Bob & Sheri Shorts

Bob & Sheri have a lot of highlight moments every day. Sometimes we like to take those moments and bring you the Bob & Sheri Shorts. 

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Christopher titus on Bob & Sheri

Wednesday, February 22nd
Christopher joined us this morning to promote his new comedy tour. He talked about his first appearance on the Tonight show and Jay's response about running...

Morons: Fire is bad

Wednesday, February 22nd
Today on Morons in the news... Moron tries to avoid police by climbing tree. Anger issues spelled wrong. Botched procedure causes death threat. Kiss this crash...

Morons: Where's the money?

Tuesday, February 21st
Today on Morons in the news: Now that's not Italian. No carpool for you and your Barbie. Stash the cash in the back. Horse arrives in pieces.

Lamar reviews - Fist Fight.

Friday, February 17th
There are many things in the universe that are hard to explain. Somewhere between crop circles and Stonehenge, right above Bigfoot, is Ice Cube’s movie career...

Morons: I see you

Friday, February 17th
Today on Morons in the news: Explosive Valentine's love. Peeping droners. Keep that tat to yourself.

Morons: Attack Squirrel

Thursday, February 16th
Today on Morons in the news: Watch out for the attack squirrel. Pay for your half of the date. Moron gives himself a hot foot. Bigfoot likes to play in the...