Curry-James feud hits the dance floor.

Today on Sports Confuse Me with Jim Szoke it was the LeBron James-Stephen Curry feud. Things have gotten so heated that it's now moved to the dance floor like a bad 80's movie. Catch Steff doing his impression of LeBron. Steff Curry breaks out a LeBron movie....
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Dad is always saying.

Today on the Bob and Sheri Show: Hour 1: Not the way to fly. She's having the baby dream. The Cosby trial won't be deadlocked. Morons in the news. Hour 2: Ask the question first. Soap on the rope evolution. Phrases dear ole dad would say. Sometimes you're the bug.... Hour 3: The legend of Pat Pat...
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Mean Tweets NBA Style.

Jimmy Kimmel had his primetime NBA special last night. Part of the special is one of Jimmy's classic segment. MEAN TWEETS. Check out what people are tweet about these NBA stars. Mean tweets NBA style....
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