I care about the weather. But because I do not want to be unconscionable. If we lose power you have to go outside I'd love being outside. Like like it was real and the other day I it's I said America. All this is this is going to be one of the most beautiful days of the year and there's this big paws like why would anyone sing in English it turns out to be beautiful. There and it should option beautiful here at which you should appreciated it looks for Regina while I appreciate it once happening I have no idea what I have no idea what's coming. Today I'm. I have no you can. It beat Yale this isn't watermelons and I hear you say why are no words I'm sorry. I'm really I am sorry but you can dismiss that but when I'm getting into one of my philosophical. Moments. When I'm doing when in my observations about yourself typically. Occasionally use myself as an example for a shot. Twice in years on me OK my eyes and ears and music not just tears by the way I used to for. This going to be hot chicks. Hey I'm just. This is Bobby and Sherry. That's got back Gillespie. Posted on our FaceBook about her FaceBook dot. She said I'd probably Sherri Sherri had to send you a picture of my new have a niece poppy I love your stories about Sam and had to have one of my own thing. She beautiful. And she sent us a picture of her popular always cute little boy who said here's my question why have I ever said about my docs and him. That would make anybody want a dog like that truck now much. I this dog this dog is bill allow British streaky hasn't neediest dumbest dog this dog stares at me all day long sat me like a pig has to go outside thirteen to fifteen times today is only happy when we're riding around in the car together. He is the in a lifetime of having pets including exotic pets I've never had one that was a bigger pain in the butt and that's why it. I will tell you what happened last night was Siena so last night I had tapped practice meant a recital on Saturday where rhinestone what's here what do you sense citing. So I take Sam is only happy reason MacArthur me and so I took him to commit tap practice last night. And sits in the car and he watches we opened the door to the studio when he watches us tap dance drive from home. And now that's about 9 o'clock where's where's the dog when you're actually dancing oh he's in the car he's in the Korea I rolled the windows dumped firming sits there and just. He's allowed in the classroom mostly because I eighty who knows what he would do once he got in their here's one guess he peace somewhere so. Armed it's 9 o'clock external long damned tired and I've got Sam Nunn on the leash and Jeremy is so much carpal into the driveway. She she runs outside to meet me and now the two of us. Are taking Sam for his bedtime walk. And Sam goes disappears into we oval and natural area on the side of our house it's all ivy and stuff. He disappears into the diabetes in their fur really long time it's dark mountain so purely an Arab there were talking and dogs on the end of his leash doing his business. And becomes the IV and he's walking kind of funny men and sometimes he gets stuffed tangled up around us pause no trails of ivy subsite sooners tangled. And he comes out he's got that kind of hunchback of notre dom kind of vibe the way he's walking. So should cure me turn the flash laid up on your phone says she puts the flashlight app and it's and I drags him out to the yard and a Piven of around. And mostly out of concern for you I'm not gonna describe what happened to Sam but it was disgusting. It was like a snack pack putting my explode well well in his nether regions okay. Yeah thanks for not describing itself. Thank you thank you so much. So now Don Hudson took a I looked description will live in can plug the huge I want to I right now I will get any sleep this weekend. A woman that we know our paychecks trying to stuff. Mine are you doing this at this time on Friday. At 9 o'clock am so tired I didn't. Cat did so just go to bed so bad the part. Left out is that my husband was working on town yesterday. And that the exact moment that Jeremy and I are crowds to the front yards shining a flash slate on the dog's back bits. Your columns can have struck pulling into the driveway bad timing key slows he gets hit driver way. He slows down I see him look. To shake his hand. It could pick sirotka lights tour bigger eyes Jeremy meanwhile August and what's wrong with your mom and I set our mind and it's like is but exploded. You know she says she goes. Bill what ongoing inside and that's what they do your. That's what they do you go inside your parents did not appear to hold is Lisa I've got to go get some stopped to clean him up and she's like I don't want to do next to him. As is our option as well. As though I would say Ottawa please let leaving no meet you so now she's outside holding the flashlight on the dot I bet needless can't wait for us to move. I don't inside to get this stuff on trying to clean the dog up. Does things that I say to that dogs base I have never had a pet that I talk to but that's. If you've ever shown they know too if you've ever seen like the movie good fell looser meetings car chases her. Best ask him let me just tell you what is wrong with you. I'm lecture this dog record is thug and you wind. Gentlemen he's done that already not like. You can promote clean dot take amendment house and put him in his little bed to go to bed it's and disinfecting myself. And end my daughter meanwhile standing or theirs is gone. She has. I don't even know what you like to do that stuff mom. Like pictures board it's my hobby it's like how can you do that. -- judges loved it you know what did he say things like go to meetings and words are got to bed so late last night so I'm best the last few good luck with your had a good. Good luck. I just can't match. Maybe Cheri thank you so much. To listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Twitter Smartphone apps and I'm sorry doctor. Around the lead you may have come across and on FaceBook from me be on Twitter page or sits. The picky kid the picky eater thing. I. I I have some picky eaters man I was a picky eater like I look back and what a nightmare. I would've been if my parents have been paying any teach him home and I was really awful about. Mean and texture and all sorts of stuff so I have some of these Macs are laughing at these last week I had some of these that I pulled to share a few. Some of these picky eater means this is on badly she says hello my name is at Lee and I like toast with butter. Not a fun see you putting the butter on my toe staff. What are my jokes on empty and street in another rumor outside because if I see you put butter on it I will not eating and so did the crazy idea that I like tried to post. I do not I like toast with sneaky butter my. You know lord give her credit she's otters. She's telling you what works for Ryan knows what's Eli says she knows what she likes I like this next Katie looks like she's about three and here since. Hello my name is miles. And I will ninety degree roll bar if it is Rupp couldn't. Now what would strive. As finicky eating and picky eating goes bought would drive that where the food could not be broken that's a future who CD. Person. Yeah and that's really that is an endless you know person Margaret hello my name is Margaret and I think she's and were tears are delicious. But if you melt them together and quality KCBS. I won't touch it. Up again and honesty honestly this is. I love this excellent hello my name is Luke and I like toast but not the brown parts. Drum parts which are the actual toasted areas. The bread must remain white but have a slightly harder toasted exterior without actually lifts its. Medium rare breath and that's that's what he wants. And we're that's a tricky one to pull for years ago when this is a baby maybe about ten months old. My name is Olivia and I won't touch anything on my plate. And I'll eat anything I fight on the floor if you ever brackets knew exactly. Hit babies you know when you come right down to a BBs are like drunken people of other leg but that's order or or any animals. Hello my name is Zander and a five find even one strain on my banana I won't cry like you chopped off might let up. You know I don't like strings at a banana either. Here's here's K here's kind. My name is kind. I won't eat anything wet if it's wet my mom has to drive off with a paper towel now I know she can't soak up all the liquid in a bowl of soup. But surely she can pick out all of the veggies pasta meat ax that your right each individual piece and then serve it. Both are good news. Hello my name is Abe that. And I like knights are really I just like licking salt off the knots and then spitting them out into a little pile for my mom defiantly they're. World. Under the sofa pillow right. Like long hello my name is Owen. And I don't anything not served in addition directly onto the floor. You know what I've seen that kid in a restaurant. Critic or not seen this kid a little my name is Riley. And if there's a pickle anywhere near my sleep and I would refuse to eat my entire meal. Hello my name is penny. I refuse to eat fruit unless the dog has tried at first. This is Lauro incarnation of a game of drones are exactly right having a royal tester there. Hello my name is Olivia I hate crushed not just on bread and pizza. Did you know that there is Krustov paid cakes and hot dog role stare at a this kidnapped. She also off the outside the pancake a lonely no no we exterior again I've been with the kid in a restaurant it goes on the floor. I'm let's say let's do another one. Hello my name is Henry. And I will happily eat pork Islam as you call it chicken. He's in the lead of pork chop but not she called a part time well it's the other chicken right. The other white meat hello my name is Olivia a lot of diesel Libya's there's three years yen. My name is Olivia. And I will only eat one bite out of everything and then make. My mom make more. And then finally to wrap it up you know why I will read from the comics are my favorite thing yeah case so it's a dog eat dog dog eat dog there's a little BB. And the baby has its hands over its mouth and the U dole is saying. Wedge in my directors become performance art. Where's where's the joke. The big goal because. Where's the joke in there. I didn't accomplish area dot com Harry Stearns. This is not a screw this is yesterday it was just confusing outage at a dry clean. Pittsburgh you he's it was. I'm I Bob and I went to I'm a big big fund raiser for the American Heart Association it was white tie so it was very very fancy my friends are became with me in on. She barred address that I had this beautiful pale silver sort of dress and someone. Bumped into her with a glass of red wine and instill that read why most arrest him and then the dress I was wearing. My friend James ray for me and it had a lot of little beads a soft client so to get the strike cleaned. You have to go to like kind of a specialty dry cleaner and not my usual occasionally go to you know Bud's discount house of organizing that I had Ehrlich a fancy dry cleaner to get these precious stone so like I dropped them off flake ten days ago and I am. I was in the neighboring yesterday and thought well let me stop any madrassas are at. Cycle and I've got my green ticket. And I say well here's my ticket and the lady looks of my ticket and she says. Can I can I do it can I do this without getting in trouble. She's gonna do a caricature Asian accent but I have to tell you everybody's heard this accent before OK so and it's been it's been done by other I don't wanna get really warmer split. So you have to just. When people come to our shores. They sometimes. Have accent I don't want to flamed for this look in my email is it working so even if you flame me I just have bad news for you it's gonna give bounce back I can't seem to receive it so here we don't. I sect here's my take it how are you his she sits looks like ticket she says. Natasha writing and then she had added and this spot came out and already. On hand. Anderson not on my anger season Mo you know put them just like ban on handgun you. Fox I think you'll give me about robots. I should that's great pick you for giving me a box box. And there's some black and she said on I'd get boxed. Set owner gonna give me a box I I appreciate that picky I don't you box now. Okay. Fuel. The dresses are clean slope gray do you hander analogy ever gone and it's OK I won't put it on an anger ever again. Because you're going to give me a box I can you box to box for dress like Oxford. Bucks. I have been similar similar standing merit and you're trying to figure out. I'm getting the box. Is the so we stand there were looking at each other. And and I said okay. She said. Listen some more things to be dry clean that she takes it and she's in the computer Japan's prince another enhancement other green ticket. And but some standing there and she got pushed. Good. Do you do you want money you know you have until now. A I'm not got a cheap tickets and no clothing and the mystery of the box he's. No I said sir I said okay well armed. What are money not. Your gonna give me. My dresses and a box. Like box and I give you box hits and keep at it she said. I sit listen I'm really not I'm nuts. What should happen now because she said. How. I'd. Said I'd pick anything with me. Yeah. Okay current. All I don't know I'll go now and I guess would was called go or no and she said you know why. Catch up up up up. If this. Isn't do you mean that you're going to give me a bottom. But you don't have the box right now to give me it should be should ghost. She got. You know what I love about her she hasn't told she's I mean we Chinese exclusion is one up on May. She is not totally. Conquered the language not completely. Put it she's close. But she has such enthusiasm. For what she's still it is gray wants you to know that everything is being taken care of the world the best that she can. And and the way that it will be it. It was ten rate cuts and the thing is that was my first time there and I didn't know how worked she's doing it right but it's just not altogether right now. I didn't know how worked and I didn't understand I didn't understand like the order of events you know miss you pay. We you pick up to my the other Bud's discount house and organizing they want some money up fun front yeah and missile was like no you pay when it's ready and even though it's ready and I'm gonna give you box them not to give jewel box meant. I don't have the bucks to kick you right now box is not available right now but it's coming at us and me we want you to have the box so it's done right and the they and the dress is put away and apply lost out to my car and. It's not in my current. I don't start well I cried. Okay.