World Record Holder Ashrita Furman

Wednesday, May 17th

He's a record holder.


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I can't believe Bob that we did it Todd was able to successfully get as Sri deferment who has a holder more than 200 chemist book of world records are records and onetime. The record for the most records in the Guinness book of world records. But if you remember ash read it just landed his latest spy in the Guinness book. I'm putting out more matches with his tongue than any other person and curious on the line with us today as trigger Furman welcome. Oh we're very excited to talk T NASCAR. On how much your latest record on what made you decide you wanted to hold the record for extinguishing the most matches. Which your own time. Well you know I I go through the beginning spoken their web site just looking for things that I can do. It's imitates my passion in life to break Guinness records. Telling any idea how it's negative it's not the guy admits but you know there's a challenge to it obviously see and Ericsson having you bring your time. And also it's actually faster you know the way that they have the rules set up. You know you have to. Director was thirty so it's what every few seconds and so you know I managed to take her to wait you 37 in a minute. I'm cutting juju that I mean how much your strategy yeah how long this new. I mean either you just eat certain it's just like a lot of other records that I do I mean you got us. Practice and obviously got to figure out the fastest way to do it. It's if if I would if I were putting up matches on my tongue I wouldn't practice. And I would. That's because you're not a champion you're talking the champions are here right now and I know. What I was wondering are mistreated is what we were speculating on who was kinda you have the world's greatest pain tolerance or and I say this with love and not judgment. You're kind of on the duly side you know excessive saliva. Is that not the case. Now that really. I mean I mean I do have a very high pain threshold but you know it's more like it's. I had a wish he would go or I'm I mean into the challenger Vedeno a study meditation have a teacher names reaching more aid to Egypt it. The pockets of transcendence you that we have did this sort of unlimited power inside of us. You know I try to use data media know that the match. You know extinguishing and it is kind of parade you know done. It's a lot of you know athletic things as well you know I I run marathons juggling ideas forward rolled continued stored roles I mean I have yet to have their record store. Most jumping jacks and two point or are there had to climb the highest mountain and still. Yes so it's all part of my passion and it is it's just another way I've got sort of challenging myself. How how has it been a benefit to your life to hold all of these records. I mean it's I mean I would I would say that benefited in doing it's in the it's been practicing with him doing it in the challenge of its. He can put in over in a setting a goal of achieving it. If I mean that it's not like. I walk around thinking I mean I met a guy with the most records so I mean it's sort of like the experience evidence and you just go on to the next one. All we know about the obviously we know about the latest. Our record with the matches and we're also we've watched the video view extinguishing blowtorch to switch your tong and access. Usually we heard that when he does that keep a veto on a different level actors today. Because you know that's that's that's a thousand degrees and you know you'd you have to be really careful and quick and efforts. Does that work how how many blow torches did you put out. And how did not just burn your gums off. Well it's I think it's 47 minutes the most in a minute. I mean you need to take eighteen you've got a good read you really fast get your tong. Over the flame. And you know and cut off the oxygen to the flame and you do you know you do it instantly I mean it's. To that it technique turnpike you are you do get burn it matter what you do get burned. How much does that hurt. Eric Sapp and how long did and it feels massive we've been told I. Held very fast. You know I guess it's sort of you know protection that the body has you know that it if you chunks. If you tongue is burned and you can. Has this helpful to you meeting women. And now it ought to give out your 'cause I don't think I'd be so impressed by you. Press play I got to do going up not the highest mountain in the world on stilts and putting out blow torches with your with your aren't. What does a guy and the guy didn't want to meet nightclub. I might go that's not my motivation now. Every guy I'm assuming in the club and said hey they common blowtorch tone I would you got my attention pressuring you might tell you something. Don't some of the other records that you holt just kind of run through him. Irish. I mean they're analysts could see I mean actually gonna have to look at Alaska's. That I have more than 200. I haven't fastest marathon skipping without ropes at play kids skipping. If I were timed it must have six hours. Really try to record for the fastest mile topping the potato sack. And I did that actually in Mongolia. Region against the yak. If there yet it was really exciting actually beat the act by by just a bit. Now somebody must be the developing a movie about your life. I don't know it's really not that exciting yes. You're. Yeah. Sec raise your blowtorch is not what you're told what is your definition of exciting. Yeah I mean I've actually tried to America and every continent they do the fastest monopolistic Antarctica that was really fun. There's the plane landed I get a free flight I'd they haven't Argentine air force plane. And that we had to do the whole record you know measuring the mile. Doing their record and then getting back on the plane and an hour and a half. Could that you know the plane can't stand aground you do wrong and it was really exciting. So what I if I do this pitches to the movies company and they'd say that's a nice story but does not that many visuals national parenting and a look at that dad has seen one yeah well I'm sure to determine read this sign your life can be very exciting I would go to bed moved. I kind of whatever happens we're gonna support. So good luck with your next record. Luck and thanks for talking to extend the market share and have a great day thank you to eat. Yes get a video Zachary how good thing ninety some sort of television show what stuff. Did you know he's he's from the bachelor and not the sky what's the guy's got a pain maybe somebody's listening we'll hear it then I'll go. A blowtorch to do I hope he gets video it's gotten Sherry.