Who's that at the door?

Tuesday, May 16th

What's behind the door?


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Did each received a Shanda Bobby and Sherry podcast is brought to you by sandals the world's leading all the time. Elusive company for eighteen years in a row motive I world traveler words yeah. Doesn't a vacation because he is all inclusive sound amazing doing great now you can receive up to 1000 dollar air credit. 65%. Off for sandals it. Call 888091. She's 51596889. Point 25159. Back to the podcasts. Now it's above and Jerry show. And garbage and you listen to the real win ball I'm not being here and Jerry I'll. I'm now broadcasting from the palatial I think Jerry's studios. Been sharing so the headline here is pop charts we've jolly rancher filling never arrived to kill you. I look back at lucky good news starts its. Three new flavors of pop tarts and just let it out. And they are still would Jolly Ranchers. There are three different types watermelon that would be my choice cherry and green apple they'll be hitting stores later this month I. I think I've had no problems are ones in my life and I thought it was so horrible and never went back I really like pop charts don't eat them very often maybe once or twice a year on the hot tired. It's just the right. Believes it's doesn't seem well it's not real and it just seems like a bunch of sugar sludge many years I think you could lie to yourself you know. You could lie to yourself you make well look cures a strawberry pop star dirt road on your way out the door to catch a bus. But there's no way to maintain that self deception when you're saying stuff like her a jolly rancher pop tart up. Did they still are and you know I could lie to myself. I'm the dude and so many other ways I am not that way jolly rancher pop tarts I mean idol I don't myself straight left to send her last night for dinner I had peanuts. And I said to myself well look you have been laying goose for dinner I hit it a little protein. Should I do we get. Some lies but I think it's very hard when you're saying things like. I'd meet. Your finish this sour apple jolly rancher art. Yeah today. That's really taught love go to bars snack can turn into dinner they do sit. Shame on you for not getting your. Murdered minimum required daily blurb I my wife got me because she knows that I like protein in the morning she got me this new product I forget what they call I saw whatever ties on TV yesterday. It's a little compartment of peanuts. A little what is it. There really are trying to add like a lunch symbol for it is it's got a little compartment for penis a little compartment for. And some sort of both like beets chew through the hole and just dried meat beat you that's what we do the dark cold Turkey beef jerky when he loaded beach chair grind out a little something that whole war. Rodgers carried and what it it takes so long to would die jut not digested but the chew it up they're just little pieces it's it's he's right beef jerky. And then some seeds. In in a little thing I don't know what it cost but my guess is it's way more than I should be paying so I had it two days it's it's not bad. But you're right it's like one triples its alliance which are just the most ridiculous thing to give your kid. It's a line simple thing and it's okay needed to be honest that your it's kind of like. It's okay to be Imus said a strawberry pop tart is not really. Strawberry should. And you need to pull oh they're eight and beef jerky I guess you could say is pro team OLB turkeys are healthy snack you know high protein if you don't if you get Turkey did isn't loaded up with. A lot of conservatives has sought to have in. Are our friends the native Americans and. They lived on Pam MacKinnon Turkey you know I've I'm figuring that the native Americans are now putting this together and I get a feeling is a lot of chemicals in your national flexible new revenue growth slowed it won't say I'm not doing it anymore like I can respect myself. Amid there mister and start this what. It may be it's like I treasure your I don't know I think this is it. Yeah I think this is what I'm gonna stand by you know it turns out there for each of us there comes a moment that line in it now light at the end. The light in the season for you can it's the key third. I've got something else that has the do win with food. Hampton. Is has become such a picky eater that his mother has finally said. What is that you want. Tell me what you want. And I will go online. And created she went online last week and he he said LA cynical way. She found the chick filet O yeah I had guts and chicken breast and she created the chick filet. And I hated and it was better than chick filet there was you know an election Italy but sometimes there's a part of it it's crystal. Just gristle it's over half cooked in his you have to pollute often is Nancy was that he was sure chip fully delicious ness. So he came up with a another one you're not gonna believe where he found. What we had for dinner and actually what I'm having for breakfast here this morning. He found there at the airport and I'll tell you which place he just thought it was absolute heaven I steer toward the airport. Once. It hasn't been the airport like a year with this so impressed him but he wanted to be able to to have his mother recreated I mean do it this morning. I would say about that and more morons news in about forty minutes. To talk to Jerry. I guess you are obvious area dot com so let's just mentioning that around the house you know we have dinner together every night Marion again her children when she's working a little bit later. She's a terrific cook the but Hampton for some reason has. Been very picky with the what he'd like school well he lectures spaghetti bowl and days and he likes pork chops on the grill that's about it. So she's she's been frustrated and she really wants to deliver interest thinks things and I said. Let's just a bull amaze every other night that he's fine with me I don't care through a salad in their its functions is not only do that. So she she got ahold of him and I'm I'm sitting there she goes this was on Mother's Day well we were. A sobering Muslim. I want you tell me what you want me to cook. And I'm gonna find out how to cook it. And he thinks on the I'll think about it what do you want what you want me to cook. And he said there's some sort of thing that ago once in my father theoretically were perfect for. But I don't look at how carved her back cookie yeah what is that what is movies smoothie goes. It's like repeats. Put its inside some kind of oh pocket. I got to hop pop are oil flow. Are are you a kills owned. No that's not the minister bullied a scramble a strong bully yeah. That's the name of it. This which you have that so Baruch. Tomorrow Sean Foley hey there good shut up they aren't they are gonna and then he said. Was the most delicious thing I've ever had it. Oh. It up the samarra is what it is the pizza is not bad you know it's not greed but it's not dead you run between planes I get a whole thing. And unlike. A tells all night I duke tells them as gold delicious struck Boley is a little bit unknown. Strong Moly is like gum. It can also on the dollar. Not itchy yeah I guess I guess there's something about it's it's a little. Junkie you're so anyway she got a recipe and she made him last month and they were incredible. And so the young master says right let's have that every week. It took like two hours to make. Of all the places of all the restaurants. Of all of the things that you see on TV some dark. Cook book that. It's out every creates. Famous restaurant. Or you can go online yeah just employees Friday ad Dan and all that. All sorts of things like from silly season jacket you can go online and just days what do we do it you know and that's what you dead. And actually it was pretty good mean. I don't know what your fight against Strom bully is some people who fight against the appealing a piece of pizza. From bullying is a piece of pizza and a different you know she made one of they would push me to them Schmid won no with pepperoni and one with sausage. The what was sausage had a little bit of cream cheese and it now is a little bit easier for me I like com Alex spinach. And co mile hollows sinister normally. Yeah well the domestic does when homes. I dishonest and hello miles. And company for us that is not an opener for rust. So it does and he really weird next year when his sister goes to school goes to college emissions beyond his mastery of a C. And him master. Tonight I would like feet cheese steak one dogs from banning your. Mother. It's brilliant cook to be able to do you pick some food. Out of the blue and your your mom actually canned meat kick. Yeah he's going to be up teams in the spur some woman one day. Oh yeah that's yeah I forgot about that you have to peace can beat on a freaking bearable for some woman. On sorry your mother made beauty appetizer manually Chile. I especially Chile for yeah. Yeah I've. And I'm gonna try to bring back my wok cooking when she goes to Lloyd is the drama without boy and you walk. How can you not let Quantico doesn't like it. It doesn't like. Well he gyrating is up I only have one against me not to he could make chicken fried rice or shrimp fried rice kids love that imagine. Easy to making your raw messed Goosen. I've never made friend rod so easy for you need to get some is. Bison sesame seeds of progress or friend could cure I see you can let it cool see garlic cook a big back to pop pictures just like regular road. White rice. I like gum a stickier rice milk and regular white racists Biden and then you saw today out some onions and played a little vegetables such held up to block. Sir your race and with some soy sauce sellers saw tale that out. I'm cracked a couple of bags scrambled to mob. Put that in the locker could battle with derisively chicken bloom so fried rice is sesame seizing your dime fried rice is nothing more than cooks rice this good heated up and tried and it this thing and it and it absorbs and do whatever is yeah he's a little chick. You brought him there is we get but what I would do is cook my race of chicken broth instead of water. Because then you get like your sticky intense sorry never done that ideology I really can't eat cooked chicken broth instead water's freezing. Anyways the easiest thing in the world and Anderson thank you married so chicken any you can control the amount of sodium. During nights like fast. Like keeping an airport. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now docked about when Sherri. My street kids at a monastery dot com. The strangest it's sort of knows he has to victory senator. When I was a kid who are sixteen years old have this little bands and we auditioned disguise to play keyboards. And his name was Richie. And he was as handsome as could be he. Had this big shock of blond hair. And he played great he actually played the accordion but he. He figured he's polish it figured out how to work convert that to playing a piano and an organ. That would seem like as transferable. It is skilled and I don't know I can't play any instrument but it. It seems like you might could do a little bit back and forth and had a beautiful beautiful girlfriend named Valerie. I mean she was absolutely gorgeous. And she became Robin Williams first wife. And they were married and had a chip children together. And we heard he he disappeared. He just disappeared and we heard that several different things he had an overdose of drugs. That he died on stage playing keyboards in Las Vegas. And that he was killed by a drunk drivers all of these things went on and and my friends and I over overall these years have been unable to figure out what happened when one of reference. Ran into his father. And sent me a picture which shall show you just a minute of Richie. And several other family members. And the father spent some reference at what happened to Richie and he said he went on to mute got a scholarship but music for piano. He went on to study at a college in California. And this picture was his wedding day when he was about third the six years old. And he died at the age of forty with a very strange disease that caused him to go blind. On day he was blind for two years and then died with whatever the disease once. And as horrible as that sounds. Compared to the drug overdose or dying on stage from a black out from alcohol or whatever all these other things that were floating around. It was almost a relief that he had found the woman in his legendary Kennedy children. And it evidently. Became just a fantastic pianist met Ray Charles. And and had quite an uninteresting life. And while you and Valerie. Who Robin williams' wife contacted my friend said whatever happened to them. And you know my friend had to say we don't know I think this is what happens. And now we know the truth. And it's just amazing after all those years and the picture of him he looks like Robert Redford. When Redford was young. In in the picture with his chips beautiful blond here. To have one of these stories come out of your past and that's a mystery solved it's a mastery. Is really really. Strange. I mean it's like this like a ghost has come back to using you to clear up whatever the. It's some misinformation. And it's a weird thing when kids see you went to school excellent high school or even elementary school it. It's a weird thing win when we need guy Jeff Fisher like that can't be right now you know it when I was in. Armed lamb like my senior year of college. Two boys I went to high school with one of them my dated. Billy was killed in a motorcycle accident Newton. And another guy fell he was working in construction on and major giant skyscraper in the very center of Philadelphia. He fell off the dole didn't. And it was so shocking you're like how can I even be possible. Did somebody that you knew from school music and Collins well a lot of kids that my son went to school with I'm sure. Feel that yeah Rick reed outside even imaginable for you guys to have had this mystery most of your life this guy has. History the last thing we heard about him I mean he he was a funny guy didn't you have no money is Stanley was he was not rich. He borrowed one of the guys leather coats. A boat Bo heady he was the drummer. Came from a family with a fair amount of money and it hit a long leather duster. And it was one hell of a coat I mean to and enrich yes the borrow it. And both have for what he goes and I got a big date blah blah blah and he gave it to him and a few months later both said. Where is richer are gonna get that coat back and cost through cheese house. And the house had burned down and he started walking through looking for you scoot and found the remnants of the code all burnt. Well so that wasn't a mystery and it was put it in today's money it was like a 2000 co ask of course. That was the last thing we heard. Until. Two days ago he know now I think it's harder for people to kind of. Disappeared become a mystery like I think it is yen is a FaceBook and everything you have because it even if you can't find that person you can find his sister. You can find some other you can find somebody that kind of knows what's go round of their guy and six degree eight can. I find a metallic paints yet to figure out oh where they live now to name an unlisted number no I'm just looking at their name in Google and there they are based on the best part of it for me was this was secure there was just playing accordions. In his church that's. And we got ahold of him and he ended up getting New York funeral scholarships were really good college and call. Thank you never that never would have happened. Mom sounds like some of his his life was cut short with some of the greens can joke then switches. I'm at a beautiful okay forums and news Max it's obvious OK it's not necessary. More on this news. Well you know if you're gonna try to bribe a cop maybe it's best offer more than about five bucks an potential indigestion. 27 year old guy named Eric. Re gone from Pasco Washington. Was pulled over last week and the cops spotted some propane. In the center console. There are new music through. So we try to make a deal. BS the cop if you can just you know forget about the cocaine. And exchange. First delicious shrimp to Taco Bell. Tough turned him down you resident it cocaine possession against ex cons memory at a club less tell me about it. Do you think you can live with a few ballpoint pens inside your body. And do you think they did you swallowed two ballpoint pens did you would eventually forget if you had swallowed the ball quicker and know I would know. If five watched by so slow them I would think about it constantly a look at the guys have been around 36 years. He lost to bad when he was fourteen years old which is ground zero age foreigner in the green the ball play the fifth that's truth. Or bidding on things like that I'm much after fourteen years you're already too Smart for that but yeah twelve and fourteen bill wholly dependent. Bill you'll do mom. You said that he totally first cannot believe swallowed into ballpoint pen. Julie was having some discomfort. More than 36 years later and doctors did an X ray and they've brought the X rays into the room put them up on that light boxes that look Peter chief. These are a couple of ballpoint pens and your fifties and he goes. All we had lost a bad idea I swallowed them use fifteen. He went from fourteen to 1536. Year old muddy. The pens were surgically removed. April 24. Demand lives in China. Which is increasingly. Common and it only goes two for morons on the news. After the war is starting to be like twelve step black it was like you can in our way. And I know it's hard to believe. I know you I don't feel I would know that they were there. I'd like every single day Bob would go I feel kind of funny keeping the pens are moving it's you could not feel right not. Ari today's moron and today it's 45 year old Douglas colds variant. Who has he's in jail on a 100000 dollars bond. He's accused of hiring prostitutes. To strip on his neighbor's porch while he watched from his house across the street. When it comes he's an Omaha. He's a shaft. When his wife filed for divorce last week it's she said that Saddam belief among other things she's had he not. Yeah it's the EPA needs it wasn't just triggered their prostitutes that. A better off it was just find enough. He hired strippers to go strip on his neighbor's porch at least 75. Times. I'm here in Omaha yards before it they would you have to really big deal. Stripper to do that in January let's talk about the neighbors third couple in their thirties with two little boys ages one and three. They said district provisions began about a month after they moved and they should sometimes we would know they were there as we hear a kick on the door to door bell would ring. Sometimes we've seen him staring into our windows sometimes the dancers became upset because they're expected to be paid by the people whose house they were dancing on the. And home half of all places. The horribly and literally and he's our you can check out his mug shot. You're the owner. Person that's going to be something nice people to envoy I don't think it's so much to do with your neighbors and I left out what he did during the. Polaroid cities around the. From his worst round I love that I left that out which I thought should even judgment I think so yeah. I would get against Todd duties. He does your blood into DJ introduced a recession now leaves said that no I think so I. My favorite part of this story is when the neighbors and sometimes kids would peer into the wind can sit there and cook you dinner and you don't. These damned head. I'm I'm watching him out after extreme amount why would you do not have the ingredients it's doing that reflect on his porch. Why the neighbors across the strength. His lawyer involved his lawyer says yeah. These allegations are still allegations. Let's talk some posting bail right now in getting him back to court his lawyer sounds like Sean Spicer. Is that the no I don't know why you're neighbors and not his own ports maybe you don't finish like yeah big funeral tableau that's more runs in the news. Helping series can be so confusing. And so crazy expensive and then he really get what you're paying for. That bothers her podcast is brought tees today thank USA health insurance plan to fix health insurance your family deserves doctor visits lab work. Kennel envisioned surgery X series of accidents and more why don't give USA health insurance plans to call and see what they can do to. 84 quarter to shoot 99537. Lead back to the body shirt contest thanks for listening. FaceBook Twitter Smartphone apps at the office area dot com bachelor fans I am sad sad sad news and give superstar stands. Don't vials get voted all I saw Ted I know we've we've projected that she was going to win I have to read about these things so much fun now because I only get you know the two channels and and now Danny Kaye was a handicap last night we were not able to watch Dancing With The Stars. No additional vials get voted off now bachelor fans. I'm Ben the against that's the a bachelor season that was on January 2016. And Higgins and Laura Bush now have split up they said they have heavy hearts. Announcing their decision to go their separate ways I will remind you. That. Alone and offered Lar in the final rose. But he told runner up Jo-Jo that he loved her. So my guess is part of the problem in this relationship might start it right there men only daily which is a web site that I lake. I'm interviewed a bunch of relationship experts who said he can learn what went wrong. And non. Reasons that most relationship experts agreed on was need to bachelor's real. So sure we ever figure out how many of those people who have the again people tend to do better. Yeah five. Aren't majority of those bachelorette couple spots where people just tend to go the distance five and that's in 200 Nate seasons. Pretty much yes let's. Sum up this morning to you know the thing with the Simone Viles not winning you you look at which she can do is an athlete you say well. No this is a no brainer and yet every once in while you get an athlete I thought I could be wrong but I think Michael Jordan might be one of them. Where did it they just say I can't enhance. You know I can fly through the year but I just cannot dance. I didn't I I can't really say look how great she was or wasn't. Because we only get the Chichi cooks it she smoked either one of this has been a month how has today's day free sex how is this possible. In this day and talk how is it possible that they can't run a line to your house well on me. You know it's got to have very conflicting stories can so they came out and they said they could and they came out and said they couldn't and they came out again and said they could and they came out again it said they couldn't and then to really nice guys came on stood in my driveway and said. They totally can they just they're too lazy and then they left and homer waiting for somebody to come back indeed something is this a cable companies so I mean obviously dish or something I can't I am and I can't I've tried everything cables my only cable is my Obi wan can OB it's all cash and I think everyone keeps telling need. That I should just Skid Row Cooper Simi Wi-Fi for that. I can't. And I know I can't turn my phone to a hot spot because we're be using data at such a rate that on we've been throttled. When you I have unlimited back there with I have unlimited data with eighteen Tebow once she tipped past a certain usage point and they have the option to throttle you. Literally literally and what ends up happening is throttling is a fancy way of saying they deliberately and intentionally slow your dated down. To keep you from using it I mean using more data rate mountain NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory because. Like little homework. Are everything's coming off of my phone and so they've struggled our data. So no I can't I can't ease my phone is a hot spot for much of anything. You know we act gave up on getting the line for Internet we have the cable company come out in. And employer sought you know for Internet. Because the other service we were using to not work too well. And so the cable is is still unburied it's been unburied for months and we just were too lazy to call is just you get a run around half the time trying to. Well we we I mean I mean I could tell you all the reasons that we've been told various things that they you'd be bored silly. By these things now I do get to see. I'm last night I came outside camp was sitting outside why because when you have the antenna TV you live and on trees like we do. I'm exchange TV outside and appoint the rabbit ears at the sky into the tumor serial huddled around the TV leg link up primitive settlers in front of a campfire and and Catholic campus. Ala Dick Cavett sign you dismiss password plus. Al-Qaeda. Realized it was that show it's a game show obviously or I sort of password general password pluses and a two game show. Mom and will we go outside she can get a few extra channels but it. A few extra channels of lake black and white cowboy movies teach people pet. It's not good and almost four unplugging. I am you know I love reading an you're not you're not sure unplug a small firm plugging and not sitting in front of the TV. That we live in a time where you really do need the engine you really do. I mean for bill's not sort of been off for bills and for the kids' homework on Mother's Day hello. In Mother's Day in and then L my daughter came to Mussa momma no it's my understanding and I hate to ask this but. I can't. I need to do research from science project teaching me daycare for Starbucks. So I'd take my kids for two and half hours. To care Bruce's she keys what I do homework I was watching Bill Maher the other so you do need the Internet ansari an elder people live without it and go for you. We need to you know I was washing Bill Maher the other night and he did a commentary on. FaceBook. And the Internet in general. And he said you know what people don't realize. FaceBook is a drug. It's a drug and all they wanna do then they don't want you to be friends with your friends they just wanna sell you stuff. And they wanted to find different ways to hook you to look at FaceBook. More and more. It did or I can only time you look at it they make my thumb not disputing that home. But I'm not take FaceBook I'm saying it is a point I mean to check it once or twice today the people are checking it 20304050. Times a day humanity lived for years about the Internet I know my kids teachers don't seem to wanna go back to back because they've got a lot of interactive signed. But the good news is they sell coffee caribou so yeah I mean danger alert day routine six. Different. You call every day and I call actually thinking now I stand down in my driveway and shout to disguise. And you see what good insomnia as we as we embark on days when we can talk converted on his radio show instant. From the mountain area it's a New Delhi it is a new day is that's right and you know IE. Even Harden undue panic. Boy howdy kids yeah. This is I haven't shared. Scary dot com yeah. Todd Todd did you say you predicted there's a big lottery thing that's going on tomorrow yup there's so much on the edges of your own four million dollars oh. Here's my five. Here's my five are you gonna buy the tickets I am I'm as a matter fact that our rivalry up going to do should I am on Dre the way out to countries day. And so I'm feeling good about this or you know you got to remember we're not gonna win all the 204 million dollars why he see your that's being greedy and greedy doesn't win plus split it with you got no no no I mean we only want to win a hundred million dollars. They do it that way too it's not winner take all well know it depends on how many people in the winning number you divided up and hello and how many numbers we get sometimes you know you can actually win inferred having like four numbers. So I could soon get 25 million before taxes you'd probably get somewhere I feel good about you know I feel good about this because I have a purpose now. Now if we want it before I had no purpose other than to be your rich Baum OK but Yemen that purpose I am new purpose and I just read about it yesterday listen to this I'm ready so. We've reached in brief we get a hundred million dollars we have you I have to do podcasts 'cause we could not committed this building people would hate us. They would they would do look at us with envy and hate oh sweetheart if you specify when that money. The first thing I'm doing is driving to a neurosurgery practice in getting this part of my brain the bottom mice like Kenny who find this building where you can't commended I know I still ice I. All of you know I listen to me hitting. We'll listen to me. I still have a lot of things in my head that how we Ide actually we wanna do high gas yet because I don't doubt your house I can here's what we're gonna do I'm getting up at 8:30 in the morning. And then I drive over to your house maybe have a missile brunch going on you know that I could enjoy it and we do the baucus on we can't do the podcast at my house and I I have no life I want forgot about it next. Good to them or over you're talking about Starbucks do you have I just find that's why don't you go to panera everybody has an office and panera anyway if you are not a studio. Why why I'm not brought of Hitler blowup mattress to premiere we could be getting there delta so once that's finished one like do I still have the rest of the day I. I don't wanna be a bomb Sherry and then I read in the New York Times about a new program they have in Michigan on the ghost writers. And what they do. Texting is so bad well you're driving you win the deaths from taxing went up 14%. Just last year. I'll also Michigan has come up with this new ghost writer program you have a police officer in an unmarked suvs. And a citizen. Riding shotgun. Looking for people that are taxed yeah and they pull up who did the officer pulls up next to of people and a citizen looks over and goes. This text and drive these extra blood drug X and then the officer pulls them over right. And so calm guy gets it like a 200 dollar ticket so here's what I wanna do I finished with view right. And I get on my ghost writer outfit. Which is an all dot holdup. You knew there would be an outfit. This there's. Who always end up and style that it's a costume it's it's a uniform it's like it's a black shirt like military black with a up let's and black pants tight. Okay and have you ever seen like at calvary. Pat. Light like good guy yeah. Calvary had apple have a really key actors and have to troop death. Not the flat one the other one and now I know what that is because I hope we get two channels. And then I would have like a boost emblem on top of that so the officer gets outside he goes up to give the guy the ticket are stand behind the officer I'm not aren't. And when he gets the ticket prices and the like. Ghost writers judge shouldn't. Ghost riders dead chimp was like my signature thing you can hardly give back and we find another guy I have a nice lunch and I'm doing something for my community hello. Pulled up. Because this plan is so he will win the lottery. And winning the lottery and I am offering no oh you're you're gonna share which. Ghost writer got to go straight night catching Paul. Okay. Her. Jerry thanks so much to listen to the Bobby cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcasts it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. Audio clips I guess door and Bobby and Sherry dot com and. My wife has been posting on her FaceBook. I suppose that some of the pictures on the bond insurers face to bridge. Pictures Evert who squirrels Lucy. And I'm forget the other ones Melvin Lucy in Melbourne and it's taken on a life of his own. Somebody took a look at one of the pictures are posted yesterday and set a squirrel holding a peanut. This is the best start to my week ever I love this picture she is she's getting hundreds and hundreds of followers. Every afternoon she goes up there when she comes home from work and she has a chair she takes out a glass of wine and she puts on a blanket and she calls for the squirrels. And sometimes the common sometimes they don't mostly they come she feeds them over Colorado in peanuts. I mean she will spend as much as two hours out there I'm wondering what the new percent. Because. Here's your neighbor's daughter I don't know America and saying now then. I mean they can even see this girls and it's like she's calling into the woods. For Lucy and Mel and every day and it it is a lot. But I went and sat there for awhile yesterday and the music you stand things you've ever seen. I never cared about squirrels nominal social squirrels and they stay within 200 feet it was 200 feet. They stay within an acre. Of where they're born and where the grew up they don't go any farther and that they do not go over your neighborhood. The best girls I've ever seen her. Black squirrels of Wisconsin and they probably a black squirrels. In other kerosene and jet black squirrel now they'll get your attention really I've seen a white half a I was chasing a white coral. Haven't chinoy when I was in nom near Wausau Wisconsin. And there was a black squirrel on the side of the road. And the black squirrels are kind of licked to death the leaders of squirrel world I know they have that real leg menus seemed. Villeneuve kind of thing going for themselves at first to I was like I read that squirrel to look veterans remember to click a squirrel but it was black or first I thought I was academy did a double take. And screamed it's a black squirrel go to go see go see Lucy at publishers FaceBook pages accused speech impairment Jackie was like honey you need to get out of the house mortgage they're everywhere but they're not everywhere job Zobrist the country. To hear about the song. This dog huckleberry an Austin, Texas. He likes to sit on the roof of yeah of his house I heard about that took. And people were periodically calling the police are animal control you know the dogs in danger they called the fire department and the homeowners gave up patent and name. They put a sign up and said. We appreciate your concern don't knock on the door feel free tickets picture he's fine puck he's huckleberry to restart and he's gone viral if you wanna follow on one inch to Graham he's at hock the Roos dog and you can see pictures of the people post that's it when they drive by and sometimes there's something going on in your house. With either your kids these cars are your pets. And then for people who don't know you. It seems like someone should call the authorities and I had that happened when I was a teenager they did call the authorities to my parents were out of town. Yeah but that was justified your pair strategy on you guys throw parties. Now that that wasn't it. I have disband and we were practicing in the basement. And during the day. The manager of the bands should we had two managers one was a guy and one was a woman. The manager of the woman would come up and she had a white Cadillac convertible with red interior and she had big hair and her daughter. Would come with her and she was about 1617. And she had been care the two of them were just absolute knock outs so they were coming and going well my parents were away. And the band is playing at night downstairs. Neighbors called the police thought they were prostitutes. Our staff her self. Help. Just wanting have not been mistaken are we had a knock on the door like a 1 o'clock in the morning. And and they asked to come in and you know as a kid what what are we gonna say got a warrant. I'm sick she can't implement they weren't there at the time but that's what the other neighbors the. We take you back I have to mistaken for a hooker remember that night I was walking seen him. In that little town work here mused dance studio is and that truck driver pulled up alongside me said. Hey how about Dave how much. Much what it you should you're willing to pay. You know win or is. I was walking stiff while carry me was dancing it was it was cold out ahead on like a red winter coat. Truck driver pulls up alongside his suite are about date. That's why it. Me because yeah how much. How much. I own book is walking adult would indict surely look Laura and I are in the. And sexy hooker but I super mattered to some reason I didn't phone her up I wish I occasionally drank Coca. No it isn't long before eagle on is that the creepy is the expression how about it to about a date in that is just the creepiest expression while the other thing is is you're on call nobody dates anymore we just hang out Perez and etc. it's. But Tony dollars I'm gonna push this for fun phones. Let's call up if the neighbors have ever called the cops on you for any reason the right. Your pets your cars stated here how we never tell on that fire crackers enrollees shouting slider he can fire I. The law. If the law dogs were called your house. Today's your day at 888 BO BSH. ER IE eight ADT 1617. Or to examine you know if you were guilty or not and judge you on everybody nobody's perfect right shareholder it's okay it's a hard life. You meet me there. He had not had a lot of dogs on the fourth of July array. That's just one. That we can talk about digging BO BS AG RI this is common share it. Say hello my street kids at about the salary dot com somehow we got on the. Topping your talking about the police showing up your house. Wasn't something that was kind of innocent wasn't just craziness going on AV eight BO BSH ERI Cheri lets say hello Ron this morning. Here aren't sure Adam. Are you good are you think you should listening. Put storewide in order to have all of our military offer a couple of contracts don't look crushed we'll go one more name and I am. I polyglot three months about I had had everyone I have to drive somewhere some place like your commute. Are you so mind your own true and that I don't by the way I wanted to good. I wanted to salute you for recognizing corporate hunting strategy for the body generation. They should publish here what we're gonna do is we're gonna hide you in plain sight. So that when people stumble upon you it's like they've found Monday in their pocket right that they above code they haven't worn in a long time and the be so happy and we symbol what are click advertising and promotion and also that was just. And no snow that's for anyone can do that. It's called it's called the stumble plant. And thought well we're so glad to have you here at the so the cops cops showed up your notes. Yes they did I just bought my house and at a time in the military you know sort each 1214 hour days we're getting ready they're Newport I Iraq's. And that's Friday morning. This big burly six foot three. Check my commodore. And nearly a piece of paper that's what you and your neighbors have complained much or York. It's my backyard at the close call me. Interior design. So that Saturday morning I'd like I explained in my true about the news that led to an area so that Saturday morning right not only somewhat clock. We're in my backyard with three per bushel on the worst I've had kind of a backyard and now. We start mow Ed might have trouble clock. Which ceremony. As shattered old five. One of my neighbors that might articulate French cheek waves me over and says. It trip returned early to be mowing your opponent. I've bridge in my back pocket. That's a lot that yellow piece of paper that says cut my yard org chart so it abolished. And she apologizes which you don't wanna call. OK you know problems so incredibly hard and now I'm. Didn't she waited back over and actually if I could cut my grass so that it blows away from her yard. Yeah she's saying this to a man who was working sixty hours getting ready getting employed deployed to Afghanistan. Who yeah dealt with and not so I'd say wait first of all you have become optional in my yard. At my house. And then you come to and that's totally it's to a very early to be cutting grass. And now are you actually you know. Cup might cut to grab a different race these of course are decidedly Diana she doesn't assume the notion assisting your radio station. And. We didn't say that I might tell you and it's awful when people don't take your grass so. I know it's just an end that Monday morning in Asia. That's going to be able to look at why aren't Jewish and I am now that I cut my grass. Well you know I don't wish I had a soldier living next door to mean and I knew that you were gearing up for in Iraq deployment I would just come cut your grass yeah I would call the police sign them I'm. And I'm your outspoken early supporter maybe five times. And well once she complained about my golf. Once she you're playing with like this sort of a morning note strutting. I pop that scraps and Howard. Do you learn something very large and very powerful but at this proper steps count me and she waves she tries to waved me over any else. That met my and the machine I'm using makes a lot of noise in order. So an eight here are probably won't explode two or four or five times but each time it's a composed she has some kind of complaint. I had about a 150 order a preacher down. Because it was dying and she that contractor come and do it and see that took them. The better part of the data do it and see what waived my right over complained that. Fired people up with a treaty would change also me so much noise as you're the mother always you know. All right well you did the dogs were trying to learn about you know and some I have to be in your side rockets you are the are brave soldier. Look at what you know mid iron out thank you recharge noble thank you for your user Serbian have to be in your side and yet. Diana doesn't seem like a bad person I mean she has some qualities. But I think you're very strong because she listens to this show we know that there's isn't it nice air quality Stewart that's about it yeah because you have to your show are you are left thumb did did she knows that you were gearing up for a deployment where you'll be risking your very life for democracy. I have brought bad movie that I Alberto one day and that's why they executed later. When the ship Palin. You only have 48 hours that's a deadline. I think there's nothing more exciting being an entrepreneur and having your own business and putting yourself out there. But it can also be. I really expensive proposition especially when it comes to insurance unless you're working with his Cox and his stock small business insurance was created to help. You receive customized policy starting as low as 22 and fifty a month and fueling your own business and you are ready to save on insurance or call 8448776416. And thanks for listening to the Bobby cherry podcast. They start a Twitter Smartphone apps Sherri dot com. Somebody called them on dog steer house. Probably eight. For no good reason at all union deserve it but the luck came here assets we're talking about today it's 8088 GOP as eight PRI hey TJ. So TJ when the come to your house. Well well. They are not working and maybe eight. The not in my bed early in. Any had to cram my diet or live there. And they don't Gilmore is out. They better in the morning and even and I awarded your green side of great senate victory there will go right exactly say you can eat their. What ever bullied him but I want now look what I kind of pick went on certain here fears. Well we were all down the road and in the woods down the word face earlier. And about a half hour out rattling your start here and DJ here now. Our direct and not really my man and boy. And aren't there I think we started Mac so we had bad we're like Robert that extra hour on a street here. And we target the road and would look up they're who I helped matters quell our start playing golf course. My mom got spared you cry and my man everybody's going crazy and I could have spared. And bad I forgot eco medio patience. And thought some of kidnapping. So. Don't know when you were withdrew on the. Yeah and ultimately got really played in my bag outpacing men and he knew it but I. I'm I'm good I'm gonna be honesty on the shows prejudice and mud on my part I thought the law dogs were common for Don it. He's just hit it on his name it's been our experience on this show TJ eaten that if the man's name is Donnie he's up to so. He's troubled that follows a Darby. Isn't Donny is from McDonald or even didn't really is now. There are either. Continued I got to come kill my bad all the faith that we call my mom and their bios they're Airpwn Oden go ballistic on my. Latin. It wasn't your fault your father should have you know remembered that he said yeah go ahead club US nation would dawn you ask him Wally was asleep. Hey you know basically didn't talk on the reality could. So well why it was funny state that your house. I just want that Korea and then there's a big help bring you to stay in the air. These are older guy you end up putting and my they had free in bad. Oh yeah you're just being nice prologue is not nice and a good thing about Donny though he's between places downtown a lot of times he has. But people like come you know. You know senate. This week I ran this is a big guy it's it's amazing that his ex wife couldn't tolerate from a more men are now. Kelly ended up OGA's counter. Now all right thank you TJ. You thanks very much and I was like let's look like a little trip to me bury the fissionable efficient home at twelve finish on the honest during welfare Imus. Yeah. Together and do. You always songs speaking of fishing hole this song has words to it of course my husband knows who sang them to me one day. Her worst of this just goes down tradition oh. Some of them are really never heard. Am really not singing these words on the radio for a million dollars and others where you can only judge can find the words. You have the so again there's attrition or pressuring senate is music and you haven't. And I know some on land creatures who live there and. This is an old enough and. OK I don't do role sure. Your the eightieth congress and her own little brother and then hey this bad news showed. It's. Tough being there is scrolling. Then like and the kind of aid to scroll. You gotta love this and wholly owned. A better way to ask. Oh and rolled yeah mood and can we get Shaw and it's a longer version of that I have. I was on the idea Christian holds solid player since government you're pushing the Bob insuring showed what kind. Of a great days this woman. I think you know you've never heard people Amanda have just annual fruit basket to. Our current go to willow. It's great comeback would she. Porsche and Melissa my daughters came out city need eight TO DSH. She PRI bodies here. I sorry John abbate. You clearly don't know. And meet me I had done for Asian holes remain anonymous gay and abide all day but don't you Raj away. What a great play is to raise your bones in my ID find cars he had been stolen you feel fresh. Then maybe it's that you can shade. I'm glad there's car. People want us Bob. Always in my group. They created Davis drove up hill on live and vision hole ID thing. All of that away. That's very cool thanks finding that I've never heard of that really turns to meet that was usually right there. Eddie complainant theme song of the Beverly Hillbillies on the span you know going to go ahead and call India like and be. And there you go supports us the portion in a lawn dogs come to get to Portia what can you Don. Portia yeah. It. I did you or ear to listen was a felony Mac's sudden Newt a new Porsche why do cops come for you. Calls her Porsche got a bigger. Portion. Why do you are right here are you there. Aren't all right. I I kind of bullying. I come around Paris because I had to remain and it act early and I came home from Merck and I'm Becky beach a column. To Arab World Cup car the way we haven't quite been. And when they got there. Instead. If you are only about all farm farm out and I bet. And you'll get all we have to regret if you we have asked an important thing here or rent. It's. I did well and Ed we don't know I don't know I didn't act edit. And him he can't tell you about we think hey you can't tell. And more and I let my rent then I had written an expert grant pretty and Kuerten. He had I get money out of my camera and I current events out that the then military couldn't do it again and the male would go on to empower the battery. They've kept returning. Right so the check. The check I'll see you got. You know on bottom I knew somebody very casually who got arrested and put him in jail for bouncing check she was an interior designer Ian. I bounced the check and they came and they put her behind bars it's. Meanwhile. Today meanwhile this was roughly the same time that Hezbollah was operating cash. Cigarette smuggling ring in the city zip code and it. Was smuggling cigarettes away and bring it didn't mention Wayne Hancock and more portion were similar. Here you didn't you're. And I'm epic beat it down and he. Eat up blue and that didn't need it please don't let them lady and the elder at my good play app ever had to have rest helped her out Albert adhere. My name it but let me yet let me marry me I pardon. As it now my neighbor without Butler at a candlelight bill caretaker in the neighborhood that lady across the carried that I did things are her and that's you know even at my neighbor and then. When they tell me leaving or edit trailer people going down and I am. So did you have a mug shot did they take your picture. Are they didn't do any and that element. If any actually. I have my parents and and that bail Bondsman that would say they know they can't Bentley and the battle. Yeah and nobody wanted to how much how much was it how much was. Or how much was ours. To. Of course and I mean the nick couldn't the neighbors not cool little bit therefore important. The deputy bank bad. Whenever we get her out he's not abandon ten minutes and they'll. The doesn't good neighbors you know Todd what do common bailed out you you don't have to spend another night lockup where let's throw it he's got to bail Bondsman on speed dial up. He knows a guy I don't I think they make like 10% so they would have only made like 686. Loss I in the room so portions your kitchen TVs back. We're losing portion she said yes so it's a happy and she's so sweet thank you poor chip it over to Melissa quickly here hi Melissa Melissa. Are and we have to make this short in this segment why did the police come to your house. The Mac that had just learned hit a few thought this stick and hit despite how about my and one more end. Yet it only got not 11 in the sisters Graham and she didn't realize listen closely yelled I'm going to kill you. I'm new moon. Up. And here comes the law and how many police officers showed up. 11 dot and he came in with those the old garden and sort of everything okay here of course my son was little. He's older now that the acquittal he ran up to him going daddy daddy. So I'm gonna break him out as well. Well and and also gave him some opinions about you right after him and it's a it's. All right thank you Melissa thank you very much daddy. Cops see it all you know they really do. I'm sure it's annoying after world is people like I have them all day but why he's so you don't worry after elegant you can hang out in a cop Marin just listen to the yeah very annoyed I know it and I know like movies and on TV in our top Barcelona after army LA noise of the of the day was an HBO copy windows Sylvester Stallone Mo I loved that movie that is the best movies. Located AT 67437. The loss came here house. Hey this is Sherri thanks so much to listening to the body cherry podcasts and not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. I really like your mother Sherry and dish game I love your name. Thank you know that is so pretty to say it is not a. Like Todd with more and I Wear. Kinnear played our people our economy you're really not what an honor and I actually right now. Live at the back to back now he will not. What are so we replay do you you're one of our reply no I colonels. Just kidding. You would call on the day that the law comes to yeah. English is ready are you keep ending up supposed to help it's. I can. I went out I don't I came here and that only to interpret my husband and yet there would be. And how we have a problem I do not want and I Hillary with those eight U corporate. Although I would not like we're not really cool and Clinton are now like and you have to take to get going door to what comes after a couple of hours a compact. I'm black and it cooling a little bad now Obama black enough hope by the seat senator like that orange liquid in the heat. Liquid. Like I don't recollect saying I'll remember them are really good yes liquid. And the heat I got to the bottom line. I'm I think I'm in other woman and we don't have another. Okay robbery papal bringing the art curriculum one time yet meet again we can she get me angry and something else got the help me out there and he. Is this always this hotel hill should not and ask more needs to leave. I really don't remember it and then mile per common name like holiday and our. You know as it was something that was calm and so big big should she be hanging via with a big triangle. And and I can't tell when gal got the big and then you know I don't know the area yup got me another recurrence somewhere yet gimmick since heat pump and yeah I know I'm that if you offer their content. And I'm yet colonel Graham. And they look at the kid is that a lady in her like he. They're pregnant Tara I think you mean that I'm best manager. To the point I'm delighted I'm very I'm had strong like hard headed warm. But I can be the sweetest person man oh. Right where you were a dish out where you were you yelling at the clerk. I would popping and then the Atlantic are looking right now just like this hair was a very cute and her and then that there are charging your. Many here I'm okay I'm ready to help me I got escorted to the grand canal that they're about myself because my husband lived in the ring with the kids. That's and we had the lead and then give our child and another has a brain light up. So the police drove you let them who to. War oh. Clerk thought I was there I mean there are some then I don't you know. You know what it does shape you are very nice person and here's why I know this you don't recall. Really the name of the hotel chain or the name of the hotel. If that happened to me I would never forget the name of that heat he had a teacher made. You remember Bob I can tell you exactly. Well how we expect and then we're like we're driving all over count on iron hotel brands. Are you know I have the feeling and I mean we had that in that they and then some. Off the chain dropped the ball. Back to where I need. A K yellow green that money into the green and I did both are and then. Then legislate that what about your first thing in the morning. What are they are or what a terrible situation I understand that things break and you know Katie acie can break in the TV can break things are not perfect. But you can't really justify pulling back the sheets to find a Beagle Connolly go no you cannot and they should have room for three. I guarantee you can get what I do they return I'm going to hotel rooms that the surge seen each tank yeah. Yeah I'll see that pullback helped Illinois guard moving him and no I'm not only had Kabila are and one other time I'm. And it would be even worse and I. Does indeed twice Bob troubles we trouble all the time listening never happened Oslo you know where we're staying pretty soon or you better you know better show there's this place of Bob and I say I won't. Almost I would not say where. We call it this serial killer in and Julia. It's right at the armed. Right off the freeway everywhere and the only thing missing is bill Curtis is voice over I expect you're gonna spinach radiate heat and about how lonely strategic no payouts. Not this serial killer in. So so Mary who came along on the trip were staying at the certain serial killer and and I said to hurt this is not going to be the best hotel have ever taken YouTube yet it's it's it's a casual. It's more of a motel. If we pull up and there's a guy in the missed two stories there's a guy in the second story leaning. He's in his doorway leaning against the door jamb with his tidy ways to tell you Max smoking a cigarette. So were there. And I get attacks from Bob Mary's room Bob says hey. I'm just lounge in in my underwear. If you can't you would like to calm down and have a glass of wine when their skins like that's a that's an off. Oh man well did you say you tocchet I'm glad I'm glad they didn't take you to the Hokies to least generous aren't you yeah. He don't want it or not. Me. Yeah that would not as an audio well you said yourself you are hard had a woman and you put a hard had a woman who log on concerns. Yeah. Touche have a great day today that was good numerous that would really get to the other lease rent sell Linux right. They gave BO BSH. ER I 80826274. Through seven it's called the laud your house. Our street is set top serie dot com Sarah. And he could actually Sarah why did the police come to your house. Okay. I don't recently moved. A couple of months ago. And didn't. About let's see what it only moved to one count that work and the police showed up. And was looking for our gets the woman that lived there before we did and I think ordering now an outward news she doesn't live there any longer Bobble off. And it showed up another ex I'm bank bank. Well about a month ago he was network. And go out have a neat name I hear talk Flacco and Europe are ready to him he'd just flat well at the Berkeley and it's been opened the door. Betty I had like. Do I need to work very papers pointed at me and told that caught my hands in the air. And it's not scared at bat I didn't know what was going on not oh boy at an air he's big and it scared when the bad. Aren't trying to tell them like who I am light what's happening now that wouldn't trade anyway it just kept on leave if it was I expect I can't. They. I told them on May not want them out get them I had Trevor laws that ball up. So they apparently they say. Let me give them I DN. NI CK cups Niemi on my hat or bike back and under my opponent. I don't know what was the deal here you didn't do anything wrong this is the third time. They get were looking for a specific walkman and on I mean that the I want answered the door later. You know it looked a bit I don't know it was so scary and a net unrealized. Yeah Dirk and what not you know I'm available I'm apart from my economic mom doesn't upset me like. I don't know air new bike are kept sound like he's really I'm not that per cent right I don't know what's happening. This little boy and it scared a little boy to work. Yeah I was gonna. They showed traumatic for your someone you know I've never. I don't know how people remember that forever and I mean if he does at least you know I ordered a criminal but you know like. It's it's it's funny even if you know that your innocent. You still feel like you've done something yeah I would say it just just before I got together with Sherry. Thumb with a with a previous job I'm walking around the building it and the receptionist comes over to me says. When Bob the FBI is on the phone and they need to talk to him. And I will that's what I so I went well it. Says the FBI is on the phone you can you can take call over here and I've known this reception issues about a 150 years old but she was looking at me you mean. You know she's she can only lead pretty sweet I know so. What should look. So I went below and there was is this bubbly Sunnis and yes. And this is. So and so with the FBI. My partner and I or to talk to you. An interview you'll later today or we know where your house's with Tom you've either. I sit I'll be there around 2 o'clock. And then okay we'll see you then nothing else. Somebody named dollar price somebody named Bob why you had broken out of a prison in California and they were checking every Bob leasing in the country. I'm sure she is they saw or even knew you weren't jailbreak and JC I don't looks like jailbreak material erosion bad you know you look into jailbreaking flow and meet you just. Well I'm glad I think they came they came in. And lectures and now my cousin Philip is like a computer wiz and he he works for financial company now but when he was growing up he used to be able to pack into whatever he wanted as a matter fact we're vacationing onetime. In my dad had left the the lab where we worked in New York to move to Arizona and Mike doesn't say it. Welcome Herm Q what do seared you're classified records that they've never released deal. And mind I was like no I don't guess we'll hear they are put in that one day he hacked into the White House. And my aunt was at the house and hang out back in the days when she was where under cool black leather pants and her mink coat now than there was a knock at the door Papon was a black car in there was Secret Service was at the door to one city to fill up. Word today you really he wound up. So he got what he got off with a warning to view that the timing was like fifteen but you know. I think now they'd be more harshly I think too it's an area so he did is he in the computer business now though he works for an investment for and he does. The computer stuff yeah. Well you know what I feel good because all the schools for the last hour and a half from our listeners who had the police come and really nobody went to jail. I know they even though listener who had out of proportion. Com she was able to make her sixty dollar bail that's right shoot behind bars they put her away at the tournament check it. This above and shake that's our target audience people that have been arrested but not actually lost it's got back. We got a lot closer look pretty good reviews something to think that you know if you know you didn't go through and that was fun. Oh by the way I just posted the latest us for a picture. American Mary was outside with her computer and loosen the squirrel was Czech Lucie was checking her own FaceBook page. So check it out Bob ensure efficient. You sure know your grown up when you start worrying about health insurance policies right and this can be extra challenging for small business owners and employees of small businesses. This is where help markets insurance comes into. They can show a small business owners group health insurance options they're gonna help the owner and the employees get great coverage and big savings. Employees may receive better out of financial protection with lower out of pocket expenses. Doesn't that sound great doesn't that sound like it's right for you call 8557503537. Help markets insurance. It's Jim's game which sports can gave me. I had good morning Jim so can a real good morning how is everybody everybody's great what's the deal with the somebody trolling. Professional at. This is following up on the mend our every New York mets' situation from last week where he was suspended for not showing up at work for the match he was despondent over the breakup of his supermodel Adrian Adriana Lima she quit following him on instant Graham which was another backhanded slap in the face. And now she's just trolling him. By following another one of Matt Arby's model ex girlfriends on instant ground following and liking her purpose. Just that the seed drops Matt Harvey. And now she's following his ex girlfriend and purposefully liking posts that they've put up. I hit singles is goal I was gonna say there's not one adult left in America it's so nice they've all left. The greatest generation went when the last one dies that's the end. Teenagers are running the country. Just stop at a moment what she's doing so it'll estimate as head to the point where is not showing up for work with a New York Mets. Can I he has got to get it together man. Now he's got this great career going as she's just got dizzy just mess and whether incessantly to careers not so good this she doesn't think so you're suspended for three games he comes back pitches Friday get Sheldon may lose the game so he's not open your Mullen who show up. Eyes when your heart broken and going crazy from a break up you can act like a man's man now it's got to be better than this now now she's trolling him on the Amsterdam he's got to step it up. I showed up here and not acted like a madman exactly I mean you and I'm making far less than Matt Harvey. All you know what eight boys you're ever actively compete and win five million a year you're not spoiled. They point five million a year you get spoiled pretty fast. He needs to do outside and add this Phyllis a man to buy it and do the coach of the Atlanta Falcons is Dan Quinn nearly lost the Super Bowl netted 25 point lead right read it like a late third quarter. Lose the Super Bowl the patriots. He's wearing these wrist bands and he's giving out called embrace the suck. And this is like motivation taking a bad situation. Instead of running from it being like a warrior. And embracing the suck and now trying to use that as motivation this season this is what Matt Harvey needs to do is embrace that and just move on. It's quite an expression it is I think you've got to get their trademarked. The armed. Sure you know I've embraced the structures. How many years just so excited yeah it is our friends and where you may have infringement writes here that you may want to hire a. They're all you know are now should we relaxed into we can't even get into the shock as the saying goes everything changed for us shark tank one of the new judges is true. A-Rod Alex Rodriguez would be one of the rotating judges coming under the shark tank this year. In addition to being a former steroid using baseball player clocks parts analyst. Is also a businessman he is he Chief Executive Officer for A-Rod corporation wanted to get that job. They've. What are the interview process like to get that CEO Jeff gave her a coworker should. Oh. Isn't does does look in the mirror is Sarah news on dreamy eyes the what are what are you today. Amid the worst thing about here. Private holding company with businesses in the US and Latin America also joining the show be Bethany Frankel who's apparently one of the 101000 real housewives of New York. She's the woman that's skinny girl vodka stuff straight up. She is mentally fortunately we interviewed here and there was sent terrible interview when necessary hosting a major show and Richard Branson has also be a joke I never saw it a rod is being all that her boasts he's he's a commentator now he's gonna be on the site they did on the baseball analyst and he's he's a bad it's just kind of okay. Is uninteresting little banged up more A-Rod. A ride okay said Sunday it was Derek Jeter daily rehab his longtime teammate with the Yankees Derek Jeter's number two Jersey twenty former teammates there are none of them name eight A-Rod. He don't you show me don't get along. Oh Serra they don't get along some guessing Jeter was fine with him not being there he went. A TMZ actually got this wrong may said that he had said he was going to be with his mom A-Rod was for mothers as why he couldn't go. Because it photos of him stepping out with. But it turned out airplanes exist so he went to Miami had breakfast would mom came back later and today to new York and then took out jail osu TMZ I know. Todd and you other DMZ sometimes you get a wrong. They just have to what the seed is instead parameters picture if fund. That's just a dinner it makes it sound like he was with his mom. Oh. I don't want to SRI DS CH years older than he I see you yes you don't know. See Yankee fare what was the beef between a rug. And Jeter. It was a because Jeter. Like she'd get where we're at it because he was really good really clean I mean it's just too big personalities and clubhouse in the you know and I was Jeter's team made it that's just the way it was and one A-Rod got their but he thought he was kind of take over. Ya and any weapon down with a whole suspension thing in depth there and perform lawyers posted. I wanna I wanna pause here and come back with what may be history's most epic fail best sex to me. Hey I think it is deemed not in fact. I'm Sharon didn't I think they may have gotten to record strong amateur this poor guy has had a best we can tell filled it is. Major sports star history's most builders sexton Forsberg can he's an agent joking next. Bonds are. And I'm sorry dot com I don't know who didn't Antonio Cromartie is an aspect to me. But I think whoever did it. Sunnis and clipped the wrong thing because how many kids is this since his mastectomy. His wife is pregnant would love to be their fourth child since the vasectomy. And by the way if you're counting at home Antonio Cromartie the Serbian sixth child when his wife. And number fourteen overall around the globe whoa. Yeah. This guy's seeing cues science are you studying him he is more fertile days 33 years old is or anything fourteen kids at age thirty through his keys over the hurdle how many different women does that send. A lot a lot doesn't say here's minutes there was a number. In quite the number it might have been eight for eight Furlan now Colin how much money disagreement. Outgrowth couple million he's at the end of his career now but in the end couple million dollars per year it's gonna take that with fourteen kids. I don't even half of them go to college and probably all of them will braces oh my. Races alone you can write dance lesson how much would that be in braces that's almost a 100000 dollars for a decent pay fourteen kids out. Let's cut I have to embraces them to you know fourteen kids embraced you NFL's good pension plan and yeah. He's got eleven years in the league I mean this is a point when you turn out which your fourth pregnancy post a sack to me at some point I'm saying Antonio. We're going to the vet this time. I. Hope nobody. But your boy do you tell your money back from the vasectomy like it always appoint a go through today don't work I don't think they do that in the medical her right leg and yes there's no Jews are no guarantees they they don't do that but recently had a wrong diagnosis and and had basically the arm they congratulated him on only charging him. Three quarters of what they were going to head the starter discounting they started out I was in their for twelve minutes they drains an elbow. For oversight is and they said we'll send you the bill that was 720. Dollars so called up and I said you've got to be kidding. And they said let me look they went off we put in the wrong code old girl. It's only 580 dollars I want you gotta be kidding it's it's now been whittled down to 238 bucks. I'm still not happy with that is the guy didn't do and got to go to another doctor he was there for twelve minutes and they did the wrong procedure but hey at least you're not pregnant with your short if you're right about what this. If you let me down saying your elbow drained yet detonated. I dread but how would be pregnant how does that on wooden shoe go to a doctor and say I had a vasectomy. Well I think the pregnant Ers after the first. Why did they say that I can happen OK our own chair kit here's what I say after all we had a mastectomy and pregnant. God has blessed us this child is an extremely. But it's a number four rolls around you know thumb. We're going to the vet to get you tutor she does this change and I don't have to open them up they can check to see whether or not it's working. Shoot two of those children he had since about six to me were twins right OK okay it's really only happened three times however however. By let's say the second time with the twins would she go back to the doctor. Bob I would have gone back after the first woman but now we're on number of war. Then. You know how to deputy college was pierced the same you look at. I amounted to Matta noted only factory scholarships are we looking at state schools or right we're gonna have to look at state schools go so I'm gonna wanna read here twenty grand or conservative. Aren't 20000 year. And it and we won't say anything about scholarships because maybe some of them. Go up the go low private. If fourteen kids go when my house I believe forty times and one did Lee five at least it's only 280000. For all of for all fourteen to go to 1000 year I'm oh wait times for here where's he at times and almost four years ago assigning a dollar and one I point 11 mean yeah he isn't he is paying. An estimated 336000. Dollars a year in child support for the children that he does not happen with these white AF I know I don't. Who. He. Well that's amazing gonna diapers just all the diapers yet by. I just wanna say and I'm not consume what are you referring to but it works both ways that stuff as powerful. You know on these children that you didn't expect. Is there and they're linking your greatest lesson I knew they are Derosa the greatest expense of the same time my god too much money then news. Now if I were Antonio Cromartie his wife every time he came near me had blessed him with an airborne should. You know it's more confirmed a may some Jim on this exciting this guy sporty. Barely leading underscore our next do you want to lose a somebody winning gain yeah race like I'm 5105 Celtics wanted to play LeBron. Our eight. 30000 Monday night football's going to have that the Australian male run now server one game anyway and the opening night you have best moments doing things that's great they should do that. It's just been Mike and Mike has them she's only books for one games over yet they hope they do jewelry ninety Jonas you learn like. James O'Keefe thank you. Maybe Cheri thanks so much to listening to the bottom cherry podcasts and you not know this but I also do another podcast it's called her money and it's Smart talk about money aimed at women. It's really fun and I would love free to check it out you can subscribe for free to the Herman podcast in iTunes Google play or wherever you get your podcasts. Or visit her money podcast dot com now back to Bobby Sherry. There is a big HBO movie dad is going to. A couple of days and you're. Wrote an article about one of the people. That the movie is all about the name of the movie is the U. Wizard to. Of where the heck is it here. The wizard of lies. And it's the story of Bernie Madoff. Who is the guy who stole eighteen billion dollars in the Ponzi scheme. It's the biggest Ponzi scheme. That any stone for. For history teachers. And teachers nurses act. Let's say I'm the Ponzi scheme operator and I go to. Max and Todd and Cheri and I say it's our give me 101000 dollars each felt guarantee that I will give you a 10% return on that money. So I take the 30000. But I use it for my own benefit I buy a house somewhere whatever it is car. And they are looking further returned well I get a new invest I get a new investor and I give them reach their 10% these three. And I take it out of the new investor what he did that. Eighteen billion dollars worth there isn't really interesting article in New York Post. This morning and it's called the sad new life. Of exiled groups. Madoff and that that was the Euro wife of Bernie Madoff he is in prison in but your North Carolina for a 150 years. Every morning to petite blonde with a bright red lipstick walks the few blocks from her nondescript Condo. To the upper crust bagel company on sound beach avenue the main drag of this picturesque New England Hamlet of 6000 people. Everybody knows who it is Ruth Madoff in exile. They know the broad outlines of her fall. Holder privileged world exploded December 2008 when her husband Bernie confessed to the biggest Ponzi scheme in history. In eighteen billion dollar fraud. Ruth lost everything her money her social status her husband. And who are both of her sons. Dodd one committed suicide and the other died of cancer. Route will turn 76 this week two days before HBO years. The wizard of flies a dramatic retelling of the fall of the house of Madoff starring. Robert De Niro as Ernie and Michelle Pfeiffer. As Ruth how does she feel about the film's release quote. I have nothing to say. When the post knock on her door. Over 989. Square foot town house that she rents for 3200. Dollars a month she's become kind of a recluse and she has. She got to keep him in a deal they cut with the government. The government felt that she wasn't really complicit. It's hard it's hard to believe but she wasn't really complicit and she got two and a half million dollars out of all the money that Madoff made everything else. Went to the people who were robbed it's. Hard for us to relate to how she could not become listen I mean if I were stealing money I would I would be telling him about it it would be eating annualized rate. Let me put on the other hand. We all know couples where. They're married. And they have a shared reality T but they don't share every aspect of their lives is not an intimate life there she nor I mean right. Well I think this was the one thing that he won't not the one thing because he was cheating on her to she found out. Even his sons I don't think we're completely aware of how oak. Madoff was doing this there was a separate floor in the lipstick building he had like two or three floors and he had a separate Florida separate floor and the suns weren't allowed there and a pissed off because they wanted to see you know what's going on there and so once before it was like she was trying to protect them by keeping them all in the dark. He had he had a partner who was really running the numbers. That was complicit and and also went to jail and on his office store on that floor I was talking about there was a sign that said. Do not enter do not claim. Because on his computer how were all the lies simple little things. You know you're assuming sure that he felt bad about what was going on or had any sort of conscience about it and we don't know if he did you read didn't a lot of people are able to do this sort of thing because because they don't bloodless to them now I think that was the case of Bernie Madoff because even now when he was interviewed in prison. People were saying well how are you getting along. And he said I'm doing just fine and I play cards every day on the big shot here. See that's arrogance yeah there was and he wasn't a trite and rowers listen and see. And because he didn't really heat he saw what he was doing as a victimless crime and while no one should be stolen from. Kevin Bacon and carry centric were among the people that were stolen from by Bernie Madoff most of their life savings that they had an opportunity to recover some of that right. A school are retired schoolteacher doesn't know so much. And so it was just it was disgraceful she tried to rent from Donald Trump one of his apartments in New York City and he wouldn't do it. Wouldn't Renton where he wouldn't run it's Stewart she had a place in Florida nobody would talk to her. So and out she moved to old Greenwich because your grandchildren if there. And she has a lease some human beings that she can interact with I saw a really haunting photo of her in the New York Post shortly after all of this went down. It was taken the photographer took it from the street outside the building where she lived with Bernie Madoff at the time. And it was at night and you could see her in the window and her back was to the window. Her hands were all buyer face I never forgotten it's a really. Sad picture and who knows what she. Knew what she didn't know. I'm wanna see that movie the wizard was two days ticked HBO did much money was missing from him that's the scandal. Hold on eighteen billion million dollars dollars eighteen and still. And he's playing cards in jail I just doesn't seem this seems like she's suffering far worse than he had in some ways she has nothing to do with a new by the way now it's time. Audio clips. Are popping cherry dot com I don't have any details on this but I brought an end because I thought you would find this really early interest in. A new documentary. Claims that dinosaurs might have survived. If the asteroid that killed and hit a few seconds later and in the deeper toward the ocean. Isn't I believe it isn't that wouldn't that be freaky there were dinosaurs that were still around well there were dinosaurs that were still around we might not be here yeah that's true. Actually. A guy in Miami started something called the black tape project. Models go clubbing would no clothes on just strips of black tape covering their X rated areas. I think Miami Heat is either the sexiest or most depraved city in America. Iowa I'm. Arms. I'm one mile link to put in the tiny gym time it's going to be that require if that's a word on gonna start wearing more it's getting cheap. To be like we're going around naked in the women's bathing suits are so skimpy now they've been excellent about the good keyed a regular routine eat. You know. Gave you some sort of courage I should do a picture in Harper's bizarre last month of the very first bikini it was Polk a dot read the very first bikini ever made photographed him presented to the world and it. The picture looked like I took yesterday that's how skimpy at lines Ryan. I don't seem bathing suits like the ones that you see. The Kardashians where. On the beaches that I go to those contracts she shoots the U Greek family deeds should yeah you don't see any of that his family beaches I guess. I am home in Miami is where you would that you Italians eat yeah and Southern California via I seem stuck to South Beach for sure. You have to be on the beach to see stuff so actually I just don't. Want to uncle well. First of all the sun exposure ONG right I don't wanna be out in public wearing nothing but duct tape on the road denied they're going clubbing at night. We're would you be more comfortable with a. All. Know who who don't know war. No human a couple of girlfriends table for three point always couldn you know Miami is a Miami. She is always current how we engage table outside ladies and then with my luck almighty god that woman is wearing the same duct tape. Up half. As she looks better. In that. Disney was packed pirates of the Caribbean the movie this going to be released they're threatening to release him early and he knew what does he said go to health. Yeah a distant second we're not paying out there were good Disney is working with the government to try to find out whoever that is. It fits his dad is the last handful of pirates of the Caribbean movie and I think even if they came to my house in insisted I watched for freedom much Erik Stanley is since the parts of the Caribbean had that seemed word the the ghosts of the villains. Were marching undersea. Remember that's Siena that our army day the ghost army was undersea I want I'm done that's it did well I think character but no. I consider a plus solid. Yes and I mean I was just it was stupid I mean it's there's no reality there anyway but did the captain Jack Sparrow character is so engaging. That you know it's it's in the way he played reduce its fun to watch. The last 1 am I saw it on in HBO or one of those back when I had these things. And it boosts. I couldn't connect to it at all it was just enlist. Yeah oh now trapped battles that she I just couldn't even find the plot I couldn't tell you of mileage depended on what it was about the earlier ones that had a certain charm like Johnny Depp does is on that island with. Kara Knightley I guess. And she blows up his stash of Rome. There's a big explosion day she threw a match over there can she get irritated will impact not true role new in I mean there were funny character moments. In those first two movies how many have been no. Yeah worsened this is the shift at Disney's. In life so I I think it is. But which is this the one Paul McCartney is and then Paul McCartney's cameo as a cameo in this. Well on the subject of old rock stars are quick before we we're not time here. Ozzy Osbourne is opening and it's a dog play against shell turn Kerry Sanders. On his personal property for. For life and thought anything and Ozzy Osbourne life would go the way it has say that cool dog used to be on the videos TV show they hit that the Bulldog was the best in the of the whole bunch of them. You either America really have to do was move who's now. He hit it good to cope with the movie simply go one and.