Morons in the News

Morons... Spelling Bee Bandit Busted in Boston

Today on Morons in the news... Xmas angel attack. The chicken parade in the kitchen. Check the car before you attempt to steal it. The spelling bee bandit. Always double check your spelling...
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Morons: McDonald’s Squeezethrough Window

Today on Morons in the news: The bird is on the loose. Pick up those dirty tighty whities. Don't bum rush the police. Squeezing thru the arches. I'll take it to go....
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Moron: Caught by the dash cam...

Today on Morons in the News: Sometimes you need to keep your hat on. Stove top stuffing in your pants. No Walmart whopping here.... NO Walmart whooping here.... All caught on the dash cam... Caught on camera.... Next time... Just flush.
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Morons:Dating is hard....

Today on Morons in the news.... Take a "chance" on her. Breaking news... Bank robber does the interview. Dating is hard... even deer are confused. Dating is hard... even for the deer..... Go pro swinging surprise.
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Morons: The food is just right.

Today on morons in the news: It's pumpkin spice season.. To the head! This shopping cart belongs to us. We get the cash and you get the donuts. Because the grass needed cutting and I needed a beer. Oh that smell... questioning is over. The three little bears comes to life. This food tastes just...
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Morons - Soap star hams it up for mugshot

Today on Morons in the news: Alexa throws her own party! Kicked from the trailer park. Soap star hams up the mugshot. Soap star is mugging for the camera... But that's the price on the tag.
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