Morons in the News

Morons... Doh! ... The Roos are loose!

Today on Morons in the news: The Moron is named Moran… After 37 years.. it's time to go back to jail. Moron lets the Roos out of the Zoo. The roos are loose! The plastic bag is a bad disguise. One bad disguise!
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Morons: Stiff breeze beats clumsy burglars

Today on Morons in the news: The fingerprints gave him away. That's not the type of Beer run we were talking about. Robber mishap on camera… Blowing in the wind! The African warthog is on the loose.
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Morons... Smoke free drive thru

Today on Morons in the news… Daper day turns sour on social media. Sir gets fired from the KFC. Keep from smoking weed in the drive thru. Smoke free drive thru..... Splash goes the reporter…. Splash goes the reporter..... This bandit can get into anything…
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