Bob & Sheri Shorts

Bob & Sheri have a lot of highlight moments every day. Sometimes we like to take those moments and bring you the Bob & Sheri Shorts. 

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Diatri found love at the waffle house.

Wednesday, February 15th
Love was in the air yesterday as people celebrated Valentine's Day all over the world. Diatri had only one wish for V-day and her wish came true. She got a...

Morons:Stop.. Don't Spray.

Wednesday, February 15th
Morons in the news: Meth is not for everyone.. especially the police. Pink panties cruiser. Tip of the day.. Don't spray Raid in your ear.

Morons: Stopped by the door.

Tuesday, February 14th
Today on Morons in the news: Lizard hops a ride on a dog. Fled the gas station in shame. Fan fakes injury to see game. Customs catch lime bandits.

Morons: Busted at the King

Monday, February 13th
Today on Morons in the news: Uber busts a cheating hubby. Drunk couch surfing through the drive - thru. Burger King post catches cheating boyfriend. TSA...

Funeral Selfie

Friday, February 10th
Morons... Don't say her spaghetti is just "okay" Funeral directors say no more selfies at funerals. Married man got fed up from lack of lovin.

Lamar's Review- 50 Shades Darker

Friday, February 10th
Fifty Shades Darker A year later and we are back to see a movie that everybody supposedly hates. The reviews are awful. Rottentomatoes gave 50 Shades 25 out of...