Morons in the News

MORONS: Smoked out the Skunks!

Today on Morons in the news: The ex gets the house.. .NOT! That stench might not be a skunk… X marks the spot for smoke bombs!! Wrong lottery tickets leads to a win! This vent is not for drying your underwear. Please stop drying your underwear.....
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Morons - Not Bullwinkle... NO!

Today on morons in the news: Don't sing my humps to a cow…. The wedding photographer was distracted… all the time. Target practice is not for inside the house. Fist fight breaks out in the middle of the traffic jam! Don't pet the moose… Please step away from the moose!!!!!
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Morons... Kingpin Granny booked!

Today on Morons in the news. Please move your ambulance note! Running away with the panties. Tasing won't keep em… Kingpin granny… Hey granny.... Busted!!!!! No meth labs in my hotel.
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Morons: Giant bear heist foilde by heroes.

Today on Morons in the news: Dirt bag vanity tag will get you into Morons in the news. No spanking in public. Stolen school bus is breaking the sound barrier. The pizza stalkers are out there. Teddy bear heist went wrong… No go on the Teddy bear heist......
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